NEXT UP! Scrapping Of FREE TESTS! 🤦‍♀️🤡 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. This is a good thing. Even the sheepiest of sheep will be reluctant to pay for tests.

    • Totally agree with you – most will pack in testing if they have to pay 😁

    • I hope you are right. But I am not so sure. For some bizarre reason people seemed ok with paying for ripoff tests for holidays without question. I think one of the side effects of the jab is that it kills all the brain cells in people

      • I think your right. Iv never had a test . I hope this will open people’s eye to this total shit show. I mean ffs if it was for this fucking test we wouldn’t have covid. The whole thing is a joke now. It’s amazing people will.just go along with anything there told.

      • Absolutely
        Great comment.

        It is a Shit Show!
        The public have always been a bit docile ..
        but this is taking the piss now they need to wake up!!

      • “I think one of the side effects of the jab is that it kills all the brain cells in people”

    • Ian, what are testing against?
      I mean what is the benchmark?

      As the it’s not been isolated, I’ll put it down to testing positive for a cold or flu.

      The power of MSM has shown how easily people can be manipulated.

  2. Makes me wonder how much people can eat so much shit from the government. The sheer mess this country has gone into, and people still carry on regardless. Unbelievable, how so-called pandemic hits the psychology of people. If was a real, full on pandemic, no one, or any animal, bird would be alive. They would not be vaccine, and all these dumb events, ie. Petrol, and food shortages. Getting crazy every day. The Dark Winter is coming.

    • You are spot on. This is a real pandemic ffs. It’s colds and full by another name. The flu mutated 3 times in 2019 . I no as my pharmacist told me when I was having a flu jab. Thought it best as I’d been very ill in hospital and my immune system was on the floor. The pharmacist was very informative about the flu and how it had mutated in 2019 , he also told me how the race was on around the world to come up with a life long flu jab. He said its impossible as there’s not enough people to try different jabs on. Well there is now . That was my last flu jab 2019 lol. Don’t trust any of this experiment . People just don’t do enough research. I have known from the start it’s in your face 8 just don’t get how people can’t see .

  3. Politicians have become pimps and people have now become dependent prostitutes doing things they will regret

  4. Those with these passes are acting like the queens and kings. They believe they have all the freedom in the world and they look at us like rebels and no good to be in the world kind of people BUT what they don’t realise is that they are being stalled and stalled. Now they are supposed to take boosters. Hahaha Hahahahahaha

    • They are as free as free range chickens, they only have an elusion of freedoms

  5. Soon goverment Will follow what they are imposing here in Italy: PCR test Will no more be accepted to obtain the green passport!
    Only being jabbed with second (and eventually 3rd, now on the way here), or having had covid and healed gor max six months.
    Of you want to preview your future, Just Watch Italy.
    US, Italians, are watching China, for that.
    Good luck to all of US, mate

  6. The tests are like a super duper anniversary special magazine subscription where you gradually build up the QE2 or Buckingham Palace each week.
    They always start off really cheap say 99p and then when people have it half built it goes up to £9.99.

    • In Germany the free tests end tomorrow. From Monday we’ll pay around 20 Eur for an Antigen test and 60 Eur for the PCR. Funny thing is, that most of the venues either only let vaxxed or cured in or at least with PCR – because only then there are no mask and distancing mandates in place! And all those morally better ones clap their hands to this shit, “because it’s so much more safe”. It’s just ridiculous!

      • Haha yep I never though of that one 🙂

  7. The government have already done the deal with the company Entrust for the vaccine passports signing a deal for £840,000 for 12 months with a possibility of a further 2 years. Entrust is owned by the Quant family, go figure, do your homework and you’ll see the agenda here.

  8. I’ve not been suckered in twats thank u hugo and God

  9. Theyre driving up costs to bankrupt the (already bankrupt) world. The WEF Great Reset needs us not owning anything. How will they make that happen?


  11. Free test ~ Paid for test, Shove your test up your arse test,, it is all worthless & useless Bent As A 9bob Note, Fake as a £30 Rolex watch from Camden market London…….

    Compleat Flawed from the start & they know it….. The website where they make 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System, laptop………………………
    Applied Biosystems™
    7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System, laptop
    Catalog number: 4351106
    Related applications: Genotyping & Genomic Profiling
    Real Time PCR (qPCR)
    Real Time PCR-Based Gene Expression Profiling
    Technical Support
    Customer Service
    ………………………..> AT BOTTOM of the page ~ it states this: – Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures. –

    & underneath that it states this { Again } For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

    The Applied Biosystems® 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System offers maximum performance in the minimum time. Fully optimized for Fast cycling, the 7500 Fast delivers high-quality results in as little as 30 minutes. We supply a Dell™ Notebook computer with the 7500 Fast System.

