AUSTRALIA Is TESTING GROUND For UK / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I have been ready for a long time i will fight for my freedoms and they will have to “Kill Me”, i WILL die a free man. i do not comply i do not consent

    • hopefully the brainwashed bastards in the uk will wake up when this happens in the uk

      • Some people have gradually woken up but it’s not going to help, because this thing, this machine that’s been put into motion isn’t listening and isn’t stopping.

        I’m not happy to be thinking this way, but I now feel only civil wars can stop it.

        Aggression can only be combated with aggression. I did say a couple of weeks ago about how they were sneaking the army into society in various roles. Maybe it’s because they know what’s coming and have them in place.

      • Oh don’t be silly look at the petrol bollocks. Fear fear fear. Makes me laugh uk being compared to Australia we are a small island Australia is fucking huge. We are nothing like Australia. What makes me laugh is they go on about climate change and dicks are lining up for miles blocking normal road use engines running these dick head climate change people should be all over this lol but hey there not. It’s a total shit show no one seems to no there arsh from there elbow anymore. We are not anything like Australia wish we had a bit more of there fighting spirit tho . The Australian people are well known for there tough talking I don’t think there gonna take anything lieing down like most of the uk are. I saw an email from my locial council saying there were jabbing the 12 _15 year olds in a school in an Asian area near where I live. It also said parents will be informed. Informed what after they have given these kids the jab. No it’s started all ready jabbing the kids so apparently the uk can get back to normal what ever that is. Was it ever normal ? Or did people just think we were free and had chocies. Look at that total hard face bitch talking about the police in Australia. That looks like she’s full on nazi if u ask me. How can they train these kids in such a short space of time. So unreality any mug can become a copper and most put the uniform on and feel they have power to do what ever they like. I can’t wait to see when are nice police man comes up for trial for murdering that poor girl. Has everyone forgot that now. Uk worried about there petrol and there xmas there are people living on the streets in the uk and the door is open to anyone come 1 come all. Fuck xmas . We shouldn’t be looking at what’s happening over in Australia we should be looking looking at our schools as the jabs have started and I belive parents of lower income are the first vulnerable places in this country. Pushing it now doing it. Sod Australia look to uk schools find out what’s going on in our UK schools because trust me it’s started with or with out the consent of the parents . It’s fuckjng outrageous. Look closer to home Hugo stop comparing us to USA and Australia.

      • Will the brain-dead sheep ever see these scenes? If they watch BBC BS then they will never know what’s happening around the world. They are ignorant of the true facts. They will go to their slaughter thinking it’s good for their health 😴.

    • Listen to this Guy no mention of the Virus.
      TAKE OUR POI SON if not we put it your Arm.
      This women just said, we need to meet our numbers!!
      Whose numbers!!

  2. If the Government and MSM can create panic in 24 hours, imagine what they’ve been doing the last 19 months!

  3. It’s my opinion it is why the troops were brought home from Afganistan, to be on the streets of Britain. Hope I’m wrong.

    • The Afghan men brought over are the new troops that will be used 100% they have already been trained out there and now so called “escaping” Afghan and the UK brought them over for “safely”, the facts are a lot of the men are the Afghan soldiers brought over ready and that is why a lot of other countries have taken them in too for the same reason “Martial Law”

  4. ive been following avi yemeni reporting on this . the police attacked people protesting peacefully wirh tear gas pepoer spray and fired rubber bullets at clise range.they were filmed knocing an old woman d own and she hit her head, they then pepper sprayed her directly in her face on the ground…and the other day sprayed even an msm journalist

    • Just watch how they turn and run away when people start firing back at them. Always the same, big brave bully boys when they’re the only ones with the weapons, don’t want them any more when someone starts shooting back.

      • I havent seen anyone firing back at them…. BUT! That is what will be needed. It will be no good waving a ‘Leave our kids alone’ banner when some nazi-stormtrooper is about to clobber you with his baton! We need a Civilian Army who can react to these Tooled-up Thugs. Fight fire with fire, until then you can expect what the Aussies are putting up with…. and it will continue.

    • I wish they would show that on MMS….but of course, it will be said “we were confronted with a violent person who had to be apprehended”….#pitchforks ready!#….we will be fighting our own….the ‘division’s are here in our own communities/families…

    • Did you see the one a couple of days ago? A guy, looks like in a train station or something, anyhoo, this guy was just standing alone having what appears to be polite conversation with 4 police officers. Out of no where you see another police officer walking into the shot towards the guy, grabs him from the back and smashes him to the ground. You literally see and hear his head impacting with the stone floor.
      He couldn’t protect himself because his hands were in his pockets and it happened so fast.

