Doctor’s Daughter JAB Reactions IGNORED #IRELAND / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. My sons friend has developed an inflammatory autoimmune disease. Hospital has admitted it’s a vaccine adverse reaction 1 month after the jab. 20 minutes after jab an horrific rash started but it took a month for them to admit that it was the vaccine. This is her for life now. This is 2 young people I know personally that have had reactions.

  2. So, the daughter of a medical professional goes and gets the jab of HER OWN FREE WILL, and then says ‘look what they’ve done to me’. Her body her choice, her stupidity!

    • Exactly, it’s sad to see these people being harmed like this, it really is, but there is more than enough information out there now, to show people what can, and very often does, happen, that it’s difficult to feel sympathy for them.

      • You have to remember how brainwashed people are. Not everyone has the mental fortitude of Hugo’s audience. Months of being told the vaccine is basically god has warped people’s mentality- to the point they can have their life turned into a living hell and still say “I support the vaccines”, like this young lady did.

        I understand what you are saying, but direct your unsympathetic feelings towards those that have done this to her and the other victims, if that makes sense.

      • Do there isn’t. They’re hiding these reactions. Besides when you’re in med school you don’t have a choice

    • This is very odd.She implies that she got a 2nd Jab when she was still in spastic mode from the first one!?? It’s a red flag for me!

      • “Her mouth droops to different sides too in each video and her saying she is not against the max is a red flag.” – Yes, this is true, but I can’t see it being staged somehow because it’s doing more harm than good for the vaccine. The husband of that BBC woman who died said a similar thing, but he was probably coerced, but I can’t somehow see someone in her being coerced, only if she’s staging the whole thing, and as I said, that does more harm than good.

      • Totally entitled to your opinion but my mum was in the same ward the night she was admitted. That woman shook from head to toe all night her bed was rattling, I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe that she would cause herself that distress.

      • Where did you read she got a 2nd poke because I follow her and she’s been in hospital since day 1

    • I agree they’ve been warned Upteen times. And we’re labelled as anti-vaxxers but there’s still won’t listen but what I don’t get is why is she all still for this job it’s like she’s wishing it for somebody else I don’t get that.

    • And it’s that very attitude that turns vaxers against anti vaxers, most folk don’t think, poor lassie, have a bit of compassion,

      • I have some sympathy for the gullible sheep who get jabbed and fall ill or die, but none for the sheep types who make disparaging comments like these two, two of many, in this article, preceded by comments. And this is rife amongst the normies!!!

        Chris Nicolls
        Time to target anti-vaxxers. These people are just unbelievable.

        Gareth Anstee
        Those against the vaccine are unfortunately allowed to breed. The fact they live among us probably goes some way to detailing why average intelligence feels so low right now.

    • Nadhim, didn’t think we’d find you here!
      Although these days we don’t know where Boris ends and you start. Mainly because you’re hanging out of his arse.

      There is no way on this earth that she can still be for the death jab or even consider going for her second dose.

      Saying that… I know someone who had clotting from the jab and still went for a second one. Some people will never learn!!

      • We all have a choice except when it’s mandated. So does she give up 5 years of medical school? That takes her choice away.

    • I don’t believe they is a fair comment to make. She is a 5th year medical student who had to be vaccinated. Instead of leaving a comment like that could you not just wish her well. In fact I wish you well. Have a blessed day & I hope you can find compassion in your life

      • These people are no different to the Judahites who were taken into captivity by the Babylonians 585 BC. Jeremiah had to witness their violent and swift end after years and years of warning them. These people, like their ancestors, have rejected God and placed their faith in witch-doctors with their sorcery based medical potions. However, having said that, I, too, feel for them as they are my racial kith and kin, and I may yet write my own book of Lamentations for them when they are all gone.

    • She didn’t have a choice.shes in med school. Get the story right

    • What a horrible and uncompassionate thing to say – everyone is doing their best in these unprecedented times, and no one knows what is best. How in God’s name can you call her stupid for trusting the medical professional and governmental advice. She did not ask for this to happen. A young girls life has been destroyed and your answer is to call her stupid, shame on you.

      • Sorry Lindi, I can’t agree with you on this one. The sheep continue to believe in the stupid rules and that ‘vaccines’ will save them but the REAL truth is out there if you have an ounce of common sense, which obviously, millions don’t have, hence the term ‘ sheep’…. Just following orders’…
        It IS, their body, their choice, their problem. Good luck to these poor unfortunate souls.

  3. People when you are fearful and weak you are strong in the LORD, you must speak out, doctors, nurses, anyone in authority. You cannot go on with an attitude of I’m alright Jack, I’ll be fine. No you won’t because this nightmare will never end if YOU don’t see and hear the truth and speak out or take action against this, even if you lose your jobs, better that than your lives, and the lives of others whose blood could be on your hands through compliance to this evil.

    • Jesus tells us do not be afraid! Trust in him.
      This poison will cut you of from spiritually connecting with the transcendent (God).
      That is why the body is convulsing, it straight from the bowels of hell.

      Do not be deceived or cohearsed it’s pure evil. Why do you think they are demented into forcing it on everyone.
      Your God given natural immunity and prayer is better than any vax..
      God bless! Viva christo rey!

