Judge Served Notice At High Court Today


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  1. As it will inevitably be ignored – what then? I presume it would then be down to ‘the people’ , in the correct manner, arresting the judge? I think here the work of Guardians 300 and their programme of training and signing up ‘peace officers’ will be increasingly worthwhile. Perhaps someone with more knowledge than me on this could set out the correct procedure? If there is none then surely the whole thing is nothing but hot air.

  2. The old school judges like Lord Sumption will be done away with and replaced by corrupt judges. We have some good judges left.
    This is what a police state is.

    • Many present-day judges, like politicians, have been raised to their positions because they are blackmailable i.e. they engage in extremely wicked and degenerate behaviours. I’m sure everyone will now what I mean. Anyone with half a brain can tell Biden is unwholesome. Judge Anthony Nolan here in Ireland for instance, is notorious for being lenient with child molesters and paedophiles. I think we can all guess as to why!

  3. We all need to stop paying council tax I’m studying Common law right now to give me the skills to be able to achieve this after a very good friend of mine dropped it on me by surprise a month ago that he fought the council tax and hasn’t paid a penny to the corrupt bastards for the last 12 years just imagine if just 1 million people in the UK stopped paying that’s going hit the government with a 100 million pounds kick in the groin every month until they break we truly hold the power people ! Only half an hour a day is all it takes! Let’s call this #The Great Financial Siege!

  4. I admire this man’s determination and sympathize with his just cause but there are ways and means of highlighting the death of a child by vaccine and I’m certain this was the right way of going about it. As for common law – I can’t see our modern-day judges being on the side of the commoner.

  5. Let’s not get carried away with the fairies! To imagine any can opt out of Parliamentary created laws, and into Common Law, is somewhat delusional.

    • Parliament doesn’t create laws, for laws cannot be created, other than by God The Creator. Parliament is a corporation, as is The UK and makes rules and regulations for its citizen slave employees. Yours is the delusion – 100%.

    • Yes according to the people in this forum. All it took was a poorly filmed, staged act of walking into a court room and dropping off a pile of A4 paper and the whole covid hoax/great reset will come crashing to an end and we’ll all go back to normal.

    • In my opinion? No.
      I think it will take a lot more children dying and being severely injured by the jabs… I don’t think we’re anywhere near tipping point yet.

  6. Unfortunately this will be ignored and for the most part swept under the “Fake” news carpet! Which it isn’t the gallows I have said for a good few years that action (actual) action needs to be taken, the gallows needs to be built & reinstated, the right to barearms needs to be reinstated and out freedoms to be restored. But that won’t happen either, plus the votes, the political parties, petitions and protest are being heavily suppress, sabotaged, ignored and met with forceful (that is FORCEFUL) censorship & resistance. Unless it is of course “narrative approved”. Like BLM, ANTIFA, Muslim Brotherhood, Vaganazis, Extinction Rebellion and anything else that they can cook up! No, there is no longer a passive resistance that is effective, AND stop calling it Peaceful resistance because there is no Peace without Freedom! What we (ALL of us) need to do is hard and even incomprehensible to most people, because we’ve consciously and subconsciously be softened by decades of brainwashing and subliminal reprogramming dogma! But look throughout history passive resistance is never be effective especially when those who are in positions of power who do not give a damn and have no conscience to appeal to and any of those who are in power genuinely give a damn… well just look at President Donald J Trump and the backlash he, his family, friends and associates have been through. It is time for us Thee People of This Respective Nation to wake up, I do mean fully wake up, have a good hard look around our lives (work, personal, social, family, friends, neighbours and community, your country and nation) and ask yourself two questions…

    Is this how life really (REALLY) should be in modern UK? & for those of us who profess to be awake, should ask.

    Is what we’re (as in the anti-globalist, anti-communist, anti-islamic… whatever movement) doing working or making the slightest bit or do these passive measures (voting, petitioning, protesting, etc) really making a difference?

    I bet you’ll say “no” or unless you’re a very clever cookie like me, and few other who realize that the passive resistance method people have been using has been proven counter productive as in it is actually help the globalists and the curropt established/ occupied resources. The fact is throughout human history generally it is those who take action that effects change not those who just mearly complain! I remember a quote “War is tragic isn’t it, but it is a wonderful opportunity.” followed by “War can be an engine for change, War can transform a society for the better”. And that is right a genuine and a just war CAN & MOSTLY does stamp out Injustice, Oppression, Slavery & Curroption. The Results Speak for themselves, as horrifying, brutal and tragic war is, there has been many justified wars that has resulted in majority good outcomes.

    • yes you are quite correct. It will be ignored because it is totally insane

    • The right to bear arms has never gone away. Under Common Law you are quite free to carry and/or bear arms. It’s only in legal la la land that there are restrictions.

  7. When we have another Common Law Peace Constables, the corrupt institutions (politicians, institutions, courts and police service) is going to tumble down.

      • Seems like this bluff is called and no further action is being taken via legal means, which isn’t a surprise your trying to operate within a totalitarian, orwellion, curropt and infected system that needs to die the cancer has spread to such an extent there is no saving it. But Thee People won’t fight because… Well you fill in the reasons. UK is dead the globalists have won!

  8. you need 10 percent roughly of population onside to start a revolution (rebellion won’t work because is controlled by their psyops, they have planned this for years), has to be complete overthrow of the corrupt institutions. This challenging of the corrupt courts is good because the Rule of Law has been violated multiple times which means the courts are redundant. The next step is to set up Grand Juries for those who have taken part in the genocide to be tried by the people. Numbers are needed though to effect this because citizens arrests have to be made, you cannot rely on the police obviously so have to have the means to arrest hte traitors and somewhere to take them , preferably straight in front of a Grand Jury of their peers (us that is) rather than the edited juries you get in the corrupt institutions

  9. You’re all within your rights and I am 100% behind you all the way children shouldn’t be vaccinated without the parents permission go on Hugo talks at least someone is doing it and I take my hat off to you and so do all my friends in bonnie Scotland 👍👍👀its time people opened up their eyes 👀 on these matters the vaccine is the COVID-19 virus and I believe it’s a worldwide cull to bring the population down.

  10. Why is this not all over the media. Alex Belfield is a YouTube media person. You would think he would pick up on this/

    • Alex has to choose his words and actions carefully. One wrong word and u toob would pull his plug, and his livelihood would go down the drain. This was filmed 2 months ago now and is old news really. I’ve seen a few of these ‘ served notice’ videos and despite ALL the young deaths due to myocarditis etc, no one has been held to account. I do wonder what these ‘ services’ actually achieve.

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