Ireland ‘Stand up push back! We’ve had enough!!’

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    • Not on Tipp FM for sure 😀 Looney O’Donegal even mentioned it once 😀

    • My mother has been brainwashed by a friend saying people are getting ill not having them jabs which is bollocks….
      She wont listen to me so she can have the booster shit and all the rest…
      Nothing i can do anymore

      • In the sermon at church yesterday it was mentioned that the news were showing all those unjabbed getting covid and how they were all saying that they wish they had got jabbed. I shook my head in disagreement. People believe anything . They are totally blind about what is going on

      • God bless you i have the same problem with my family. They are brainwashed by the media

  1. Nothing can beat the power of unity. People power can go far. Thank you very much for sharing Hugo and your team 😀

    • Those in that FM Building need to be held Account in a court of for putting out their lies.

      The lies are not their own…..They are only Puppets, but they are allowing their Voices to be used against the People.
      They need to be taken to Court as they are responsible for what comes out of the mouths.

  2. How can I join your group please?
    Thank you for your efforts ☺️

  3. Their should be much much more people out with these people on a daily bases.

  4. It’s about time Ireland stood up, they lay down and rolled over on day one, now they are starting to think about all the shit we are hearing and seeing on RTE and comparing it with what we see, what our friends see, the real world.
    As a race we are a placid crowd until we get started. Perhaps the only statement of significance George Bush Jr coined during his term in the white house “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice, Shame on me”

      • Exactly Matt. The phrase “we all need to learn to live with covid”. translates as `C`ertificate `O`f `V`accination `ID`. That is , until you drop dead of the jabs. And then you will own nothing and be happy.

    • It is a close tie with Donald Rumsfeld’s “… because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” 😀

    • Dubyaw didn’t coin the phrase. It’s a very old phrase that he butchered- Tried to say it but made a balls of it.

  5. Respect too those young men and women!and shame on those brainwashed drivers!who didn’t even acknowledge them!these young people have more backbone and intelligence than you !

  6. They certainly did lay down and rolled over,as they have always been COWARDS.
    Whinging and moaning about being oppressed.
    Tell the irish to throw shit over themselves and stand in p*ss they will do it, without question.
    Where are the pr*cks that wear the tea cosy on their heads.
    Laughing their asses off on RET, mick tv

  7. Brilliant. Made me feel very emotional and uplifted watching those guys. Good for them, we must all fight these psychopaths.

  8. Well done Ireland. ☘️ People power, that’s what we need.
    Gives us all hope when you see people banding together like this.
    Thanks Hugo for sharing this.💛

  9. Little to late for 90% of the adult population in the U.K. they’ve already drank the kool aid. But save the children at least. Or are the parents willing to throw them under the bus with them too? Well it looks that way if they took it themselves then most likely, as why would they take it otherwise if they feel something is wrong with it. All you can do now really is save yourselves and the few left behind.

  10. Government removing YouTube, Google Maps & Gmail from mobile phones next few days, any theories?

      • Android is google software, and youtube, google maps and G mail are all owned by google 😉 Gates makes his $dollas$ from Windows and Office 😉

    • It’s to force you into buying a new device 😉 And these companies never tire of telling us how ‘green’ they are 😀 You don’t really own these devices any more because you are tied to software. I have ‘retired’ many devices, all perfectly working hardware, simply because they can no longer open a web browser 😀 It is big business that is the problem not the consumer 😉

    • You can be assured it’s only “for your safety” like everything else…

    • No it’s g****e themselves removing these features, or at least removing the supports for these features. But its for
      “Your Safety”
      will slowly remove all supports on their devices as will others, untill the current generation of devices are rendered redundant.
      Forcing the gullible to buy new phones with built in apps that will control your every move..
      Check out a guy called Carl Vernon on YT, short but very incisive videos.

      • Cheers lads
        I just grateful I Not gullible & don’t care about phones or technology.

        Unfortunately still to many the people are ..
        biggest problem by far,,
        The Gullible Public!

  11. First wave in Singapore – 0% vaccinated 14 dead per million of the population. Second wave – 77% vaccinated 27 dead per million of the population. First Wave – 170 cases per million of the population. Second wave 194 cases per million of the population. Explain that, vaccine believers!

    • The ONS figures for August 2020 state that around 250 were labelled as Convid deaths ( we all know what bs those figures are! ). And so to August 2021 when 50% of the population had had the vaxtermination jab.. result? Over 3500 lost their lives to ‘ Convid’ ( 28 days and all that bollocks! ) !!! The more people who are jabbed, the more deaths…. Yet the sheep continue to queue for it!!! They must be Baaaaaaaarmy, if you ask me!

  12. Tipp (Tipperary?) FM have a load of guff about ‘coronavirus’ on their website – 😀 I am tuned in and listening to Eamon O’Dwyer -couldn’t get any more an Irish-sounding name than that – at the moment 😀

  13. I just found an interview from about 7 months ago between a radio Fran Curry at Tipp FM and Alan Hickey director of a law consultancy. They discuss the issue of mandatory jabs , the rights of employees and how employers could potentially override their rights in a national emergency on no jab no job. They also talk about employers keeping a list and personal data of employees on any jab refusal and if that can be passed on to other employers. The issue of bribery and coercion in general to get people to get the jab is also mentioned and they of course don`t put a negative spin on that. The link is for sound cloud and is about 10 minutes long.