      • There depopulating and reseting society….behind a pandemic myth…
        And gaining more control and economic gain…

    • I’ve never been religious and I feel really silly saying this, but I felt that what is going on was evil and I decided to make a relationship with God, and I felt like I could actually feel a connection.

      Then, despite not wanting a jab I was coerced to have it (only had 1) and after I felt like that connection had gone, really weird, I thought it was probably my imagination, but after about 8 or 9 weeks of asking for repentance I feel that connection is back and stronger.

      Anyway, reason for telling you this, is that there is a video on Brand new tube today, a confession from a monk who had the jab, and felt the exact same thing – apparently (it’s Greek Orthodox) their exorcists have been told by “demons” they are exorcising that the jabs have had some kind of satanic ritual performed over them and it is to let the beastly one into your soul so you lose touch with God.

      Make of it what you will, I’ve never been a church goer, etc and never believed in demons and all that stuff, but now I do believe there is a literal evil force that is behind all of this.

      • it does not surprise me one bit that they are doing this. it is demonic. I am so happy you have found God. He will never desert you just trust your instincts this is His way of speaking too you. May He keep you in His care …

      • Yes, Lucifer is behind this. I am praying that the dear Lord Jesus and our wonderful Heavenly Father make their Presence lovingly felt by you again @guaranteedcarfinancesite🙏

      • Believe me Angels and demons are real. I swear by almighty God!
        I had my spiritual wakening two yrs ago. It was the most beautiful loving feeling ever.

        No man made poison will enter into my body! I know all about the satanic forces that are at work in our lands.

        We must be wise as serpents, heart of a dove.

        My heart and soul was dancing , I promise you always pray to deepen your faith, most importantly never give up.

        It takes a lot of prayer and searching one’s heart, confessing to” Jesus” naked at the foot of the cross.
        Your at the beginning of your spiritual awakening, study the gospels over and over.
        I never get tired of reading Jesus words, they are so rich and deep in understanding.

        God bless! Viva christo rey!

      • Thank you for your interesting comment – you can indeed be thankful that you have never been religious – for no religion has ever saved anyone. God hates religion – instead, He wants a RELATIONSHIP with us. What’s the difference? Religions are all mankind’s rather pathetic attempts to reach God and, through our own efforts, please him …but because we are imperfect, we will always fall short of His perfection – we can never reach His standards. And so, instead, God came to rescue us – as Jesus Christ He came to reach us and through His death on the cross, He shed His blood in complete payment of our sin, HE DID IT ALL and paid the price of our rebelliousness which would otherwise result in our eternal separation. But, because He is God death could not defeat Him and He rose again – clearly demonstrating He is God!

        It seems God is calling you to Him! You already know that you – just like us all – are a rebellious sinner and are in need a Saviour to pay the price we could never pay. To all such people, He offers the GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE through FAITH – NOT Religion. His offer is conditional on nothing except that we receive His FREE GIFT. The Bible, God’s word, puts it like this:

        For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have EVERLASTING LIFE (John 3: 16)

        Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be SAVED (Acts 16:31)

        If you confess with your MOUTH the Lord Jesus, and believe in your HEART that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9)

        (extract from 1 Corinthians 15: 1-4).

        Nothing we do can save us but our believing everything Jesus did for us will guarantee our eternity with Him!

      • Evil is the architect of this.
        Whatever name it takes, its pure evil.

    • Why would anyone working in the NHS ‘speak out? You have have to be off your trolley 😀 Besides, plenty have already ‘spoken out’ 😀

  4. Doctors now getting the tastes of their own medicines, that my fellow woke people would not be a surprise within the days we live in now but it does serve them right!

  5. And she’s still in favour of the vaccine? Lol. Like globalist Jacques Attali quoted back in the 80’s, the stupid will ask to be treated and they will go to the slaughterhouse alone…..

    • The husband of that poor, unfortunate BBC Leeds presenter said something like ‘ it’s a shame she had this particular jab, they should have given her a choice of which one she wanted ‘ !!! I’d have said ‘ f’king bastards KNEW the damage that ANY of these jabs could do… DO NOT TAKE A JAB! ‘ It’s beyond ‘bizarre’ now!

      • Yeah, left me dumbfounded how a husband defended the killing of his wife!!!

        It gets me angry reading and seeing what’s happening. I’d like to be able to switch off to just get on with it, but I just can’t. I need to keep fighting our corner.

      • dc3009, We are like brothers!! I can’t switch off either, pointing out stupid rules and stupid fear-mongering…. but WHY can’t I switch off?? Why am I still looking on here? I think that I KNOW what is coming, so why am I still trying to get the sheep to see the REAL truth, when I have no-chance at all, they are beyond help. I saw an acquaintance of mine on Tues. He has Sepsis. He had a blood clot in his foot which travelled up to his knee/thigh etc. He has had both jabs. I told my wife ( double jabbed/sheep) and she said ‘you cant automatically connect the jab with the clot’ ! I think that ‘fear’ is the reason for her not accepting the blatantly obvious connection. Her ( and others ) fear they are in trouble, but to make themselves feel better and dilute their fears they criticise us for giving them the real facts. Of course these adverse events are not on msm fake news, so, apparently, WE are spouting rubbish. The sheep are ignorant of the truth, we must remember that. Be Strong, Bro!

