1. There’s supposedly lots of kids in Oz from that jabbing session in hospital and dying and some in the UK as well.

    I can’t remember who it was I watched earlier who said they’ve got some whistleblowers from the hospitals going to do interviews soon.

    • They definitely need to come forward and tell the truth about this, we have to get the truth out so we can wake more people up!

      • What l noticed Mikalya just recently with older friends….talking of friends of theirs….all 4 ‘double jabbed’…”just recently…they said…their friends who are medically compromised, double jabbed …very very poorly..(Not hospitalised)…it was agreed that ‘IF’ had not been jabbed…they would be dead”…what l was going to ask…”when did they have their 2nd jab?”…l chose not to say any more….quite compelling turn of events….l had in April 2020 the Cv….very very unwell….82°temp for 3 days….recovered…’natural immunity…of course l know if lm unwell again…take my chances….probably will be blamed by the fully vaxed for their situation…..just keeping a low profile…in my late 60’s now….want to watch my Granddaughter grow up….

    • You’ll want to check out the Project Veritas video that drops on Monday. They have scientists who worked on the vaccine admitting what is in it. Give YouTube’s new rules regarding vaccine mis-information you’ll need to go to and enter your e-mail address so that Project Veritas can inform you when the video goes live

    • Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS has whistle blown – grounded all flight crew – fit airforce men are being disabled – and 3 have now died on one airforce base

    • To be abundantly clear, one of the listed primary ingredients of these injectables is Polyethylene glycol (“PEG”) which is a derivative of ethylene oxide. Polyethylene Glycol is the active ingredient in antifreeze. While it is hard to believe this is a key ingredient in these vaccines, it would explain the increased cardiovascular risk to users of the BioNTech or Comirnaty shots. I cannot discern what form of alchemy Pfizer and the FDA have discovered that would make antifreeze into a healthful cure to the human body.

    • I’ll make a big poster of all 5 videos, if you send or post all the source images for download.. People can print out billboard size and post it up in highly visible places.

  2. When will the fu@king brain dead sheeple see this shit…? There will be a lot to answer for after this, I for one would kick the chair from under the bastards thats are doing this.
    Hanging is too good though… I’m just glad none of my family believe in this total bollox.

    • I’ll gladly donate for someone to remove a few of these evil monsters who are instigating this

    • You are lucky my friend. I stand alone amongst friends and family, all ( bar my son ) have had the vaxtermination jabs. It’s very difficult for me at the moment. I can’t talk to anyone as they either don’t want to know my ‘moronic’ views or don’t want to associate with me. My wife is off on s cruise later this month with two of our friends. I am not allowed to go because I haven’t been jabbed. I’m fit, healthy and feeling fine but I’m excluded because Marella Cruises are discriminating against me and most of the nation agree with this apartheid agenda!! Sad, sad, sad. Be strong my friend.

      • I wont lie, it has been a fking nightmare, mate! Horrible, horrible, horrible.

      • I will pray for you, and your wife, as that is all I can do. If it’s any consolation, many years ago, I went through the same nightmares with my first wife re my Christian beliefs, so I have a good idea of what you’re going through. Be strong, for these things are only ever for a season and they will pass.

      • I can see the similarities between being a believer ( for whatever cause) and being persecuted for those beliefs like the flak that we Thinkers are currently going through. I will stand strong !! Cheers fella!

    • Sheeple are brainwashed and that will never change…
      Just scrub them from your mind and maybe out of your life…

      • They’re scrubbing us out of their lives. My only Sister taken over, turned against our Mother, Father and me. Now parents are gone, and no one left. BUT THANKS BE TO GOD FOR HIS INDESCRIBABLE GIFT. WE’VE GOT OUR SAVIOR!!! STAND FIRM! All my friends and brethren have left too, calling me crazy. Bible says “those who walked with you to church…will turn against you.” (paraphrased from memory) The world hated me, it will hate you too. So count it all joy, Brethren…because it’s true for those who love the Lord…the best IS yet to be, even if the whole world forsakes us, Jesus never will….PTL

  3. Hugo, leave out the doom music, it puts you into the league of the bullshit BBC propaganda. Total silence with the facts has far more impact.