    • Be no jab no nothing if they have there way…
      Yet still people think its a pandemic and about a virus…
      How predictable…

    • Sounds the ‘blacklist’ used in the construction industry. And the infamous blacklist ran by the Economic League that the BBC amongst others used 😉

    • When you think about it, a list of the ‘unjabbed’ is as good as a list of ‘subversives’, that is where they are coming from 😉

  14. Well done to these brave and decent people and may God bless and keep them, so they can continue to broadcast the Truth!
    I’m going to “out” Tipperary Mid-West Radio too now! We listen to it because we like the mix of Irish music they play but when it comes to The News, they are fully pushing the propaganda too! There’s one in particular who always sounds like a bit of a “know-it-all” anyway, but she ups the anté and intensifies that tone in her voice when giving the news on the old Covid, to that of a cross schoolmarm giving out to some Infants! I always say to Himself “Oh here she is! “be quiet now boys and girls and listen to me! This is DEADLY SERIOUS and I will be VERY cross if you don’t pay attention!!!” and we laugh at her but it really is disgusting the tone of voice she uses, in that she must have people frightened half to death by the time she’s finished telling the Lies! WE can see through it, but many can’t! Obviously! It vexes me!

    • No, but I get it happen a lot, in fact my comment often never shows at all, even on refreshing. So I now have to copy each one to save writing it again, then I get the message that it is a duplicate of one I’ve already sent, so i have to edit it slightly. This happened again right here, though I hadn’t saved because I saved the one below re the phones which ironically DID appear. Maybe it’s my laptop.

      • I’m relieved I’m not being singled out so thank you but after posting that, my original comment about Tipperary Mid-West Radio re-appeared above, so I felt a bit silly, lol!

  15. I’m in Australia but my ancestry was from Tipperary in Ireland and I’m proud of you guys. (Few generations ago) Keep it up! Good work!

  16. My comment seems to have disappeared! I’ve noticed this happen a few times to my comments? Has anyone any idea why?

    • if you mean the one “Well done to these brave and decent people …. ” it is there | when you post it – Refresh the page and it will show up HTH

    • No, but I get it happen a lot; it’s my only complaint re this website. I never know whether my comment will post at all, maybe this one won’t. I copy and paste each one now, in case I have to try again, and when I do it says it’s a duplicate of a comment I’ve already made and so it won’t send it unless I edit it a bit.

    • go out of this page, then wait few mins then open again & ya message should show ,it happens every time i comment

      • I have noticed that sometimes, I was just getting a bit paranoid I think, which was silly of me! Thanks Janie!

      • No it wasn’t I did same lol
        Your very welcome
        Have great evening

      • Yep, back in the day I used to double, treble, quadruple, quintuple, hexa post before I figured that one out 😀

        Have a great day (what’s left of it 😀 ) 😀

      • Lol ..yeah done my swede in for while but what don’t theses days if ya let it lol

        Have great evening take care

    • My comments often never show at all, even on refreshing. So I now copy each one to save writing it again, then I get the message that it is a duplicate of one I’ve already sent and won’t send, so then I have to edit it slightly. It could be that my system is faulty. I am aware that a similar comment to this was accidentally posted in reply to your other comment just above, but my initial reply to this comment never showed at all. After about 4 efforts I usually just give up. About 2 in every 7 comments I make never get shown.

      • NONE of my comments ever get shown – including this one 😀

      • Only do it once it will eventually appear
        When I 1st started sharing i used think it hadn’t been excepted but after a while about 3,4 same message would appear & I went through a lot of red face moments lol
        So I just did what I mentioned earlier & it seems work now so Good luck

    • Even though I’m signed up for notifications, I’m not being notified. I’ve re-subscribed a few times. It’s Gmail. Think I’ll be letting that go.

      • I’ve only just started getting the notifications a week or so ago! I think it’s because I hadn’t realised that you can “Like” the video at the top before that as since I’ve started doing that, that’s when the notifications started coming in!

    • You have to accept that IT products have a limited life-cycle 😉 They are not once-in-a-lifetime purchases that you will pass down to your great-great grandchildren 😀 Tech is always the latest and greatest… until the next latest and greatest comes along 😀 Get over it, Carl! 😀

    • i read this there slowly cutting us of. if they can cut us of from this they can cut us of from anything, this might be a trial to see if they can do if. i’m glad i don’t have a smarphone anymore, but i know where this is going. great video. no smartphone no services. i said this months ago. all these conspiracy’s are coming true. this is there next latest move to get you dependant on it. and remember what apple are doing with there built in vaccine passports. throw them away people. be wise. lets see if they cut us off or not. if they do you will no why. i said months back that you will need a digital citizen i.d to use the net. think that’s around the corner too. so glad there cutting me off then i can live the dream and go of grid its been a long time coming…………

      • Don’t you know the difference between Their and There? Like so many who put replies on here. Use correct English to make yourself more easily understood!