  6. I am sympathetic until they come out with: “I am still not against vaccines.” My sympathy then vanishes like an early morning mist. There is no fixing stupid.

    • If they die within 14 days of having the jab they are classified as “unvaccinated”…
      So now theres this propaganda of dying of not having the jab…
      Bit like the positive test within 28 days crap thing…

      • Well they can’t do that if it’s the second jab, can they? Unless they’re going to corrupt those records as well, and most have had two jabs by now anyway. So that’s a load of bullshit.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine i meant after the first dose not both doses

      • They’re also classified as “unvaccinated” until they’ve had 2 jabs.

      • @ Matt, that sound like a right load of old cobblers 😀 It doesn’t even make sense 😀

      • Matt is right; because the jab can take upto 14 days to become active then your classed as un vaxxed. It’s purely a manipulated system to not list those dying or being harmed within the 14 day window.

      • It’s lying bullshit, any one with half a brain can tell you that once something is your bloodstream it’s all over your body in a matter of hours, not 14 days, hence the Dover girl was dead shortly after receiving it.

      • At truthdoctrine – That’s generally what I was implying, just not in as many words. Read it again and you’ll get it. Merely supporting Matt’s original comment with the reason as to why 14 days.

    • The husband of that poor, unfortunate BBC Leeds presenter said something like ‘ it’s a shame she had this particular jab, they should have given her a choice of which one she wanted ‘ !!! I’d have said ‘ f’king bastards KNEW the damage that ANY of these jabs could do… DO NOT TAKE A JAB! ‘ It’s beyond ‘bizarre’ now!

      • Never mind all the other people that have had the same jab as his stupid wife, and as if one of the other jabs is any better. He’s obviously got shit for brains or he’s being paid to keep on spewing the pro-jab crap.

  7. What it is i think is that they added more “ingredients” to these things early this year and nobody knows what they was….people that had both jabs very early, rarely if at all developed any serious adverse effects i think….
    The booster jabs turns out will lower or suppress the immune system even more…
    Everybody is just a clinical trialist having these and there is no proof of safety or efficiency with them…
    This influenza “pandemic” drafted under “covid 19” has become a case pandemic under the guidance of a swab stick not used for infection or sickness diagnosis

    • I agree, the earliest jabs (the first lots like 70+ year olds and care staff) I don’t know anyone visibly harmed. Just odd things that can be brushed off as coincidental. It would have been catastrophic for the jab campaign if lots of those people had nasty reactions or dropped dead straight away, no one else would want a jab when it came their turn would they! My uncle in the next age group after the 70+ had a small stroke event after jab 1 and was hospitalised (Pfizer) but ok now, still doesn’t feel great. Still went for jab 2! The most alarming thing is youngsters like this girl having their health ruined and those sporty youths in the Young Hearts videos dropping dead in their prime. You may be right, the first batches were relatively harmless to lure everyone else in and slowly the ingredients have changed. People may scoff at such an idea but nobody taking them knows exactly what’s in these things or how much.

      • I think early stages had placebo’s to encourage people to get them jabs later on down the line….and also they needed the front line staff more so back then anyway…i know nobody that had them back then that had any adverse reactions at all…

      • Also a friends card just said PFIZER on it instead of the actually doses given to people early doors on the 2 spaces on the card…
        He just had the second jab…and the first not long ago…so something has changed

      • What is the point of killing off the young and leaving the elderly intact? You are changing your story to suit your narrative. Or in other words, taking bollox 😀

      • @trev fuck off will you…your obviously a bloody troll that reads nothing…go suck a dick trevor🤪

      • @ Mike You didn’t answer the question 😀 But then I didn’t think that you would 😀 Like anyone who doesn’t swallow any old outlandish theory is a ‘troll’, you are worse than the fakestream media, but then again maybe you are the fakestream media/gov agent in disguise 😀 Now, YOU can go and do one – troll 😀

      • Trev – they killed off plenty of elderly “useless eaters” as they call them in the care homes with midazolam, DNR orders etc. Which also served the purpose of creating the illusion of a pandemic. The rest of the older generation left are not long for this world anyway. They want to get to the kids – perhaps for the sterilisation element? We don’t know, it’s not our crime. But something is not right. Why jab kids at all – they have not been suffering with acute respiratory syndrome and the vulnerable have jabbed themselves silly anyway. Children have not been the drivers of this “pandemic” they have always said this.

      • Trev, think about what was said, it’s pretty plausible 🤔

        I’m in the same boat here. Most of the people I know are elderly ( retired golfers) (I’m not myself elderly) and are doubly jabbly. Nothing, not even a headache was reported by any of them.

        So, don’t you think that just maybe, a lot of placebos were injected until such a time they garnered confidence and permission to jab our younger folk?

        Now that all that confidence was gained and the permissions granted and the young dropping on one knee for it, they can now fulfill the plan with boosters until we are ended!

