GOVT UK Says PASSPORTS By Mid December 2021 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. No jab No employment bring it here and I’ll be done. Thanks for setting me free and cutting me off thank you. I’ll be the first out. I hope many people follow

    • Unfortunately in Aus this is already happening. They know it’s unlawful and against the constitution but they actually do not care.

      • These pirates do not recognise any Constitution – they operate under Admiralty Law – the law of the sea, not the law of the land.

      • Exactly Lise, it matters not what we all do, protest, sign petitions, write to MPs or down tools as Hugo suggests, these evil doers will continue.
        They’ve had so much time, used so many resources and money to put everything in place for their master plan to succeed, that they sure as hell aren’t going to give up on it now.
        I guarantee that as we continue to fight back they, in turn, will use every increasing measures and force against us.
        I don’t think the majority of people understand the sheer magnitude of what we’re up against, and our enemies hold most of the playing cards sadly.

        The ‘only’ thing that will stop this is divine intervention, and why prayer is ‘thee’ only solution.

        This is a battle between good and evil as the Holy Bible tells us.

      • They do not recognise any Constitutions because their courts operate under Admiralty Jurisdiction, the law of the sea, not the law of the land – the same applies to The USA. They are privateers or pirates and we are here just to be plundered and pillaged.

      • I’m the only one out of a team of 9 who hasn’t succumbed to this tyranny, they just cannot or will not see what’s happening in this country. I’m so glad I’m not like them! I know I’m on the right side of this . They will have to sack me as I’m not going anywhere, I love my job in Social Care!

  2. Warning Boris make my life a fuckin misery and I’m going to go fucking nuts .

  3. QUOTE: Which world leaders will attend COP26?

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    I Will NEVER Comply EVER – Shove It All…………….

  4. I’m sorry folks to be the bearer of bad news.
    And I know some will disagree, including Hugo.
    But its time to face facts,
    This will Not stop untill Politicians are Killed, yes I said that Killed.
    Publicly if possible.
    The higher ranking they are the better.
    They don’t care or pay attention to protests, social media posts, radio phone in’s etc.
    They’ll only listen when their own lives are in the firing line…

    • Yes mate, you are right. The stormtrooping coppers are not frightened of a placard-waving protesting grandma, but if it was an armed militia of men waving crossbows and weapons, there may be a change of heart from ALL of those in ‘authority’. We need to fight, really fight, for our freedoms, and that time is coming real soon….

      • One reason why they have taken our rights to have guns away from us whenever possible. Im surprised they havent banned catapaults and kitchen knives yet.

      • Apparently THIS is the ‘self-defence’ item that we all need…. RX Adder repeating crossbow, no licence 6 bolt magazine, red dot sight, AR15 Stock. I will be ordering one once my sheep wife has gone on her holidays and keep it for special occasions! I don’t want her finding it!! lol

      • Under The True Law you have the right to bear arms. Firearms are only ‘banned’ by their mickey mouse Acts and Statutes, which have no jurisdiction over flesh and blood sentient beings.

  5. Such a shame that the government is all bribed from top to bottom by satanic beast such as Bill Gates , the Clinton’s and all the top globalist . These satanist think they can rule us …..never have and never will ….a big revolution is coming as more and more people awaken from this horrific nightmare 😡

  6. Any person using a passport to gain entry to any establishment is beyond gutless
    If everyone boycotted all and every establishment requiring passports government would be forced to back track
    I personally will be boycotting all family and friends who will use passports as I find these people insipid and repugnant as the corrupt entities behind it all.
    They are no different to the yellow stars the nazis made the Jews wear

    • I, along with others, have been saying that we will ALL be wearing stripe pyjamas before the end of this BS Scam. I have put the truth on FB, posted photos of the massive Freedom marches that I have attended and shown people Freedom of Information answers to ‘how many people died last year etc’ to prove that they have been fooled….. It is no use, they are completely convinced that the rules/tyranny/control is for their own good. We Thinkers are in for a rough ride, I hope that I am prepared…..