      • Their is no difference between there and their 🙂 So they’re 😀

      • Jug, it’s worse when people don’t put full stops in their comments, meaning it’s often confusing to work out what they’re saying without that vital addition; it can even give a sentence a different meaning if you assume the missing period to be in a different position. I haven’t noticed that often on here, but certain people do it on facebook and in text msgs.

  17. You call this “pushing back”? We were doing this stuff a year ago here in Canada and it changed nothing. All that was about was collecting honks.
    Want to change things? Form anti-passport groups and shop in stores demanding passes. Boycott passport restaurants and bomb them with one-star ratings. Storm into the Depop Stations and educate people in there. Youre nothing until youve been arrested, fined, dragged away…

    • Motorists honk at anything as they drive past 😀 It is not like they are going to take their eyes off the road to check out what they are honking at 😀

    • You are my kind of Champion! You need to be strong and resilient to do all those things. We need leaders like you and millions would follow. We need you NOW !!

    • That’s why Canada is fucked🤣🤣🤣🤣 well done your my absolute hero
      Knocking people down that are taking a stand against this bullshit, every little helps. These people organised 3 flash protests in one town and drove down to kilkenny to attend another one to help The people there, judging my your comment I’d say your ego is as big as your head

  18. Masks let in 90% aerosols and just compliance tools…

    PCR not test for infection and just to ram up figures to get more jab intake for them passports…

    Jabs never tested on a “virus”…

    As for the other crap there is no science behind it at all…

    People don’t listen though…feel sorry for them a little as there just slaves to the system….

  19. Big tech fighting back with all their might. Well done Tipperary.

  20. I saw exactly the same banners in Basingstoke about three weeks ago (same color, same messages, same sizes, same logistics of people stand next to another on a main road) Does somebody know who is organizing this? Don’t think is a coincidence…

    • A few like minded souls meet in our town park. It’s called Stand in the Park on a Sunday morning. Most cities have these meetings. 👍

    • They are possibly from Stand in the Park groups. Most meet on a Sunday morning in their city or town park. Most are on fakebook I believe. We have a group in Nuneaton who have purchased these banners/signs , to use in the war against tyranny.

  21. Get the farmers out in there tractors and the lorry drivers , then plp will start to listen. This population control experiment will work if they make the kids infertile.

  22. The one thing I really don’t like, is the language used during these so called protests.
    Why do they use the same language as these satanists?

    “When teens dying of Covid19 is rare”

    This is an admission that Covid19 is real, and you’ve already lost the battle, you accept their narrative that such thing as COVID does exist.
    Then whether it kills fewer or not is debatable, and it’s your word against theirs.
    Can’t you just say NO Covid bullshit? What is wrong with people.

    • @Adamzorg, no need to be so combative on the issue, covid is there, and it’s plain to see with the data that’s available, what we’re saying is that it’s no where near as dangerous or deadly, and in the majority of cases it’s less the average flu, the vaccine is unnecessary and in my opinion is there for a different agenda, we all no what’s going on and it’s going to get a whole lot worse before we win in the end.
      To sum things up you probably haven’t attended a protest yet, but are more than happy to sit behind a phone and criticise those that are trying to make a difference.
      Have a great day my friend, and God bless.

  23. Well done to all the brave people who will be remembered for all the right reasons when the truth prevails

  24. There was a peaceful protest in my local area of sleepy Wells Somerset last week against the vaccine and the vaccination of children. Not surprisingly there was no mention on any msm and I’ve just had the local “Free” paper pushed through and no mention here either however there was a 2 page spread about vaccine heroes and the importance of getting the booster!!
    Interestingly there was also a piece about free training to and I quote ” prepare for the worst”. This is apparently a resilience event to get the public ready to deal with emergency situations??? Something about to happen is it?🤔.
    Seriously people need to wake up and see this shite for what it is , I’m getting to the point of despair with the idiots around here.

    • I’m beyond despair with my ( ex) good friends and acquaintances. I’ve given up. They know what I think and they think that I’m a moron. But! I’ll have to remind them that I said it was all about CONTROL in April 2020! When they are locked down again in a month’s time, they will still think that I’m a moron and they will go out and buy a new pack of face masks! 🙄😷🙄

      • hi your no moron
        your on here & good you are ! feck the people who don’t want listen to sense as they going SUFFER a great deal more than us !
        so i feel…. they the MORONS!

        take care

      • Thank you. It’s good to know that you’re not alone…. 👍👍. Freedman marches may not actually achieve anything, BUT, they give you a great sense of togetherness with like minded souls. Be strong 💪

      • Just be you , do what you feel is right Always!
        you know what’s going on that’s what counts
        these fools who don’t
        are Bringing Us down & our kids
        Yes , you to keep Strong
        Thank you

      • …..” The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the
        unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected ” !! lol

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