Digital ID Passport To ACCESS INTERNET? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. funny how fast they wanna implement all these utopian shit since the rona was brought in…

    • “Pandemic” smokescreen for digital society…
      Makes even more sense and yet people still sold on this “virus” crap

      • I fully agree with you, my friend. The Psycho War is bring won by the elite, 😔

  2. The trademark interview, faux outrage and all to push digital ID for everything. The World Bank has pages devoted to the ID project…’Principles on Identification for Sustainable Development’. Hugo has certainly identified the ‘signals’ appearing more and more frequently showing the direction of travel to tighter ( tyrannical) control courtesy of digital ID linked to the vaxx pass.

    • Mr apocalypse is just around the corner, this is biblical.
      The signs are all around us and have been for a while, for those with eyes to see.
      We are un armed cannon fodder!
      Peaceful marches aren’t going to cut it. They mock and scoff at us.

      Unless God intervenes, prayer is a powerful weapon my friends it truly is.
      “The white stag was a warning and they shot the messenger ”
      Get good with “Jesus” we cannot fight this on our own.
      God bless! Viva christore!

      • Over in the States they are doing every they can to seize guns from the male population.

      • riverjope99, Have you ever considered this may be God’s work? The human race are evi, maybe he looks upon us and sees the murderers, rapists, pedo’s etc and is thinking “time is up”? Who could blame him.

      • Mark, yes I do we strayed so far away from God.

      • I agree unless God intervenes nothing will change, and we Christians have the power of prayer the unchallenged the uninterrupted channel to God which we are not using, but instead we are allowing Satan the deceiver to fool so many of us.

        May the Lord have mercy on our souls.

    • Minister for Digital Infrafucktur can shove his digital bullshit up his usb socket arse, like the rest of these aparatchik cyborgs comming out of pubik spooll of digital cloneing for a 1 world communist government – Canada, Australia, Sweden and New Zealand are taking this route. as amerika & us ununited king of A.I. bullshit & &
      1 world communisim, 1 world digitisation, 1 world religion of cyborg scientoligy A.I. orical goof god doing it’s shit….. A.I. world predictions that the government use allready in place & used …..
      No Good Without Electricity Digital Nothing !

    • Thanks for the link. You have to hand it to them, it’s definitely not an I.D. card. It is though a D.I. card and as they already have the V.C. passport, what’s the betting they decide ‘might as well use that as the D.I. card’? And so the Great Reset begins.

  3. It’s always been about biometric digital Identities that will eventually be linked up to the internet of things… and everything is in lock step.
    all big corporations moving together strategically to a global goal.
    Do a search for Plantet Lockdown Full Interviews and watch the one with Catherine Austin Fitts,
    if you want to know how it has all been planned …Everything!

  4. Couldn’t give a flying F about Facebook.
    Never have and never will

  5. As you can see we`ve had our eye on you for some time now Mr Anderson………….And what is Mr Anderson`s response ? Yep , mine too 🙂

    • Again , sorry for the full screen for the video. I don`t know why it keeps doing that. I will have to stop posting YouTube links.

  6. Right on cue… 😀

    Ofcom lays out new rules for TikTok and Twitch

    In future platforms such as TikTok will have Ofcom keeping a close eye over how they enforce policies
    Ofcom has laid out the measures it will require video-sharing platforms to take to better protect users.

    The VSPs, including TikTok, Snapchat, Vimeo and Twitch, must ensure content related to terrorism, child sexual abuse and racism does not appear.

    A third of users have seen hateful content on such sites, Ofcom says.

    And the regulator will fine VSPs that breach its new mandatory guidelines or – in the most serious cases – suspend the service entirely.

    The VSPs will have to:

    provide and effectively enforce clear rules for uploading content
    make the reporting and complaints process easier
    restrict access to adult sites with robust age-verification
    Ofcom promised a report next year into whether those in scope – and there are 18 in total – were taking the appropriate steps.

    Specific legal criteria determine whether a service meets the definition of a VSP and whether it falls within UK jurisdiction.

    YouTube is expected to fall under the Irish regulatory regime but it will come in scope of the Online Safety Bill, which has a much broader remit to tackle online harms on the big technology platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google, once that becomes law.

    Ofcom said one of its main priorities in the coming year would be to work with VSPs to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse material being uploaded.

    According to the Internet Watch Foundation, there has been a 77% increase in the amount of self-generated abuse content in 2020.

    Inappropriate material

    Ofcom’s job will not involve assessing individual videos.

    And it acknowledges the massive amount of content will make it impossible to prevent every instance of harm.

    But it promised a “rigorous but fair” approach to its new duties.

    Chief executive Dame Melanie Dawes said: “Online videos play a huge role in our lives now, particularly for children.

    “But many people see hateful, violent or inappropriate material while using them.

    “The platforms where these videos are shared now have a legal duty to take steps to protect their users.”

    • only yesterday i posted a comment on facebook and just said its a shame in st lucia where i live now that on a sunday they lock you in ur homes as a curfew. the 1 day u can avoid strangers and go to the beach and top up on vit d and vits of the sea. they took it down and said it could endanger people and put them at physical danger. i didnt say covid is a scam or anything of the sort!! the whole digital world is not even allowing us to say anything that could be remotely construed as going against the bastards agenda.

  7. And theres me thinking this was all about some virus and peoples health🤪

  8. At this rate Hugo will have to resort to sending written letters to all of us!!
    You can guarantee that if you want access to the Internet for anything you’ll need to sign up and any alternative/truth sites will be blocked instantly.
    There’s only Hugo, Sheep farm and B2CS that I visit anymore so hopefully someone will find a backdoor for us.

