Matt Hancock Gets A Warm Reception At The London Marathon / Hugo Talks #lockdown

54 Comments on “Matt Hancock Gets A Warm Reception At The London Marathon / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • Why does Shat Hancock like being filmed exercising as he has the body and movement of the fat spoiled oddity in PE class at school.
      Ugly bald and oddly, odder as a sweaty adult though.

    • Let’s hope the general public gets to hear about his part in the midazalam travesty in the rest homes with the elderly, then perhaps he can be hung from the walls with the rest of the murdering scum

  1. He is a murder. I would actually love to pull the lever on this man’s hanging or press the button. I’m not horrible to my fellow man but these people are not human

  2. Punch in the face would be a better welcome….
    Like that jurgen klopp and his “advice” on wanting players jabbed…

    • Yeah exactly who cares what a football manager thinks !!

    • I’ve supported Liverpool all my adult life, but after Klopp’s ludicrous comments about the unvaxxed, I want them to lose every game until he’s sacked. Even though I know it’s all bread and circuses, it would still be satisfying in a small way.

  3. Look at Wancock there without a care in the world . No conscience whatsoever . total lying scumbag

  4. Let’s hope the charity he was running for was legitimate! Oh sorry I forgot who I was talking about, silly me

  5. Amazed him and his mates are alive, where are the nutters these days, if they had consequences maybe they’d behave.

    Rumours Bill Gates got arrested for Mass Murder, taken to GITMO and was hung earlier, although I doubt it’s real, I’m REALLY HOPING it’s REAL!!

    If True, then they’ve twigged Jab = Murder of most and there covering there tracks quickly.

    • We shouldn’t have to rely on nutters taking out mass-murderers and criminals. That’s why we pay the Police and the Army.

      What’s the point in paying for those services if we still have to go and take the trash out ourselves?

      • Hi where I from I have seen the army and police. Connected to them as a person. I keep on smiling 😁

      • The muppets don’t work for you, they work for Mr Rothschild – the muppets are his Freemasonic Mafia goons – that’s why they wear their hats with a black and white chequer board band around them – just to let everyone know the score.

  6. Shame or embarrassment are not words in the special dictionary for elites only.

  7. I see the group who protested outside the doctor of misinformation, Killary Jones’s house yesterday have been reported in the Sun today as “vicious” This is a blatant lie as we would expect. Also coverage of a group holding the big yellow vax info cards, but you have to click to see the picture.
    As mentioned by Rob Delany in a previous comment, Hancock is a dead man walking. When the families of the care home residents finally realise what has been done, Hancock will be begging for “a good death.”

  8. I’ve seen the footage of Gates getting a pie in the face from a while back. What a missed opportunity!

    • Why do you think Bully Gates hides from the public in his technically advanced underground reinforced concrete rabbit warren? The people hate him with a vengeance and all the more each time they hear his voice or see his inappropriate and untimely laughter and threat.
      Thankfully his videos are popular breeding more contempt for his words and investments.
      I’m certain Malinda was getting off side when the going was good in an effort to try and save face. There is probably a full time PR team working on her behalf working to salvage the damage she did to herself. She was already renting islands to get away from it for a few days, the pressure must be horrendous, I do not feel sorry for Malinda, I think she is as ruthless as he is if not more so.
      I would hate to be one of his kids, quite sure they all hate him but the money is probably confusing as money is a god in the US of A

  9. Hugo, I love the way you remind us with images and videos of the beautiful world still out there alongside all of this crap we are enduring. It shows me you really have a good soul. Thank you for your work I really do appreciate it.

  10. I’m so glad that Hugo was being ironic is the video title!

  11. That reception was not as warm a the reception the day he’s being fried,, I mean he gets this were ever he goes so dose Doris and for good reason!

  12. Loool you are too much Hugo! Bless you for being such a trumpet in our generation…on a platform where we can hear the truth. You’re doing a great job. X

  13. Hancock running for some hospice charity is like Harold Shipman running for age UK charity.

  14. Jimmy Saville used to run marathons to look like a good person too.

  15. i thought we were in middle of a plandemic:: oh wont get you if run quick…
    He’ll be running soon..

  16. Why is this generation so weak ? Where or out hero’s ? One of our patriots should of intercepted him and assaulted him on his run, that’s the decent thing to do. He should never be free to mix with the rest of the prison population.

    • All the fight has been indoctrinated out of them, they are no longer free thinking people, and incapable of individual thoughts. All their thinking is done for them by the government, schools, universities, social media, TV and the media whores. In truth they are to be pitied.

  17. Been a Hack/Leak, massive data dump of the Elites personal shit, people will be combing through it and exposing everything.

    Shits going down SOON!!!

    No updates on Gates yet, hope it’s true and there using him as a scape goat, this shit is over for us unjabbed then, deep shit for jabbed.

    • Gates is related to the rockefellers…
      Mind you they will drop him and the so called goverment leaders if it goes tits up

      • Rumours hung him already, but he’ll be alive, zero evidence, just a scapegoat all his fault obviously.

  18. he needs a good african beating. in brazil theyd cut his head off and play football with it see him running in the street right next to them. this is what he deserves.

  19. He is so brazen, he must think that he’s untouchable and he has nothing to worry about. I do hope that he is so wrong!

  20. Apparently supporting a hospice charity…oh the irony! Would that be raising funds for some more Midazolam, the last lot didn’t last long did it Matt…where did it all go I wonder???

  21. He can run as much as he likes, but he’ll never be able to hide.
    That legend in the crowd should be in the post clown world cabinet

  22. Create the problem: Pandemic

    Create the reaction: FEAR Psychology daily

    Create the solution: (vaccines), rules, digital passes, control, digital currency, PCR…

    “Build back better”= reset

    “Live with Covid” = Certificates Of Vaccination ID…

    For the health of others? NO..

    Economic Gain and Control? YES…

    Jabs every year against new (variants) to top up jab passes..

    No jab No nothing eventually

    • Yearly ??? 3 monthly maybe even monthly, maybe recording yourself and uploading to the government that you take your daily pfizer pill like a good sheep, yep they’ve got a daily pfizer pill out in December.

      • Didnt know🤷🏻‍♂️…
        All aside though its nothing to do with any virus as normal folk know

  23. The same hancock that ripped his mask off with contempt after entering downing street for a meeting..
    Masks are just virtue signalling..
    Saw lots at the train station today😷…

    • Have you seen the Premiership players coming off their respective coaches as they arrive at the ground…. all wearing silly face nappies! FFS! They then go out onto the pitch and spit and snot everywhere and hug and kiss as well…. talk about virtue signalling!! It fking makes me so angry when I watch these sheep!!! 🤬🤬😷🤬🤬

  24. Yep,,, noticed that,, Bet them dont wear baby diper on the coach, just put it on as getting off for the cameras
    One big illusion just like all the sporting events &… &… &…. I Am Not A Prisoner ~ I Am A Free Man – No.6

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