UK PETROL PANIC Buy QUEUES Because MEDIA TOLD THEM SO / Hugo Talks #lockdown

65 Comments on “UK PETROL PANIC Buy QUEUES Because MEDIA TOLD THEM SO / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I’m down in Newquay this week. No queues at all – until this morning, after ITN scaremongering last night… now queues out onto the road, causing traffic jams and hold ups for everyone. Thank you ITN – YOU FUCKING BELLENDS.

    • Just like in 1973, I still have a petrol ration book issued at the time, but never had to use!

      • PS: I now have a Self Charging Hybrid car. If you drive it correctly, you don’t have to use any petrol! and just drive electric. You can monitor this on a screen & breaking charges the battery – Great!

    • Today, I needed to fill up the wife’s car, it is only done ONCE a month and hey guess what, panic buying at the local Sainsburys because of the BP announcement of a “shortage” (allegedly) of HGV drivers. My other cars get filled up every other alternate month! So, what did I see, yes MUPPETS just topping their tanks up with £20 or £30 causing a completely UNNECESSARY long queue; it is fucking INSANE!
      The human race CIVILISED?? I THINK NOT!!

      • Tanker drivers are not even regular HGV drivers. They have to undergo specialised training. I am calling bullshit on this tanker driver shortage 😀

      • Civilisation is a veneer – a very thin one at that 😉 Didn’t you learn anything from the Great Toilet Panic Buy of 2020? 😀

      • Also it pays a lot more than a regular HGV ‘gig’ 😀

      • Just filled the van with diesel because the low level light came on,as I was on my way home from a job down in Derby, Sainsbury’s had run out of diesel, queues were all round the car park,so just managed to get to the co-op station near by,was talking the the manageress and she said there was no shortage of HGV driver’s, diesel or petrol,its media criminals causing chaos deliberately.

    • Just a hybrid? Not a full electric? The establishment won’t be happy with you! You let Mother Earth and her cronies down.

  2. Should I charge my electric bike before they ration electricity?

  3. What this tells me, there ain’t going to be a General Election anytime soon. This is a deliberate act of betrayal against the people. This is the sort of ploy used by management in need of impressing their superiors – create a problem and then solve the problem of your own doing. This will go on for a few weeks, then come the Conservative Party knees-up, low and behold the P.M. will announce his plan for solving the ‘crisis’.

      • ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY…the ONLY party the british don’t want in parliament but stands for the rule of LAW…not left or right politics…what England had before the british slowly (pretended) to remove ALL your unalienable rights since the acts of union 1706/7-God given that can NEVER be repealed EVER. The british ARE the ENEMY of the world and have caused division everywhere to depopulate the world for the 1%!!! All we have to do is VOID the acts of union and the british lose ALL their power and we, the English, can have our English parliament back in York or Hull…but never again Londonistan!!!
        Look on telegram for The English Constitution Party and help us take England back from these foreign parasites that have NEVER done a days’ work in their lives…there are LOADS of them around 7500+ which consists mostly of the uncivil service(who really are running the country into the ground). Hanging is too good for this bunch but it will do for srtarters…by due process of course and I’ll have a pull of the lever as well…have a good evening peeps!!

      • Put Boris and his fellow traitors in the frying pan, (it’ll have to be a biggun), and place it firmly on the fire.

      • Don’t vote for any of them as i am not.
        This is a staged by Bojo and the cabinet to cause control Don’t panic what do the sheep do que and get petrol that they don’t need even filling petrol cans up pratts.
        My local supermarkets sold out of WATER, now Iceland as loads back on the shelves it’s a con.

  4. There is enough petrol even if we start throwing cocktails.
    Brits didn’t experience communism but undersupply of goods and services is not because the infrastructure could not cope for whatever reasons but because it was not profitable to sell goods to people in exchange for fiat money that loses value especially during hyperinflation.
    In communist country people have money and earn money but could not buy much with it and things like cars, washing machines, TV sets were exchanged for government stamps. Luxury goods from the West were sold in specialized shops and only exchanged for US green bills.
    Fiat money + government stamps combo is to create false sense of capitalist free economy but the population is cooked for decades.

