Deep Dive on Extinction Rebellion Death Cult

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  1. Couldn’t even watch this,,seen enough of there shit,, it’s obvious how well funded they are by certain factions,, it;s all part of the plan!

    • Tell you what, I’m a Scotsman (not living there anymore) and if you can convince Scots of climate change then you’re a magician.

      Nevertheless, November’s Cop26 gathering in Glasgow might have “the media” sheering the sheeples shitless.

      Have applied to ‘Soros’ to support my new movement, if anyone wants to join me? I’m calling it ‘Cull the Cloud,’ it’s blocking out our heat …

      • true about weather.. Scotland,Ireland know only to well about bad weather for sure
        my heritage is both & i been to both … beautiful places

        have good day

      • I’m from an Irish family and have lived in Ireland for years now and, as any Irish person can tell us, the climate here can change several times in one day, although the default climate is really just cloudy, grey, damp and chilly!
        After this Summer just gone, where we only had 2 separate weeks of sunny weather, I’d only love to join your “Cull the Cloud” movement! I’d say a fair few other Irish people would too- we’re all Vitamin D deficient now from lack of sunshine!

      • “I’m from an Irish family and have lived in Ireland for years now and, as any Irish person can tell us, the climate here can change several times in one day, although the default climate is really just cloudy, grey, damp and chilly!”

        Proving that the weather is now controlled via HAARP and Nexrad technologies.

      • Nice try, Not Amused, but I’m sharing my benefits from Soros with no one but myself… you can still join on a voluntary basis tho, providing you’re prepared to lay across the busy roads, looking to the clouds with a sign reading, cloudy coldness sucks 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • The Unmentionables.

        “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticise?”

        — Kevin Alfred Strom, the real author of this comment that’s mistakenly attributed to Voltaire.

    • Maybe we are looking at this wrongly……..Look at them This is Satan Theater HE LOVES Blood Red Made Clothes in his productions!

      If you believe in what they are saying you deserve everything that is coming your way.
      Because you are absolutely Gullible People who would be sold a car without Brakes.

      • Launched on halloween, tells you all you need to know!!

        Halloween is satanic, people who celebrate it as harmless fun have no idea what they are dealing with!demons literally walk the earth looking for souls to destroy.
        I hate Halloween!
        When I see little children wearing masks and witches hats with the approval of adults. I weep for them.
        God bless!! Christ is lord!!

    • And they wear those extravagant costumes too, those things are not cheap.

    • Yes, this is becoming the only solution. I wish it might be the final solution, but there are a few other groups who also need to go, so it’s maybe the half-way house solution. But definitely a step in the right direction.

  2. We are in a spiritual battle, fight with spiritual weapons, prayer, fasting, praise an worship, standing in faith ,
    we need a miracle breakthrough now!

    Charity Gayle – We Need A Miracle (Lyrics) Praise and Worship Song

    • Watching, these shite actors are funded the mega rich.
      That’s what we are fighting against.

      If you look at numbers the freedom marches far outweigh these idiots but get way less air time. Funding obviously goes to the media and police as they do very little against ER.

      Like I said before… I don’t know anyone who actually supports them or openly admits they are painting their face white & dressing up in red to save the world.

      • Same, don’t personally know anyone but can spot a lefty snowflake from a mile away.

      • Never mind see, you can smell a lefty snowflake from a mile away 😀

      • Smell, Trev? Spot was the term used. Send me your address n I’ll send you some spam

      • Well, it’d be communism for us, and stakeholder capitalism with riches beyond the dreams of avarice for Schwab and his ilk! After all, we’ve been told we would own nothing so that means someone who is not one of us would own everything! Stuff that for a game of soldiers!

      • No difference:

        “Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same Jewish coin.”

        – Adolf Hitler

        “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation.” – V. I. Lenin

        “Without big banks socialism would be impossible.”

        — V.I. Lenin

    • Well said!! Brothers and sisters the deceivers are all around under the guise of good causes…

      “But when you scratch the surface, they are full of dead men’s bones”

      “The Lord is my helper, I will not fear what can man do to me”
      Viva christo rey!! God bless!!

  3. Jesus is returning for His followers soon are you ready? Get saved and get your reservation for the Rapture Flight 777 outta here!

