JIB JAB Centre SERVED Notice Of Liability / Hugo Talks #lockdown


138 Comments on “JIB JAB Centre SERVED Notice Of Liability / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Are these the first 2 jittery, nervous nurses given a reality check. A lot of back-peddaling going on there.

  2. Too right Tom! I’ve never had a flu jab or any of this covid garbage and will stand firm forever for what I know is right. We all MUST stand up for ourselves and tell these evil bastards to get stuffed!!! I’m supposed to be having major surgery sometime, although at present I don’t know when, and my fear is that the hospital will push me into getting jabbed beforehand. Such an awful situation to be in, and I really hope that won’t happen!! Feeling really panicky about this, can someone advise me what to do please! I have a history of severe allergic reactions ;to medicines as well as food, been like that since childhood, so going to hope that I will be let off, but of course the way this evil scam is going anything could happen! Feeling really terrified about surgery and this too!!!!!! These jabs are entirely toxic and MUST be avoided at all costs people!! I’m fighting my absolute hardest to remain a jab free zone!!! I’m focussing on healthy diet and lifestyle instead. Plenty of vitamins and getting my 5 a day with homemade smoothies and soups! Anything to completely avoid these really dangerous toxic jabs!

    • I would avoid hospitals at all times who knows what you might have injected into your system. Healthy diet and vitamins plus zinc. Herbal tea is also very good. The best thing of all is pray to the Lord God Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness and help in keeping you well. Our Father prayer is one of the most powerful prayer. Amen. Take care

  3. why is the nurse telling the man he being Abusive & she is afraid of him???!!!
    I SEE NO THREATENING BEHAVIOUR in this video????

    (thank you to the amazing couple who filming, your good people bless you both)

    I hope this nurse (whom i will point out that ..the public put their trust in as she is employed ‘as a nurse’ which is to care for people) realises just how
    RIDICULOUS she sounds talking to the public in that manner, where is her manners!!??!!

    The NHS is a feckin liability nowadays!
    The staff are all up themselves when you make any kind of contact,
    EVERYONE pays NI, unemployed or not so EVERYONE pays their (her in video included) wages,

    so it’s nice to see -‘Patient Care’- training is being done… WRONG!
    as this nurse clearly has an attitude it’s awful.

  4. Well done to him though he should’ve told them that Gillicks competence does not apply as it was never done for this reason and only for one other reason and it’s being illegally quoted as a reason to bypass parents wishes.

  5. There’s always someone above to pass responsibility to, or so they think. This nurse can’t be bothered to do any independent research, and it’s not difficult, to investigate the ‘vaccines’ she admits have unknown consequences. I have lost faith in much of the medical profession due to all this; they have blind faith in ‘vaccines’, regurgitating the propaganda lies they have been told. As a medical professional part of duty of care has to be to make sure that what you are administering does no harm; information about these jabs is abundant if you make the slightest effort to find it.

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