    • No , no dont put Hugo in the BBC bracket man. That’s a lot of work, research and hard to present. Cut him some slack.

    • Hugo doesn’t make the Young Hearts videos. He occasionally posts other people’s videos to here and the Young Hearts videos are some of those.

    • Totally agree I’ve shown the videos to
      Vaxed people and they all say the same no music

    • They are Murderers who should be punished.
      Never come near me with it as i would seriously assault them and i not violent i just hate them.

      • They are mass murderers, and the Bible says to hate evil with a perfect hatred, but vengeance belongs to the Lord…OH WILL HE EVER REPAY. So we don’t need to stoop to their level to hate to that extent. Be angry and sin not. They will receive their just due, in due time. Bless you! Look what Jesus endured bu such sinners and murderers. wow! I hope I can keep such control.

  4. To Hell with protests. We need to gather in numbers so big it terrifies TPTB and drag these bastards into the streets where we slaughter them like pigs!

    • God has a special place reserved for them in hell, where each will receive “compensation” for their heinous crimes. FOREVER! Our suffering will end soon…theirs will never end. They WANT us to rise up…we must always think: WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?! I have heard of some of the horrors of hell. They sure will receive compensation we could never perpetuate as well. We will be removed from this, or die for our Lord, AND INSTANTLY BE WITH HIM. They will never see heaven, but God’s RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS. Hallelujah. OUR GOD REIGNS. (not theirs).

  5. And the mainstream media don’t want you to know this, cover up after cover up. would
    it not be better for all if this government of ours were honest instead of the constant
    lies we keep being told.

  6. Despite all this information, people are still going to vaccination centres to be injected with these lethal jabs. Despite how much you explain to a human being not to take these vaccines, no body listens. They have made their own choice and they should suffer consequences of their own choices. I have no sympathy if you have been told and you decide to ignore the warning ⚠️

      • You are right mate. Their body, their choice, their problem. 😉

    • I am coming to that conclusion also, having tried so hard to tell friends/family/brethren, but they think WE are telling the lies, as was the plan for those who do not know the Bible or the Lord. Even showing proof–they cry conspiracy. So, perhaps the Lord already turned them over to a reprobate mind, not having His Holy Spirit to guide them. And He said He would not pity nor spare…NOW I KNOW WHY. He also said we should rejoice when we see His vengeance on our/His enemies. So, I’m trying to turn off all the tears for the lost, not able to reach them in any way, shape or form. They have chosen their walk, and their “saviors”. SAD, but true.

      • Their body, Their choice and Their problem…. thats what i say. Good luck to them all!!

    • Please do some research.
      Search for cardiac risk in the young. That is where the 12 per week comes from, it’s not a BBC generated statistic.
      Also it is not a heart attack, which is a blockage of coronary arteries, which is the meaning of myocardial infarction, but a conduction problem. This could be due to low potassium or other electrolyte imbalances, it could be congenital as with the person in the article.

      This may or may not be picked up by ECG prior to a collapse with sudden cardiac arrest.

    • The BBC have got the word out that young people having heart conditions is the norm and that if your young child dies ( due to the Vaxtermination jabs) it is not so extraordinary and just ‘one of those things’. They have started the brainwashing again….. We Thinkers need to be strong. It is too late to try and educate the sheep, they are in too deep now, sadly.

  7. This is horrendous, disturbing and disappointing especially seeing and hearing those who still believe that these shots are lifesaving.

    Our leaders are psychopaths and don’t care about lives, they sold their souls to the devil 💔 and there’s no turning back.😭😭😭😭

  8. Everyone use to ask the question , do you know anyone that has died from roana. It is so sad that we will all know someone that has died from this dirty poison.

    • At 4.11 there is a photo of the UK Murder Cop being interviewed at his home.

      • Yep, well spotted Eagle Eyes 😀 That’s killer cop Wayne Couzens at 4:11 😀

      • Absolutely correct my friend. Whilst I do not believe any of this Convid Bollocks, when you see videos that are supposed to provide truthful content, when, as you have pointed out, UNTRUE evidence is included, it devalues the whole video.