    • Specially designed Fast block ensures thermal uniformity at top speeds.
    • Faster ramp rates enable rapid results without compromising extension times or assay quality.
    • Fast optical plates ensure excellent precision in 10-30 ul reaction volumes.
    • Use TaqMan® Fast Universal PCR Master Mix to run multiple Fast assays on one plate.
    • Finish more runs per day with the excellent performance equivalent to that offered by the 7500 System.

    High Resolution Melting Analysis…… the rest here

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
    CARRY ON ………………..

  12. So paying for a test that does not test for infection or sickness….
    Thanks to the bastard brainwashed idiots…
    I happily punch one of them on the face in the not to distant future…
    Ill make that a promise before xmas actually…

  13. Maybe only the we will have to pay and if you are up to date in the jabs then you don’t .. a way to force you have the jab if you can’t afford to pay .. my work place have said they only have enough until Xmas.. funny how they have just said the same ..

  14. Lateral Flow Tests needs to be changed to PH test anyway, only looking for acidity, what do you expect for 50p.

    Got to fake a lateral flow to go to a concert next Friday, getting to the end of this,without 1 test being done or dying trying. ( might skip it Micheal Bolton concert he’s to old, hassle )

    You’d think they’d realise, nobody is dying and drop this BS already.

    GF double AZ jabbed sheep, blood pressure normally better than mine despite being a coach potato, currently 202/108 so Stroke expected SOON.

    R Kelly, grassing in his pedo mates, Gates, Sheen sadly, Andrew, Charles and loads of others hopefully next week!! Take the fight to the pedo elites.

    • 202 on the top number is way too high. Doctors don’t take any notice until 160+ 180+ is stroke territory. Plus there is the huge difference between the two numbers which makes it even worse.

  15. Also in the Netherlands, the QR code would first last until November, but as expected, our government has already postponed this to January. They measure hospitalizations and covid registrations as a result of ICU. Yes duhhh they have never been so low.

  16. They will “Groom” anyone theses days!
    … & sadly in front of our eyes,
    they enjoy doing it to grown up feckin adults!
    Those adults still STUPID enough to comply & be Groomed!

    Silly people..

    & that’s me being polite lol

    Cheers Hugo fella
    Have good afternoon to you All.

  17. Planet is to full of “the walking brain dead” nowadays…
    There easy to spot..
    They walk in roads and wear face clamps and sanitise there hands every 2 minutes and cue up for jabs…
    Give it a few years and they wont be about anymore🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. What if they get rid of tests for vaccinated but insist on them everywhere for the unvaccinated?! Hmmmmnn!

    • I doubt that, to much of a money maker. They gotta get it from some where. Nothing is free. These people have been lead like lambs to the slaughter and there so fucking stupid. They surely no by now that somethings a miss. I surpose it’s just oh well iv come this far . Idots. X

  19. If cost reduces Covid testing numbers will this reduce positive test results. How are they going to inflate the numbers to keep the Covid show on the road? Increase the sensitivity of the tests ?

    • Christopher, maybe it’s to discourage people to test so much?

      Maybe they’ve realised that people need to get back to work and can’t keep playing the system against them.

      Maybe this is their way of showing everyone (who watches the news) that the jab is working and numbers are going down.

      • More like they will think it will make more people take the vaxtermination

  20. Pushers always start you off with a freebie. I’m surprised the giveaway has lasted this long.

  21. Hubby has to start testing weekly to keep his job. After Dec will have to pay for his own. Travel to have them done. And cost is extra high for unv’d. This is Saskatchewan Canada.
    Tyranny abounds.

    • I can´t believe that the Canadian people are just sitting back and letting Trudeau implement this (and worse from what I have read, such as no shot, no job and no social security support either) without a whimper, but I can´t find any sign of protests or unrest. What´s the story form the inside? Never mind egg throwing, all these tyrannical politicians need to be OUSTED

  22. Found out yesterday a person i know has tested positive for ronan she must be doing daliy test BS, she been doubled jabbed i and others was in the pub last week she was there to all seating close around the table, Time will tell with myself but there’s one thing for sure No fucking testing up my nose or down my throat and i going to travel to work on the bus unmask and mixes with more people.
    10 / 10 / 21 😕👿

    • Swab is a genetic material tracer only…
      Thats all🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Don´t understand all the morons having tests all the time, unless they have to for work or something. This whole scamdemic has been caused by millions of sheeple calling their doctors and telling them that the have symptoms of the common cold and then being put down as covid, or getting themselves tested when it´s not necessary. What sort of brain dead cunt does this? They are as bad as the lying bastard politiians and so called “world leaders” who are a bunch of narcissitic psychos

  23. Its not about being ripped off for a test, its just about manipulating the remaining unvaccinated people to get vaccinated to be able to get the covid pass so to be able to go to the pub, cinema etc, then if they do this they think its free as don’t have to pay for the test. All this has been playing out in France where I live. Hugo called it last year when the governments unlocked everybody and the masses rushed out, if only everybody said no to the conditioning game then!