        I believe it 🤦🏻‍♂️ Wish I didn’t 😖

      • It could be something to do with weaker immune systems in older people but that would mean the younger generation are in big, big trouble. None of us really know 😀

      • Trev, I think you’re still struggling to follow the point being made… weaker immune systems wouldn’t cope with the real poison but if injecting a placebo (saline) then it’s not really going to affect the elderly if it was only a placebo on the early days.

  8. And she is still for the ‘V’ do us a favour, no sympathy for her whatsoever if this is true

  9. After nearly two years I do not know personally of anyone who has died of covid. I know two people who say they had it, but were only slightly unwell for a couple of days. I know several others who had positive tests, with absolutely no symptoms, one of whom has now apparently had it 3 times (works in a nursing home so is tested regularly) What I do know is 4 people who have had adverse reactions immediately after being jabbed including my partners 19 year old nephew who collapsed in the medical centre minutes later. And two who were bedridden for several days and poorly for weeks after.
    But the most bizarre thing is none of these people registered an official adr, and even more astounding is that 3 of them went back for the 2nd shot, including the 19 year old as his parents said he had to! What the fuck is wrong with these people, I cannot understand the level of blind obedience and fear.

    • Nobody has “had it”….i get people telling me that when they tested positive or had a cold and tested positive yet the swab is the only guidance for sars 2 and yet does not test for infection or sickness so in reality nobody has actually had this thing at all really and they never tested or contained it for a proper vaccine

      • Yup, it doesn’t exist Matt. People need to stop testing, FULL STOP!

        When they want their figures they manipulate the test cycles.

        Politicians never want it to end because their all getting rich with it. All invested in it in some capacity.

        But, we are laughed at for our knowledge.

    • The 19-year-old’s parents should be forcibly jabbed like pin-cushions – not that I wish any irreversible harm to befall them, just that they get a taste of their own medicine and feel awful for a few weeks.

    • I have noticed that a few jabbed up people I no feel its Important to voice there reasons for having 2 jabs and now a booster. They ask u all happy if ur having ur booster when u say no I’m not having any jabs. They start getting cared away and rasing there vocie at me. It’s almost as tho there justifying having it. Then shout at me giving reasons why they are at risk lol 😆😂 people like me. Best from now on I just say yes I’m fully jabbed up. Can’t handle this same old shit. Look at that stupid girl. Dad’s a doc she’s some sort of nurse by the looks of it. U can’t say they hadn’t heard of reactions? It’s stupid . I don’t actually care about these stupid people. I dont no anyone that’s had the big C let alone died of flu lol. 🤧 people can see but they have had the jabs and feel might as well.just carry on. We will blame anyone that won’t be injected with the poison. Fuckem.x

      • Self righteous brainwashed idiots…i take no notice of them…pathetic they are with there little selfies with there jab cards etc…


    • It does my tits in! They say, “but babies have the MMR jab, why not a covid jab?” or “polio vaccines saved millions” etc etc.

      • Well because the “covid “ jab was never tested on a virus and also its a spike protein jab that goes all around the body tell them and a different jab all together never used on people before..

      • The polio vaccine “saving millions” is a myth.

      • TruthSeeker: Yes, you’re so right, the ‘polio vaccine’ saving millions IS a myth. The ‘traditional’ vaccines are immensely dangerous, they’re a medical scam. What a tragedy that the global masses are not aware of that fact. There are many excellent, high-quality books published which provide data (historical, medical and scientific) that PROVES that ‘vaccines’ are indeed a medical scam. One very excellent book re. this is “Dissolving Illusions: disease, vaccines, and the forgotten history”, by Dr Suzanne Humphries.

      • Thanks chrisjoyce58 I had never heard of Dr Humphries. I’ve just watched her video, which discussed the book and found others, and she puts makes so much sense. A very brave woman.

      • Gina, babies should never have the MMR jab.
        Watch Vaxxed to find out why.

      • I’m not condoning the MMR/polio jabs, I was just demonstrating the sort of things people say when arguing about the mRNA jabs.

  11. How many volunteers who have jabbed people are now responsible for the action that has caused serious adverse reactions or even death in those that they have injected? The jab’s army are working for the enemy. One day they will all be judged.

    • They probably won’t u no. This is what the world’s come to. People will say its my job . As of the nazi’s. If people are that fucking stupid to listen and look 🙄 I say after 18 months of this bollocks and the can read right. Fuckem . Stupid is as stupid does.

      • Just following orders during the Nuremberg Trials didn’t save them!

  12. Hi Hugo. Thanks for all the info and videos. Shocking stuff. Thought you might find this video interesting I’m sure you know about his work. It gives some hope that something is being done and the amount of data he’s collected and shares is mind blowing. Maybe you can get this out to your audience. If nothing else, the details he shares explains so much.

    Keep well.

  13. She said she still supports the covid vaccine. What fresh head phuckery is this?

    • Total and utter stupidity, if these are the educated doctors and health professionals we are relying on we have no chance.

  14. Are the hse staff on the Pfizer payroll or are they afraid to speak out against the vaccines when they see this happening.