  9. The vast majority of people are under mass delusion. Hypnotised. They do not accept that anyone would want to harm them and so when confronted with the truth they are so terrified that they simply blank it out as they cannot cope with the concept.
    Those responsible know this, hence the use of psychological operations to coerce the people to comply.

  10. I cannot believe Kingsley Coman hasn’t been an absolutely massive story, he is a top soccer star, this needs to stop NOW

  11. Tragic. But why are a couple of those people who had horrendous ordeals but survived STILL saying they recommend the jabs?!!! You wouldn’t wish that stuff on anyone. anyone who says “well covid is a threat” is disregarding the fact that all these injured and dead jabbed people miraculously avoided and/or caught and survived the corona virus (if you believe it exists that is) for nearly two years without being “vaccinated” ffs! Even the AstraZeneca professor now says it’s morphing into a common cold. Is the threat of a cold worth dying for because you took a useless and dangerous jab? Most of these young, healthy people will be in the 99.99% chance of survival getting the “virus” group.

  12. Heart breaking. As a mum I feel so much for the grieving lady. I just wait for the call about my son – I just hope my daughter hasn’t been done yet.
    And even then so many youngsters but still nothing is done. Some gene therapy and for what reason. Genocide, pure and simple and they must be held accountable. Parents asking for answers – do they really not know? Are they waiting for some truth – from people who will admit to nothing. Will they listen to people like us now or are they too scared to accept that knowledge. When will little children start getting affected. Terrible in our area that 85% (apparently) over 12s have been assaulted – after all that is grievous bodily harm isn’t it.

  13. Most jabbed folk including my family just quote the media sound bites. That the amount that’s suffered from the vaccine is still lower than the numbers that have died from covid therefore its the lesser of two evils essentially. I stopped sending them videos and recommendations to censored content as far back as last year even. They were sick of me behaving like a crazy person and put it down to me being anti establishment and having it in for the government “who are doing a tough job and having to make tough decisions” lol I have gave up anyway now and just keep my opinions to myself and have withdrawn from family and those who just roll there eyes and think conspiracy nut. Which is pretty much everyone lol this is not about me of course but I know that many people, like myself are not as fortunate to have a network around them either friends or family that are like minded. And on occasions like tonight it sucks more than usual

    • Steven, you’re not alone.
      There’s a lot of us that feel exactly the same.

      Like banging your head against a wall!
      Nowadays, like you I just let them get on with it. I’ll ask if they know what’s in it and possible long terms effects VS a 99.7% chance of nothing happening much like a cold or flu.
      Or of the 1000’s of people who have died afterwards.

      Unfortunately, the media have them well programmed and have the counter arguments ready for them so they never have to think or do any research for themselves…. We wouldn’t want them to find out about places like this.

      Anyway… Like I’ve said before to others… If it’s getting too much, just switch off from ALL types of media and spend your time on something that makes you happy.

      Remember… Bad news sells far more than the good stuff.

    • You are right Stephen …be strong in the knowledge there are many many people who feel as you do. …

    • I feel your pain I’m in the exact same situation. I now don’t say anything although my mother now has ulcers on her eye and is constantly getting fobbed off at the hospital. I explained why and how it could be the jab for her to tell me “well I get ulcers in my mouth so I must just be prone to them”. To which I replied well yeah everyone gets ulcers on there eyeballs I’m just being silly. My Dad has developed a cough and he’s getting the same fobbing off treatment but I actually think it’s now dawning on him that maybe some of the things I said months ago and the warnings I gave them are coming true. It’s too late now though so I’ve just decided to offer compassion to them and anyone else who has been effected by this murder program.