  24. They will Grant shapps out of it,
    When the the balding globalist parrot
    tells them too.
    Like good little cult of Boris Jonestown devotees .

  25. Boris and his moonbeam madness, only had one thing behind it, putting more pressure on the economy, nothing else to it.
    Call me strange but I always know if I’m coming down with something our under the weather, I don’t need a dodgy test to tell me!

  26. I was walking through town minding my own business when someone came up to me holding a couple of these tests and offered me them for free. I said no thank you and was going to carry on walking when they said ‘but they’re free’ I said ‘I dont care if they are free, I dont need one, I am perfectly healthy’ Point I am trying to make is they shouldn’t just be scrapping free tests they should be scrapping all tests

    • Pete, probably back increased testing to infate the numbers.
      Which in turn gives them the go ahead for lockdowns.

  27. I think they will pay anything to get to do something they want. Another tick in the box for gullible people parting with their money – after all they won’t be needing it because they’ll be happy.

  28. Thanks Hugo, great comments, I think the jab uptake has stalled. Paying for tests will drive more to take it sadly believing its less hassle and of course free. Once enough numbers have been jabbed the tests will remain chargeable and be re introduced for vaccinated people as well, using some bs variant or numbers of ‘cases’ as the excuse. Boosters/compliance forever or no pass anywhere with the added bonus of paying for it yourself. Medical tyranny. The new normal.

  29. it’s all set up from start if you don’t see it you must be an idiot…
    step by step taking our freedom away

  30. politicians don’t work for public anymore long time ago sooner you realise that better for us all…
    they work for corporations not for people

  31. like good drug dealer first dose for free next pay…
    remember free lightning bulbs send by post and then £10 per bulb who’s is running this Robery? it’s Mafia come on

  32. Can someone answer a question for me please.
    If your injected twice, and have the app & QR code from the NHS and you go to Germany or France or Holland or Italy or Asia or the US for a holiday,
    Does your NHS QR code allow you access to pubs, restaurants events in those countries…

    Not that I have any plans to get injected or travel.

    Just curious about how joined up the thinking is amongst the dictatorships.

    • Alex, that’s a good point!

      On a side note… I know loads of double jabbed who have tested positive for the BS virus… Previously known as cold / flu.

    • I´m in Spain. We can go into pubs and restaurants. There are no restrictions and you do not have to show any kind of test result or passport. I don´t think people would put up with that bullshit here, or at least not yet…….

  33. The UK gov can’t come up with single independent decision. They’ve started charging for tests in France. Just look around for the plan. Passports, concentration camps, country wide jab mandates. The trend setters are showing the way.

  34. In every conspiracy, there is truth. We can see a lot of divide in society now. Since it was created by our governments. I here that they were advised by Chinese agents, and experts on Social Credit platforms. Well, it is beginning in Canada now, just like the template situation in Australia. Strange how a President is elected, who is stupid, and a Muppet for the man who controls the world, with his relations of the families. Blackrock and Vanguard Inc, are gaining billions upon billions of profit. They own everything, investments. The UK was finished when New Labour put the final nail in UK Coffin. So its up too the people too either get off there arses, and start to fight for our children’s future. Our freedoms are getting stripped away, every week. Even happening too other countries. Facebook and all the other apps, need too be shut down, and media needs too be shut down. A general strike across the infrastructure of economics. Else you will lose everything, your homes, savings, and pensions. So basically you got nothing too lose.

    • Absolutely, the power pyramid has to be taken down or we are all royally fucked

  35. The ‘free’ jabs never have been free for anyone. Our wonderful, caring government have splashed out billions of taxpayer funded pounds on this ‘covid’ fraud, future generations (if there are any) will pick up the bill.
    Oh, and a lot of politicians friends and families have been made instant millionaires.

  36. Tests were never free they would just be paying twice as we pay for them anyway

  37. Next charge for the jab as it’s costing the NHS to much money ,I’ve said this for ages ,then no jab =
    No passport
    It’s just another tax .

  38. I’m more than happy if the unvaccinated could start another society. Seeing masked idiots everyday triggers me. It’d be nice having a normal society again.

    • I´ve been saying for over a year that we will end up with two with two parallel societies – and those on the “outside” will be far better off tan the sheeple on the inside

    • Hi Liam
      I just had a look very interesting thank you.

      Our poor children it’s Awful how they pushing this in that letter

      The school system should be ashamed

      I am so grateful my daughter grownup.

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