HOW Many HOOPS Will YOU Jump Through? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Unfortunately the sheeple will keep jumping through the hoops never questioning never thinking.
    As for the rest of us they can shove it where the sun don’t shine!

    • Don’t shine in Scotland yet they still went through the hoops for “no freedoms!”

      Sorry, couldn’t resist, no insult meant… just trying to make myself smile 😖

  2. Looks at strange sci-fi timer in her hand “Well everyone I think it`s safe to say wherever this is it`s not our Earth. We have 3 years and change until we slide”.

    If only…….

  3. Unity is power but some people are into loyalty to money that they end up worshipping money by the execution of madness

  4. Hugo’s narrative made me laugh out loud! ‘ skanky-arsed’ burger was immense along with ‘ the old lady is ALREADY in the shop, so what difference does it make?’ when will this nonsense stop? The answer is NOT when we say NO! because there are far far more sheep who are willing to jump and jump and jump some more! Shame on them!!! They will have us all wearing striped pyjamas before too long. 😢

    • In 2 to 3 years judging by the results of the vaccine on the animals they tested it on most of the sheep will have sadly passed away. All those animals did! So forgive them for they know not what they do. Sad but true. Bill Gates has many lives on his conscience from every vaccine he has tested through the world over the years

    • Stripes make me look fat, prefer chequered or plain. Suppose with the looming food shortages tho, I’ll lose a few £’s

  5. I am currently sitting in my vehicle in a Tesco car park and watching the obedient masked up zombies go into the store. They outnumber the intelligent by three to one.

    • It’s amazing isn’t it???? Lidl and chemist on Saturday morning…. 20 customer and staff…. THREE without a face nappy!! THREE!!! FFS!

      • Wait till its cold and you can see peoples breath…
        They turn there heads walking towards you incase you breath near them😄…
        Pathetic bastards

    • Mask wearing is increasing again, maybe there warm ??

      I did actually stick 1 on mid winter for a bike ride, nice and face warming, never worn 1 in a shop mind 🙂

      • Dunno Turvey, you come across more like a balaclava wearer on here 😂😂😂

  6. Thank u hugo still not had killer jab gets loads of good feedback when I share your posts thank u

    • Ahhhhh… But is the feedback good or bad? I don’t bother putting doubts in the sheeples mind any longer. Their body, their choice, their problem!! Fck em! I’ve tried and been abused and called names…. Good luck to them!

      • Yeah me too. My family is the worst. They’ve all snubbed me. I can’t believe they have the same DNA as me. No more will I warn idiots, they are old enough to think for themselves.

      • We Thinkers are in it alone. Biggest day of my life was on April 24 this year when I joined over 100,000 like-minded souls who hugged, kissed, shook hands and smiled with absolutely NO face nappies! This was eclipsed on June 26 when half a MILLION joined hands and walked through London town. Being together was AWESOME! We are not alone!! ☺️👏👏👏☺️

  7. Brand new tubes comments section is a complete mess with spam and trolls I think it will make the site unwatchable very soon, which is a darn shame, hopefully we all can connect here, food sources and clean water will be the tough challenges moving forward then safety and shelter from the rabid hoardes.

    • Indeed! I make $1000 a day online 😀 Just lick my link to find out more 😀

      • $1000000 ! lol lol. Keep making the jokes, by Jove, we need a smiley face!!! ☺️

      • Is that all Trev 🤷🏽‍♂️ Be surprised if you will be able to afford a tin of spam soon on those measly earnings…

  8. Ha ha ha . ! This is all working towards the mark of the beast .. Will be so much easier if you carry a mark confirming who’s sidecyou std on. satan or God ???
    Believe ,Repent and be bsbtised in water in the name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth Amen.
    Godbless and protect you Hugo and all who read this.

    • My eyes have been wide open for a long time.
      But it’s hard telling people, the truth hurts.
      I pray everyday without fail and yes the rosary too.. Holy mother opened my eyes to “Jesus”.
      Many will scoff and mock, but I know the truth of her! I felt it.

