AUSSIE POLICE Now Told NO JAB NO JOB / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. what happens if the Cops all get Placebo to make them believe that they then have the right to engage in what ever tactics without any consideration. Yes you could say that this is the case right now and maybe so in Aussie. Not all countries are kicking OAP’s in the Face when their trying to get up off the Ground. Imagine this , how is anybody going to be able to prove what has been injected? Placebo? or Kill-shot? We all know how this world wide corruption is being forced upon the people of this World. Just a thought Order out of Kaos too many Sheep and not enough Lions yet the tide is seemingly turning or are we all high on hopium..

    • I’ve seen police in every country attack ‘The Auldies!’

      Vaccine Batch numbers will be the proof of ingredients.

  2. The heavy handed “riot cops” are not employed directly by the state of Victoria. They are a private Police Force governed by global NGO’s based in London, Victoria is the only state in Australia to sign on, all dressed in black “SWAT” styled black vehicles and do not have the Australian logo on their uniforms – Start here –

  3. The earth quake could be a godsend , whose going to build the shit back up

  4. Friend of mine was offered the booster jab today…
    He said they can stick it up there arse…
    Many are doing that now…
    Not sticking it up there arse but telling them too

  5. 90 U.K. police officers, apparently, have died of the virus. Is this correct? Haven’t seen a headline in the daily papers about it. Big stonking lie, do you think?

    • I’ve JUST read the ‘ news’ as reported by 7 news. It makes my piss boil!!!! They say fck all about the Gestapo police farce who use terror tactics on unharmed civilians, but push the ‘ urine’ non-story for all its worth! FFS!! God help us all!!!I hope we get to see these Bastards hang!!!!!

  6. BBC News, Covid will be a Common Cold by the Autumn, well it already is, but guess you can’t admit to that yet, but starting to give a time on when this shit is over, so what’s next ??

    Too many catching on to this obvious hoax! 🙂

  7. I saw one report on Austrailian MSM that stated 90 UK police officers have died from the pandemic. checking UK government website that’s factually correct but they where retired officers and over 65.

  8. Saw this coming from a mile off. Serves them fucking right. I have no sympathy for the Police whatsoever. This was very clear from the start that their job is to protect and serve the people yet they chose to intimidate and arrest them. What goes around comes around. It’s called karma.

    • The problem is that the Aussie sheep will side with the police farce, just like in the UK. We’re at War, my friend.

  9. This has really made me laugh. The Police have been beyond brutal in enforcing the fascism and now the boot is on the other foot they don’t like it, a classic case of karma. At least this might wake a few of them up.

    • Goverments as well as they are “exempt” from boosters turns out..
      Not exempt from destroying peoples lives for there own economic gain and control though only..

  10. Different state, mate. Victoria is where the protests are, Queensland has the mandate for the police. But in saying that, it should only be a few days before the Victorian Dictator casts a mandate to the police.

  11. The police around the world are so stupid battering their own people, when the digital distopian age is implemented they won’t be needed any more.

  12. All deliberately orchestrated in their plan to create civil unrest and justify the Army on the streets.

  13. It is only for police in Queensland, why not NSW & Victoria Police too?
    Would like to see the reaction from police if those 2 states were included as well.

    • Different states – different laws and Premiers – more like US than UK in that respect

  14. And dont forget that that despite we plebs needing a Convid Passport to go into public buildings where large numbers of people will be, the MP’s will NOT have to show their papers when they file into the House of Commons. It makes my p#ss boil!!!!!!!

    • They know something they don’t want us to know.
      Culling the people that’s why they are excused.

      • AGREED….but the sheep will never see sense because they only watch msm. They are ignorant of the truth.

    • Same with the masks: big sporting events recently attended by THEM while masked up sheep tending THEM ,,, Look at the Emmys from the other day too.’, all maskless apart from the sheep serving and waiting on them.