      • I agree. Faced with anger from the others and my reaction was the same anger – it helps nothing and doesn’t change them, just makes them more determined to be against me. This weekend I was talking about a friend’s daughter-in-law who had a miscarriage. She had partaken of the second poison and it had the same effect as many other mums to be. I said it was quite likely that the injection was the trigger. But no – miscarriages happen – yes they do, but not in the sheer quantity that is happening now. What do I know, I’m stupid. Look at the MRHA report. That’s a load of rubbish. No, it’s the “official” health list of side effects (under reported in any case – you just have to look at the US version to realise how much under it is) and still I am regarded a fool. Oh well.
        A friend has a huge unhealing blister on her hand. She’s double poisoned. Another friend’s daughter has blood clots. She has had 2 fizzers. But amazingly it is not attributed to what is inside them. An elderly lady down the road says she has blood clots and they are just under the skin on her leg so the hospital has been cutting them out. Her leg is covered in disc shaped scabs and scarring that look so similar (although not as bad) to those blemished legs in the video.
        So yes, compassion – and I think while they feel I am a nutter because of my stance on this – the support, kindness and love for fellow beings who are victims of the most atrocious assault is the best way to go about it. When and if they finally twig what is going on, I will still be there as support for them as they will know I tried to warn them initially. They are in the denial stage because at the moment most are feeling OK for the time being – maybe not quite so much after the next booster or the next . . . and they still like the old newspapers and such.
        Also by being compassionate and not rising to the bait (which is what the powers that be want – hard though it is to grit your teeth at first and blowing a gasket) it eventually gives you a calmness. A realisation that you must look after yourself and by being angry all the time is not good for your own wellbeing. Your health now has top priority, forget trying to help those already inflicted – it is too late, but you can be there when they finally need your shoulder to cry on. It is not their fault. They have been targeted and we were and still are immune to the lies. We are special and must stay special.

    • It really is extraordinary how the narrative “be safe”..”we must look after one another”….l asked my husband if he was going to have the booster….”l don’t know yet”….l have begged him not to….l have not succumbed….had the April 2020 dose of Cv…natural immunity…but around me chatter…”be safe..have the jab”….l don’t talk about it any more…..get on with living…lm in my late 60’s….my children have had ALL the recognisable ‘true’ vaccinations …..lm not an ‘antivaxxer’…

    • Dying of covid is dying of something else with the positive PCR test which does not test for infection or sickness…

  14. Absolutely right Steven. Same with my family..the BBC knows best!
    You can take a donkey to water but you cant make it drink! I’ve no interest in family anymore. Sadly we will never see one and other again! That’s their choice of course! Why would you choose media over blood?
    Bed wetters and cowards!

  15. I don’t understand if they have been harmed by these none vaccines!they’re still in favour of them!!??

    • Jean, that’s just bollox added in by the media just to make sure people don’t get discouraged by the main message…. Go get the death jab.

      Seriously… Who in their right mind would still be for it after blisters, clots, strokes and the rest??

      Surely it’s like promoting the same symptoms for others.
      Amputation anyone??
      Errr NO thanks!

      What the sheep are overlooking is when these people go to hospital for treatment. They are not the only ones with adverse reactions in the ward!

  16. It just keeps getting better,, more and more,, faster and faster, down the bottomless rabbit hole of, SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

  17. having this jab you are self sacrificing and putting you life at risk. they wont feel guilty for what’s happened because you did it yourself which they manipulated you to get and you cart claim for any injuries, we are being treated like animals, how fucking dare they. there days are numbered. i hold them fully accountable for what’s going on. hopefully there’s enough of us to bring this to a end.

  18. People still like sheep they don’t get it that it is a killer jab nothing good about it.
    Highly vaccinated nations having huge increase in cases every.
    Stop the jab there will be virtually no cases because the delta is in the jab !!!!!

    • The spike proteins are causing people to have lower immune systems and show higher viral load symptoms…
      There RMNA jabs never before used on a human and never tested on any virus or for safety or efficiency…
      In fact the jab does not stay in the deltoid muscle and goes all around the body instead…

  19. My Mrs and kids aren’t having the jab , but we’re banned from other family members houses now. No visits to my aunt’s or cousins , even my dad won’t come over and see the kids even though they’re all jabbed. My mum’s had the jab but she respects my choice and still visits. The rest of them can have it their way I’m not getting jabbed for anyone , any job or any entertainment event.

