GOVT UK Says PASSPORTS By Mid December 2021 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I guess you’ll all see my name on the news then. I will make an example of these bastards!

    • Passive resistance is pointless, Forceful resistance is the only recourse!

      • time for bombs bullets and general mayhem ..the time for peaceful protest is over and a bit pointless

    • Better to be a quiet prayer warrior than a front page activist… Ephesians ch 6

      • ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ according to Edward Bulwer-Lytton

        Saying that I won’t be attending COP26 🙂

  2. Sick and another problem is if you are under the mental health the Gov “Can” force you to get Vaccinated under the mental health act, please be aware of this I have been informed personally that this can happen and I have had to remove myself from the Mental Health

    • Julian thank you for the information
      that’s awful you have been made to make a choice on such a serious subject in your life

      It’s disgraceful, truly I am upset for you
      & I hope on here u keep strong with people who Won’t let you down.

      Have a good evening Julian

    • If you’re a MAN their Acts and Statutes have no jurisdiction over you. Their Acts and Statutes have jurisdiction over citizen slaves only – that is employees of The UK Corporation – it’s time for you to do your Claim of Right and serve NOTICE on Bog Brush Bozo Boris ASAP.

    • From my understanding, I am not mental health or learning disability trained, I was an A&E nurse. It depends on which section you are detained. Certainly Section 5 does not allow for this, the mental capacity act then applies. If you are not in hospital then a community medication order does not allow for vaccinations without consent as the medication under these orders are related to your mental health care.

  3. Looks like I’m missing my sons 18th that’s upsetting but I won’t have the jab. He’s 18 Jan 😢 I knew it was going to get worse but hopped I’d make it to his 18th before this happened.

    • I am celebrating my daughter’s 18th in October half term. She will be 18 in January. I didn’t want to wait because I knew something would happen before January. We are going to London for a few days.

      • If your house is big enough, have an old fashioned house party. No poison passports required, and anyone who drinks themselves unconscious can be carried upstairs and put on a bed for the night.

      • Have an old fashioned house party next January. Music, disco lights, lots of booze. Invite her friends over. Don’t let anyone in you or your daughter don’t know. Everyone can get shitfaced, and pass out on the sofa, floor, or bed. Simples.

    • If people cannot see this is a spiritual war and the evil one’s a running amok in power.
      God help them! Everything that is written in the bible is coming to pass.
      The final scripture “revelations”
      In the end days there will be earthquakes, nation against nation. Rumours of wars. Famine all happening. People’s hearts will run cold, children will betray their parents, brother v brothers etc.

      The jab is pitting brother against brother, my brothers and sisters have had the jab and they ignored all I told them. I tried!! It’s poison from hell!!
      Understand this what’s to come will be a lot worse.only the strong in absolute faith will be saved.
      Many martyrs will be made.
      God’s warning to us was the white stag! Repent!! In Jesus name!!
      Put out your minds of going back to normal or what passed to be normal and seek Jesus ”
      We have strayed so far from God as in the days of” sodom and gomorrah”Now we will reap what we have sown! We will be witness to hell on earth. Be warned!
      They have been itching for winter to impliment the final nail into us.
      Stay strong brothers and sisters.
      “Hope in Christ”
      God bless!! Viva christore!!

      • This is all so true! I too have no family left that hasn’t been 💉I have tried so hard to reveal the truth
        We have to all stand together with our hearts open to Jesus Christ! God bless you all 🙏

      • I have a problem:- I am not at all sure which is THE Religion, and therefore, might easily ‘Back the Wrong Horse’ !!!

      • Tinnitus from vacation
        It’s not rare it’s receivers the size of 2atoms , 5G radio ready to move in with algorithms faking reptilian, they did it to me, very obvious algorithms no concept

    • Argee but has Hugo said business’s will be under rules to enforce this by powers giving to all councils. They will be closed down or face heavy fines.
      Let’s make the most of this month and November as we go out with and bang we in for mass unrest by Christmas in to New year oh the mean New order 2022.

      • “Going out with a bang” (violent protests?) would only make matters worse. “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Let our role models be Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Bruce Kent.

    • The problem will be that nearly ALL venues will comply IMO. We Thinkers are in the minority. The sheep will comply and businesses will comply…. but as we Thinkers all know, it will get worse and worse the more that you are bullied. We are in for a rough ride. Prepare to ‘arm’ yourself.

