Dr Fauci & Co (2019) ‘Why Don’t We Just Blow The System Up’

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  1. Fauci is all heart and those who trust him are so smart….. sarcasm.

  2. Now we have Jancinta down under saying dismay all other sources of information and we will be your one source of truth. The game is up, the mask is slipping. Wake up vaccinated people, it’s a fucking con!!!

    • Now you know the scam of this this man needs to come before the Nuremberg trials 2 this man is the most evil man who should be held responsible for every death and every reaction against this vile jab the man should hang but that would be too good for him he needs to suffer Gates must be paying him well.

  3. Well there you have it folks! So glad I had the sense to refuse this crap! Shame about my family and friends who were all sucked in and conned. I do hope they all wake up soon before. it’s too late, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it if they don’t! This is the world’s worst scam ever, and all involved are guilty of fraud and corporate manslaughter!! Wake the hell up you sheep, you must see the truth by now!!

    • Most of the people on here are awake. We need to share these messages as much as possible on other platforms

  4. Not a surprise – thanks to cottoning on to psychopaths like fauci and gates neither myself nor my family will NEVER have a vaccine ever again! I have never been anti-vax before but my eyes are now opened and there is so much research at your fingertips….

  5. WHAT!!!???!!! So, it’s been in the works for a while then. This all just gets better. Unbelievable.

    • Now you’ve heard it from the horses mouth and these other monsters who are sitting with him.

      • This needs to be shared across the internet and fast, Fauci has got to pay for his crimes against humanity.

    • Of course this has been in the works for a while, it couldn’t possibly have been done on the spur of the moment. It will have taken decades at least to get everything in place to pull off this massive hoax.

  6. Video’d it to get past censors and sharing every damn where.

    Rebanding flu
    MRNA jabs
    Needs a push to get through quick
    If a virus started in ohhh China

    He told everyone the entire plan, then sat back and laughed as everyone fell for his plan, total psychopath.

  7. He said in a press conference years back there would be a pandemic although this isnt one…
    Hes bent and corrupt and needs deleting off the planet

    • Yes, in January 2017 in a Georgetown University address he practically guaranteed “a surprise outbreak.”

  8. Fauci remind anyone of Gates,, perhaps the can be hung together!

  9. He needs a dose of his own medicine. The queue is getting longer by the minute of those who are ready to administer it to him. It’s all about the money. Truth will prevail.

  10. Got some front haven’t they!!!
    Blimmy CORRUPT ain’t the word!

    Cheers Hugo
    Have great evening to All

  11. Proof that covid never existed. They started working on the vaccine months before anyone heard of the virus that it was supposed to fix. It costs an arm and a leg (pardon the pun) for research into a vaccine. Interesting also that Kary Mullis died in 2019 and there is conclusive evidence that he was assassinated by someone (billy goats springs to mind)

  12. So when people go on about Wuhan China just remember who’s lab who made this so-called virus.

  13. All apart of the plan, so not surprised. Thanks for sharing Hugo

  14. Dr Fauci & Co Need BLOODEAGLE….. A good old Norse Viking & Saxon tradition & it broadcast on every satellite channel accross the globe..
    This is what happens to tyrannical so called elite 1% of the 1% ect .. & the Co should be that shit Gates & that sniveling little weasel Blair the war criminal amongst other things with his poxy foundation of bullshit change global thinktank like the fabian society, he is head of that aswell ….
    That wankenstein schwabb & the other kept alive by stem cell research plastic botox Warren Buffet, Rothschilds, Rocerfella’s & all them ikes……
    As for BOZOG & all the other puppets on a string across the globe,,, Axe & Block beheading in the Tower of London Trators Gate by the thames so it can run red with thier blood…… The rest of them thier hometowns Where suitable in Australia, Canada, NZ, Across Europe, France, Italy, Germany, & beyond….

    That would be the vax/virus bullshit sorted out………… Next: the climate confrence in Glasgow, we all know whats going to happen there, so, before it happens.. As Above

  15. Hugo if this video is allowed on shit tube ,then it’s allowed you to post it on shit tube for a reason .

  16. Someone with the technical nous should get this video to every media outlet in the country. The rest of us need to show this to all our friends and work colleagues. This footage also needs to be seen by all the lawyers working behind the scenes gathering evidence to bring these criminals to court. It should also be seen by the police in every country. This will, or should, turn the tide in our favour.

    • I wish those lawyers would hurry and give we Thinkers some hope that the evil Bastards behind this scam are sent to hell in a handcart!!!

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