      Many say they love” Jesus” then mock the rosary.. It’s the same as somebody insulting your mother here on earth.
      If people don’t believe in the rosary, fine that is their cboice
      I’ve never understood it, even when I was a sinner. But thankfully no more.
      Glory be to God!
      Glory in Jesus Christ!

  9. Don’t knock muck Donald’s. The place always comes in handy when you need a piss.

    • I hear the toilets at Whammy Burgers are much better. They stop serving breakfast though at 11:30. Even Michael Douglas couldn`t get one.

    • Unless you’re expected to do track n trace first lol! Happened to me. I refused and went behind one of their bushes

  10. I’m interested in finding some land away from these crackpots, and would welcome the chance to try and set something like that up, somehow or other. Though that is daunting too, in it’s own way for many reasons. Hopefully you will be able to set up some sort of contact page on your website.

    • I am messing with a community page concept if you want to add some constructive ideas?

      • He’s just been released, you sure 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • Where is your home? I’m self-employed and work around the Devon/Somerset/Avon area. I’ve looked into buying woodlands, but they all seem to have some sort of covenant on them, prohibiting building of cabins, etc. And in the busy-body Stazi world we live in at present, it would be certain that some sheeple dunce would report me to some globalist enforcer drone type. It would be good to find similar thinking people and set up some parallel community, as James Corbett talks about.

    • Thanks Hugo a amazing video as always sick of watching these people who just comply with all of it these evil people have watched over the years and have notice that most people are so lazy love that they get 10 days of work if they get a test that says there positive even when there not sick all this is put in place to trash all jobs but the brain dead think it’s great to sit and do nothing by the time it they realise they won’t have a job soon it will be to late so tired of listening to them talking puer and utter shite can they actually hear themselves talking I can’t help them there not listening my mum is 85 she never trusted the government doctors and diffo never will thanks again you look atfer yourself too

    • If by land you mean a country try Belarus.Their president said when this Covid madness started that the cure was plenty of Vodka and Ice Hockey.

  11. She got her jab in order to get freedom and only to find out that even with her jabs she can’t have the freedom of buying food from Mcdonalds. What a shame this world has become.

    So whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, there is no much difference in the way you can be treated. HORRIFIC

  12. I can’t believe it’s only been 18 months to get to this point.

    • Hugo did you see the video with Seargant Gutierrez the U.S cop who quit over vaccine mandate ?

    • Just imagine what fun the next 18months will bring 🙁 Deaths in the Millions by then no doubt!!

    • Yeah don’t you think it’s good fun, not playing there game?! It’s so much fun I’m looking forward to it lasting till 2025 when the new game of ‘Spars’ is released … that’ll take us to 2030… the end game agenda 🤭

  13. Hugo please stop talking about love. Love towards strangers or any kind of humanity is from the last world.
    I really wish people would boycott mcDonalds, there are many reasons why you should.

    • We should boycott slot of places but the problem is we’ve become dependent on many of the services.

      McD’s is addictive and wonder what in it? Not a huge fan but susceptible to the odd WeeMac now m again…

      Kinda got me thinking about an old ThemTube video of some woman at a DrivePast in America when told they had run out of nuggets or something. Anyone remember it, when turned into a crazed demon?

  14. I’m just back from the Netherlands and very few wearing masks there. A handful in Amsterdam. No social distancing on the canal cruises or in Anne Frank museum. No masks, no social distancing signs, restaurants all maskless (customers and staff). In another town the same. Young, old, middle aged no masks. In Lidl 1 person wearing a mask. In and out of restaurants and shops freely. No documents asked for. In Primark, in Ikea 1 person per store approximately wearing a mask. So freeing and normal. I even got a FREE PCR test to travel home. On the way there Passport only checked. No other documents looked for. I walked straight through. People only wearing masks on the train and in the train stations. Thought I’d share my experience with you!

  15. According to the Chinese, the Lateral Flow test should now be done by using the swab in your anus, that will be next – film that one, then lets see them on FB.
    As for McDonalds mechanically recovered FILTH Burgers, You’ll definitely need a Lateral Flow Test. .. As for their RUDE staff, nothing there that can’t be remedied by the timely application of a baseball bat

    • It was a year ago when the Chinese introduced the anal swab. Didn’t take off… PCR testing becomes obsolete by December 31st to be replaced by several lateral flow testing options.