    • B2CS?! – Business To Consumer Sales?! Can’t see that getting taken down 😀

  9. in a lot of ways my life was better before i had the internet ..every cloud….

  10. It is just too convenient to have someone come on Mainstream Media to blast Facebook. I felt it in my gut but couldn’t put my finger on why this did not add up. Then Facebook went down for several hours on 10-04-2021, it just kept wondering why this and why now? Ben Swann lays it out and it definitely hit the nail on the head. And why not choose a blonde hair, blue eyed representative, who can portray herself as a pristine actor above reproach, surely she is “righteous” in her stance. I smell a big fat rat in the details. Who is she really? Who paid her and who is protecting her as a so-called whistle blower??

    “She was the head censor on FB during the election of 2020. Yet she is going to come out and act like she’s a whistleblower? No.”
    Haugen is controlled opposition, Posobeic warns.

  11. There’s more cleverer boys and girls in the tech industry than (((they))) have got, to worry about this moronic fear porn propaganda crap. They will just design a new underground internet if they have to.

    • Yep, ‘they’ ® ™ © would have to take down the whole telecoms system, but then ‘we’ ™ ® © would just move to packet switching radio, Morse code, or tin-cans as the new internet backbone 😀

      • CB radio is great stuff, Ham Radio may get you further but both are wonderful means of people communicating, both are frequently used by the elderly or housebound individuals. Other thing about it is it goes through crazes and fashions,, that’s the thing about people they are creative and chaotic and that will never be controlled no matter how high the walls.

  12. Thomas Sheridan says that Israelis started posting thousands ofstories about bad reactions to convid gene therapy shot and then arseyawn was taken down for 5 hours to stop the comments, I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds plausible to me. Video below…

    • That’s interesting and makes a lot of sense, wish I knew where the archive was I’d love to see it.

      In case anyone hadn’t watched it, over 20,000 comments about deaths and adverse reactions within an hour or so (of the Israeli health minister saying the 3rd jabs were safe and no side effects), it was in Hebrew then people started translating it all into other languages. Then facebook went down.

      Love Thomas Sheridan.

  13. Firstly everything on the internet is traceable, everything, with more or less effort.
    What they want is ease of traceability being part of their total control AI agenda or as Bully Gates would put it “More top down governance” while he sees himself at the top and dose what he likes with impunity and governments (elected by the people) bow to his command.

  14. This is more than a way to cut your freedom of speech, it is to strip us all the means of continuing to be informed, to stifle all means of rebelling against any or all narratives which are approved, to have unrestricted access to everyone’s information, and much much more!

  15. Looks like facebook had issues with facist censor build, so they’ve dropped back to older version, few weeks to fix the bugs, 10minute outtage next time then back to facist mode.

    Yes they need IDs so fhey can link everything you do online to your social credit score, watch none woke porn or get to many down votes and restrictions for you.

    Can’t take cash out of Halifax Debit cards issued after 1st Sept, spoken to them won’t unblock it, useless, got 2nd account so transfer and fine for the time being but cashless has started to sneak in slowly already 🙁

    • Funny how no one else has mentioned this 😉 You sure it is not something peculiar to your own account? Banks issuing debit cards that can’t be used to withdraw cash from ATMS is pretty big news 😀 And yet it doesn’t appear to have affected anyone else 😀

      • Maybe nobody else has had a card issued yet stupid tank troll! Or took cash out had it for a while before i realised!

    • [SOLVED] 😀

      The most common reason why you wouldn’t be able to use your Halifax debit card to withdraw money is that you have nothing available to withdraw. 😀

  16. Me humouring at theses MUPPETS gets me through personally

    But , all to their own people

    I Don’t do none them sites,
    I fancied keeping my sanity thank you!

    Take care All
    Cheers Hugo

  17. Liars get found out in the end…
    There creating so many stupid things with this covid crap stuck on it, more people will get suspicious…
    For example covid toes which is just chilblains and they say “oh you wont have symptoms but will need to be tested as its the virus that is causing this attacking your immune system”..
    Utter bullshit

    • Fakebook already has a ‘dark net’ site 😉 You need to be an 3LiT3 h4cK3r to access it though 😀

  18. – Reasons to be cheerfull Part 3 – Creeper Joe, Nano Joe – Full Paper Is This How They Reanimate Biden ?
    A Stunning Look At Morgellons Style Nanotech Moving, Intelligent Fibers…. Biden Borg
    How long before WE get a BOZOG Borg on our tv screens ( Boris Of A Zionist Overthrown Government – BOZOG – )
    All the same as that hologram staged alt ego fart show ~ Welcome & Heres your A.I. life under our control
    Shove It Where The Sun Dont Shine ~ even though you think it does – the vax is the gateway to digital id in your body – bit by bit put it together like a mechano set !

  19. Once again, we have another reason to take action. Once communications are cut we can forget ANY means of resisting. Well soon it will be all over either way! We either fight back or die.

  20. Yes, spot on Hugo!
    That is why they smuggle stories about pedophile all over the place including US Intelligence project Q that is aimed to foul people.
    Even at the Freedom March in London you see not just few people carrying banners about children sex trafficking and pedophiles.

    They want to censor the Internet under the pretense of taking care of the children to stop a pedophile lurking around the corner.
    I am not saying there are any but the government does not give a f*ck about children and their well-being. And I hope over the last 2 years many have noticed that.

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