  4. Radio in coming!!!
    The rest is a con people, 5G is a radio that can talk to you personally, no such thing as bots, just receivers, iv a lot of experience with algorithm chit chat, tried to convince me it was a reptilian

    • Hi Terri very interesting do you have anything else about this ?

      • Tinnitus from vacation
        It’s not rare it’s receivers the size of 2atoms , 5G radio ready to move in with algorithms faking reptilian, they did it to me, very obvious algorithms no concept
        It has a sonic like zap
        All that stuff David Ike dropped is bull, I invited them in but it’s most definitely a radio, do you remember the guy who opened up the lamppost on Facebook to show the antenna in them, well after going on those astrology channels online I got funny tuning in my ears, they were talking great reset on there too, they litterali set up shop as our solar system on the internet, people channeling radio not ghost

  5. I will not comply. The harder they push the more I dig in my heels. I have double and triple jabbed clients who know my opinion on the jab and they respect it and actually say that we all should have freedom of choice. I don’t think this pass will be popular. Many will cave in but my family and I won’t. Thanks for this video, Hugo.

  6. Ffsake..organise a fkin punch up betwren me and which ever moron keeps pushing this shite..ill go intje ring and beat the cunt to death..i like most are sick to death with this bollocks…im ready ro fight…fists not protests..these cunts need a little fear smashed into their faces..theyneed to fear for their lives… no war was ever won peacefully…thete is an underlying readinrss for action…fuck boris..fuck the police..fuck the cabal…fuck em.all… whatugoing to boutitufuck whitts..naaa fuck all cuz urwankers hiding behind the pigs..i do not concent…FUCK YOU

    • Well said, Boris your cabinet and enforce bodies your a bunch of C**** you think i am going to get jabbed to get a passport Fuck off.
      The female i know as day 2 got ronan me and others was near her last week, well guess what you bunch of tosspots including the 77 Brigade No fucking testing for me i am going out and about mixing with people been on transport no mask going to work i don’t give a Fuck about you and your rules Fuck you

    • I will stand with you I will not go peacefully no retreat no surrender

  7. lets hope these businesses who comply have ‘going out of business’ signs on stand by, they’re gonna need them. it’ll be us purebloods still standing by the end of winter.

    • Oh, I do hope that you are right….. but we are in for a frightfully rough ride, I fear.

  8. There is a little thing called the Nuremburg Code of Human Rights that run a coach and horses through the Covid Pass nonsense. Also, it makes no sense that someone with a Covid Pass can gain entry to a business even if they have the flu on them or any infectious disease, yet someone without a Covid Pass but is 100% healthy will be banned. Surely, this would never stand up in a court of law.

    • It wouldn’t but…!! Where have all the Yuman Rites lawyers gone? Where are their adverts on radio and TV? Where are the No Win, No Fee players? Their disappearance is there for all to see. Who will take these Pass-rules into the Courts of Law to be tested? It is so sinister. We are in for a rough ride…..

  9. Well thank you to all those healthy people who clamoured to get this done – you have fucked me over time and time again. But I’ll have the last laugh when you drop like flies.
    I might not live to see it but I know their days are numbered and even more funny is that they won’t even know what they are doing as the transhuman system kicks in.
    However those who are poisoned and realise this is wrong, you can always boycott and say no.

    • Apart from family the others can choke on them jabs and there face nappies…
      Self righteous ignorant obedient little bastards all of them…
      Cant stand them

      • See one today Doubled mask they are controlled by the state.

  10. the irony is it’ll be us pure-bloods still standing by the end of the winter. and early spring.. there’s already a “worst cold ever” going around that seems to be infecting the jabbed and they can’t seem to shift it.

    • I agree but also think you should assume they have a plan for us too! They would not want us left, just the chosen?

      • Of course there is a plan for us too. i expect a social credit system and cashless society to follow for us who are lucky to make it to the other side. one thing for sure life will never be what it was pre 2020

  11. Hi Hugo
    We live in France, haven’t had the jab, most have and it seems most are ok with the Vax passports. We can’t even sit outside a cafe let alone travel. Of course there’s demonstrations everyweek but they’ve been ignored. If the majority go along like sheep which they are what can we do. Your videos are brilliant and inspirational but most of those who’ve taken the Vax are beyond reason.

    • Unfortunately it’s looking like this will be the outcome, it’s quite a hypnotic state they have been placed in isn’t it!

