TESCO To CHECK ALL Shoppers Receipts When Leave Store / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • I spoke to a Tesco delivery man this morning during home delivery and he said there are NO food shortages.

      • My lad works for Ocado on line supermarket at one of their distribution centres. He said the same…. Loads n loads of stock available. In fact Morrisons send in unexpected loads just for storage without being ordered because they have so much stock!!

    • No it’s these new tills they have put in . They are doing away with most normal tills and replaced them with more of those fast check outs. It’s not just tesco. My friend paid tesco twice with her banking app ? As the till said the payment hadn’t gone through. So now ever time she pays for something it pops up on her phone to tell her right away. So went into tescos again went to pay it was saying she hadn’t but the her bank said she had. As she was walking out some twat tried to stop her and she flashed it in his face it said quite clearly the date time the store and what she had just spent. So who’s stealing of who ? Do these places take cash anymore ? Are these machine capable of taking cash
      . These new ones they have put In don’t work ur contsanly having to call someone that’s if u can find someone and it holds up the long line of people who are queuing behind u. I saw this old man trying to buy a few bits at one of these tills. People were getting angry and impatient with him and the staff yet not 1 person tryed to help him. I did I was on the stupid till next to him. When I turned round people were giving me dirty looks as tho it were my fault. No there were staff there to help him but no one did. This country is a joke. If people are being accused of stealing for fucking tescos then tescos need to get some human staff on the tills as its them that are robbing the public with these poxy tills so be warned. Don’t swipe ur card twice if it says you haven’t paid. Check your bank. Its not hard. People seem to have apps for everthing else. Even an app for taking a crap next. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ fucking upside down inside out planet.

  1. The prelude to passport checking…WTF the elite are pure vile and devious

    • Jab passes for supermarkets…
      Cant be true…
      Its all about a VIRUS isnt itπŸ€ͺ….not control or society reset…

  2. For me, it’s just a local thing. But I thought it was illegal to do that

  3. If they try this with me i will get refund straight away on the stop, if they do no trust customer well fuck off and more than happy to walk away straight away on the spot

      • Been years since I was there too! Had forgotten. Long queues to get out sometimes with only one guy at the door! There might be a fair few angry people in Te$cos though, so I wonder how long that will last.

      • It means that they have to pay some goon minimum wage to stand at the door πŸ˜€ When they could be sweeping the shop floor instead πŸ˜€ Unless they get someone to do it for nothing πŸ˜€

      • @trev a goon with a face nappie on dont forget…

    • Walmart (Wally World) have been doing this for like ever πŸ˜€

      • So it’s not a new thing then? Interesting. They call people robbers yet there taking double of u on your card in ur face and u won’t no till later down the line . If u actually do find out ur sometimes paying double . Most people don’t get paper statements it’s all on line to check your bank. It’s like u don’t deal in real money anymore. Now more then ever people should start paying with cash. These big stores a quick to point the finger yet there lovely shiny new tills are set up to rob the public. Be warned ⚠️🀣. ⚠️

  4. Well food is definitely going to be short, so what better way to control the masses AND get them onto the new digital “we monitor and control every spect of your life” phone app at the same time.

    It’s getting close to needing to light the touchpaper.

  5. I knew when they put up a red and green light outside Aldi above the door ages ago that there was something fishy going on!!!

  6. Our local large branch installed automatic swing gates as you go in several weeks ago. Concerned I asked if they were for health passports. I was informed that it was to stop people walking out with full trolleys and not paying and forcing everyone to go via a pay point…maybe…maybe not…we’ll see

  7. Thankfully over the last year I’ve bought extra each week and have enough food to last a year. Also plenty of seeds and grow bags and a small greenhouse. Can’t bare shops at the best of times without that crap.

  8. cheers hugo

    i been using local people, little shops, butcher ect, more than supermarkets.
    our local farm shop is the nuts everything proper fresh.

  9. Simple don’t shop there until everyone boycotts these big corporations it won’t stop

  10. This chain is becoming an instrumental part of the coming beast system, in fact is well on its way.

    Just a few facts you may not know about Tescon:

    β€’ Facial Recognition Database of EVERY PATRON that enters its store

    β€’ Covert AUDIO RECORDING of patron conversations (in Metro and Quick Stores)

    β€’ Customer ISLE TRACKING TECHNOLOGY (For Product Prediction and SOCIAL ENGINEERING purposes)

    β€’ Linked with GOV and CREDIT AGENCIES

    β€’ Dodgy horse-laced meat (BONUS)

