AUSSIE POLICE Now Told NO JAB NO JOB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

133 Comments on “AUSSIE POLICE Now Told NO JAB NO JOB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. That earthquake was dumbs being blown up ! Haarp is very real and used to start most disasters !
    And as for them coppers ..fck them !! Shooting bullets at innocent people . All of them need the jab !! They know they doing wrong and now because its gunna affect their wallet !! Ha tossers.

  2. police and politicians are public servants,they and their families should be first to test out gene modification shots..

  3. Oh that is terrible, if they are suspended they won’t be able to assault old women and children with impunity.

  4. This is grotesque state overreach. It will be interesting, considering how zealous they are in enforcing these draconian rules on others.
    I hope this is the moment that politicians realise they have overstepped the mark. If people do not resist now, they never will and by then it will be too late.

  5. Ha ha tough shit. You choose your side you cretins. Suck it up. Bastards.

  6. Every now and again something comes along that lifts you up, makes you smile, if this is really the case in OZ then this is one of those times. We could all see this one coming but these dumb asses obviously did not !!! Time to make a decision what side of the line you are on, don’t think they will be getting much sympathy either.

  7. The Police are now getting some of their own treatment, but who will enforce it. It would have to be the Military, as they have more and bigger guns and equipment.
    They deserve all they get, but the Country is in crisis. What will happen when the Forces are forced to take the Jab. Time to wake up, just hope it isn’t too late.

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