Watch Drones Fall Out Of The Sky In China / Hugo Talks #lockdown

25 Comments on “Watch Drones Fall Out Of The Sky In China / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Sorry Hugo Fireworks are not fine whaen yiou have pets but are fine under the houses of Parliment 🙂

      • so funny lol where is guy fawkes need him

      • Telegram is part of the whole problem.
        Just ask yourself what is the business model of Telegram? How do they earn money?
        Same as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Youtube it’s for FREE to monitor the opposition, to control it.
        The fact that the company is run by a Russian does not mean it’s Russian heaven for dissidents same as RT has little to do with Russia.
        The founder Durov: “In 2017, Pavel joined the World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leaders as a representative of Finland.”

        “the Durov brothers have travelled the world in self-imposed exile”
        of course billionaires in exile!

        We are booting up an anonymous chat at unlockdown[dot]me (no 247 D3ep State surveillance like on T3legram, WhatsApp or M3ssenger)
        password: freedom4ever

        Keep it in mind next time mainstream messengers will go down!

      • They also ask for a phone number before you can sign up – same with Odysee and I NEVER give anyone ANY of my private details. It’s none of their business.

  2. Just goes to show how easily a drone can drop onto a protest march – armed with explosives. Didn’t some appear to drop rather gently? All controlled methinks.

  3. I think another reason for drones I’d about normalising them, so thar we think nothing of seeing them everywhere ready to only spy on us further to weaponise them.
    I want to add as well that in the last 10 days I’ve lost two of my best friends, one who was pushed in to having the v@x and it killed her and the other because she was refused early treatment for COVID and indeed all treatment we asked once they admitted her to hospital, instead within a day they ventilated her and today her daughter has been told she needs to give permission to turn it off – as far as I’m concerned botg were murdered!!!!!

    • This is why Social media is down, nurses whistle blowing, or maybe that’s the cover and it’s something bigger, big chance Covid releaved as a Hoax soon 🙂

      • I think the downtime was because Facebook was plugged in directly to Rothschild’s FED, Bank Of England, ECB and Bank Of Japan so people can get their Facecbook crypto food stamps to buy some potatoes, bread and butter.

  4. Looking forward to shooting these if they come near my house…

  5. Not necessarily linked but Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are offline – more of the WEF prep work bearing fruit?

    • I noticed they all went down at once too and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence

  6. The experience of electronics being put into cars in the last 20 years should tell us one thing, they have not given the cars more longevity the electronics go wrong and they cannot find the fault. The cars of today are disposable in a world were we talk about green green green, the scrapyards are full of luxury cars that are banjaxed for failure of electronic components within.
    Electronics are not reliable, especially when they are made in China!

  7. One bit of good tech, no FB or WhatsApp. Thank god for telegram

  8. It’s raining drones, I repeat, it’s RAINING drones!

    “Quick, fetch some and sell on Wish” said one Chinese man.
    “ahh, spare parts for my Drone business!” said another.

  9. We are praying and we will continue to pray. Soon they will be experiencing the wrath of God

  10. Not really surprised, everything made in china is Shit…..

  11. If you are wondering if natural immunity is as good as vaksinated immunity and why it is not being promoted but downplayed then listen to this video, I can’t verify it but if it is straight from the horses mouths as it is proposed to be then this is huge! However, make your own mind up what and who you are going to believe.

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