Schools Told To Stock Up On Tinned Food / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. You are spot on Hugo I’ve been prepping for a while now and will have enough for a few months put away just in case and I have urged my friends to do the same.

    • Likewise, but many of my friends are still convinced it’s still a conspiracy theory.

    • In March 2020 the government instructed supermarkets to remove certain items from the shelves. This was then portrayed by the BBC and other fake news outlets as panic buying. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to buy toilet rolls and pasta etc then. But as soon as these items reappeared I stocked up and have a reasonable supply now

    • My sis and brother in law both laughed at me yesterday as I told them I have 3 freezers stocked ( I hope we keep the lecky on!!! lol 🤞 ) up, as well as lots of tinned foods. They laughed and looked at me as though I was insane. We’ll see……. 😉

  2. I’ve already noticed empty spaces among the tinned goods aisle in my local supermarket; and am grateful of all the early warning signs – from sources like you Hugo – that enabled me to get ahead of the curve. I hope that everyone else that’s wise to the BS has been able to do the same.


    It’s the earliest known how-to script to establish a Soviet kolkhoz.
    It’s not a coincidence that back then more than couple thousand years ago it was a J*w Joseph and a century ago J*wish communist agents.
    As you can see the famine was most likely staged.
    It’s called “a forward escape”.
    The greedy Elite will not give up, it anticipates the events and rather than escaping to the woods/off grid converts the disadvantage into their advantage.
    Rather than allow things to collapse on their own they take things into their own hands and manufacture a crisis on THEIR terms ahead of time.
    This allows them to run things their way and to run dry the rest of the population including middle class.
    This is Elite’s opportunity for a great collectivisation which we already see. The consolidation of ownership was going on for decades but it became very apparent in recent years.

    If you can explain it better let me know.

    • Yes you’re correct , the small hats killed about 6 million in the Ukraine Holodomor famine, and unknown numbers in Bolshevik Russia

    • They are in your face, Grant Shapps, Demonic Raab, Boris Johnson… are they not scared they will be found out? I think they call it chutzpah

    • Exactly….a good breakfast…..light lunch…and a good dinner in the evening….

      • That’s the wrong way round when it comes to losing weight, it’s supposed to be breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper since you can then digest and burn the bulk of the calories through the day whereas if you eat a large meal late on when your metabolism is winding down all your body can do is store the energy.

        So if food gets short I guess it should be as you say, or maybe skip breakfast, snack for lunch, most calories late on before bed time.

    • Yep I agree
      Better than school meals!

      Least parents know what’s going in them sandwiches

  4. I think I’ve got about 30 tins of baked beans, 20 odd cans of tuna, tins of kidney beans, pinto beans, butter beans, chickpeas, a few big bags of pasta, 3 or 4 kilos of rice, porridge, noodles, soups, plus other odds and sods and I’m planning to go get as much again soon, not going to get a lot of stuff for the freezer because if the power goes off that’s all ruined.

    I’ve also been practicing fasting, I recommend you try it and get used to food not being available on demand, that way you can stretch out what you have to last a lot longer. It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but you soon get used to it, I now regularly have a day every week or so where I literally eat nothing all day, just tea, coffee and water.

    I think really that’s what our bodies are evolved to, food wise.

    • You are severely underestimating how many cans of baked beans you will need 😀 You need 2667 of baked beans to provide 2000 calories a day for one person for a year, coming in at a whooping 1.1 tonnes 😉 That is a LOT of cupboard space 😀 A few cans isn’t going to cut it 😀

      • LoL, the issue as I see it is that if there is a major food shortage it’s going to last for months until the next crops, assuming they allow us to have any food then even, and it’s going to be nigh on impossible to have enough food stocked up to last that long.

    • Have a look into pressure canning, it’s a bit of a faff, but you can preserve your homemade meals, meat and fruit & veg, plus you know exactly what went into them. Also a dehydrator is worth getting too. Dehydrated fruit and veg will last a long time if stored properly. Also don’t forget to get herbs and spices so you don’t get bored of the same tasting food all the time.

    • If this shit goes on for more than a month or 2 then you’ll have to start hunting, by that I mean looking for shops / houses to steal from, that’ll come sooner or later, so prepare for that.

      Life is also going to get really hard and really boring, have some fun, try not to die on the 1st day, any day you get after the 1st is considered Gravy, remember you won’t live for ever.