  7. In Romania we already cannot get into restaurants, coffee shops, cibemas, etc without the qr code. And I am saying qr code because it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not you need the qr code, you need the pass. My wife yesterday wasn’t able to get in a starbucks because she doesn’t have the pass although she is vaccinated and also had covid. So yeah if anyone needed any proof that this isn’t about keeping people safe and it’s only about controlling people now they have it but they still sleep…

  8. The Government want us to down tools and strike. This would create more chaos and speed up their nefarious plans. If society collapses, many will starve and the people will fight amongst themselves. The elite will just sit back and watch it playout whilst living on private islands or fortified buildings with all the resources they need. This is a spiritual battle and a test. Fear not and be prepared.

  9. I was on the London Underground on Friday. The compliance of mask-wearing was astounding, mostly young people too! If you think that these brainwashed people will give a toss about having to show their papers, I think that you are mistaken. The vast majority believe we Thinkers are the morons who is causing this BS and the sheep will continue to get jabbed, get boosted and be controlled. We will be ‘dissidents’ in our own, formerly-free, country. This passport will be brought in and the mentally-fatigued, msm-watching sheep will think that its a good thing. We Thinkers have a very hard future to come, I fear.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. I’m buying a crossbow for security reasons, obviously, later this month. 👍👍👍

    • I live in a unfashionable Northern town.I do not travel by bus but when one passes me I look inside the most are not wearing a mask.

  10. We still have time to stock up before December, get to it people, tins & dried stuff the most important, I’ll be having trouble shopping for food from that point on as the big shops for me are in centres where I will be banned as I don’t have & never will have a passport & it’s only a matter of time till they ban us from online shopping as well. If they can’t inject us to kill us they’ll try to starve us instead, Bozo The Bastard deserves to die for his treason.

    • Don’t forget the cry-baby, Twat Handcock as well as all the other evil bastards who have prolonged this BS and cause MASS hysteria and the breakdown of families, communities and our freedoms….. and the sheep STILL think Doris and his cronies are ‘saving the NHS’ !! FFS!

  11. This is how the government prepares itself to a controlled crash landing.
    Like on an air-plane they don’t want the passengers to be aware about what’s coming.
    It’s a genocide but the primary problem is that the financial system is melting down.
    Panic creation is just to test the systems before the hyperinflation.

  12. Remember when they called people conspiracy theorists for saying vaccine passports will be implemented eventually? As the joke goes, ‘ what’s the difference between a conspiracy theorist and the truth? – About 6 months.

  13. People will accept passports until they personally realise the government is working for the globalist and does not and never has had the nations best interests at heart ever by which time it will be too late. However humanity will survive some how even if its not in our time. We will bare witness to this evil and some day all truth will shine and we will know we did what we could for the freedom of all. All we can do now is support each other, spread the truth and hold firm in our belief of what is right and just and pray for the courage to do so. Thank you Hugo and thank you to all who comment. You all make a difference.

  14. Problem is that people that “think” they have been vaccinated when they have no idea what group they are in “Vaccinated or Placebo” and yet IF they was in that group of vaccination that it “might” reduce your symptoms of getting seriously sick, so you still catch it, get sick from it, die from it, still spread it (just like unvaccinated) just that you who are vaccinated get less symptoms of knowing you got it, so you are more of a threat of spreading it as the unvaccinated would know sooner and be at home sick and recovering yet vaccinated would just go about their day spreading it even more. And of course now vaccinated people have compromised immune systems and are now at 18x higher rick of other diseases

    Sponsor: BioNTech SE, Collaborator: Pfizer, Information provided by (Responsible Party): BioNTech SE
    Estimated Study Completion Date : May 2, 2023

    Sponsor: ModernaTX, Inc., Collaborator: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., Information provided by (Responsible Party): ModernaTX, Inc.
    Estimated Study Completion Date : June 30, 2024

    Sponsor: AstraZeneca, Collaborator: Iqvia Pty Ltd, Information provided by (Responsible Party): AstraZeneca.
    Estimated Study Completion Date : February 14, 2023

  15. I think it’s time to purchase a large island and start a Permaculture Freedom Cell with some decent humans. (Alternative vanish into the remote Jungle again with the tribes)

    I have friends/relatives (who need to remain nameless) in various countries Health Service’s and was told in England the public have the LEGAL RIGHTS to refuse medical substances and treatment which has the potential to cause harm. Same with being forced to have so called Vaccine Certificates. Doctors sign an oath and are liable should this be broken.

    So to those living in cities looks like home deliveries now (private vehicles will be banned and restriction on travel more than 6 miles from home has been discussed) Then instead of going to spend precious funds at weak businesses that support government control have social events in friends gardens/parks/open spaces and to hell with the nonsense. I run a small business and will NEVER discriminate customers because some Civil Servant/Council Official tells me to.