    • You are so right! We Thinkers will be dissidents in our own country. The vast majority will think that we deserve to be discriminated against to keep them ‘safe’. There is no hope left now. It is Them and Us. Stay true to the cause, get weapons to protect yourself and tinned foods to sustain yourself. We will need to band-together to get through this, if that is possible. We are really in for a rough ride, folks!

  12. As an example where this will lead us take a look at what’s happening in Lithuania.

  13. I guess the other half will be doing the shopping now, since he has been doubled jabbed!

    • Same with mine, but they are doing the 3rd issue of poison and the flu poison, so I wonder how long they will last with that all in their veins. If mine keels over I’m stuffed – all because he wanted to travel. Well he’s not done that either!

      • My mum is having the booster and flu jabs…
        Lost my dad last year too cancer and no matter my concerns she wont listen…
        Just hope she is ok after..

    • How are you feeling living in the same house? Really curious as since my Daughter and her Husband have been double jabbed and just spending an hour in there house today I felt sick to my stomach, literally urging when I left! I had a migraine type headache vision loss in one eye and the most overwhelming feeling of doom!
      My husband says I’m the most optimistic person he has ever known, but today I could have curled up and died!
      I had to pull out the big guns pine needle tea, colloidal silver and chlorophyll to try and rid my body of what ever was being breathed all over me.
      It’s my granddaughters I feel most desperate for, especially the youngest who is being breastfed!! She has no colour at all the poor thing is grey not beautiful and pink like a baby should be.
      I tried so hard to warn them, I begged them not to take the jabs.
      Only God can save them now.

      • We have a cruise holiday booked with two friends. The friends and wife are ill fully-loaded with the Jungle Juice, I am not. They are preparing to sail out to the Caribbean on 26th Oct without me because I am being discriminated against because I do not want an inoculation that will not stop me GETTING the Con-or-a-virus, PASSING it on, or any other benefit ( to me) that I can see. 3 weeks is a long time for me, ‘the moron’ ( in their words! ) to do my own washing and cooking! It’ll be a rough ride, This is just the start….. 😥

      • @Mikayla – I think I’ve had the same after the close presence of jabbed relatives. Where do you get pine needle tea from please, I’d love some. I hope your granddaughters are ok.

  14. Calm befor the storm. I’ll be living in my camper befor mid december. It’s going to be a great winter away from it. There going to throw everything at us we might as well go of grid now. With there Climate lock down coming. Energy prices and food shortages, practice living on the land I do all the time. Because its all finished. thank fuck I don’t have a smartphone. And not daft enough to have one. Transhumanism that’s altimatley what’s going on. Connecting the human mind to artifical intelligent. Where you don’t have a mind of your own. There trying to get rid of human thinking. Still think it’s about a virus. It’s what is was used for to bring this in. Us vs them. million dollor question are we going to win this or not. Time will tell very soon. There slowly cutting me off so that’s a great thing and will live like the animals in nature’s ways. No jab No smartphone. Looking forward to it. The system finished in my eyes.

  15. Covid passports they say. Social credit system more like. Everything will be linked to it. All story’s lead to the covid passport

    • Social credit system/covid pass is just the beginning – Look into human capital markets on the block-chain, life learning, a tokenised education system and things like derivative based income from life outcomes such as “The first 1000 days” by Welcome leap

  16. Fuck You Boris!! I will never ever comply with this!!! This needs to stop NOW!!

  17. I understand the jabbed agreeing ,with the right too freedom of choice!but it is them believing theBS propaganda ,constant testing and having the jab ,has unfortunately, got us where we are today!prison planet!if everyone told these megalomaniacs too get stuffed, it would not even started!

  18. It’s hard to believe that no one has tried to assassinate BoJo & other members of the govern-ment yet!

    • Tess do you really think any attempted assassination it would be broadcast on TV, at present all we can say is that he is still alive and guarded.
      We also know that he gets picketed and objected to wherever he goes where people can get close.

  19. Stand firm, hold the line, do not comply at any cost. We must stand up to this evil agenda (and deal with the greedy evil bastards).

  20. Only over my dead body.I will sue them,I will do everything.and will fight till the end….and I mean that💪🏻

  21. That’s how how this government lies to you they’re blatant liars they said they wouldn’t have one there must have been working on it to get it running this week but I will not be complying. Watch it people will walking straight into dictatorship and to communism.

