It’s So OBVIOUS It’s RIDICULOUS #Fireworks / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They spent all the pension money and all the firework expense money and well frankly they spent all the money, end of.

    • 150,000 people mingling to watch the marathon a few weeks ago!

      Suddenly there’s a problem in 2 months time! …seriously!

  2. No,sorry,Hugo.but I will not send to anyone this to wake them up🧐I’m done.believe me,they are really so stupid….no even one word I will say to this idiots.I tried,not anymore

    • I agree D. if they are not awake yet they never will be, they are a wate of our energy, leave them.

      • I’m an incredibly positive person, all my child/adult life I’ve been told by everyone I’ve ever met to “take off my rose coloured glasses and get in the real world”
        and well I’m going to have to agree with you here, screw them!!
        I’ve had it with being called a conspiracy theorist, nut job, fruit loop,tin foil hat wearing freak!!
        If I couldn’t get any of this through to any of my family/friends after being told to “get in the real world” when I always have been! then it’s bloody hopeless!
        They have all gone like lambs to the slaughter Baaaaaaaaa🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
        And they all had the bloody nerve to tell me right!

    • I won’t share either. If I do the wife has said ‘ we’re finished!’ she , along with nearly everyone I know has bent over and taken the vaxtermination jabs. They only sling abuse and ridicule at me. The wife ‘ doesn’t want to know’ when I want to show her videos such as yesterday’s of the nurse trying to jab the child or the crackdown on Aussies. It makes her uncomfortable so she’d sooner follow the sheep and do as she’s told. We are nearly another ‘ devide and conquer’ result for NWO, sadly. So, no, I’m not sharing… We Thinkers need to be prepared for ANYTHING!!! BE STRONG YOU THINKERS !! 💪💪💪

    • Im done with them myself and have no contact with them in public or personally…
      I pity them in a way that they are so blind they cannot see what they are doing to themselves and dragging others down with them….
      They wont last long later on down the line if they get continuous jabs etc

      • Like everyone else, I can no longer be bothered to argue with people who think I’m anti vax and a danger to other people because I haven’t been jabbed ( either once, twice or god knows how many times ). We know all this Covid crap is NOT what it’s all about and I can no longer be arsed !!!

    • This is truly evil. I couldn’t even finish watching the video

  3. Hahaha Hahahahahaha I never used to be surprised by anything but now I am getting surprised by Mr and Mrs Normies in their sheep pen…yesterday I told someone in university that there is going to be a lockdown and she said no because people are jabbed and I said I am not and she was shocked.

    If anyone wants to understand what is going on, please study the Books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. We are living in the prophetic word and if identity the antichrist then it means, we will have missed the trumpet sounds and saints gone which is going to be anytime soon. The antichrist will be revealed after the saints are gone and those remaining will go through tribulations never to be seen in the history of men. Repent, give your lives to Christ and be baptized. Perilous Times are ahead of us.

    • Correct,Mr apocalypse is getting the white horseman on the move I’ve been warning people since the beginning of this charade. But I get a blank stare, clueless.
      When the new world order one world government and religion are in place.
      Then the anti christ will show his face with wonders. Be not deceived, “We are in the worst of times and the best of times”

      “Many will perish for a lack of knowledge ”
      They have become lovers of self and the things of this world.
      I see plastic people all made up with no where to go.
      If only they knew the truth of Christ. They are slaves to the world
      Blind and deaf.
      It is a beautiful thing to be shown and know the truth of what’s to come. I think the wrath of God will
      Be on England (Tower of babel)we have strayed so far from him.
      He will not be mocked!
      People have become too proud to humble themselves at the foot of the cross! Fools in paradise!

      pray for forgiveness at the foot of the cross. “Third of mankind will be swept away” the power of God will be revealed for all to know he is the one true God.Christ is lord!!

      God is GOOD! Viva christore.

  4. Agreed so obvious it’s not even Bonfire nite yet. Sent it to a work mate let’s see if she will twig. I wont hold by breath

  5. You are right Hugo it is so obvious.
    How mad is that not letting people see in the New Year with fireworks outside. Like you say they can run a marathon, all puffing and panting together but they want to spoil New Year celebrations, don’t want us to enjoy ourselves.
    I went to a dance last week with jabbed and unjabbed people in a hall, about 80 of us so we were all dancing together so what will have changed by the end of December? I wonder? Another lockdown already planned. Crazy!
    Thank you so much Hugo for all the information it is much appreciated by us all. ❤️

    • hi Les

      they have become a
      bunch of ‘kill joys’ & ‘party poopers’!!

      Blonde at no10 don’t care though ‘o no’….. because he & the mississ is on their luxury holiday… having a nice relaxing time
      why his country is in turmoil & the people who voted him in are trying to Pretend none of this is happening!!

      families becoming torn apart & becoming divided & letting it happen!

      they nasty Les simple as that !! it’s gone to far now.

      Have a nice evening.

  6. This will backfire (no pun intended) as more morons will buy their own mini explosives. There will be more mayhem than usual and the emergency services will be run off their feet.