  15. According to Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano, one of the group in Spain called “La Quinta Columna” (The Fifth Column) directed by Ricardo Delgado, that discovered Graphene Oxide in the vaccines: THERE IS NO VIRUS. What causes the disease according to Dr. Sevillano are electromagnetic frequencies coming from mobile phone antennas, and the new 5G technology being tested, even before the so called pandemic started. It can affect anyone, but much worse the vaccinated people in more than one aspect as we’ll see. He doesn’t denied the disease, he treated many people that had it, and he maintains that the worst cases he had seen, even before the so called vaccines were given as a solution, were from patients living close to mobile phone antennas, some of which had been vaccinated against the flu beforehand, and also because some people are more sensitive than others to it. He claims that Graphene Oxide in the vaccines against Covid, is a conductor that will be used to modulate the power of those frecuencias coming from 5G for the New Industrial Revolution that the Elite want to implement, becomes toxic in the body causing all the adverse reactions and deaths in vaccinated people we are seeing since the vaccination campaign started, and nothing to do with the spike protein in it. The theory of Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano and Ricardo Delgado of “La Quinta Columna” makes sense in every sense of the word. . It could be the ideal solution for Bill Gates the guy that would love to reduce the population of the World, for Elon Musk the one behind the Neuralink Project that wants to hack the human brain, and for Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum that told people: “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”.

    • You’ll own nothing since you’ll likely be dead…

      You also contradicted yourself here also 🤔

      FYI… David Icke was first to state that the virus didn’t exist back in March/April 2020.

      5G is to power “Big Data” and yes, the transmission frequencies from the 5G transmitters can be amplified upto 85ghz (correct me if a little wrong) and that is where the danger lies…

      People with seasonal flu were put on drugs such as midazolam that made them ill to the point of needing intubated. All medical centres were directed to only use deathly drugs and were warned against prescribing ivermectin and hydroxyquoline, which were scientifically proven to treat pneumonia flu. Midazolam created pneumonia symptoms on those prescribed it, hence the ghastly MSM headlines!

      Graphine Oxide is a biological agent that reacts to frequency and is has been banned for use. So, hence the secret ingredients.

  16. ‘ Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. ‘ Bertrand Russell. ‘Impact Of Science On Society. Seems to be working today, on a lot of people.

  17. Fake.
    How did she manage to write the posts in that condition or even to think coherently?

    • Strange you say that as it reminds me of them people that claim to be unjabbed and have “covid19”…
      But why would they pull this stunt?..they cannot not want people to have them jabs now surely?…confusing

    • Yeah….. 20 months of total BS on msm and radio has made me uneasy about ANYTHING that is put out as news. I question everything that I see and hear…… It is not a nice world to live in, but I suspect that I am not alone.

  18. And she says that she is not against the vaccination. This does not make any sense, who filmed it?
    Anyway going back to the paid actors, I found Linda lusardi video the other day, haven’t seen it before, if anyone is interested it’s worth a look.
    We are living in the biggest lie in the history of creation.

    • Probably still promoting it and giving out the message like oh its ok it wont happen to you…

  19. Ice Bucket Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge, Tide Pod Challenge, Planking, taking a Convid Jab, it’s all the same thing, weeding out the idiots.

  20. Looks like she has Bell’s palsy! Just look at her bottom lip, it looks wonky to me! Anyway we all know here how seriously dangerous this covid jab crap is, this is the stuff of nightmares and horrors! I will never, ever have this muck injected into me. This world has gone completely insane with all this garbage, and I’m just praying that more people will wake up and realise the truth before it is just too late. I read to my absolute horror yesterday that Pfizer has got the go ahead to give the jabs to 5-11 year olds! Seriously????????????????? Come on people WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!!

    • Or a stroke?
      I know, it’s insanity to put this into infants especially. Nobody young and healthy needs it! Nobody needed it, it doesn’t work (against a coronavirus) maybe it works for what they actually wanted it to do? This is becoming more satanic by the day!

    • Speaking of Bell’s Palsy, I’d like to apologize for insinuating publicly that Australian politician Victor Dominello got his Bell’s Palsy from the vaccine. Thankfully, an AAP fact check has set me right, declaring it a “false diagnosis”. Victor himself went on to say that the claims are “outrageous” and that there has been no evidence of a link between the vaccine he took and Bell’s Palsy and that their is “heaps of medical evidence” that the biggest reason for the condition is stress. The article also says how common the condition is.
      Silly me. I’m sure if we think hard enough we can think of lots of times before Covid that we’ve seen stressed politicians appearing on TV with their face half drooping – and even while discussing their government’s vaccine policies too! You couldn’t make this stuff up.

  21. I’m sorry but there’s no way you would still be pro-vaccine after this! It’s the same with Lisa Shaw’s husband – the jab officially killed his healthy wife leaving his very young son with no mother and he STILL said nothing against the jabs! Just that we “should be able to choose which one we have” ! They ALL have blood clot/stroke risks amongst the other nasty stuff. There’s no way in hell you would say that after such a personal tragedy.