    • You don’t need the vaccination as your risk is negligible. Your children, irrespective of their ages, definitely do not need it. My son and daughter-in-law had both doses earlier in the year, DiL has an autoimmune disease and is a paediatrician, son is a teacher. This last week they have had CoViD19 quite bad, their response was thank goodness we had the vaccination as we’d have been worse without it. They also said that it was their 3 year old who had brought it home from nursery, ignoring the fact that DiL had been at work in a hospital. Yes I have had both doses of AstraZeneca without any side effects other than tenderness around injection site, but I won’t be having the Pfizer booster.

      • Their body, their choice, their problem. On the other hand, we Thinkers, the Unwashed, unclean, unjabbed will soon be discriminated against for not bowing down to tyranny. Medical apartheid should never be tolerated, but the sheep will applaud it!! It is fking sickening!!!!!

      • John, what made you get it?
        Not a dig… Just wondered.

        Surely they’ll just change the rules and say you need a booster every year otherwise your jabs are out of date and you won’t be able to do certain things.

    • You are making the right decision Tom, and thousands of families have been split like yours. It is all part of the agenda to divide us. If we had ALL stood up against this, the scam would be over by now.

    • Tom, such a shame as they are playing right into the hands of the MSM.
      Division is the key thing here.

      Ignoring them will cause further division so try not fall for it and just accept they have been royally brainwashed.

  20. Everybody is a experiment…
    Bit like a pharmaceutical one….
    Said before but because of this emergency usage which is kept alive by these “restrictions” they can keep on jabbing people because it only takes 25-30 severe adverse reactions from a vaccine to suspend these things but under this new regime they wont…
    New borns will be jabbed soon enough and them PCR tests are driving the cases to increase these pushes for jabs…
    People as a whole have to say no on all accounts but some will ignore advice because they been brainwashed by media and false information and facts and blatant lies and coercion…
    Fear phycology and control is all this is as its never been in anyway shape of form a pandemic whatsoever…

    • Perhaps not everyone, but enough sheep have no idea what’s really happening because it’s not on BBC news. The sheep are ignorant of the real truth and therefore trying to tell them the truth is a not an option, they will not believe you. 😢😷😢

      • Correct, most people are strangers to The Truth, so if you speak The Truth to them it is like a foreign language to them, for they cannot hear, nor can they see, nor can they comprehend.

  21. Its mass murder on a global scale by governments and pharmaceutical companies..

  22. The evidence that Health Authorities around the world are murdering people continues to stack up. How long can this go on for.

  23. Hugo,

    Can you look into this odd story?

    On the face of it another tragic covid death. But if you think about it the story makes no sense. The young person is said to have died of Covid induced myocarditis. Now last year we heard nothing of myocarditis at all. The first I heard of it was after people who had taken the jab started getting it and certain doctors were trying to draw attention to it. Seems odd that covid now causes this very same symptom.

    So I think I know what has happened here. The BBC are trying to make us believe that Covid causes myocarditis when it is actually caused by the jab. They never said that this victim was ‘unvaccinated’ in the article, but was ‘due to have her jab’. That makes me think that she had probably had one jab, and was due to have her second. And like magic, after a positive PCR test, the reader thinks that young people are dying of covid and covid induced myocarditis, when the real cause of this death was the jab. I suspect she had taken her first dose, that had weakened her immune system and damaged her heart and lead to her death.

    Anyone out there know what the truth of this tragic incident really was?

    • She didnt have covid myocarditis…
      They stick this covid rubbish on the end of anything with a positive test which does not test for infection or sickness…then say she didnt have that jab so in the scheme of things have turned this story into a coercion statement yet again for people to get them jabs…
      They did it with others that died of many natural forms of deaths in familys with that swab test to promote them jabs…
      But people will fall for it im afraid

      • Child is unwell with flu like symptoms – likely viral, pathogen irrelevant (positive test suggests SARS-CoV-2 but not definitive)
        Child develops sore throat- treated as bacterial infection
        Child becomes very tachycardic – treat as sepsis
        Child admitted to hospital- ECG done, shows possible myocarditis type changes
        Child unfortunately dies
        Vaccination status is totally irrelevant.

