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  1. Is this the same Richard Madeley who stole £60 worth of alcohol from a supermarket? 😀

      • From Wiki
        In 1994, Madeley was arrested for failing to pay for items, including champagne, on two occasions at a Tesco supermarket in Manchester. He was later acquitted of all shoplifting charges after citing lapses of memory

      • It was in all the national news papers, google it

  2. You have gone on tweeter Hugo thank you for pointing this out

  3. Little Greta gave the game away when she was talking about ‘the power of story-telling’ 😀 And if you want to work with the BBC it says in the job description that you have to be a ‘good story teller’ 😀 ‘Shows’, ‘programmes’, ‘story-telling’… 😀

  4. Agree with ,ost of this. The green agenda is another hoax, I have no interest in it.

  5. Now they can arrest peaceful protesters and double jab them once they’re in prison. Good move 👏

    • I would love to see how they intend to jail million peaceful people turning at London protests …. not enough police force or jail space.

      • I’ve read something about they’re building new jails all over the country 🤷‍♀️

      • The whole U.K. is to become an island prison!

  6. Oh look! it is Mr Stanley Johnson with an Extiction Rebellion Badge on ,well well well , I am suprised 🙂

  7. i got showed vid of them idiots going across m25, the prats,
    from what i see
    the old bill was more ‘pretending’ basically to drag people ect,
    watching the way the old bill have behaved around the protests for standing up to the BS..
    yes hugo totally agree…

    it was STaged !

  8. Interesting that Boris’ father, Stanley Johnson is a supporter of extinction rebellion, the same Stanley Johnson who wrote a book promoting population reduction….

  9. Bloody bang on, Hugo! I sniffed this rat the minute I heard of
    it! Pure theatre for the masses! Stinky Rebellion has lost some traction now, so a new name – keep it fresh, eh?

  10. But is LIAM NORTON and PIPPA CLARKE and SUE PARPITT not qualified Climatologists and Geologists and Meteorologists and Insulation Engineer?
    Them- `Do what we are forcing you to do`
    You- `YES, CERTAINLY (this eliminates the controversy because there is now agreement to accommodate him) it`s just that we charge you £999 per hour (well it IS an emergency…isn`t it?) to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you LIAM NORTON and PIPPA CLARKE and SYE PARPITT administrating OUR Trust (the Trust is collapsed) payment must be with us immediately, thank you`
    MONEY helps focus the mind(and behaviour)….so why waste an opportunity to make money from LIAM NORTON and PIPPA CLARKE and SUE PARPITT ?

  11. With reference to our previous comment-
    Back in 2014 we only had 500 days before TOTAL CLIMATE CHAOS….according to another two qualified Climatologists and Geologists and Meteorologists and Insulation Engineers JOHN KERRY and LAURENT FABIUS.
    500 days from 2014 brought us to September 2015…..so the TOTAL CLIMATE CHAOS is behind us…..so the emergency has passed?
    Unless `Climate change` may NOT be the same as `Global warming`
    `Climate change` may be code for the economic and commercial/financial/business control shifting from the West and moving to the East and out of the control of the E.U & U.S.A corporations?

  12. I have worked hard in all weathers running a genuine sustainable small business (Organic Agriculture/Forestry/Horticulture) more than 30 Years whilst all these MP’s/Governments idiots have damaged the countries instead of conserving life for future humans. Greenpeace I am sure are controlled opposition (as have some interesting funding sources) claim to save the environment but use fossil fuelled ships and small boats in pristine areas of the world leaving behind contamination. How dangerous and foolish to walk onto main roads and disrupt peoples lives when income is at a vital stage due to all the previous lockdowns. Ironic the homes these people live in aren’t even insulated. In personal experience the world is in a cooling phase so more rain and snow will happen which causes warm summers.

  13. These are not protesters double standard pratts who live a comfortable lifestyle and there nice houses. Strip them of there houses give to the needy and Veteran’s.
    They wear face nappies and police just stand there do not arrest them unlike lockdown protesters they have probably had the jab smash there there heads in.

  14. Best solution: stop watching terrestrial television and ditch national newspapers (including the giveaways on public transport).

  15. As I’ve said before I’ve been an animal rights and human rights activist for many years and was suspicious of XR from day one based on the amount of money and the support they’ve had from the legal system from day one along with the press coverage they get when the rest of us get known unless it’s pure hatred – sadly there are a lot of people who genuinely believe XR are a real activist movement when they are anything but!!! I have friends serving 20yr jail sentences for saving chickens, yes you heard that right, and under the terrorism act at that yet these people walk free from court. I’ve also taken part in lock ons and hell yeah the police are there in seconds, in fact we just need to be there to get arrested so I agree 100% XR is a set up fake movement that sadly has drawn so many well meaning people in

  16. Everyone needs to see this video. It reveals many of the strategies used by the cults to try and fool us on a daily basis. The lies, deception and staged events are now so common that it’s becoming easier to see through them. .
    Imo the presenters on GMB (and other platforms), are lifetime actors being used to further the narrative. The world’s a stage. It’s time we ended this production.

  17. Thanks for your comment Ianfearv.
    If it’s on the MSM it’s suspect. The truth gets no voice or coverage, unless it’s being ridiculed to discredit it. Shame on the fake journalists, they are propaganda merchants.

  18. It’s simple. They allow these idiots to go and cause chaos to enrage the dumb British public. The people are enraged that the Police do nothing. Priti passes a new law to be allow the police to lock up anyone for anything and the dumb fucks cheer, YAY that’ll teach them.

    But now there’s a new law to lock people up on a whim – and it applies to you as well. Don’t want a jab – prison. Don’t want a passport – prison. Don’t want a social credit score – prison.

    Dumb as a big sack of rocks.

  19. It’s all advertising, no matter the program it’s all programming, I have not had a TV for over 30 years and when I see them in someone else’s house the programming is obvious to me while it is not to those who watch TV.

  20. Speaking of MSM & television in general.
    I don’t normally watch TV that much, but due to my current situation (health) I have to spend most of my day’s in my elderly mother in laws. (Can’t be on my own, just in case). She is obsessed with watching daytime TV, I sit with her during the time I’m in her home.

    I have noticed that the adverts are almost completely dominated by Online products. Its right there in your face THE DIGITAL ECONOMY, Non stop brainwashing ads that go on & on & on. Just the other day I counted four (4) ads in a six minute break for Amazon.

    I have convinced my mother in law to Mute the TV during the breaks so we can talk. Not that the ads mean much to her now in her 90s, or myself because I see through them, but more because its a busy household with lots of her Teenage & Twenty something grand children coming & going all day.

    But despite this constant bombardment of brainwashing shite people still can’t or won’t see the agenda, ir the arrival of the NWO.

    I despair for the future of the young, but I won’t give up trying to help them make better choices…

  21. Thank you for all that you do. you are very much appreciated. What a good line “This is Akin to watching a disney movie and believing that its real.”

  22. It looks as if there were much smaller numbers than the hundreds of thousands from the anti-vax demos.. Why doesn’t Madley interview them on TV? Obbvious propaganda. Thanks for all your are going Hugo, getting the word out..

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