    *Anyone remember that story about the nut job who tried contaminating the baby food in one of their stores? Although that was a harrowing incident, (and they caught him), it’s also just a reminder of the pervasive surveillance methods that they utilise (including most MAJOR outlets), and that you have zero anonymity or private rights when you enter their property – in fact by shopping in their property, you actually (unwittingly, by non-verbal / non-signatory partial contract) agree to forfeit some your individual privacy rights over to the database of that corporation who have lawful Escrow over the following:

    β€’ Your Financial Information
    β€’ Your personally identifiable features or information (Surveillance, FR Images & Video, Home Address)
    β€’ Your interests and marketing preferences (Obtained and via Marketing Agency Affiliations)

    The time is coming where these superstores could eventually monopolise the entire necessities market – literally turfing out (Tescon are one of the BIGGEST LAND OWNERS in the UK) smaller competition and alternative options, thereby ENFORCING Beast reliance – That no man may BUY or SELL… Lest they accept the ticket, and feed him (the beast) only.

    *Support local where possible, independence first, corporation last.

    • They been watching us for years ffs. Everwhere not just tesco’s. Food shortages riots heading our way if it gets really bad it won’t be the first time . You just can’t stop familys feeding there kids. Some people have jack shit as it is. Let only food shortages by these greedy bastards buying everyhing in site up just out of fear they won’t be able to wipe there own arshs. Makes me so fucking angry. There should be a limit on what people can buy. Its a fuck u jack I. Alright greed mentally in the uk. Hate it.

  11. no more Tesco shopping for me… don’t they should concentrate on selling stuff instead using social engineering ? I’m start support my local shops we see who win

  12. it’s getting hard to breathe in this world time to stop expansion of greedy corporations

    • And greedy scared members if the public. Buying ever little last thing untill there’s fuck all left for anyone else. It’s maddness this is what makes the shortages. The people panic buying like they did petrol and fuck nos why but bog paper on the first lockdown. Don’t belive the crap. Think about others also. Then no shortages. Ffs

  13. They are going to make sure that the unvaxxed, taking into account many will have no job and no income meaning no food, leads only to stealing food.The only option left is to get the jab if they are to eat.They are going to try and starve people to do this. And these places are slowly bringing all that in. It’s sick.

    • Yup, they’ll try to starve us to death. I agree, but hang on a minute….. Isn’t all this put into place to save us from DYING from the killer virus???? πŸ€”

    • Really people will be stealing then lol and it will be ritoing on that I have no doubt. U can’t stave kids. Also if u have money u still won’t be able to buy as these people will buy up anything in the store to go home and feel safe . Greed that’s what it amounts to fear and greed.

    • It’s so obvious what they are doing!
      Then they deflect it onto the people and say it’s your fault.

      You can read it like a book, meanwhile they treat us like cattle.
      God bless the Hungarian fans, who mocked those deluded England players for taking the knee for their own demise.
      The jew is laughing at there stupidy!!! Call out those who rule over us and they will scream racist, ant semite etc, etc.
      Our soldiers died for the jew!! Period! The biggest lie of the twentieth century! Holohoax, poor jew. Meanwhile millions, millions of Christians have had their lives taken by the scheming jew!!

      When people say judeo – Christianity there is no such thing it is a lie! . Christ broke away from them. Every jew who does not believe in christ the king will perish.
      We owe the jew nothing they hate us! And are busily destroying christendom! But they shall reap what they have sown.
      Every jew will bend the knee before christ the king!! They shall know I am the christ!
      God bless truthseekers! Christ is lord!! The one and only saviour!!

  14. That would take forever. So if there’s no shop assistants and the basket scans the food, then it should be easier to steal surely. Won’t scan if it goes straight in pockets lol Try checking my receipt and I’ll refuse. If you’ve paid you are free to leave the store. They can’t force you surely. If they want to call the police they can, then let the police check you’ve paid which will waste police time.

    • No, they can’t stop you on the way out off a store to check if you have a receipt πŸ˜€ That would amount to unlawful kidnapping πŸ˜€ One thing these big stores were doing during the March 2020 panic buying was taking the goods back πŸ˜€ I watched a Chinese girl get stopped with an overflowing trolley on the way out: “Can I ask you why you have bought so much? πŸ˜€ ” “I have many mouths to feed πŸ˜€ ” The ‘SECURITY’ goon then took her over to ‘Customer Services’ and they began scanning the goods. took them and gave her a refund πŸ˜€ Of course a shop has no right to do this since they have accepted payment for the goods and the contract is complete πŸ˜€ She could just as easily walked out with what she had paid for and told the ‘SECURITY’ goon to do one πŸ˜€

      • I also understand that asking for a receipt who be a violation of the ‘Nuremberg Protocol’ πŸ˜€

      • Thank you Hugo for all that you do. My partner works at Tescos and its quite obvious they are going at it like there is no tomorrow to get rid of the check out workers. Such a shame, but so many now just go through the self serve section and even worse very rarely use cash.
        Nice music section at the end of this video. Very best to you.