  22. Market analysts say that Pfizer will make $14 BILLION FROM THE BOOSTER SHOTS ALONE. If you think that none of this money is not going to end up in the secret banks accounts of politicians and corrupt scientists you do not have 2 functioning brain cells.

  23. This is so mind dumbing implementably impossible, in an attempt to persuade holdouts to get punctured. If the NHS pass doesn’t reveal whether one is vaccinated of not, then it’s a tracking device. Opt out of being white, and genocide is not your portion. Mad Eugenicists!

  24. I look forward to watching Boris swing by the neck, his little feet kicking.

  25. Trouble is Hugo, you’re preaching to the converted. We said much the same thing to the dumb ass sheeple 19 months ago. They were responsible for all the shit we have gone through, and they will again be responsible for the shit coming our way. So do we have the numbers now? That’s the big question. (Won’t hold my breath.)

  26. This is not a .gov website but the NHSx website.
    It does not mean that proof of vaccination is definitely going to happen.
    The software and systems have to be in place beforehand, which is what this website is actually saying.
    Don’t forget plan B allows for proof of vaccination, whether we like it or not. The government was rightly criticised for not having a working track and trace system in place before it was needed. If you are going to have contingency plans in place then the supporting infrastructure has to be in place. It does not mean that the contingency plans are going to be implemented. During the Cold War nuclear proof command centres were prepared just in case. In the words of Jim Lovell, “The earth is getting big in the window, we need a re-entry plan now, we can’t just throw this together at the last minute”. Preparation is everything, hope for the best but plan for the worst.
    This is irrespective of the fact that I DO NOT agree with proving vaccination status in any shape or form.

  27. Its all theatre…..they are just desperate…we are NOT going to comply…i would rather eat grass.

  28. Is this true? if it is, ITS REALLY BAD 😢…

    Hi Anna and the AVP team,

    I want to let you know that I posted an update describing life in the first month under the Covid Pass regime here in Lithuania:

    I’ve received many mails from people around the world asking about life under a Covid Pass regime – including quite a few people, even in the last week, emailing from the UK (Scotland and Wales in particular) who praise your AVP work as a beacon of sanity in times of madness.

    I wrote this thread because I thought some concrete examples would be helpful for these people, and hopefully a Twitter message can reach more people than any long article I would write. Since Lithuania is the first democratic country to impose a strictly-enforced, society-wide Covid Pass regime, I’m in a good position to give first-hand account of the suffering for those opposed.

    It’s now been one month that my family has been suffering under the Covid Pass regime. And with no exaggeration, it’s been very difficult to survive: we have no work, no possible income, and we are banished from almost all society.

    I don’t wish upon anyone the hardships we’re enduring. But it’s the future for all of you – including in the UK – whose own countries will soon follow the same path of Covid Pass restrictions as Lithuania and the EU.

    Not sure how closely you follow European news, Anna, but the Covid Pass situation here is very bleak.

    I’m increasingly thinking that there is no hope in Europe.

    The next big event will be October 15, when Italy will begin its policy of “no vaccination, no employment”. The protests in Italy are getting bigger, lawsuits are filed in many courts. I hope they succeed. But from the information I get from many emailers in Italy, I think it’s likely that the opposition will fail and the government will indeed manage to impose a vaccination requirement for all employment (including people who work from home… which is the same policy as in Lithuania).

    If that happens in Italy, it will set a huge precedent and many smaller countries in Europe which are just behind will follow: Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Greece, Estonia, Latvia. Plus, most likely further increasing Covid Pas restrictions in France and Switzerland, maybe then Holland and Belgium, Finland, Portugal.

    And then Scotland and Wales, and then the whole UK, will little by little sneak in their own restrictions (“_Look at Europe: the Covid Pass works and is the only way to prevent lockdowns and save our economy!_”).

    Each country will have its own quirks in implementation, but all the rules together will effectively mean that a Covid Pass will be required for daily life in around 2/3 of Europe before the end of this month.

    As an example of how fast inhibitions are falling, Anna, look at Romania.

    Until now, Romania and most of the Balkans have been very hesitant in imposing restrictions.

    But out of nowhere, a new law of restrictions was passed quickly and went into effect on Monday (4-Oct) in Romania. In cities above a certain threshold of positive test results, a curfew will be imposed on people who do not have the Covid certificate. The capital of Bucharest and several other big cities are affected. Under this curfew, you may not leave your home between 20:00 and 05:00 unless you have a Covid Pass.

