Judge Served Notice At High Court Today


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    • As the judge didn’t accept the paperwork in person
      , does that qualify as a legal serving?
      Unsure tbh!

      • I think that only applies to summonses and I stand to be corrected on that. However, this was a NOTICE and I think any officer of the court has a duty to see that it arrives on his desk in chambers.

      • I served the high court. On the document it states notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal, so anyone touches the document has to pass it on👍

      • service is made by lightly touching someone with the papers and laying the papers before them if they will not hold them

      • Look up. stop world control. com 1 death is spit in the ocean.

      • “So a kid has died already then? Shameful”.- Sounds like it, but don’t expect the find the story in the media.

    • Think that speaks volumes don’t u. Nothing will get done. They have already started jabbing 12 to 15 year old in asian areas in West London. Email read . We are happy to inform are locial residents that the jab has started for 12 to 15 year old parents will be informed? The area they are talking about is mainly Asian a lot of older people there don’t speak English. It also said basically getting 12 to 15 year old jabbed up will get us back to normal faster. Normal they don’t need a jab. There making these people feel guilty as there are all different ages 8n there familys and they think there doing the right thing. I bet the kids have just gone for it . Parents grandparents probably have no idear. That court will take no notice of that common law stuff . Why start getting stupid and who was the silly old twat getting heavy when he thought he was safe. This is getting more and more ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous by the day from ever which way. I’m so fucking sick and tried of it.

    • Off topic
      , but just saw on the Internet a white beautiful stag had wondered into the streets somewhere in England and the police shot it, dead Why, why, why! ..does anyone know more about it?
      Pigs!!! Everything that is beautiful and white is being destroyed! I believe this is a warning from heaven!
      I say it’s a bad omen!! The celtic people believed if you seen a white stag there is evil afoot.
      God bless! Christ is lord!

  1. He should have taken control of the Court once the Judge left, then dismissed all the cases for that day. Good on him though for what he did.

  2. Well done about time someone’s grown a pair of balls time that these people came to Justice well done so proud of you need more like you

    • Well done. 💝💝💝💯💯💯💯💯☘☘☘☘🍀☘☘

  3. Good brave people,doing what real responsible and moral people all over the world needs to do,hold these bastard’s to account for their crimes.

  4. fantastic stuff ..well done to this guy..who ever you are we need more like you .. … hope there more to come ..

  5. She ran straight out of the ‘dock’ under Admiralty Maritime law and straight into Common law territory.
    Cowards upholding false laws.

    • Well done those guys . Praise God for you standing up for the truth .
      Hallelujah. Did you notice the black and white tiled floor???
      Synonymous with illumi**thi.
      Thank you Hugo.

  6. At last, someone has put an end to the Great Reset.
    This time next week we’ll all be celebrating a complete return to normality.

  7. The judge ran away like a coward! I wonder if it was recorder Mark Ford? He’s a liar and a coward!

  8. What a cowardly thing to do, running out of the court room, shame on you judge, you can run but you can’t hide! We are coming for you!

  9. Am I the only one who noticed the black and white chequered floor at the end of the clip?

  10. It is going to take a lot more then this, these are just puppets , we want the General and the rest at the top..Sorry to say it is going to carry on regardless
    and that is looking at it positively.:)

  11. Love your optimism Rob xx good on this fella testicular fortitude🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • What did you say?? Has your comment actually been posted because sometimes it can take quite a while…. ?

    • ??? Really???

      I’ve had a feeling some of my stuff has been deleted in the past. Who is responsible for this?

      I agree with your stance and will follow suit should our view not be seen!

    • Btw, I’ve just received a report compiled by a number of doctors.

      Titled “The Death Report,” it highlights ALL the deaths and injuries from the vaccine based on VAERS.

      A 52 pages of evidence that is to be served on courts across America.

      I could email it to Hugo if anyone wants a copy?

      • I will email it to Hugo. You should then email Hugo to request it to be forwarded to yourself.

  12. HALLELUYAH – GOOD FOR THESE GUYS! These evil, filthy, criminals posturing as judges and court officials really do not have any power at all- it is only when we are silent that they continue because silence is consent. About 4 years ago I went into court because of a camera ticket(bogus) and when I heard them calling the “judge” “YOUR WORSHIP” I couldn’t stand when they told everyone to rise, they yelled at me to stand and I said “I can’t” the tried this a few times and I saw the judge standing at the door where he was about to exit, he paused and was staring at me, when I saw him, he quickly turned and left. Then the bailiff and clerk began shouting at me, all the people were telling me to stand and I said NO- I WORSHIP THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND I AM NOT GOING TO STAND IN WORSHIP OF ANOTHER(A MAN)”

    I had no idea what was going on, I just was standing for GOD, but then they tricked me into leaving and entering another courtroom… I failed at that but I saw that they truly have no power IF WE DO NOT CONSENT. I mean that is my opinion because the darkness has no power, only an illusion of power.