    • Certain ‘flavours’ of government use hyperinflation as a deliberate policy to wipe out the value of ‘cash’ savings 😉

    • Sorry mate but the brits are the enemy…we are English, Irish, Scots and Welsh…the brits are the enemy of the world, a lesson lots of people have to learn and very quickly-they’ve been practising since 1706 and still they can’t get it right but by you saying “brits” you understand nothing about the Union of England and Scotland which needs VOIDING to remove the “brits” POWER. Understand that and WE WIN…have a good evening.
      TEAR-the English are rising!!
      Vote The English Constitution Party-the only party who will GIVE back your UNALIENABLE RIGHTS the “brits” pretended to remove-GOD GIVEN RIGHTS-they can’t remove-above their pay grade!!!

  5. The Human Brain is a funny old thing, it sometimes filters out negative words, “DON’T” being one of the most filtered, say to someone “Don’t forget” & you’re 100% guaranteed they’ll forget, so when the media says “Don’t Panic” everyone panics. I saw it myself earlier outside Morrisons petrol station, cars all the way out blocking the road so I couldn’t get past for ages, bloody stupid, it was just like when Buncefield oil depot blew up a few years ago.

  6. Typical sheep….loo rolls first of all…
    Stupid bastards all of them

  7. More psyops from the British government!
    People fall for it every time too!
    Not only that, it creates a spending spree, that the government desperately needs!
    Why do people fall for it so readily?
    Because of their own gullibility and greed!!
    Yet another reason why the powers that be constantly get their own way!

  8. The shitty arsed government said don’t panic so I’m not panicking. Besides I haven’t got a car. It’s an expense I can do without thank you.

  9. Same as the TOILET ROLL FIASCO. It’s condition training. It’s how they test the publics stupidity and eagerness to follow the narrative. It’s the selfish culture. I need, I need, I need. Always me me me mentality.

    • yep i Totally agree with your comment keith

      i never panic bought never will & your spot on cause the T.roll fiasco (lol) was a nightmare as i could not buy a four pack done my nut in.. so it resorted in to cutting up kitchen roll… great

      have good day

  10. My advice. Be like a goldfish. Just keep swimming ( driving ) around pretending you have a 10 second memory span and just grab the fuel when you actually need it.

  11. Spot on Again Hugo… Tanker drivers are a different breed.. the only chance of there being a tanker driver shortage is if loads of them died from the vaccine or tested positive and are having a couple of weeks off. Tanker drivers are paid a fortune as is a very skilled job filling the stations tanks plus you are basically driving an explosive bomb. So there is no way, as the fake stream media is pushing letting foreign drivers in will solve this problem. More like they want to cause panic, fuel crISIS, etc etc.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

  12. Well we know Hugo..Sheep will be sheep..Same kind of idiot’s who start queuing to get on the plane 4 hours before ..Only to have to stay on the shuttle bus with the rest of us for half an hour while they decide on delivering is all to the plane..You can not change stupid 🤣

    • Those are the same people who rush to the boarding gate girl to check the boarding cards…. And then STAND up for 20 mins in a queue before being shuttled off to the plane…. I’m on the same shuttle bus, but I’ve remained seated for those 20 mins!! 👍😂👍😂👍

  13. Eyes on the election auditS……look over here not over there……we see you puppet masters, your days are almost up ,people are awake to your playbook and you deserve everything that IS coming to you

  14. So simple with all these nonsense claims about Fuel/Food shortages and the cause is lack of truck drivers. 1. Start providing a decent wage and fee safe places to park overnight without the loads being stolen. 2. Train up all the foreign lads arriving in the thousands at Dover to drive trucks instead of living in hotels at public expense.Those running the UK GOV spend too much time boozing in the numerous bars of Parliament instead of sorting the real issues in life. A decent 125CC bike does 200MPG and don’t spend time stuck in traffic. The next will be rations on charging electric vehicles and distance allowed to drive from home.

    • There has already been some mention of an annual 3000 miles of motoring, thereafter a Levey on any extra miles, of motoring…..The sort of thing the Green Brigade will Wet DREAM about!