    • It’s Good pun Mark lol

      I totally agree
      it be mayhem & our poor pets
      my old girl (dog) hates them it’s awful every year, but now it just be Stupid!
      Supermarkets will be selling them
      no feckin shortage on them I bet! the prat’s

      Take care

  7. If people continue to comply, get jibby jabbed, stick their heads in the sand the narrative will continue. I refuse to take anymore nonsense! We all know what these puppet government’s want, this is war! They can only push us so far…

    • It is war! And it will turn violent eventually. Make sure that you don’t get taken away without a fight. Prepare for a fight, arm yourself for self defence 👍

  8. The Night Mayor still had his fireworks 2021- and the BBC made this sic propaganda piece to go with it
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

    • Just watched it
      I never even new all that went on !
      what load propaganda Crap !!!
      Some of the comments are interesting
      People saying how emotional & wonderful they can’t wait for next year (now we nearly there) they have scraped it !
      LOL .. I wonder if any them people who commented are still as excited!!!

      People are gullible PERIOD!

      Have great day.

      • yes its time for the great reset ..but not the one they were hoping for … time for mayhem and time for these psychopaths to pay the price for what they are doing.. the police ..nhs media schools are all implicated and responsible for this …they shall reap what they have sown

    • I’m kind of wondering if it’s been called off because they’re shit scared something will kick off. I mean, surely now that everyone has been jabbed, they’ll want to test out their hallowed vaccine passport for this event (loaded sarcasm!) ? Surely if they’re so confident in the jabbaroons, that everyone has had them, they’d be wetting themselves to get this passport as the mainstay of this event?!? Me thinks not.Could they be running scared of this event being hijacked in some way by, erm, protesters, and that hell could be let loose, in front of the world’s media? Yep. So we’ll probably have another major lockdown to keep everyone “safe”….and out of the way! Just a thought…

  9. Well at least if the fireworks display is not going ahead it won’t be politicised like last time! Bombarding us with the BLM fist, NHS logo, Captain Tom etc….

    • Agree about that as Khan is nothing than a virtual signalling woke tosspot.
      Londoners pay for the display but he has to play politics.he part of there plan to close and dictator Londoners freedom

  10. Hugo I’m afraid they just won’t listen!I told my daughter that the health passes have been introduced in Wales!here next!her exact words were,I’m not bothered I,ve been vaccinated 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    • “Vaccinated”….thats a term not fit for purpose on them jabs

      • How very true!!! They are certainly NOT vaccinated otherwise they would be immune and wouldn’t care less if you or me had been jabbed….. But they are !! 😉😉😉

  11. See a lad coming out of a jab place today rubbing his arm and then smiling😄..
    Oh dear your fucked i thought…
    They are already saying flu will kill 60,000 sparking panic jabs etc and then saying this “covid” shit will be around with the flu as well…
    Its all bollocks yet i sit back and watch these people constantly get tied into media propaganda and acting accordingly…
    They are beyond any reason or help anymore…
    Media propaganda and brainwashing has proper done a number on many now and they will not come back from it…
    I ignore them and dont look at them and dont even talk to them anymore🤷🏻‍♂️

  12. This is not too surprising since Sadiq Khan has no brain cells. He was the person who wanted to keep people wearing face nappies on the underground and he even wanted people to wear them whilst walking outdoors earlier this year. Actually I have thought over the past couple of days that they will probably cancel firework displays for Nov 5th as well. Will be interesting to see….

    • He wants masks for ever, has you said he wants them Outside, i never and won’t wear one on any Tfl transport.

      • I was on London underground on Friday and about 75% were wearing face nappies and what was alarming was that most were young people, under 30.

      • Social media has got at the youths…
        There basically phone and social media zombies anyway most….they cannot live without either😷

  13. Watched a couple of horror videos today about what these evil cnts are injecting into people!! This is no way about any virus. THE so-called virus has not been isolated/purified and thus proven to exist, and neither have any others!!
    So then next question is, so what they injecting people for? WHY all the tacky (VERY) grooming, like McCrap slime running down slimy de Blasios slimy chin, free night at The Hustler in Las Vegas for lap dancing, no doubt with trannies, free beer, even WEED, lottery tickets and then we get juddery old Biden talking to ‘the kids’ ‘my patience is wearing very thin’….??? Did you see the vicious way his gob went when he said ‘GIt VACCINATED!!’ why aint anyone done a spoof of that yet???
    But to the point. It is NOT about no virus, it is about injecting this evil sht in people:
    Another life form in the vaccines
    Dr True: Hydra Linnaeus Found In The Covid Jab, What It Is And What It’s Designed To Do

  14. They may allow fireworks to go ahead with those who submit to the 3rd jab

  15. Let’s face it it’s invetabile they will get what they want to many people not awake and are not going to wake up now it’s been to long to much brainwashing we are now the outlaws the black sheep so to speak we need to start setting stuff up for us because that’s the only way we are going to get anywhere soon

    • You’re quite right. We will have to have Unvaxxed-only pubs, cafés, theatres etc … Oh! But these will be against the NWO so we, the THINKERS, the resistance, will have to go underground etc. Remind you of Nazi Germany? Black’s, Jews, Unvaxxed…. We’re part of another branch of ‘apartheid’ now .

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