  13. We need information on a child dying to be able to share this to the masses. HUGO please can you provide more information?!

  14. They don’t recognise Common Law, so it will be ignored. You can’t use the legal system against them because its THEIR system, and they have it all wrapped up, and if they want they can just invent/create a new law. You can’t stop Evil using Evil. WE will have to take the law into our own hands to stop this, OR it will continue until the Death toll is so high that they can’t deny it. We live in a time of pussies, if this had happened at any other time, we the great unwashed would have risen up and destroyed them. We are living through the modern equivalent of the Fall of Rome, and our society is slowly collapsing around our ears and we are powerless to stop it, BUT we must make sure that they go down with the ship and are not allowed to rebuild(build back better) because we will return to medieval conditions if we let them.

    • The Common Law is not the Legal System, they are two very different things. One is The Law, the other is legalese la la land (acts and statutes) and as you say they make it up as they go.

      The only thing The Common Law lacks is physical teeth, that is, armed constables, sheriffs and/or marshals, as in the USA, and then jails in which to incarcerate the bastards when found guilty – obviously this will need funding.

      • Do we have something in common law regarding the pcr testing or something similar

      • In common sense, the PCR test is so miss-used it’s laughable…. And so says Kary Mullis who received a Nobel prize for inventing the test!!!

      • The word that they have been bandying about re the scamdemic is ‘mandates’ which is just another toothless meaningless legalese expression. It’s nonsense – total BS, and has no power in The Law – it’s ALL BLUFF.

        As for PCR testing, there is no LAW that says you must be tested, and if they say you ‘MUST’ be tested the word ‘MUST’ in legalese means ‘MAY’ so again it’s all bluff and should be ignored completely unless you’re challenged with something in writing – then you should respond with a conditional acceptance or rebuttal like “No contract – return to sender”.

    • We need to fight fire with fire and organise ourselves. Waving a placard does not deter a bastard, nazi-style stormtrooper who is about the spray tear gas at an old lady.

  15. I love it when that happens and the response from the court/judge is always the same protection and escape! It proves what a corrupt one sided scam the whole judiciary is part of, it has nothing to do with fairness openness or truth. They are tyrants and there game is coming to an end it will be like rats deserting a sinking ship and clutching at anything that floats including shit!
    That guy was brilliant, balls of brass, they are afraid of the common law and the people and so thy should be.

    • Do u actually belive that has done anything . Probley went straight in the bin.

  16. He weren’t really served nothing that there will have no impact at all you need a solicitor to do that sort of thing that just made it look like a conspiracy theory

      • If it’s served in the court I think you’ll find that it is served. I think it’s only summonses that have to be served personally – this was a NOTICE.

      • At Truth (I refuse to use hashtags because I refuse to endorse or promote main stream social media) – you’re obviously living as a ‘freeman,” so perhaps you can educate us here on what just happened?

        So, a guy bursts into a courtroom and “serves” a notice detailing crimes against humanity. What is the court lawfully required to do with the documents served? Do they have 5 years to even acknowledge this?

        Furthermore, who will be representatives of the notice served?

        My understanding is if they do acknowledge such a notice they simply decline it’s content with no case to answer?

      • @dc3009,

        By Law, as court officers, they are duty bound to deliver the NOTICE to the judge’s desk in chambers. If it is a commercial process, as I would do, he will then be given 30 days to respond. If he fails to respond he should be sent an ‘Opportunity to Cure’ as he is now in dishonour and a further 30 days. If he then fails to respond to that, then a ‘Notice of Default’ and 30 days again – 90 days in all. If he fails to respond at the third notice then you can start a Commercial Lien (Affidavit of Truth) process and take him to the cleaners – property, bank accounts and all his assets. However, all this takes a little learning, so be prepared to study and above all learn who you are, that is, you’re no longer a person (a mask) or your strawman.

    • You do not need a solicitor to serve notice under Common Law. That’s the whole point of it. Common Law supersedes Maritime law which is what these crooks operate under. It gives immense power to the people. Look it up.

  17. Establishment corruption is endemic.
    Talking will change nothing.

    • Eventually out of the talking comes action. The British Tommy does nothing until his back is truly against the wall – then watch out – here’s hoping he’s financed and organised once he starts.