  15. It still baffles me how they haven’t, come out of they’re Government and media,induced fearmongering stupor!and realised they,ve been conned for the last 2years!🤦‍♀️

  16. BBC News is saying ‘don’t panic, toilet roll supplies will still get through’ 😀

  17. Slightly off topic but…..,,
    Harry Potter star Tom Felton collapses on 18th hole at Whistling Straits during Ryder Cup Celebrity Match

    • Apparently Felton suffered “a medical incident” which sounds as specific as the new and frequently used term that arrived with the injections “Died after a short illness”

  18. Shortage of drivers LOL!!
    Liars!! Liars!!
    All planned and all going to plan while the sheep panic..

    Jesus tells us do not be afraid”
    Fear creators! These evil rags know exactly what they’re doing demons feed on fear!

    I’m at the point now, where I ignore it all. Because I know there evil agenda. Focus! Focus!
    Is on the Lord!! Jesus!!
    Thank God I know the truth and nothing phases me!
    Never read papers or watch TV!
    All fear porn!
    Fasting and prayer are alien to most people!! Sacrifice is one of the tenets in the bible.
    Depriving oneself for the Glory of God..
    Consumerism, materialism, want want want has been drilled into them from birth. I feel so sorry for the lost sheep!!, if they only knew the riches of heaven.
    And the beauty of the eternal soul.

    God bless! Christ is king!!

    • Even though I don’t totally agree with everything you say. We are weighed down too much with worldly goods and consumerism. It just goes to show how people are massively brain washed by the government, MSM and advertisements. Trying to sell happiness to people or convincing people that there is a sickness and they have the cure. This is a disease that has been woven into society. If we all turned our TVs off then we wouldn’t have half of these problems that we are seeing at the moment.

  19. They are a bunch of fucking idiots playing into the hand of the MSM. Everyone just needs to calm. I, for one won’t be playing this game.

  20. The reason why there are a shortage of driver. They are treated like shit and the wages are also shit. So why would anyone want to die this job.

  21. its a set up. a lot of gaslighting going on with everything. this fits in with there plan. to bring in the electric cars. along with food shortages, and destroying our economy to bring in there great reset. its all connected. its moving fast. there winning so far up to now. until we stop stop it. the off grid lifestyle is becoming more appearing with what’s going on in this clown world. I’m working on it and preparing. as soon as they start cutting me off like no jab no job. no smartphone no services. is when i will do it. where not there yet but i feel its coming…..

  22. Every single so called shortages only exist purely because of media hype causing panic buying thus insuring the public make it a self fulfilling prophecy

  23. Distraction likely for Pedo Andrew or?

    On 3 booster deaths 1 friend 70 and 2 friends of 1 friend both care workers and 40’s.

    This is going well, guess humans can only take 2 doses of Graphene Oxide.

  24. I had to go to a fuel station today, because I was on the red. I only put in what I normally would, I didn’t brim my tank.

  25. Sadly sheep are predictable!
    They do the same at Christmas stuff the house full of food they don’t eat all because the shops are closed for a whole day!

  26. This is very strange indeed, the government tells them that there’s a pandemic and to wear masks/social distance and the morons believe them and follow like sheep. The government then tells them not to panic over petrol and the morons don’t believe them. Where is the consistency in their single brain cell thinking?

  27. THE FUCKING STUPID PRICKS IN ALL THESE QUEUES ARE THE GOD DAMN ELDERLY ,!! THEY FUCKING DONT GO ANYWHERE …..ESPECIALLY NOW!! I DO 100 miles a day , these tits will cause their own shortage …arrrghhhhh

  28. To all you dumb fuckwits panic buying petrol…YOU ARE CAUSING THE SHORTAGE OF FUEL!!!!! These people are so bastard dumb how did they pass their driving test in first place? Same cunts who fight over TVs they don’t need on Black Friday! humanity is lost, lord take me now I’ve had enough!

  29. If there is too much demand for the supply available, then in a market system you raise the price until things are back in balance. As the price rises, demand falls and supply rises.

    This is basic stuff. If there is a shortage then we dont have a market system, but a communist style price controlled system. Any shortage therefore is a result of deliberate intervention by a powerful actor.

  30. Don’t forget to stock up on your toilet paper too! You desperately need a. . wipe paper to survive!

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