    • Spot on and while there doing that people are walking out the door with out paying but they will double up on the tills by robbing u and u pay twice cause this till says u haven’t paid. How is this ever gonna work in real time . Some of these super stores are huge ffs. Mad world we live in.

  15. I needed that little interlude at the end to calm my nerves.

  16. Everyone is saying avoid Tescos. But I would actually do the opposite. Let`s have some fun with the bastards. Everyone head for Tesco`s at Rotherham with a load of friends. Everyone needs to be dressed in long robes with hoods. When they stop you just wave your hands in a circle and utter the immortal words:
    “You don`t need to see my receipt. He / She isn`t the one we`re looking for. He / She can go about their business. Leave the store , leave the store”.

  17. They can ‘ check’ as many receipts as they wish, but they have no right to SEARCH your bags etc do what’s the point of checking receipts? … Seeemples! This is another BS story that will inevitably bring in QR codes to check-IN to a supermarket. Of course the sheep will still believe it’s out in place to save the NHS’ and keep them safe from the killer virus! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. πŸ˜”

    • It’s never gonna work. Any of it. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  18. More slipping into hell that the sheep won’t see, slowly slowly slip into hell!

    They’ll check your items as they go through, system will alert cashier to many X’s can’t sell you.

    Pilots trying to get the news out of jab related blood clotts is our best bet, other industries doing the same soon, but when america is crippled, sure be a good time for China to invade, they know the USA knows they want to invade them and plan to invade them first at this stage, yes WW3 is that close.

    • This has always been hell my friend. Its just right in our faces now. B 4 it was at least hidden a bit ffs. Lol

  19. I’ve always hated Tesco, as I hated Debenhams, now gone from Ireland. To hell with the lot of them. They’re foreign businesses and we don’t need them here.

  20. Nearly mandatory to have a smartphone. As I said months ago its mandatory to have one china you get fined for not having one and questioned. Wales is the new Australia. Testing ground for the covid pass. Come on powers that be. cut me off, do your worst and I’ll be free. Its been a long time coming. I know exactly what your doing. Picking on Wales. It’s going to go on for years. Practice living on the land everyday. Get out the system as much as possible. Don’t let them suck you in and take your freedom away, practise incase the shit hits the fan. So in Wales currently No jab No services, No nightclubs this weekend. so I’m being manipulated to need a Smartphone. So no smartphone no services. this is how easy it is to cut you off once they link social credit system and digital cash to it its over. We lose this where fucked. Its recipe for disaster. They can cut you off like a flick of a switch and lose all the digital currency just like that that’s how much they care abut you. Never comply ever or submit its a trap. Like I say practice living on the land and learn what wild foods are out there to eat

  21. They won’t be checking any of my receipts as I don’t use them any longer,, I took exception at the lack of checkouts taking cash. I will never be back in that shop, or Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s. I do not buy or use oven ready food so my local fruit and veg shop if great, are always glad to see me they know me by name, the produce is better and it’s no more expensive. I still use Lidl but they are on a short fuse at present with pushing the APP.

    • A lot of shops, well two, the German ‘discounters’ who keep hiking their prices sometimes ask if “you would like a receipt” πŸ˜€ What are they trying to do? “Save the Planet”? This just so happens to be the same German ‘discounters’ who are infamous for ‘double’, ‘treble’, ‘quad’ scanning items and adding random items such as 10-man tents, barbecues, lawnmowers and jet-skis to your bill πŸ˜€ It also means you are not quite sure what you paid since the labels do not correspondent to the items πŸ˜€ You are always advised to check your receipt in these places straight away? What receipt? They should just give you a receipt instead of making a song and dance out of it πŸ˜€ Right pain in the butt shops those German ‘discounters’ are πŸ˜€

      • These Gerry stores always give me a dirty look when I pay with CASH πŸ™‚ And they don’t like it when you don’t have their silly tracking app. Look at you as if you are some kind of leper πŸ™‚

      • If you go into another shop or another Gerry discounter, or another shop, or are stopped by the cops for some reason and are accused of shoplifting the first thing the smarmy feckers are going to say is ‘where is your receipt’? You shouldn’t have to ask for a receipt and made to look like a leper for wanting one.