    A UK campaign should be started to reduce the MP’s down to a maximum of 100. Close the House of Lords/Ladies. Same with the size of District/County Councils so taxes are reduced. Common Sense Laws.

      • Revolution is big business. All revolutions were/are fermented by the Jews, so be careful of what you wish for.

        “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.”

        — The Jew, Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister.

  16. You know what if the people of the U.K. want to sit back and spend there time tapping in keyboards guess what will happen you have to strike now or quite frankly you are all f@cked

  17. No booster for me!! Never had a appt never will. Only got jab cos I was fooled and thought I was keeping my terminally ill Mother safe. All you unjabbed I stand by you all. I am so sorry I was fooled. I will rather starve now than give into anymore of this bulshit Jabbed and unjabbed we most stand together. All my family and friends think I’m nuts because I say I have signed my death warrant cos I took this jab. No one is waking up. It’s like they don’t care if freedoms are taken away from us. Everyone is laughing at me or roll their eyes if I say anything. The only person I can put my trust in is God.

    • You are not alone being duped. I was at first but realised something was very wrong in the early days. Thankfully you are now aware – and a victim yourself of this tyranny, so we must all be united – whether the jab has been administered or not. We must stand strong together or we will fail. This isn’t a fight just for the unvaxxed, it is a fight for everyone and the future of the youngest, most innocent lives at stake.

      • Well said that man!!! The sheep will queue up to have their children given this jungle juice. We are a deep doo-doo 😞.

  18. Let us all pray that “they” will get it. I am afraid that the people listening to you Hugo, are the ones that get it. The others are so far gone in this mind control that it is too late for them. We can keep trying to pass the word – but!

    • I’ve just had another loud and vicious barny with the wife. I told her that ITU/ICU admissions at our local hospital were lower in 2020 than any year since 2015 and she went wallyish at me saying things like, ” you dont know how busy they were with the ones that were in ITU ”! FFS! The overall admissions at UHCW hospital in Coventry were 10% lower in 2020 than 2019 too…. but what is the point of telling the brainwashed sheep REAL facts and that ‘saving the NHS’ was a lie and they were NEVER overwhelmed ? It’s Pointless…. it will be every man for himself from here-on in. At least we Thinkers have a head start! (REAL figures and not ‘msm figures’ were through a Freedom of Information request. This is the website…..

  19. Hi everyone, I live in Canada (Ex Brit) and they’ve had the ‘papers please‘ going for about a month now so I spoke to my dr for a medical exemption because there is no way I’m getting that poison. My Dr told me that there hands are now tied and they are not allowed to issue exemptions until you’ve had adverse reactions to the jab, both jabs too not just the first….so basically sadly if you’re dead you can get an exemption.
    The other thing is Canadians are being fired from their jobs if they’re not getting jabbed they have until November 1st to be jabbed by both otherwise they will not have a job….sadly lots of people are caving in because they need to work to keep the roof over their heads and food on the table. Another thing to think about over half of the nurses and dr’s are leaving their jobs because they do not want the jab…what does that tell you? Don’t forget this is all about your health and you have a choice. 🤦‍♀️

  20. I would like to raise a toast to all the gutless spineless braindead morons that have made this happen and dragged people down with them👏🏻…
    I wish you eternal happiness and luck with having your jabs every year and pills in order to socialise etc…
    Whats more is your ignorance and arrogance against people with outside views…
    May you all rot…👏🏻

  21. Still unsure what ports are involved. I don’t need an airport or sea port to buy beans since I don’t buy them from a little shop in Hungary

  22. Do not consent.

    Tyranny is upon us worldwide all done by design decades ago.

    They close the world down for one grain of sand in a desert that has a common cold.

    Evil has run this realm for over 3,000 years. Now it’s God’s peoples time.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  23. The government website uses the word ‘guidance’, not ‘law’. We can but hope that it never forms any part of statutory law.

    • ‘Acts’ and ‘Statutes’ are not Laws!! ‘Acts’ and ‘Statutes’ are the rules and regulations of the UK Corporation and apply only to employees of the UK Corporation, that is, citizen treadmill slaves. Time to quit being a citizen and become a flesh and blood man.

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