    • I noticed this yesterday.

      Myocarditis is a rare complication of viral infections amongst others and even rarer in girls than boys. (See myocarditis foundation website)

      I am aware that if myocarditis is suspected then there are a battery of tests that can confirm a diagnosis, but in this case it appears that the diagnosis is post mortem.

      I would speculate that any cases of SARS-CoV-2 related myocarditis wouldn’t be diagnosed as such, particularly if it isn’t considered at the time of admission and treatment, and might only be found post mortem at autopsy. As autopsy may not have been considered as there was a clear cause of death and no inquest being required then the actual numbers wouldn’t be known, don’t forget that confirmed CoViD19 related deaths required neither autopsy or coroner involvement, thanks to the corona virus legislation.

      In this case I would speculate that either the hospital requested an autopsy or the family did, particularly if they were unhappy with the reported cause of death, so myocarditis would appear on the death certificate as a consequence of CoViD19.
      The child appears to have developed a secondary bacterial infection (from the prescribing of antibiotics for throat). A raised heart rate of more than 130 would suggest sepsis. They would do an ECG which would pick up any cardiac abnormalities.

      Suggest this site:
      myocarditisfoundation. org / research-and-grants / faqs/ #articles

      • You said vaccination status is irrelevant. I find that disturbing, as all evidence can be important in the search for truth.

        Myocarditis has been linked with covid jabs. I for one would want to know if this young person had taken the vaccine. If they have then it seems to me very likely that the cause of death is linked to the vaccine.

        And even more telling is the honesty of the BBC here. If they are trying to cover up the cause of the death we should all be very worried. That is why we need the whole truth about this.

      • leicestersq in the case of this girl it is irrelevant as she was clearly unwell and hadn’t had any vaccination, but even if she had, then she could still have developed covid type symptoms. She had a bacterial on viral infection and developed complications from that.

  24. When you have Wee Krankie/Hitler in the Scottish Parliament freely admitting her vaccine passports have nothing to do with health and simply to force people to get jabbed that don’t want to.
    Then you know they just want you dead for simply not wanting to comply.

    • If you had said “Wee Krankie/Stalin in the Scottish Parliament” then you would have been Truthful and correct. “Wee Krankie/Hitler” makes you look silly and uneducated.

    • Can you please share the link of Mrs krankie saying this? Cheers

  25. Shocking and Emotional video!

    In the last 24hrs I had a serious life threatening medical emergency and was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. (3HRS drive on difficult roads)

    When the ambulance woman found I was UNJABBED told to wear a medical mask and had a modern simple CV test to be allowed into hospital. (Negative Result)

    All the nurses were so nice and supportive and respectable that I had chosen medical freedom but the doctor was constant pressure about have a vaccine and recommend two brands and the risks when haven’t so I suggested several alternative media websites to view (including this excellent site) before he is liable for legal claims.

    Now slow recovering I hope but have to careful next 72hrs.

    The public need to STOP all this nonsense and waste of lives and now thousands of disabled humans.

  26. Have a look at the video by Lawyer Thomas Renz (the one where he’s on a stage) that came out in last 2 days. He has internal FDA docs that prove they have lied all along and the numbers of people dying within 14 days of jab are huge, and that the pfizer trial actually showed that those who had the jab were more likely to catch covid. All known and still they jab people and kids. Very sinister. It’s on brand new tube.

  27. More jab promoting from the mail over a “anti vaxxer” that died of “covid”…
    Anti vaxxer?…well its not a vaccine anyway…
    My mother is sold out with it all but i said “your life your choice of course” and i avoid these mask wearing retards like the plague as well and dont speak to them either as they make me sick personally..
    I prefer like minded people with a brain cell that know what a pile of shite this all is…

  28. To dear Woodsman, I’m very alarmed and deeply saddened to hear of your recent serious illness, and I want you to know that I’m going to pray for you to get better soon. Bless you for posting and joining in with us. May the Lord surround you with His never-ending love, healing touch and peace. Get better soon. Lots of love from Carolyn Xxx

  29. Totally agree with you Woodsman, this whole thing is evil and insane and anyone with any sense just wants it all to stop, as we all here do! How many more people have to die or end up with serious disabilities and life changing illness before somebody sensible intervenes and stops this evil garbage????!!!!!!!! I also applaud you for remaining unjabbed and standing up to these bullies. You stay in my prayers, get better soon. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  30. What are we to do when we find our family and friends are turning against us because we have tried to wake them up?
    For me I find the guidance I need daily in the scriptures!

