Watch Public Do 👮‍♀️ Job And MOVE Insulate Britain / Extinction Rebellion / Hugo Talks #lockdown

38 Comments on “Watch Public Do 👮‍♀️ Job And MOVE Insulate Britain / Extinction Rebellion / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Hi Hugo, it is real. They are not crisis actors. One of my friends is involved. I’ve tried to explain to him who ER really are but he’s very taken in. He was one of the ones who was arrested recently. Just wanted to clarify that they are not crisis actors. I know this person very well.

  2. Can anyone else not access Hugo talks on telegram ??
    I know mad mix is struggling . Are they taking these channels down ?!

  3. This is a psyop to ban All Protesters. Protesting will be a criminal offence. They’ll put us all in detention camps that are being built across the country.

    • The term “Criminal Offence” is a dumb oxymoron. A crime is a crime and a criminal (one who commits a crime) is liable to prosecution. An offence means someone has TAKEN OFFENCE = TOUGH! THEIR PROBLEM, not yours or ours.

  4. Just shoot them – they want to go extinct, please will the armed police assist and euthanase them?

  5. it’s all another tactic
    the government obviously don’t feel we are all
    wound up enough! THE FECKIN IDIOTS!!

    i do get what your saying hugo about not taking
    law into own hands but unfortunately hugo it’s sad to
    say, but what choice do people have now
    i have NEVER started any trouble & i don’t believe in hurting
    my fellow man/woman/child/animal
    but i won’t be mugged off!

    • Blocking the public highway is already illegal and an arrestable offence. These protests are being used to usher in new powers to clamp down on legal protests and it’ll all be done with the sheeples’ approval.

      • Yep Sid
        thank you

        When I see that crap with them on m25 I new straight away..
        all set up as per

        Take care

  6. If you can sit in your car and rev your engine if everyone started doing it. Play them at their own game. Use the damage to the environment against them. I notice from the footage a number of them seem to be of a certain age and social class.

  7. I know it´s hard but try to ignore the chaos as much as possible. Don´t let it spoil your everyday life. Take as much enjoyment out of the little good things like nature, friends, thinks you enjoy doing. Make plans for the future, even if it seems pointless at the moment. It´s not! We need as much positive energy as we can create.

  8. I’m pretty sure us Joe Public can still perform a citizen’s arrest. If the Old Bill won’t do it, we should. Breach of the peace, causing a disturbance , etc

  9. They have great things in America,, they are called: Snow Ploughs.

  10. They are all working for the world government dictatorship, best place for them is a wood chipper 👌 Anyway I can’t stop
    I’m off to burn some tyre’s 🔥🔥🔥

  11. Yet again the Police refuse the job they are paid to do leaving law abiding members of the public in a vulnerable situation. The pigs and Government are supposed to be getting a grip on this, it appears not.

    • Yes the police farce COULD have removed these protesters, a bit like they man-handle lockdown demonstrators, but of course, that is the wrong type of demo!!! 😡😡😡

      • Agree the police are woke and attack women good for the men dragging these scum of the earth off the road to the Blackwall Tunnel if anyone as been stuck in traffic to the tunnel it can be frustrating seating there moving like a snail so see this filth would make anyone angry.

  12. Srewth! I parked my car in the town on a Sunday night. The filth had it towed away and I had to pay £200 to get it back 😀

  13. It’s all planned all controlled so they can stop all protests . Fuel shortages , food shortages , gas and electricity troops on the streets and Afghan militia .. The social media outages too . But hey we are just conspiracy theorists eh ? Rest of the country are in their own bubble and in for a huge shock .


  15. DON’T BE FOOLED! THE GOVERNMENT PLANNED THESE PROTESTS! They are trying to pass a bill to limit when and where you can protest! These staged protests are making this seem like a good idea!

  16. Mr Hugo, one minute you’re against the police, the next you’re supporting them – make your mind up. Who’s the crisis actor here?

    • They need to get rid of EVERYTHING that was the old system this includes the police. You can disagree with police action without disagreeing with the need for police. I don’t like the police but the planned alternative will be far worse.

      The TPTB are currently getting ready to call an end to the nationalist world leaders, they are no longer required as they stand in the way of the OWG sitting around singing ging-gang-goolie. This will become a serious issue and the beginning of serious kick back from militarily strong leaders who just do not want to go quietly into the good night.

  17. Controlled opposition, plus a Trojan horse operation to strengthen the Govt’s hand against all forms of protest.

  18. I think the drivers removing Insulate Britain crisis actors are legitimate.

    we are booting up an anonymous chat at unlockdown[dot]me (no 247 D3ep State surveillance like on T3legram, WhatsApp or M3ssenger)
    password: freedom4ever

    • I believe these people are terrorists and traitors that should just run over them. There causing a clear, unjustified dangerous obstruction on the road without legitimate reason risking there own lives intensionally. Run over the lot.

  19. Anyone know where I can get a JCB digger from ?. Asking for a friend. Totally unrelated of course 🙂

  20. U.K. Column news is telling us the government seems to be manoevering to get rid of police and installation quasi military replacement.

  21. I work in checking housing insulation ….. there is no problem , the uk is up to its eyeballs in insulation . All this is obvious BS

  22. Only takes a few good men, get out your cars and move them.
    Help the Police farce.

    • You wouldn’t be talking about the public protest at downing Street by any chance would you. They’re totally totally different zizzi’s are extension rebellion and I’ve been saying it since day one.

  23. I said ages ago that this what we should have done round downing Street

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