      • Spot on!!! F’king Dr Shillery tells the plebs to wear a stupid mask whilst they are swimming (FFS!!) and then he’s sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers at Wimbledon, completely un masked!!! And the sheep STILL believe in him!!!! SMH again!!!!! 🙄

  15. GREAT NEWS ! Now they might just wake up and realise it is ” US AGAINST THEM ” and remember which side they should be serving !

  16. LMFAO. These useful idiots know nothing of history. They’ll be expecting all the folks they beat up to feel sorry for them.

  17. ‘Stick Them Up, For Money and Your Life!’

    They need to be ordered to Stand Down’ …

  18. Above should of went by the 90 police dead, hang on, didn’t think Auss had 90 deaths yet LOL

    • No sympathy for them.
      They have been perpetrating acts of violence against peaceful unarmed protesters .
      Grow a bloody spine and stand with the people

  19. Of Flu or died within 28days or maybe 60days with covid (Flu) mentioned on there cert, not even needing a positive test these days.

    Most of the UK Extra Deaths look like Jab deaths to me, expect +10% on the year so far, last year was +1% so Suicided and even more useless NHS.

    check Florida, daily deaths dropping fast and also jabs dropping off fast, coincidence hell no, expect another wave soon from the Boosters mind.

    Old mate and fellow MTBer died today, in the forest riding and suddenly, 70 years old, scared of covid for some reason ( 1 mate died early on 73, Flu I mean covid LOL, only death he knew ), not long had Booster+Flu from a FB post so that and riding a Ebike FAST equals doomed 🙁

    Another friend Care Home Nurse forced into Booster+Flu combo, see how that goes, told her to retire so her fault.

  20. I must admit I do hope they all bend over and take that jab as ordered. When A.D.E kicks in then at least it will be a weakened police force so the tru magic can happen.

    • Exactly!
      Bollox… Show me the evidence backed with full medical history.

    • Yeah, but they won’t give you numbers in relation to dying from the jab when they roll it out

  21. All the world

  22. LOL, Aussie police there coming for you, all of you bully innocent people now you want there help,
    I don’t believe in No Jab No Job but you the police and here in uk followed the orders of psychopath’s and i guess now no one will support you 😄

  23. Australia is, in all but name now a province of China….
    Army on the streets by the beginning of December.

    • I figures that, but security pact and Sub sales with USA and the UK, so confused as per always, maybe China owns USA and the UK aswell, we’ve got ourselves into enough Debt with that, they’ve likely called it in and said MINE!!

      • Aren’t you aware that China bought the USA during the 2008 financial crash?

        With the big banks going down China mopped up all their (USA) debt.

        America is indebted to China!

  24. Everything will be jab related soon enough and they will squeeze the life out of people to do it….unless it is stopped..

  25. Aww the poor little chucks. Just goes to show the Police are as dumb as feck.

    Did they not twig that they’d have to get it too, or else? Happy to go round bashing other people’s heads for being unhappy, as soon as they get the same order they spit their dummies out.

    Max Igan had a video up today on BNT where a guy was having a go at a cop in Oz and the cop was saying look I agree with you but I get paid to do this. My wife has lost her job over it and I’ve got no skills to do anything else so i have to do this.

    Bet he’s gutted now LoLoLoLoL – what goes around comes around.

    • Except the Billionaires wealth ! Unless, these days, it is being used to the detriment of humanity !

  26. They had to figure they’d come for them sooner or later, weed out the free thinkers by doing so aswell, this is going to get ugly.

    Sounding like HAARP used not to sure about it’s capabilities sounds a bit Sci Fi, definately bounce a pretty lethal dose of EMF onto a City, why ?? Guess more uses of soon if so we’ll see the effects.

    UK’s just been more compliant, they jabbed us sooner, where as Aussie the delay gave them time for news to get out that the jab’s are BAD!!!

    At work today, some Muppet getting his 13year old son jabbed, “can’t see the harm”, what is wrong with people.

    • I bet the police would like all the people they kicked, battered, and smash their cars into their bodies, used tear gas in the eyes to support them. I bet the police want all the public support now they have the poison mandate.