      It was very very disturbing, to the point that I now realise we are in serious trouble and I fear the worst.

      • Meant to add,,, it looked as tho it killed the chap instantly. Hence my fear.

      • We need to arm ourselves. The police are the enemy, no mistaking that fact now. The sheep will still believe that Old Dixon of Dock Green is there to protect them !! FFS!

  5. I been waiting for this for 19 months and cannot wait to get stuck in….
    Facist bastards

    • If ANY police man/woman/thing from a western nation had said that comment 2 yrs ago, then there would have been condemnation and calls the him/her/thing to step down. In the NWO, the majority of the nation would support him/her/thing. It’s coming, it’s coming…….. 😥

  6. I think Australia is the testing ground and I had wondered why this should be so with Australia being such a big country,,, but it also has a very placid people and I think that the reason.
    The 1200 police that are going to be relieved of duty will be a good audition to the protests, with good training and no-longer having to tow the line because of the job.

    • She did say she was fast tracking the new recruits in training into the force.

      That will be very interesting, because these millennials and Generation X kids do not like conflict. It’ll be interesting to see how they react with permission to assault someone with batons, teargas, rubber bullets and tasers. Funny innit? These things police carry are to cause humans harm. To their own people. Like a battlefield. In their own country. Not fighting an enemy. Fighting their own. Making war with their own!!!

      The new war on terror created by the “TERROR POLICE” on their own!

      People have to prepare now, it’s getting thrown at us at pace.

      • It will be world wide very soon. BIG countries will have BIG armies of Terror Police and will need lots of armed protesters to level out the playing field. Lets see who runs away first!

      • New recruits are selected via a different profile than in previous times, they are selected for their willingness to be violent. Speak to retired officers and you’ll get a clearer understanding of what’s going on.

    • They’ve done this in UK too, security guards in Met Police uniforms (ill-fitting with no shoulder number) seen at protests.

  7. I’m not so sure they would be able to pull the same stuff in the UK. I watched Neil Oliver interview the Australian writer/lawyer Helen Dale the other day which was a bit of an eye-opener. It’s always been a thinly veiled authoritarian state.

  8. That first guy should have been arrested on spot and sent to life prison for that Stalin/Mussolini like speech he held publicly.

    • I’m here in Australia, sorry to say it’s not 40% vaccinated, it’s about 70-80% single dose, 50% double.

      Victoria is the worst state for restrictions and police state, that’s where most of the footage of police is coming from, I’m in NSW where it’s a little better. VIC is one of the 100 Resilient Cities so makes sense.

      People are starting to wake up a bit due to vaccine injuries so I’m not sure we’ll get to 80% fully vaccinated like they’re predicting, however I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we do because people are so stupid, yes, many are embracing the divided society.

      The medical professions have been silenced and are so brainwashed they are not making the connection between illnesses/death and the vaccine in almost every case, I’ve never seen anything like it. There are some nurses speaking out but only anonymously, there was a group called Our Voices Matter making videos about vaccine injuries here but they were silenced (a young boy the producer was a God Father to went missing and then returned 3 days later, since then not a peep out of them).

      Interestingly in NSW there was an announcement yesterday that on the 1 Dec unvaccinated people will have the same “freedoms” as vaccinated people (we about to go into a period of vaccine passports essentially on 11/10) because they are assuming we’ll be at 90% vaccinated by then. I’m extremely suspicious of what’s going on, not sure if they are feeling the heat from protests and a number of legal cases going on here, or they’re up to something, don’t trust them one bit….there’s already been articles in the media where they’re complaining about why should the unvaccinated get the same freedom. Regardless, the mandates for vaccination remain in many job categories and some businesses, unhindered so far. Court cases are pending and there’s been some pushback of timelines. I hope this is all because we’re “winning” but we’re absolutely not out of the woods yet.
      Would like to hear first hand from other countries what’s going on because it’s hard to get an accurate picture from any media source, even the Freedom Movement.

  9. It´s all a play. Every country is playing it´s part in the scipt. Australia on the one end to scare us all as much as possible and Sweden and Denmark on the other to show us that if we are good little citizens and do as we are told, we could have our freedom back too; our passport-freedom that is, which is no freedom at all. I wouldn´t be surprised if one day we´ll learn that actually some famous director has worked out the script for the WEF. Nevertheless, on the whole I´m rather optimistic, because I think time is running out on them. It´s gettiing harder by the day to keep up the narrative of the pandemic even to their believers, and more and more unpleasant truths about the so called vaccines are coming to light. Even the best controlled media cannot prevent that. I also think that protests are much bigger and had started a lot earlier than they had expected.