    People with a Pass are allowed to be outside whenever they want for any reason. But for people without a Covid Pass, they must print out a document to verify that their time outside the home is for essential purposes only (work, medical care). Police will stop people outside on the streets between these hours to check their documents; those without proper documentation will be fined or put in jail.

    Additionally, Romania eliminated testing as an alternative to vaccination. (Lithuania is now changing the law to eliminate testing as well; our government said it’s because too many people “are cheating” by using testing to avoid vaccination).

    I only know of this Romanian news because an emailer sent me the information.

    • Stay strong brother, sister now is the time to seek Jesus”.
      Children of God will survive put your trust in “Jesus Christ”.
      Prayer is a powerful weapon,
      Never give in to the evildoers! Believe me! Trust in Jesus! He will not let you down where man will

      I promise you! When everybody turned their back on me! Jesus never did! I swear it!! Soon nobody will be able to” buy or sell” without the jab.
      We are living in the worst times and the best of times” have no fear Jesus knows your suffering, just ask and he’ll be there for you.
      “whomever comes to me, I will never turn away”
      Never lose hope! Hope in Christ!
      God bless you!!
      Christ is lord!

      • Tinnitus from vacation
        It’s not rare it’s receivers the size of 2atoms , 5G radio ready to move in with algorithms faking reptilian, they did it to me, very obvious algorithms no concept

    • Thank you very much for your post. What you say is very troubling, yet the sheep in the UK would still believe that these new laws would ‘keep them safe’ from the Killer Virus. We Thinkers thought that this kind of tyranny could eventually arrive….. but most of us hoped that it would not. Where do we Thinkers go now? Be strong and thank you once again.

  29. Any people in the North East up for grouping together and buying some land, build a little off grid community. I want the hell out of this shite, just don’t have the funds to go it alone. Not that I’d want to go it alone, away from people, but it’s a better option than this hell hole lol

  30. I’m afraid a lot of you are missing the truth, you do not have “the power” by banding together, that was 18 months ago. Now you are entering winter and you have power and heating going down which will kill people. You have food shortages, which will kill people. You have medicine shortages which will kill people. You have a collapsing health service which will kill people. You have the jab illnesses which will and are killing people. The economy will go down meaning your money is worthless – which will kill people.

    And you’ve sat there and done nothing for any of it. Even when they start jabbing your kids.

    So when they say to get food rations you have to be jabbed, you’ll get jabbed. Or heat you’ll get jabbed. Etc.

    Just stop and think – why do you need to be jabbed to have food? Why do you need to be jabbed to have a job? Covid kills nearly no-one.

    This is literally the last chance saloon for humanity, you either rise up now and FIGHT or you die with a wimper.

    It’s so bad, there’s so much concern for the fate of the people that Fat Boy Dim Johnson has gone on holiday at a cost of 25K per week, or whatever.

    Do you really not get it? They do not care about you – they want RID of you. Permanently.

    • Tinnitus from vacation
      It’s not rare it’s receivers the size of 2atoms , 5G radio ready to move in with algorithms faking reptilian, they did it to me, very obvious algorithms no concept

  31. Unfortunately, there will be many who will go along with this.

  32. I would remove myself from the NHS database as they are now compiling a list and sharing data with third parties. Can’t imagine what that could be used for ? Maybe a list of all the unvaccinated along with their relevant addresses? Best thing to do is de register from your local NHS clinic tell them you are moving jurisdiction out of the country. Then if you need healthcare for emergency purposes you can always go to the hospital they cannot deny you.

  33. Last week of October a lot of top global political figures will be in Scotland and some are staying far away an hours drive from Glasgow or a short helicopter ride away at the Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder for the climate summit in case you’re looking for them! There is also a small private airport that’s currently being renovated for someone down the road from the hotel just in case you want to meet your friends in person! 😉

    • Anybody got an anti aircraft missile knocking about in their shed .