    Prophetic Perspectives Serpents N Doves Nathan E Jones

    Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

  4. Upper class total wankenstiens, dickheads, & faggots the lot of them……. I seriously hate class divide & all that shit specially LaDeDah upper crustations BUT: sometimes…….. As Above
    As said: Put together by the system, Paid by the system, Broadcast by the system to get the system in control as it is what the system wants……
    ………………………..> FUCK THE SYSTEM !


    Stop Useing My Fucking Runes for your fucktard bullshit,,,, It aint the propper meaning that why it sideways….. Like the sidway’s apparatchiks you are
    Name: Dagaz, “day.” Phoneme: D. Meaning: hope, happiness…….

    SEE; Hope Happyness, If you want to know more about Viking runes & origins look here

    & the meaning of Viking runes here

    • Sounds like you have been convinced not to question what you have been told, The mark of a cult. Question everything and with an enquiring mind and the guidance of God no one can lie to you.

      The cross symbol from hot cross buns aka cakes for the queen of heaven aka semiramis aka ishtar (easter) aka the Babylonian ‘moon goddess’ of child sacrifice.

    • Science can never be settled or decided. If I present a thesis for my PhD doctorate titled Climate Change is Man-Made I would be expected to defend it in front of a panel. With thesis come antithesis and maybe synthesis I would not be allowed to say, ‘I have decided. There is no debate’. Scientific theory is just that – a theory. Moses did not bring climate change down from the mountain on a tablet of stone. Scientific theory is always evolving as new discoveries are made and new information is taken on board.

  5. What a bunch of middle class, over privileged wankers these scum bags are! All scripted and part of the great reset agenda – shame that most of them are too stupid to realise that they are pawns in a chess game! Climate change is utter bullshit! An even bigger shame that most people are that stupid they buy into this shit! Bring on the super volcano in Yellow Stone Park – The way the world is going I’d rather that I just checked out now!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Very good.
    Freemasons, death cults and Satan worshippers. Who knew!

  7. I cannot bear to watch these loons, they should all be locked up for the sake of sanity

  8. The fact they are protesting for measures that are already top priority for the government / NWO plan should set alarm bells ringing…

  9. sick!! that what world become

    so people out there just .. stop being Feckin sheep!!

  10. Unbelievable idiots . Fighting for the big corps by mistake while the world is being stolen as they prance around in fancy outfits.

  11. Breaking news… Breaking news… Breaking news…

    These clowns have now moved on to blocking the port of Dover. Of course the police don’t anything. But when I parked my car on a street on a Sunday night had it towed away and I had to pay £200 to get in back 😀 One law for these clowns, another law for trev 😀

  12. The satanists aren’t going to give up without a fight. As they become more and more cornered their desperation increases showing more of their hand. As time goes on all the NGOs of the cabal run Open Society are being seen. Take a note of all the actors that take the coin of evil. Love and light.

  13. Notice who they DON’T go after… the largest users of petroleum and purveyors of death: the military.

  14. Nothing but a bunch of fucking freaks I hope they are fully jabbed up so they will disappear in the cull

  15. The public HATE these fuckers. I remember in London when the public were dragging of off the tops of trains and beating the crap out of them 😀

  16. looks like ‘Dark Winter’ is on it’s way folks! All part of the Boris plan ? It is alleged that he knew about the power issues 18 months ago? Maybe another strategy to cull some more OAP’s

  17. pHEW! didn’t realize it would be so long – 2 hrs or so – very informative – explained a lot – answered many questions – so thankyou. Wow! Still amazed at the level of deceit going on in the world…One needs to be grounded, in my case by faith in God and His Word, the Bible. That brings balance and compassion.
    To the mundane – have to clean house now!

  18. The plastics thing ok well said. But eating healthily is not expensive. So this is about self-educating, instead of dependency and media-addiction.

  19. Interesting video. So since Victorian times the rich have carried out population controls of the peasants and now a more drastic culling with forced paranoid and substances from needles. Ironic most of these people have at least six children whilst moaning about the poor countries doing the same which wouldn’t be in this situation provided the wealth was shared and the UN should take much of the blame. Current generation is being brainwashed from the TV and controlled unsociable media. (Such as YouTwitFace) Time to start Freedom Cells in rural areas miles from cities.

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