Listen To Aussie Teacher SECRET Recording Brainwashing Kids Over JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown


102 Comments on “Listen To Aussie Teacher SECRET Recording Brainwashing Kids Over JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. lol, the kids know better than their indoctrinated turd of a teacher…

    • Good on those kids. I know a lot of teachers like this unfortunately. Fly on the wall at a local school and I could see this attitude from teachers time and time again.

      • Teresa, I hope the kids fed his views back to the parents and they get this idiot removed.

      • They just follow what they have been told without question. Same as employers. Following the script and Imposing it. Not for much longer.

      • Like to know which school this is. I’d be talking to that Muppet. I’m from Australia. The country is full of Muppet Sheep.

    • And now I can’t send this on .
      I live in Australia and the censorship is off the charts Hugo .

      • We see what’s happening in Australia Chris, and its very disturbing. The police are brutal to the people of Australia. Stay strong and keep fighting this tyranny.

      • Once I started, I’d struggle to stop, I’m not violent, but ……

  2. What a monumental brainwashed idiot that teacher is.
    Not a word he said there would make any sense to a sane mind.
    I loved the way the kids saw straight through his bullshit.

  3. Can’t listen to that bastard. If he had been my kids teacher…

  4. If you want to be free of all of this shit then I would advise you all to observe Jesus teachings, (I know that he’ll forgive me for saying shit cos He knows how bloody angry I am.
    Listen… ‘if anyone is willing to do God’s will HE WILL KNOW that this doctrine is from God, that’s the Gospel, why don’t you take Himup on His promise? If you do I can guarantee you that he will come up with another great promise from the Lord Jesus Christ
    … Listen 👂 ‘I will make myself known to you if you are willing to keep my commandments,….. John chapter 14 verse 21.
    I Testify this day that I was a cynical, un God-fearing person who did every sin till aged 40. I sought help, I was in a mess, I prayed, read the bible and obeyed for weeks.
    GOD SHOWED UP. Biggest shock of my life. Now I’m 64 yrs old and still with the miracle man.

  5. The teacher should jab his own kids in front of the class to show how SAFE & EFFECTIVE it is 🤥

    • Nuremberg, or more likely the kids will bring adverse reaction stats to the next class to open his eyes.

    • so many people say, i had the jab and im fine… but thats ignorance… we have no idea what will happening in 30 days, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years…. no one will blame the jab if future problem illness start to emerge that this jab might cause.

      Look at our modern living, our food and enviroemnt is causing cancer, inactivity is causing more heart attacks.

  6. New Scifi film on Netflix Rakka, the aliens have a black spikey goo coming out of them, which looks strangely like Graphene Oxide, Hollywood is taunting us again, like the Bond Film that was the Covid Hoax plan.

    Some Health Official ( on Dr Coleman ) has said Convid is no worse than standard Flu deaths wise, no really!!! Also to save the planet doctors are being told to prescribe less and diagnose cancer later ( SICK ), cause letting us die is good for the global warming hoax.

    Think there trying to sneak in it’s a hoax and step away, mission Jab all complete, sit back and see what’s next.

  7. Oh ffs some people have know all this shit from the start . Still.nothing is being done. The government are treating us like cunts. No one is standing this bollocks 🙄

  8. If one of these kids said they wanted a sex change they would be heard,,they are talked down too and hushed by a tyrant who thinks he can bully the kids into submission. If one of them develops life long problems or dies after the injection he would try to claim he did not put any pressure on them when he was using psychological tricks and his position of authority very forcefully. Anyway the kids have no respect for the opinionated loudmouth, nice to see kids have some sense.

  9. Sixteen, Sixteen, Sixteen. Coz Sixteen is such an crucial age. Why not 18? I mean 18 might be a better time to get it right?

  10. I just read an opinion piece this morning from some parenting blog called bounty parents and the writer was outraged that parents want to send their kids to school in white shirts to show solidarity with teachers who don’t want to take the vaccine. They think we should leave kids out of the debate over vaccines. Meanwhile teachers are trying to coerce our kids to get it without our permission and the government are putting vaccine clinics right in our schools.

  11. He doesn’t even knowbwhat he ie talking about. And he isbtrying to teach others what decision to take. FFS….

  12. Wow! t least the students are questioning him even though he won’t let them. How on earth can a teacher stand there and feed these children lies knowingly? Wow! 😡

  13. Australian teachers are mad covid zealots. Someone where I work, died post jab, doesn’t stop the madness though.

  14. I would say “coming to a School near you soon” but I have a feeling it’s already here & in full swing.

  15. Well done kids for seeing the low life coward bully for what he is. Listen to me I’m right because I heard it on the news, never mind applying any critical thought just listen to what your being told don’t question anything. And this Retard is teaching kids.

  16. Well done to the children who can see through this mini Tyrant. “Hey Teacher leave them Kids alone”

  17. Brainwashing, blackmailing, scaremongering, bribing, bullying…
    To name a few things these governents have done with them jabs…
    Is it mandatory?….
    It is but under other circumstances…
    Why would you go to them lengths for a jab for a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate?…
    Well because its for other purposes..

  18. It’s funny how not having the flu jab (or any other) didn’t make me more dangerous to flu jabbed people!!! Covid is obviously very different in that way. Not!

  19. What a turd – he could not explain why people can carry on despite not having a jab and never contract this pathogen – it can supposedly travel around the globe very fast yet does not infect the majority of healthy people unless they have some obvious health problems just as it as always been thousands of years. We survive as a species because nature gave us an immune system that does not require tampering with our genes. Once they alter a chromosome string it cannot be reversed and they do not know what long term effect a gene therapy will do because they are testing it on ordinary people so the elite can enjoy the benefits when it has all been fully tested.

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