    Romans 12:14-21 ESV
    Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly. Never be wise in your own sight. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. …

  31. thank you Hugo

    very sad.

    As a parent & i know many of you are to,
    i could NOT live with myself knowing i had encouraged something,
    i new deep within me, is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS & life threatening!!

    disgusting people!!!
    should be ashamed! putting Anyone you love through this!

    thank you again Hugo

    • This is the whole point! Due to msm propaganda and censorship of the real truth by social media, the sheep will NEVER know about the Yellow Card System, the large number of injuries or deaths and the doctors who advise against this Jungle Juice. They are blind to the truth, ignorant and brainwashed by stupid, irrational rules. They are still wearing face nappies when out in the fresh air for Gawds sake!

  32. Why don’t we all make thousands of copies of all of these videos and keep mailing them to president Trump as well as all these other idiots who keep pushing this death shot like send of something every single day put it on a screen outside of their home do something already

  33. The important question whose answer leads to a deeper understanding is why a perceptive 10 year old can see, and could see from the start, that Covid-19 has nothing to do with real science (ie, it’s a crimes against humanity political scam) YET most people even most SO-CALLED intelligent people could not and still CANNOT figure out that the fake Covid pandemic has NOTHING to do with real science but ALL with criminal politics AGAINST POPULATIONS (you and I)?

    This proffers a coherent answer… “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

  34. Published in the British Medical Journal last year when phase 3 trials were underway.
    It says ” None of the trials currently underway are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.”
    Phase 4 trials are due to finish in 2023.

  35. I have been asked on here why I had the vaccination. I am 65 with type 2 diabetes and an autoimmune under active thyroid. Taking my medical history into account and discussing with my wife, the balance tipped in favour of the vaccine, just. If the Pfizer was the only version then I would not have had it.
    Having said that, my children and their partners/spouses had the vaccination, which from my perspective were unnecessary.
    My eldest son is married to a paediatrician who has an autoimmune condition. My youngest son is married to a nurse who worked in ITU at a large London hospital during the early part of 2020. My daughter and her husband are civil servants in London.
    Last week my 3 year old grandson and my paediatrician daughter in law developed covid symptoms, my DiL tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. My son later developed symptoms and he tested positive. Their response has been “thank goodness we had the vaccination otherwise it would have been worse”; however, I cannot agree with that sentiment as it is impossible to prove. I suspect that without the vaccination they would have been no worse off. They also suggested that it was their 3 year old who brought it from nursery, totally ignoring that my DiL had been at work in a hospital which is the more likely source.

    There is one other thing that I would like to clarify, someone has said that polyethylene glycol is antifreeze, it’s not. Antifreeze is Ethylene Glycol, PEG is an inert polymer. You don’t die if you touch polythene, but you certainly wouldn’t be very well if you breathed in ethylene gas, the monomer of polythene. Ethylene glycol is used as an antidote in severe alcohol poisoning.
    This does not mean that I endorse or otherwise the use of PEG in vaccines, just pointing out the erroneous chemistry.

  36. Hey Hugo I’m not sure if your series is missing an NHL hockey player Jimmy Hayes (Boston Bruins) who died unexpectedly at his home aged 31. From my understanding he revealed he was fully jabbed on a podcast about 2 weeks prior to his death…He was a respected veteran player, wife and two kids. To this date, cause of death still not certain but everything seems pretty obvious what killed him.

    RIP Jimmy. Lord have mercy on us.

  37. The Singapore gov advises pfiser jabbees to avoid strenuous exercise for 7 days after receiving the jab. Maybe these high performance athletes didn’t take a break.

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