APPLE Want Your Mind, Body and SOUL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. A suggestion for a private form communication.
    Write a letter with ink and paper, put it in an envelope, stamp it, post it. Then have some patience whilst waiting for a reply…

    • Thought the same thing as soon as I heard it. Nothing wrong with letter writing , in fact you actually take more notice of a letter then a stupid email. I think so anyway. X

  2. Fits as have you noticed even with this Cookie situation ACCEPT ALL , YES TO ALL , ACCEPT ACCEPT ACCEPT.. NO. Look at the tech thats only hinted at, yet its there. Apple, I was somewhere when a person mentioned the apple logo as being the poisoned apple of cyanide , that someone was forced to eat. Don’t remember their name , was said to of been a punishment instead of life imprisonment. Who knows no one ever gets a straight answer out of BIG TEK this is how they hold onto their powers.

    • This post by Hugo obviously appears to have generated a lot of conspiracy theory analysis.

      Some are indeed brow raisingly believable, but, still likely unprovable?

      I found your take on it to be most interesting… the seed of the apple will release cyanide if broken. However, instead of being poisonous it is very much more medicinal.

      A more powerful seed for its medicinal cyanide qualities is that from the apricot. You see, when used and ingested for medicinal purpose the cyanide attacks diseased cells whilst leaving healthy cells alone. It is said to be an excellent weapon against cancer and autoimmune diseases.

      These seeds in medicinal form go by the name Amygdalin or Laetrile and are available from good alternative healthcare suppliers.

      If, by accident you took more than the suggested dose, the cyanide simply turns into sugar and is expelled by the body. You would end up with a sort of sugar rush should that happen.

      I found your take on it because it is possible that the bitten apple does not represent poison, but more healing? Just a thought.

  3. I’ve resurrected my old Samsung payg with a new number. Good luck them trying to get an app on there or spy on me!

  4. In response to your request for ideas about communication: how about a good, old fashioned printed newsletter? My old neighbor was Armen Condo who was in charge of the largest tax revolt in American history. He had over 300,000 paying members to his Your Heritage Protection Association (YHPA). He organized it all using a printed newsletter, as did every organization before about 15-20 years ago. Team up with other organizations to help with costs and share a publication. Let me know. -Kobra Jackson

  5. I agree with the newsletter. Flyers. Handbills. Remember dropping them out of airplanes? People on social media – I am not – congregate with like. If they are on the jab/passport side they will not even look at reality on the net. A piece of paper will at least be looked at.

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