      Don’t fast yet, having food around your belly to live off, then only eat occasionally and when you need the energy to fight / move fast bang in a few 1000nd cals.

      I’m okay for 3 – 6 months with just little bits of food to keep stomach functioning.

  5. I am a prepper in the UK and I categorise it like this.

    Bronze – one months supply.
    Silver – three months supply
    Gold – six months supply
    Platinum – one years supply
    Diamond – preparing for the apocalypse

    For a long time I was at gold level but over the past 18 months that has rapidly moved to diamond.

    Here are a few tips when buying tins. Go plain. Try to avoid things with spices or oil because they could go rancid after a few months. Buy the spices and oil separately and make sure they are covered up away from heat and sunlight. Avoid too many acid foods such as pineapple because the tins may burn. If you do get them try to buy them in smaller thicker steeled tins. I have a load of honey , spam and picked onions , as well as red kidney beans. Forget long life milk. Go for evaporated milk instead. It lasts a lot longer and can be made up to normal milk by adding water. Honey is a forever food with no sell by date and I class spam as an MRE. It will last for decades. Honey is also part of your first aid kit as it is great for healing burns. After you use the onions don`t discard the juice. You can use it to preserve other foods. If you use something replace it as soon as possible. Do a stock rotation and check for dented or corroded tins every few months. Many things in tins will be fine though well past their sell by date if you can`t replace them. And my own personal motto for prepping is “if there is a space put something in it”.

    • Excellent comment. I would add a couple of large bottles of high percentage alcohol like vodka to that list too my friend, as you can use it as an accelerant to light fires and as a disinfectant for wounds.
      Maybe corned beef instead of spam if you’re not a spam lover.
      Just a thought.

      • Thank you Sarah. I totally forgot to mention the alcohol. That is a really important item. It might also come in pretty handy as a bartering item as well. I am actually a home wine maker. A lot of the equipment is for sterilizing , filtering and storage of large volumes of liquid. I can see that being in short supply when it all kicks off,

      • What other spirit drinks also good for burns and cuts etc?

      • What if your not a corned beef nor spam lover? 😀

      • @trev Vegetable soup. Seriously though I haven`t really looked into it much because i`m not vegan. I have total respect for those who are though. But this site has looked into it and it`s all about vegan prepping.

      • @videoman1959 I assume the question is meant for Sarah. But I would like to answer that if I may. Clean running water is of course always the very first thing to use on any burns or cuts. If you need to clean or disinfect a wound only use alcohol very sparingly. Apart from vodka the only other one I would consider is mead. In ancient times this was considered to have antibacterial health properties because it is made with honey. It is also much lower in alcohol content so it won`t agitate the area as much. If you`re looking at food and plants butter soothes a burn and dock leaves soothes bites and stings.

      • Thank you .. I’ll stock up on vodka then 👍….. And if we Thinkers are wrong, then it won’t go to waste anyway! 😉

  6. when food runs out they will say you can eat if get the jag. please listen to what is being said . I have been warning people for a long time.
    everything is going to plan no buy or sell . Brexit was part of the plan everything is coerced no coincidence nothing is true only our Saviour.
    Terrible times coming do not be afraid….

      • i know might sound bit corny but God said not to be afraid. i might be but I know He is beside me and those who trust in Him

    • Been saying it from day one, I tried to warn my brothers and sisters to no avail. Lock down will never end, until we are slaves.
      After food shortages then it will be full on digital passports and everything else as is happening in Australia.
      Most people will be too Hungary to fight and give in.
      These surely are the end times, two yrs ago when I had my awakening I seen the white horseman with a crown (corona)
      And bow.
      Now when all this started I knew this was the beginnings of great tribulation.(suffering).
      Only the strong in faith,with the full armour of God will survive.

      God bless! Viva christore!

      • Yes, it is no coincidence that the sticker the injected are given has a crown on it. Those responsible know exactly what they are doing.
        I believe Satan rides on the white horse in Revelation 6. He is mocking Christ and fooling the masses, including many believers. Jesus will return on a white horse in Revelation 19: 11-14.

  7. Proverbs 22:3-5 King James Version
    3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
    4 By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life.
    5 Thorns and snares are in the way of the froward: he that doth keep his soul shall be far from them.