    • I don’t know if you ever watched the film Spotlight. It was all about the abuse within the catholic church. They showed how the families of the victims were visited by an important person within the church who used their influence to convince them that speaking out would be a bad thing because it was against ‘the greater good’ and so they kept silent. I wonder if something like that is at play in these cases. They are already vulnerable and don’t want to face the onslaught that would come from S M

      • Luana, I think that is a great part of the problem at prestent,, but it is more than that, Dr’s are doing the biding of government, pharma and the professional organisations they belong to. They no longer have the interests of the patients first, their fear comes first, fear of being reprimanded. It is abuse of there position and abuse of the trust placed in them, they are no longer independent of thought of action.

      • ‘Life is but a trial, my child. These things are sent to test us.’ 😀

    • Absolutely correct! If I hadn’t seen that gullible husband say those words, then I would never have believed that a truly loving husband would say such a ridiculous, stupid, beyond-bizarre comment! It makes my blood boil!!!! 😡😡😡😡😷😡😡😡😡

  22. why would anyone ever want to insert a poison into anyones body without knowing what the hell is in it of which everyone is finding out the hard way that its no good to you whatsoever?? surely your instinct would tell you a big NO !!! and its not a vaccine , i wish i had a £1,000 for every time i said that

  23. I only know of one person who was said to die from Covid19. the Lady a neighbour was a retired nurse in her mid 80’s and was already receiving palliative care with advanced lung cancer. I know of three who were unwell and have died soon after the vaccine, I know others who have not been well from having the injections.
    Dr’s are currently doing the medical profession great harm in trying to cover the problems up and pretend all is well, we can no longer trust the opinion of medical Doctors.

  24. Hospitals are not safe anymore. Yesterday hubby had an appointment. He was told to mask up. He said no. Told he could wear a visor. He said no. They then said they will check if doc will see him as he won’t comply. The doc did see him, so they had a drama for nothing. I asked him what would he do if doc wouldn’t see him. He said I watched what room they went in … I’d have visited him anyway. Think he’s had enough now.

  25. From elsewhere copied and pasted :

    The protected need protection against the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to take the protection that didn’t protect the protected!

  26. Put make up on the go and get the jab!
    What a fool.
    Sorry but the mountain of evidence out there now warning against taking this poison is overwhelming.

    • Purely for the, “I’ve had my Covid jab” selfie photo afterwards no doubt. I could barf when I see those!

    • Where’s the evidence? If only like us who are open to alternative media and disprove MSM, the sleepy people would need to be directed to platforms like this to wake up by the evidence. There’s still no evidence on MSM of this sham in my view?

  27. Perhaps she said she’s not against the vaccine in order to avoid being labelled an ‘antivaxxer’. which tends to be the first thing the MSM run with once they get wind of such a story.

    • Yes Thankyou that is exactly what I meant; I have already received so much hate for sharing my experience being in the medical field but I am not and never was for this jab on a personal level. I believe in choice and there is no need to call people stupid and make angry remarks that’s what makes someone so afraid to be called an anti Vaxer. I’m still disabled 5 weeks later but I am now home and no I have not had the second jab even though HSE won’t stop sending me texts even after knowing everything that is happening because I haven’t kept quiet about anything! I have tagged them in almost all my posts. P.S that’s a lot of effort for anyone to put in to get what hate comments and verbal abuse? I didn’t have a choice and I wish people would understand that. When people say you always have a choice mine was to either step away from my degree or take a risk and I took the risk because I’ve been passionate about being a doctor ever since I was a child. I have always wanted to heal. I don’t believe this is a vaccine it’s gene therapy and I truly from the bottom of my heart wish that people would comment with compassion taking into account the pain and suffering of an individual regardless of what and who caused it, that’s the argument I had with my doctors where is the empathy gone why have we become so desensitised. Nobody knows me nobody knows my struggle you know a part of it that you are too quick to judge. I appreciate the kind comments Thankyou for wishing me well! Love Arooj Imtiaz Lughmani

  28. As long as the medical field refuses to acknowledge a possible correlation between adverse reactions and the vaccine, and as long as the medical field refuses to treat patients with drugs that are by now well documented to offer relief to Covid-19, people will continue to have vaccination hesitancy, and rightfully so.

  29. this poor woman ): .. Seeing videos like this only convinces me more that the uneasiness i feel about these clot shots is spot on, … just how many are suffering in silence? it’s horrendous and it needs to stop

  30. Zuckerberg has committed to the removal of any material which puts vaccines in a bad light from both Facebook and Instagram.

  31. Fuck em. If they are dumb enough to get the jib jab, then they are dumb enough to suffer the consequences, so fuck em.

  32. Why does she still approve the vaccine based on this suffering she’s going through,,, simple, she is most likely very scared to speak out against it for fear of being ended!

    There can not be any other explanation!

    Most likely the same feeling and situation as all the others who have been damaged yet still condone the jab 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😖

  33. I know it’s distressing watch ing someone in this state after having the jab, but Daddy probably told her it’s safe and called us Anti Vaxxers the usual names.