  18. As far as I know,you don’t need a solicitor,you just need your papers and two witnesses

  19. If parents consent to this then theres no hope…children cannot be held responsible for taking a jab like this…they will ever be coerced or just made to think it is a vaccine and the usual shit they hand out to people on the form with so called mild side effects…
    I do know 2 parents that will not let there children have this stuff but i said “i just hope they dont try the guilt trip on them?”

  20. Everyone from the top to the bottom who are going along with this B/S should be served MPS, Judges, Doctors, and Police.

  21. This young guy should be out there living his best life. Instead, he is trying to protect the informed and uninformed from complete tyranny. Cannot believe what humanity has become. Thank you brave soul.

  22. A friend of my daughter had a great idea today we all need to take our kids out of school but we are not able to home school them so we should band together to employ a tutor perhaps 2.3 or 4 set’s of pearants and share the cost they only have to learn mathematics English science this can be achieved in to day’s makes it very cost effective and other activities like taking a walk in the woods or going shopping or playing in the park is also educational wake up people power

    • You first need to de-register your offspring and serve notice on the registrar that you’re taking possession of your property. Once you have done that they cannot come and take them from you. This is very important, for all the while they are registered they are the property of the government through the birth (berth) certificate and can exercise that authority.

      • Thanks for reminding me to deregister them my son told me that a while ago but I forgot

      • Good. You should be able to get a Notice template online from a Common Law site to use as a guide, but don’t use it word for word as it makes it look contrived and artificial, and don’t forget to get two witnesses to your signature. All the best with that.

      • I would have thought that it’s either 21, as the age of maturity (the benefit privilege of voting) used to be, or it’s 18 as it is now. First time I heard of 25.

  23. so big old klaus says ‘you will own nothing and be happy about it’,we have never owned anything ever,because our LEGAL PERSON aka strawman(capital letter name on birth certificate) is the owner ,not you!

    check out A WARRIOR CALLS this guy knows common law inside out

    • It’s make big old kalus own nothing see how happy he is about it

      • What a great website!! I have just watched a 53 min video ( my usual attention span is 6 mins, max! ) which shows how this BS has unwrapped itself since October 2019 and before. It is called The New Normal Documentary and it is available on Odysee. It will bring a tear to your eyes when you see what has occurred worldwide. But will the brainwashed, BBS-loving, face nappy-wearing sheep see it ? No, even if you share with them they will delete it straight away and call it a Conspiracy Theory. They know not what is in store for them, sadly. But we do….. are we worse off?????

      • Thanks for the info about the video, I will watch it. This is a fight for the freedom of our children. The scum in parliament want to turn us all back into serfs.

  24. Seen another video similar today, people won’t take kids dying, shame kids have to die for people to wake up 🙁

    Awakening has begun, we’ll await there pre planned response 🙁

  25. I know there are huge underground bunkers where massive servers are stored. Servers under the sea so what ever happens up top, data will forever be protected. Who are laying these foundations. I know of a site outside of Swindon under military contract that has huge underground facilities including a supermarket.
    Do you really think you have free will anymore. What if the amount data on you, knows you better than yourself. Can predict your movements, your purchases; can goad your opinions. Is there such a thing as democracy anymore if you can be persuaded. If you don’t think so, then why are you wearing a mask. So then how do we govern a world where influence is so powerful and intrusive. Even if we disconnect, there will still be verbal and written infiltration.
    Currency is the key and the fight against Bitcoin is much greater than most will understand.

  26. Siapa yang meletakkan dasar-dasar ini. Saya tahu sebuah situs di luar Swindon di bawah kontrak militer yang memiliki fasilitas bawah tanah yang besar termasuk supermarket.

  27. I wasn’t expecting children to die, as THEY (the elite) would know there would be a huge backlash and more people would wake up and demand the vaccines to be stopped. I was expecting them to either be given placebos or something to prevent them from reproducing when they’re older. However, much of this appears to be a trial and it would seem, going by this scene in court, that a child HAS died.

  28. So, reading the morning news (BBC) I see a post saying 1/2 of children would accept the jab. What was sinister about this is that the poll was based on kids aged between NINE and 18.

    It makes me feel sick the way the drip feed and manipulate the agenda!

    When will this fecking stop 😖😖😖

    Headlines – North Korea, Afghanistan, Lebron James (yeah, he got jabbed and media using it for their agenda), GE crops, and someone called Price (seriously, who gives a shit)!

    All pre-planned fear mongering to further repress, depress and suppress a stupid human, who’s dog probably now believes is smarter than it’s master.

    Feck it all… I’m off to golf to have a meltdown to get over this feckin mess 😖

  29. Give that man a medal! Well researched in the law. I wish I had the balls to do what he has done, Now we will find out how corrupt the law is or is not. The Judge – a Coward!

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