  8. If this is bad as people say it can be.. 99% of your put away food won’t be enough. If the system starts to crumble for what ever reason an I can talk all night on what it can be.. storing tinned food ain’t cutting it. What about water? Everyone no how to source fresh water? What about knowing what wild plants you can eat that’s around you? This will be your survival if shit really hits home. STICKING together is a must. Coming together an helping each other is also key. Going it alone isn’t always the best bet. These bastards have something planned.. but always remember we have the numbers an just like “ it’s a bugs life “ film has a very important message.. we are the ants an the elite are the grasshoppers. Kids film but simple thoughts go along way. We have the power.. they don’t have anything. They don’t even have an army. Remember what a army is.. men an woman with family’s at home..police have family’s at home. They are powerless.. it’s all a show.. entertainment.. fear! Fear yes.. people’s fear is worse than danger itself. Be strong.

    • Agree with you 100%
      Sellers of prep equipment and training same like speculators make money on fear.
      If the community is destroyed only organized groups will prevail not some individuals or individual families regardless of the equipment.
      Besides your home address is the safest place to be if something like that is going to happen.

      • If we have learned anything from zombie disaster movies it is that ‘preppers’ are the first to get killed 😀 and the key to survival is to ‘keep moving’ 😀

      • Setting up a small group, no sheep, no mouth breathers, they’ll get you found / killed, on 3 so far, might be adding a ex soldier I was talking to last week.

        You need people that can fight last resort, but more importantly sit in the forest and wait for weeks / months without driving you nuts 🙂

  9. Having grown up in a very troubled country I am well aware how things go, one can never be to prepared. I have I have actually bought more than I need overy the last year and a half to enable me to give at least half of it away to neighbours.

    • i have enough help people too i think wow all this water food ive stored but i know God has put it in my mind to do this as so many people will be needing help . not that i have masses but extra tins etc evaporated milk cuppa soups beans noodles pasta tuna etc. also bought butane stove least can have hot things and hot water bottle lol.. Even family that do not listen will be grateful one day..

  10. I heard schools Northern Ireland buying food in Iceland stocking up there freezers now not 100 % but if this is true schools know something world’s going mad these evil people will not win stay safe

    • How big are their freezers? 😀 They must be HUGE! 😀 You can only plan for very short-term disruptions not years, decades of completely empty shelves 😀 Most of us will still have pasta in the cupboards from the last round of mad panic-buying 😀

  11. Gullible sheep will now think there is a food shortage thanks to the mainstream media bollocks…they are pulling us down with them…
    Funny i heard tonight was a bloke saying “i tested positive and now i have long covid😄”
    I thought wear your sheep mask in future pal…
    These people are fucked in the head forever now

  12. No need to worry Bill Gates has lab meat ready for 2022 and all the GM veg you can chew?

  13. A Hugo Talks PREMIUM Article 🙂

    St Andrews university’s thought crime test for students is just the start, says Senga

    DO you subscribe to the biological view that only women have a cervix? Would you describe a person who is nourishing a baby as a “breast-feeding mother” or a “chest feeder”?

    Choose wisely, or you could be denounced as a transphobe.

    Would you actively choose to buy goods that are made in the UK or mainland Europe over Chinese imports?

    Careful. Some sensitive soul might interpret your preference as a racist “dog whistle”.

    Might you get grumpy if your car or van was blocked by well-pensioned retirees who had glued themselves to the highway to highlight their chosen strategy for cutting carbon emissions?

    If so, grow a thicker skin and get used to being denounced as a climate crisis denier.

    We are not reliving that old Second World War maxim – “Careless talk costs lives” – quite yet, although threats have been flung around. But language has become a battleground in a bad-tempered, febrile war started by vocal groups that espouse “identity politics”.

    That is, their world view is based on racial, religious, ethnic, social or cultural characteristics.

    Unlike the broad-based civil rights, trade union, and women’s movements of the 20th century, which celebrated what people had in common and build alliances amongst diverse groups, these activists are too often narcissistic hair-splitters whose starting point for framing any issue is what divides us.

    They spat endlessly over linguistic conventions. Their arguments are arcane, and largely incomprehensible to the vast majority of people who don’t share their obsession with non-binary pronouns. Will it be “they” rather than “he” or “she”?

    No wonder Sir Keir Starmer floundered miserably when Andrew Marr asked him to explain his stance on cervixes. The Leader of the Lack of Opposition can recite a fashionable script on this topic but he doesn’t understand the tortured argument well enough to defend it.

    Truth be told, most people are bemused by the struggle between “woke” and “anti-woke”. They don’t see that the contested territory impinges on their lives much, and hope that this semantic wrangling will soon blow over.