    See in Canterbury a protest outside a school parents warning others against this experiment jab, school told to call the police and staff not engage with them.
    Strictly come dancing some dancers not having it being called names tosspots celebrities don’t want to be need them and Bojo putting his nose in saying we have a duty to protect our communities well Bojo it’s turning Stuff your MURDERING POISON I WILL NEVER HAVE IT
    Proud not to have it

    • No daddy didn’t tell me it was safe. In fact when all drs were cashing in getting paid 30 euro a shot he didn’t inject a single person till this day with this. He is the only breadwinner we played Russian roulette on our lives to remain employed. If he was that person he would have made millions out of medicine but his whole life he has done nothing but help people even making midnight house calls just if his patient is stressed. He doesn’t drive flashy cars a small 15 year old car. He has worked all over Ireland as a GP even in Connemara his approach is always proaction and not reaction. He rescued an extremely critical elderly patient who had a heart attack in Connemara he was the only Dr around. He personally arranged an air ambulance because he knew to act fast or she wouldn’t have made it local hse ambulance said it’ll take us atleast 2 hours and that was too long he was at her home by her side until she was transported into safe care and vitals were stable. That’s the amount of care he gives to his patients as though they are family. I didn’t get this V to save myself from Covid and I will tell you why, just this time last year I was volunteering working in Abbottabad Pakistan at a Covid ICU the basic treatment given to people was ivermectin and an anti thrombosis med with a heavy steroid to reduce the inflammation this was very very different to what was being used in Ireland or any other western country. I had no PPE just a mask. I got C, I didn’t die I in fact saved 2 lives because I was concerned about their comorbidities as that’s what ends up killing the person. When I recovered I went back to work and from there onwards I experimented I didn’t protect myself with masks around the sick and I never got Covid again! I study in Bulgaria where emergency gets put into place when C cases rise the Ukraine crisis have been going on longer than they are on TV I had no way of getting to Ireland unless I had an appointment booked for the V. I also couldn’t join my uni as you can’t enter the hospital without a pass, maybe I should have compromised my morals and gotten a fake pass it would have saved a lot of pain but I am glad this happened, this has opened my eyes to what my dad has always referred to as the medical mafia not only is the Irish healthcare system racist but it’s very biased as everyone knows everyone the drs. He didn’t let me get the swine flu vaccine, neither the flu ones the HPV and a lot other that I prefer to not mention. My reason for studying medicine wasn’t to work in a hospital it was to simply know the functioning of the finest creation in the universe the human mind and the brain. My father was the person who opposed my choice of degree the most in fact it took me years to convince him hence I’m still 28 and in medschool. Prior to this I had never in my life heard of a vaccine injury. As a medical student you are considered more than crazy if you suggest that the science is not right. My whole life in my house hold when someone got a wpund you heat turmeric in ghee and apply it to the wound, when you’re nauseated you drink fenugreek, cardamom and mint tea, when you have diabetes you take nigella seeds, when you’re sick with anything you drink haldi dood which is the now infamous turmeric latte in the western world. Water boiled with cumin seeds to detox and the list can go on forever. Perhaps I have been prepared for this my whole life. I was in the dark but the light shone itself. It’s easy to judge someone’s struggles because everyone has their own life paths. It has been 7 months and the only treatments my parents are giving me are Pakistani ancient organic recopies made with spices and they work. I’m a type two diabetic but I don’t take any medication for it because my moms concoction drops it down within an hour. My dad has never called anyone an anti vaxer he is everyone’s favourite doctor because he listens and he explains everything to them and genuinely cares. He’s not a pill giver in fact he’s not prescribed an antidepressant in years as they are very damaging for the brain. He’s a licensed hypnotherapist and treats most of his patients with hypnotherapy. Do you know how hard and extremely brave it was to share a vaccine injury when everyone I know or am friends with is a dr or either a pharmacist. Saying I’m not against vaccines in that first post is just proof of how gaslighted I was by the doctors telling me it’s all in my head this is rare. After 7 months of research I now know a very dark side to medicine. I’ve had so many hurdles in my medical degree journey it’s been 9 years for a 6 year degree I was at the end but the fact that it always ends up not working out is the universe screaming at me that this is not what my life plan is. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I’ve acquired about myself, the human body by studying medicine but I won’t ever practice as a medical doctor anymore. I don’t need an MD next to my name to help people. Not all drs are evil believe me, my father hasn’t spoken out because so many have lost their licenses. He’s the sole provider for 5 people. I wanted to finish school asap so I can help him so he can retire. This wasn’t an unplanned waltzed into the centre and got the V thing yolo. In fact when I got to the centre the first question I was asked was why are you not V’d yet were on to young teenagers now. Im healing myself physically and mentally so that I can do more about raising awareness, my GP doesn’t even accept an appointment from me the same man who drove my dad to the hospital when he had a heartattack 7 years ago they were more than colleagues they were fiends. Despite being isolated discriminated by my community medical and local, losing all my friends and some family relations, I stand strong with the fact that I am against pharma and I have shared everything on my Instagram. My siblings and I have taken antibiotics twice at the max in our lifetimes were nearly 30. Does that make us anti-antibioticers? Antivaxxer I’m my opinion is a discriminatory term. At the end of the day everyone has the right to decide what goes inside their body. I will never be getting another vaccine and I plan on never giving any to my children either if I ever have any. I can’t even go to pakistan to get treatment as unvaccinated are not allowed to enter the country.. and my whole family is considered unvaccinated. I’m in jail you don’t know me you don’t know my story or my fathers you don’t know the struggle the frustration we go through on a daily basis so commenting and referring to my father in this manner who has nothing to do with this isn’t cool.. not all drs are evil not all have agendas to pill you up and load their bank accounts. Some purely just want to help people my father studied in candle lit rooms in the middle of the night to study he is a self made man but his wealth doesn’t include a list of properties and assets his wealth is the knowledge he gave his children and the education. No other medical student would ever fight her drs consultants on her diagnosis or ask questions the way I did and the whole time I was thinking if they are trying to gaslight someone who has medical knowledge and is spiritually conscious I wonder what must happen to normal people. I shared for them. To expose the drs, so that nobody gets treated like this ever again. Hundreds of people in ireland have gotten in touch after I shared telling me they were on the verge of getting it and I possibly saved their lives.. so I read the hate comments and forget about them because I know someone somewhere needed to see this. I wish I had seen a single neurological damage case it’s so hard to find information everyone is a liar even to most people here I’m a liar because I ‘support’ the vaccine. I don’t support anything anymore. At the time i was flooded with 1000 hate comments a day you’re just an anti Vaxxer bla bla add that to the hell im living in. When I look back I don’t know how I survived and am still going despite the 2-3 odd seizures I have every few days. For my dad, It was either pay his mortgage, children uni fees and expenses, provide for his family, bills, lose his very limited and only source of income during Covid OR take the shot risk your life to provide for your children. We don’t get benefits. We will never qualify.

