Joe Biden All The World’s A STAGE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. So this was his answer to saying his fed up waiting for the Americans to get Jabbed. He gets a placebo. That jab weren’t real… Salt water. No way Joe would survive a real a real Clot shot

    • Know of 2, 1 died within 24hours mountain biking, stupid, other Arm swollen huge, be the virus’s claimed in the 3rd shot.

      Mates getting it Sunday am to keep her care job, we’ll see!!

  2. From what friends in the states have said (I used to live there so am very familiar with the way things work there so am inclined to believe what they’re saying) the White House has been pretty much abandoned since Biden took power and that most things are being conducted in milatary facilities in Washington made to look like the White House/Pentagon

    • It’s been well documented since Biden “won” the election last November that he’s never set foot in the White House. There are I believe at least two fake White House movie sets, one of which was used to show Biden in the “Oval Office”. It was actually the Oval Office set from Independence Day back in the mid 90s. It was also structurally different to the real Oval Office.

  3. Mister President, you need to get dressed for your Dementia Jab, “what do I wear ?” The suit you’re normally incontinent in , “Which one is that ?” It’s marked with a big number 2 sir.

  4. That is so fake.. They didn’t even put the needle in.. Omg.. That’s hilarious 😂😂😂one a liar always a liar joey…

  5. When my kids were small, I would always give them two options, in clothing or in food, or what we’d do, that day. The options were 1 and 2.
    I think Biden gets the same sort of options. Do you want to wear 1, or do you want to wear 2, little Joe?
    He picked 2 that time.

  6. Retractable needle stage prop. Watch carefully how quickly it gets “delivered” and how much movement there is when the needle should be in the flesh. Poorly done and totally fake. He ain’t getting injected with anything.

  7. Hey, does anyone know where you can buy a vaccine passport that will work. My workplace has been talking about them lately and I’m fearful that they will require us all to have one. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  8. None of them “leaders” had jabs….just a publicity stunt…
    They wouldn’t be that stupid to have them…
    People are sick of it now many are just not tuning in and listening to this day to day crap….
    I was offered a booster but they can fuck off as i was silly enough to have 2 pfizer ones in december and january and will never again but was a work requirement at the time…

  9. This reminds me of the film `Capricorn One` where they faked a space mission and filmed it in a hanger in a remote air force base.

  10. I don’t believe for one second that Biden, Bojo or any of the major ‘leaders’ have had the experimental gene therapy injected into them. A saline / placebo yes.

  11. LOL that’s not how you give these jabs, okay it’s how most give them cause there untrained muppets, but would they let an untrained muppet near the Pres ??

    You have to…..

    then Asperate, ie pull back a little, check you haven’t got a vein by there being no blood when you do so.
    If there is blood, you push the blood back in, then repeat until you don’t get blood, then inject into the muscle.

    100% Saline LOL!!!

    Can’t even fake that well.

  12. That should encourage a few thousand more who are in 2 minds whether or not to get the jab!!

    • The sad thing is that most people appear to lack the ability to even question that this is not 100% proof that he’s had the jab.

    • Happened with Biden first time amd the needle when straight back into the syringe giving the impression it went it in…
      Hancock had one on tv but i was hoping that would be rat poison that little shit would of had

  13. I am just a layman, but an honest and straight forward question to the people here who work in the medical field. Shouldn’t you check the dosage of the shot? Is it normal not to inject the complete dosage and not really looking at how much there’s still left in the syringe? Looks a bit awkward to me as a layman. I could be completely wrong though.

  14. He’s not in the White House anyway!!! The whole thing is an Act!! Also I don’t believe he got any jab! Like him, it’s Fake!!!!!

  15. Ive become so cynical regards politicians and msm that I dont even believe, like tbise fake windows, that actually is Biden.
    If Im wrong, then the syringe was either a fake one or contained saline solution.
    No way would he be given the real poison with witnesses around…..unless he is totally brain dead, which is a strong possibility.

  16. Enlarge the video right on the bit where she pulls hiscsleeve down. There’s a silicone looking lump which she tucks up. I enlarged as I didn’t have my glasses and then rushed in to get them after I noticed that. Definitely jabbing a synthetic bump stuck there. That said… The real Joe is long gone. Actors and masks! His eyes keep changing colour. Whoever’s playing him deserve an award, it’s so hilarious.

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