  16. If places start seriously implementing no jab no food, then it’s time to firebomb them. Seriosuly that might be “naughty” to damage their property, but when they deny people the right to the sustinance of life then it’s nothing by comparison. WHEN will people rise up? Will they ever? We’re on a knife edge between becoming great, or being lost forever.

    • Remember to mix 50% petrol and 50% Diesel for the burning and 100% when I get refused they BURN!!, Wear a mask aswell for you know camera’s 🙂

    • I was just going to suggest TurveyD sounds like your man for the job, and low n behold, who do I find ready and willing when I scrolled down 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Hugo you made me laugh “skanky arsed burgers,” certainly need a laugh these days.
    Our local library opened up the monthly scrabble today for the first time in 18months. I was the only one not wearing a mask! Couldn’t hear what the others were saying and they all had the windows wide open for fresh air. Couldn’t see them getting any through their masks anyway. The library manager even said we didn’t have to wear a mask. Crazy.
    I joined my local stand in the park on Sunday, so great meeting like minded people. I just did a search for stand in the park in my county. Will definitely go again.
    We must not comply.

  18. I wonder how long before they insist on rectal temperature checks before boarding?

    • Keep that comment, mate. Bring it out again when ‘ rectal examination’ is the norm! I’m waiting for this Xmas coz last November 2020, some sheep on fake book said I would ”look a right plonker when everything is back to normal next Xmas! (2021)” …. I’m biding my time 😉🤭😉

      • I had similar responses from people from about 16 months ago when I was telling them to get used to everything going on because it’s with us for a long time. They reacted with laughter and disgust. Wonder what they think now eh 🤔

      • They will be so brainwashed by msm that they have no idea that you were right all that time ago because what’s happening now is all to do with keeping them safe and saving the NHS! 🙄🤭🙄 Take a look at 750,000 FOI requests here!! This is Where the real truth is!!

  19. Lol😂😂😂 ‘Swab test watcher’ job.
    Lol you crack me up.

    I’m tired of talking.
    My friends who have taken this poison agree with me. Not sure why they complied!!!!

  20. have started alternative society
    Business linking with like minded people
    I’m up for working an allotment or using my skills for others

  21. Hi Hugo, the idea about helping people to cultivate their allotments and spare ground they’ve got is a great idea. I love gardening and growing fruit and veg, it’s good for our mental health too. I hope you manage to get something sorted, some kind of a plan.

  22. After the UK is heading for starvation it won’t be long before the cult of Boris Jonestown devotees, will be jumping through hoola hoop crisps.
    Shouting best PM ever.

  23. I would love to see all the McDonald’s establishments spontaneously combust, they are poisoning the fools that consume the shit they sell!

    • Tbh Ray I don’t mind a maccy D’s it was it is at the end of the day buy I wo t be getting a fuckin jab to have one .

      • Drivethrough Tommy. If you don’t have a car then walk through pretending you have a car. It’ll work. If they question it, say to the order taker that pretending there’s a virus is ok?

        Okidoki, I’m becoming ridiculous now… time for my walk to mock the maskies 😉

  24. From what I’ve heard, (research it), there’s more than just a bit of skanky backside in burgers. We’re talking satanic ritual sacrifice with the end results in the food chain.
    (Remember the horse meat scandal from a few years ago, who knew exactly what they were eating until it was made public?)

  25. Hugo, you reminded me of the arranged marriage in Coming to America when Eddie Murphy asks of his bride to be – what do you like to do? Whatever you like me to do! Then he said bark like a dog and hop on one leg! Not much different eh!
    Poor old lady – how can anyone treat a person like that, it is cruel.

  26. It’s getting ROUGH out there……

    Australia, Media Blackout, Social media or maybe full internet shutdown hard to tell, police on the publics side as don’t want the jab and military on the streets, damn near a Civil war!! Ecckssss over a Jab for a hoax LOL

    Australia sets what will happen to the rest of us, UK mostly sheep they’ll just hate on us unjabbed, how dare we not die soon, very selfish of us.