  34. I am being cynical here, she is a Doctor’s daughter, and yet, she took the poison, don’t get it? Mmmmm?

    • Teresa, I know a few doctors who have taken the jab.
      There’s no reasoning with some people who just recycle the MSM rubbish.
      Brainwashed and gladly pushing this kind of side effect onto others without any repercussions.

  35. This does not surprise me at all. An anesthetist in UCHG Galway, quiet literally crippled me with a spinal injection. I had to learn to walk again with NO assistance except for my children… the reason… he denied ALL responsibility for his action and ALL other doctors covered and lied for him. I was left alone and as a result of their cover-up we could not access any help as in community nurse so my daughter cared for me but could not get carers allowance, so, she has no stamps put up for the twenty plus years she cared for me, this despite a friend who is a doctor and was in Ireland briefly, referring me to U.K. for a diagnosis, which resulted in my being diagnosed with central nervous damage as a result of the procedure in UCHG they continued to ignore the diagnosis and instead treated us like the guilty party  

    • That’s shocking, Mary! I will never comprehend the stress and pressure that will have inflicted on your life x

  36. the stupidity of those people knows no bounds…. she chose to have it she should have known the risks …shes a healthcare professional after all…..and she still wont condemn the vaccine .. i hope she doesnt have any kids or she’ll be getting them to have it ..

  37. I have already received so much hate for sharing my experience being in the medical field but I am not and never was for this jab in extreme pain I had to be so careful with my words I was scared to speak up. I said I’m not against the vaccine because that label of an anti Vaxer it takes away every logical thing you’re saying. That’s the only thing the other person will then fixate on that I’m an anti Vaxer so ofcourse I’ll say this etc. Instead I demanded for the side effects to be publicised and recorded in a manner which I deemed reasonable at the time. On a personal level I have never wanted to get this vaccine but in my line of career there was no choice left. I believe in choice and there is no need to call people stupid and make angry remarks that’s what makes someone so afraid to be called an anti Vaxer. I’m still disabled 5 weeks later but I am now home and no I have not had the second jab even though HSE won’t stop sending me texts even after knowing everything that is happening because I haven’t kept quiet about anything! I have tagged them in almost all my posts. P.S that’s a lot of effort for anyone to put in to get what hate comments and verbal abuse? I didn’t have a choice and I wish people would understand that. I don’t have a victim personality and I’m taking this head on and finding the purpose behind this pain. My voice has reached hundreds and if I’ve saved even a single life these hate messages don’t mean anything to me. When people say you always have a choice mine was to either step away from my degree or take a risk and I took the risk because I’ve been passionate about being a doctor ever since I was a child. I have always wanted to heal. I don’t believe this is a vaccine it’s gene therapy and I truly from the bottom of my heart wish that people would comment with compassion taking into account the pain and suffering of an individual regardless of what and who caused it, that’s the argument I had with my doctors where is the empathy gone why have we become so desensitised. Nobody knows me nobody knows my struggle you know a part of it that you are too quick to judge. I appreciate the kind comments Thankyou for wishing me well! Love, Arooj Imtiaz Lughmani.

    • It was a tough decision to make and unfortunately you made the wrong one. It’s easy for some people to take a lofty approach to your problem, but what would they do in the same situation. We Thinkers have seen the BS from the start, NOTHING has made sense since the start and yet people continue to queue up for these clot shots. Many posters have asked why you considered having Clot Shot 2 after being so ill …I would have been running the other way and finding a different career! I hope you fully recover.

    • Anyone with a tin pot medical back ground can tell your faking. Stop. It’s embarrassing now

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