  34. Looks as though this whole NHS Pass has been so named to get the people to turn against this NHS , I can assure you if this is brought in how long do think it will be before businesses start to burnt down etc. How long will it be before NHS its self is targeted by those who see this as a absolutely wrong. The large group who will not be coerced by any means to take this M.O.T.B. I can see lots and lots of violence after this so called passport is brought in for everybody if it gets the legs. These nasty evil non human entities will not back off will they? Maybe they might have second thought once they themselves become targets from within their own ranks.. Talk is the Cabal want rid of Politicians and Governments in the way we all know them to be. I wonder how this will deployed and when? This whole last 18 months has been disgustingly Evil every aspect of it. When I say NON HUMAN BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES that is what they are. For what they have been able to get away with is solely down to the gullible sheeple obeying senseless orders. Being beaten with iron bars, tasered with Electronic weapons , tear gassed , maced and pepper sprayed. For standing up for your rights as a Human Being. Not wanting to take the Mark of the Beast ..

  35. Of course its to do with a virus😄…
    Never a global reset and digital society hence “build back better”=reset….

    And yearly pills or jabs=passport top up like buying credit on a pay as you go phone…

    Now its “covid” is out with its mate influenza as well which means flu is replaced by covid or vice versa?…

    Never mind the fact covid is not proven to exist with its PCR tool to detect it thats just a genetic material tracer…and was never tested for a “vaccine”..

    Ill let the zombies have the shit stabbed in them and be slaves to the digital passes…

    Thanks but no thanks and somebody else can take a jab on my behalf👏🏻

  36. The only thing that will stop these passport becoming the rule is the vacinated taking action against it.
    As many of them are totally against their children getting jabbed it will restrict their lives too.
    Lets face it alot of these folk only took it so they might go on holiday abroad, but that never happened.
    I don’t blame them.

    It’s unbelievable whats happened to us all over the last 2 years , but I wont comply.

  37. This government has systematically done the opposite to everything they’ve said. Stuff their society I’m creating my own.

  38. The NHS covid exemption pass…according to their rules,(The decision will be FINAL and no chance of appeal), they will refuse EVERYONE but more importantly, its their way fo getting the names and addresses fo EVERYONE that hasnt had the jibjabby! They still think we’re fecking idiots!

  39. theres only 2 of us at work that have not had the jab, we have resisted and will continue to do so. Theres more of us than they think,the resistance is strong and growing daily,but for sure it will get harder,thats a fact. Just stay strong and keep the faith

  40. All these lovely people in Scotland
    Staying at the Gleneagles Hotel. If if you want to get your point across in person. 🤩

    Which world leaders will attend COP26?

    Over 100 world leaders are expected to attend the conference, but only a few names are widely known so far. Here are all the world leaders confirmed to be attending COP26 at the end of October.

    President Joe Biden, United States

    President Biden has confirmed he will be travelling to Glasgow to take part in COP26, soon after he hosted the Virtual Leaders Summit himself. The event was live-streamed for the public and saw 40 world leaders come together to discuss what can be done to encourage climate action.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson, United Kingdom

    Mr Johnson has confirmed his attendance at COP26, as well as stating that there will be a place for leaders of all the UK’s national government.

    “It’s a huge undertaking by the whole of the UK,” said the Prime Minister. “Every part of the UK is now working together. What we’ve got to do is, we’ve got to lead the world to get everybody to commit to net zero by 2050.”

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland

    Despite there being reported clashes between Ms Sturgeon and Mr Johnson regarding the summit, Scotland’s First Minister will be attending COP26 in Glasgow. Mr Johnson went so far as to say that Ms Sturgeon will play a key role in the climate conference, as the leader of the Scottish government.

    Her Majesty the Queen, United Kingdom

    The Queen will also travel to Glasgow to represent the United Kingdom, just as she and other members of the Royal Family did for the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

    Who else is attending COP26?

    There are some other famous faces who will also be playing their part in the climate conference, ranging from climate activists to cultural leaders.

    Sir David Attenborough

    Sir David has been named as the COP26 People’s Advocate, meaning that the broadcaster and natural historian will address world leaders and other attendees during the summit. He also made appearances at other climate events in the run-up to COP26, including the G7 Summit.

    Pietro Parolin, Cardinal Secretary of State of Vatican City

    It was at first rumoured that Pope Francis would also make the journey to Glasgow for the conference, however it was recently announced that Cardinal Parolin will attend in his stead, while the Pope himself remains in Edinburgh along with other dignitaries like the Queen.

    Greta Thunberg

    Despite levelling some criticism at COP26, it seems likely that the young climate activist who sparked the Fridays For Future movement will be joining the world leaders in Glasgow.

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