    Oil is near all time highs and climbing fast so Petrol/Diesel going up soon and Gas is climbing again aswell nasty.

    • yeah i have just had my increases bill (high in the sky) & terms & conditions i have never signed about this increase!

  27. As you said its got nothing to do with health. The lockdown in 2020 had nothing to do with public health or protecting the NHS. The NHS had no chance of being overwhelmed, hospitals were empty. It was all about control. And so it has gone on ever since..

  28. Ohhhhh anyone want to make some cash ??

    There hiring Hospital Patients, £120 for 10hours of filling a hospital bed to show that the hospitals are over filled LOL Likely have to be double jabbed or they’ll sneak a jab or 2 on you while your in there.

    There was a chance of being over whelmed, but they did 1/2 the beds in the ‘covid’ wards to prevent the people with ‘covid’ from getting ‘covid’ while stopping visitors the people with ‘covid’ from catching ‘covid’.

    * for ‘covid’ obviously this means FLU/COLD/Broken bones/car crash/cancer\anything else!

    • Well they claimed to not want people coming into the hospitals yet let tv people in there….that was a giveaway for a start in a way…and yes part time actors was found out to promote this crap sometime ago…

  29. Is this really happening? Have people really lost their minds? If it wasn’t such a tragedy, it would be quite comical to note the similarity between those trained dogs and the docile population of people who are consenting to this absurdity.

    Also, @hugotalking, have you heard about this: A company in Bedfordshire UK called Mologic, who are associated with the Pregnancy Testing brand, ClearBlue, has been acquired via funding by.. you guessed it – Billy and Melinda Gates of hell foundation and led by George Soros. It’s interesting to note that this company are also responsible for development of technologies in the Lateral Flow testing kits.

    According to reports, they [Mologic] now intend to “become a social enterprise, re-investing profits into helping poorer parts of the world access its technology”…

    Billy Goat Gates (and the rest of the elite club) really getting them fingers stuck into many pies.

  30. Seriously that Burger Crap-Hole is asking people for some needle-ID hah you know there takings are going to drop dramatically I believe so as even the Sheep will eventually call it a day. When as the Video maker says who knows. I do like it when a sheep person transforms themselves through insight of facts into a Lion. Very pleasing to observe ive seen it be it rarely , none the less it does happen. I think maybe the shelf life of the flocks patience has to be wearing thin ffs what other films will these BULLIES want. Placing thing up orifices isn’t a good sign especially with the rep of some of those people..

  31. PCR and lateral flow tests are as useless as each other as neither tests for infection or sickness….

  32. Maybe the jumping dogs was what caused the Australian earthquake. Seriously though the alleged earthquake in Australia is just fake news. It is totally impossible for an earthquake of that scale to occur in the area of Melbourne. Most likely, Andrews is using it as an excuse to lockdown again telling people it is unsafe to go outside so they must stay at home.

  33. Astrazeneca said today this covid thing will become the cold very soon symptom wise and run its course…
    So then no vaccine or jab is required anymore for a cold…
    All this had been is the flu anyway as it was under influenza pandemic from the WHO September 2019…
    Was just rebranded under a new name…

  34. yeah that idea hugo about helping one another great idea
    we need come together & i happy with that big time !

    i don’t eat food unless i cooked it for myself i know what going in it.

    cheers hugo fella

    have a great day to All

  35. The UK is now fully over this awful pandemic anyone spreading misinformation now is just causing unnecessary fear and stress to alot of people and it needs to stop there is going to no more lockdowns or vaccine passports for the UK.

  36. All part of the plan to frustrate people out of travelling abroad, because all airports are due to close by 2030 at the latest.

  37. I’d definitely be interested in joining up with people in my area wanting to share allotment space, I grow what I can in my garden but have very limited space

  38. Certainly interested in moving out the remote countryside to grow veg! Willing to sell current village bungalow to do so.

  39. * people want to link up and start farming land etc… you will not last unless you understand the contamination in the water. Farmland poisons natural aquifiers , springs and rivers.. unless you know where to go .. you will die.

    Please can someone get hugo to contact me (i have already sent a message)

  40. I’m instead. In farming but mainly in fishing. Both are food. I have recently lost everything so why not.

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