    • I completely agree, and in NSW Australia we’re moving into summer and people go outside and won’t worry so much. I also see many people out on the roads etc, I’m sure they are not sticking to the lockdown rules! I’m most definitely not, go wherever I like, so far not pulled over or fined. VIC would not be the same I don’t think though.

  10. I suspect Bojo watching and getting advice from Australia, there plotting something big by mid October in for November compulsory jabs for people in work and vaccine passports.

    I was going to something this weekend, got a message on event Proof of 2 vaccines or PCR test. I have reply ‘ My medical records are personal’ i will not tell some moron on the door my records’ I wait there reply.

    • Good for you! I’m supposed to be on a cruise in a month’s time with my wife and another couple. There will be one spare seat on the plane because ( in the words of our female friend ) because I’m a moron I am not be allowed to go !! I ain’t no moron!!!

  11. I actually do not recognise Australia any longer, their government are so far removed from Reality. They are only demonstrating how backward and authoritarian they are by acting like PRC era China. Too few people, too many police and far too spread out over a huge land mass is Australia’s problem. They couldn’t get away with it in The U.K. or the rest of Europe, the push back would be too great. Freedom is your right as an innocent human being, they are not free to remove it. Wake up Australia! Coronaviris is sooo last year already.

  12. Perhaps they will use the shortage of human police, that they are creating, as an excuse to introduce those robot dogs that Hugo featured a few months ago.

  13. Yep, The politicians are dogs here in Australia. I live on the south coast of NSW. I just resigned from my teaching job because of mandatory vaccines. I am 62 without debt so I am in a more fortunate position to do so. However, I still need an income to survive. Breathing air for the moment and holding off. You can see how it has been planned decades ago. Most people have little choice. . I think I am the only one walking away out of around 400 + staff. Its a joke.

    • I heart ( and millions in the UK ) goes out to you and people like you. But, as in the UK, it appears that we are in such a small minority that we will need to arm ourselves to be safe. Start preparing. We ‘Thinkers’ are at war right now! Be Strong, Kathy, and I hope that you get your freedoms back, but I doubt that you will ( not even those who have had the vaxtermination jabs ).

  14. Get rid of the older, wiser police and bring in the easily manipulated, already brainwashed, youngsters…

  15. The chaos in the world last 2 years they have implemented will be a BIG excuse and reason for more control….
    There probably looking at the plebs and there behaviour and thinking “they need controlling and many need getting rid of”…
    They meaning the elite not the government as the government’s are just the spokes people for them…

  16. Major of knox county glenn jacobs (ex wwe wrestler Kane) has stated there will be NO vaccine mandates in his county
    Good man i say…👏🏻…
    We need that stance in the uk…

  17. Everything bad comes to these shores. Nuclear waste, terrorist groups, tyranny. I’m ready to do battle. Never surrender.

  18. Imagine if this Dorothy (a dot in OZ) found the wizard of OZ in a rare surname in OZ (one of a kind that exposes it’s bloodline) in OZ, yet cannot reveal all but only to ‘some’ because it’s a secret and hidden from the everyone for good reason too…..that’s what l’ve had to live with since l found out through personal experience which stretches back to 1976 to a shapeshifting on the night of the 20th of July 2002..and symbolically on the 33rd anniversary of the moon landing too, you probably think l’m crazy and l don’t fucking care what you think.
    No one on earth can take away what l have absolutely NO ONE, the evidence l have is watertight…and David Icke is right.
    There is a change coming in our lifetime l know it doesn’t look like it now….but it’s set in time, as was my experience was set in time for me to experience too, l found it out with Huw (bloodline) and LOVE conquers all.

    • Looks like no one on Hugo Talks has ever bothered to explore the likes of David Icke who has written and revealed so so much under ridicule.
      l found the same a long time ago you’ll never know thought…they live too.. i don’t care what you think because you’re not here next to me.

  19. There are way more people awake but scared to act and continue to comply and they are the people that I have the biggest problem with as they are the ones who could make the difference, they are the ones who could stop this- get off the fence you spineless b******s because you will be responsible for letting the powers that be push their agenda through!!!!!

    • Those people have been described as SHEEP for a very good reason. At the start of this BS, I called them lemins because they just followed each other…. eventually over the cliff, so to speak.

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