    But neutrality might not be an option for much longer. One careless word could get you into hot water. Without a prompt apology, mea-culpa breast-beating, and public recantation you might be “cancelled”.

    Your publisher might stop publishing you. Your employer might dismiss you. Social media companies will ban you. By deviating from the orthodoxy you have committed “thought crime”.

    Look at JK Rowling. Only her deep pockets and mega-reputation protected her from the wrath of certain transgender activists when she dared to reassert that the female-male biological difference is real and stick up for women’s single-sex spaces.

    Identity politics groups know that they can’t win their argument out there with ordinary people. So they try to prevail by the back door, by capturing governmental and charity policy-making forums, academia, and threatening image-conscious companies with boycotts and bad publicity if they don’t get on board.

    Consider the latest craziness at St Andrews University, which has introduced an unconscious bias test for students. They must now complete compulsory modules on sustainability, diversity, and consent. They are are asked to agree with certain statements and only allowed to enrol for their chosen courses if they give the ‘correct’ answers.

    One statement reads: “Acknowledging your personal guilt is a useful start point in overcoming unconscious bias.”

    Anyone who cannot be guilt-tripped and so disagrees with the statement is marked down.

    A trick question – “equality means treating everyone the same” – is surely designed to wrong-foot any cocky upstart with a less than complete grip of identity dogma.

    This would make a good essay question for first year sociology students, encouraging a thoughtful analysis of the effectiveness of positive discrimination policies, labelling, and more.

    But those who pick the bald ‘yes’ response are told they are wrong.

    ‘In fact,’ the course guidance states, ‘equality may mean treating people differently and in a way that is appropriate to their needs so that they have fair outcomes and equal opportunity.’

    What would Reverend Martin Luther King make of that?

    Thought-provoking role-play exercises, the sort that actors provide for workplace “away days”, have a value. In that doctor’s surgery scenario, the person of colour, or the woman, is the doctor. The white man is the receptionist. These games wake everyone up, for one thing, and they might out any lurking Alan Partridges.

    But there’s a denunciatory aspect to the St Andrews induction modules that is quasi-religious, redolent of medieval catechism. Advancement and acceptance is predicated on intoning what the arbiters of correctitude want to hear.

    Students who submit too many wrong answers fail the modules. They must resit them before they can begin their chosen course.

    Thought re-education was a tool used by Chairman Mao to rid Chinese society of traditional sentiments deemed reactionary.

    Now the university of St Andrews, surely an historic site of critical thought and intellectual debate, is applying a similar technique to its student body.

    What next? Parades of self-flagellating students in St Salvator’s Quadrangle, purging themselves of their original sin in an act of atonement?

    Of course, St Andrews snaps up highly intelligent young people who can see this exercise for the performative gesture that it is and cynically supply the ‘right’ answers.

    “Posh” St Andrews, after all, has its pick of the world’s brightest minds. It is currently ranked as the top university in both Scotland and the UK.

    Privilege, both colour and class-related, is something it knows all about.

    In 2018, along with Cambridge, St Andrews was ranked by the Higher Education Policy Institute as the most unequal university in Britain in terms of diversity.

    In 2019, Scottish students made up just 28 percent of its student body. St Andrews isn’t even representative of its home country.

    I’d judge these unconscious bias modules as a cack-handed attempt at improving this university’s diversity credentials. As such, I’d score it as a definite fail.

  14. Have a look at Julian Lennon video to his song Saltwater… Weird. Saw it last night on TOTP 1991. What was he telling us then…

  15. These brainwashed folk are in for a nasty surprise eventually…
    Having there jabs and virtue signalling…
    What comes around goes around

  16. check out Andrew Lawrence on Facebook, comedian, gets it right today, food shortage, power cuts, no money so can’t afford to buy food anyway, buy a tent and head off to the forest before people get so hungry they start eating each other.

    Tom, there not stupid, there faking having there Jab’s, they know full well there a death sentence for most, that’s why there mocking us, even James Bond which is delayed 18months had most of the last 18months in it to mock us.

    Lots jumping on the, had to take a jab and how to remove it ASAP, worth looking into when there is no other option and getting the gear ready.

  17. I also bought a couple of camping stoves, gas cans and some battery powered lanterns….can’t be too careful with these f*ckers! Oh and loads of whisky for the cold nights ;D

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