      • And then if you say, ‘but the Gerry discounters up the road didn’t give me a receipt πŸ™ ‘ , the smarmy feckers will say, ‘but madam the onus is on you to obtain a receipt, without a proof of purchase how do we know you didn’t steal these goods? πŸ™‚ ‘

      • And another thing, a lot of the self-scans in Tesco ask ‘would you like a receipt printed?’ and gives you a fraction of a section to click the YES button and like all the other tricks the YES button is on the opposite side of where you would normally click and is a bright blue colour and the YES is a faded white colour on the wrong ‘side’, all designed to trick you. I think they call is ‘dark patterns’. A large online retailer beginning with ‘A’ is infamous for this, try checking out without signing up for ‘Prime’ πŸ™‚

    • Your receipt is your proof of purchase. If you don’t have receipts it makes it easier to be accused of shoplifting, especially if you are flitting between different shops. I am not sure if shops that don’t give receipts can even accuse you of shoplifting. When I was a kid everyone shoplifted at the local store, all his cans were bashed because they ‘fell off the back of a lorry’, and because he didn’t give a receipt everyone said they couldn’t accuse you of shoplifting. The most popular were the tins like soup and the toilet rolls as they were just inside the entrance door πŸ™‚ We always had plenty of soup and toilet roll as kids, I think I know why πŸ™‚

  22. If they really want to stop people shoplifting , stop the automated checkouts ,which I always refuse to use as it just does people out of jobs

  23. Dont shop at tescos….
    If people wanted to nick stuff they would regardless of the store anyway

  24. I don’t agree with you on destroying phones. It’s like shoot yourself in the foot. Pointless. Technology is bad only if it’s controlled by bad people and used in bad way. Focus on them not the phones. Second thing I need to do is get rid of Google Android on my phone and get de Googled software

    • “Technology is bad only if it’s controlled by bad people and used in bad way.”

      Most of it is controlled by bad people and used in a bad way, that’s why it’s wise to dump anything with ‘smart’ in its description.

  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAkJHQMC3vA


    S: Selection – Must see the item selected
    C: Concealment – Must see the item concealed.
    O: Observation – Must not lose sight of suspect.
    N: Non-payment – No attempt to pay.
    E: .Exit – Leaving the store without making payment.
    S: Stop – Making the arrest.

    • More here:

      Five Little-Known Facts About Loss Prevention
      1. If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.
      2. If you steal in the restroom, I am supposed to let you go.
      3. If the shoplifter refuses to come back inside the store with the store detective or chooses to run, the shoplifter will be allowed to leave.
      4. If you are under 5 or over 70 years of age, LP is not supposed to stop you.
      5. LP will break the rules to catch you.


  26. BBC ‘News’ now telling the sheeple to ‘plan ahead for Christmas’ πŸ˜‰ i.e. panic buy more crap they don’t need that will end up in the bin πŸ˜€ Something to do with ‘port delays’ πŸ˜€

  27. If they wanted to prevent thfts they would have less self serve and more staffed tills, but that is not the problem. I think Hugo has joined the dots nicely with what he says.

  28. When we are all on our Universal Basic Income we won’t be able to afford Tesco so they will go bust .Shows you how stupid the Tesco management is to comply with all of this rubbish.

  29. This sick cult always has multiple goals, the ones you describe Hugo sound like it’s indeed their goal, plus, in my opinion, to brainwash us into thinking we are unreliable animals, we are dirty, contageous and not te be trusted, we are all thieves and should be treated as such. While the real thieves are the ones in this cult.

  30. This is just Tesco (((Tessa Cohen))) saying: “You want Lidl’s? then you can have Lidl’s = crap non-existent service, but not with Lidl’s prices – OY VEY!

  31. They already have a video screen at self checkouts at certain stores in London that show your face as you check out your food so what more do they want to do?

    And security guards as well.

    At wait rose, they have little hand held scanners that can be used as you shop to scan your items. We still have the self check outs though and staff. At my local lidl, there is no Check-out staff just self check out but staff to assist you.

    I doubt they will ever go staffless as they still have elderly customers and others that rely extensively on assistance especially in areas full of mentally challenged people or else they might tear the joint up.

    I might transfer over to online shopping now as going to the supermarket is like going to the dentist nowadays with their horrible and miserable staff and annoying other customers.

  32. Next they’ll be installing hand scanners so you can pay with your palm. in the tesco near me they’ve recently introduced new self service machines. and got rid of most of the staff manned tills. these new check out tills are card only. so clearly tesco are trying to go cashless. its only a matter of time before the check outs which are card and cash become card only tills. not to mention the contactless limit supposedly going up to Β£100 too

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