      • From a few vid’s I’ve seen, the police don’t like it either, but it’s there job, but I bet they’ll not do there job as well.

        CIVIL War soon, Aussie is testing around, far from anywhere else, they’ll learn, try new toys ( HAARP ) and adapt for when they come for the unjabbed and not wanting to take boosters which is likely 50%+ of the UK.

        Learn from Australia aswell!!

    • Sorry but I call 100% bullshit on the HAARP crap it has not potential beyond possible weather manipulation

      • They use HAARP to heat up the ionosphere and through that they control the Jet Stream which definitely affects our weather. They also use Nexrad stations with some being sea borne and others land based.

        DEWs are another element to their arsenal which were used at Oklahoma and on 9/11.

  27. If that don’t get the chickens wings flapping now it will when they see the results.

    • Every time i come on here to see if people have left any interesting links to other stories so other people can learn more. BAM Wow there you are again Trev coming out with another sarcastic comment or leaving swear words on other people’s comments, don’t you have anything better to do instead. Why don’t you go outside and do something less boring then trolling this website. You must be the most intelligent human ever. You know everything about common law you know more than a top doctor that talks about cancer and been working in that field for years and knows exactly what to look for. You are showing what you are an MSM normie that gets very angry when someone doesn’t go with your narrative that you totally believe in. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and stop trolling this website and find a real hobby

  28. How come we haven’t heard of these 90 police officers who have supposedly died of cov,19

    • she said that 90 had died WORLDWIDE. FFS, when will the sheep see through these ‘no context’ remarks?!! I suspect that 100 firemen died world wide due to their job, roadworkers the same. Another big number to explain the reasons to the sheep, again with no context about the numbers. Total BS… but it continues….

      • PLEASE DISREGARD MY COMMENT ( I do not know how to delete it! ) I GOT THE WRONG END OF THE STICK! However, I do stand by my comment about it all being BS from the very start!

  29. Well said Ian. We all need to unite to stop this.
    Feel sad for the people in Australia. Police firing rubber bullets at women and children at a war memorial doing a peaceful demonstration.
    Let’s see what happens now, will the police comply.

  30. Time to just forget the likelihood of financial woes, be principled and make a stand. If necessary, band together with like-minded persons in order to support one another.

  31. There’s a quote that I feel is timeless and very much applies to now (I won’t use the names of the groups pressurised and persecuted at the time but will put x instead as it’s the meaning that’s important) – when they came for x I did nothing because I was not x
    When they came for y I did nothing as I was not y
    When they came for z I did nothing because I was not z
    (The quote had several more groups)
    Then they came for me and there was nobody left to stand up for me.
    This quote states clearly the need to unite and if ever there was a more important time to do so it is now so those of you on the fence, climb over to the side of humanity and support us in trying to stop this – we are the 99% and united we can stop this but allow them to keep dividing us and we’re finished!!!!

  32. Music to my ears, suddenly the stormtroopers find the crosshairs on themselves. Now let’s see what happens.

  33. well they are bullying the public so doing what the corupt say so they have been told to get the jab which will be a placebo and the public will feel more at ease and que for the poisoned one

    • You could be right Jon I never thought of that. However they want 95% of the population gone so that would include the police.

  34. If the police went on strike in protest the government would immediately back down, They know all that`s standing between them and a lynch mob is the coppers,

      • Army, mate anti Jab forced into it, him and all his mates all recent recruits, no symptoms at all, there definately Placebo’ing the armed forced, don’t want to damage your soldiers, they’ve got a war to fight soon.

        I told him, most likely Placebo before he had it, they didn’t want him to get it before he got into the army as that wouldn’t be Placebo.

      • CarFinance, yep getting that same impression, the over 50’s ie not of fighting age, boosters and flu jab extra gunk, they’ll kill most of those off, wasting resources during a war, can’t have that can we.

        All very clever, our enemy is smart we must remember that.

        HAARP Mind control ?? can’t see how, but defo Zombies soon, okay maybe I just want to kill the annoying jabbed, steal a lorry and go squishing!!

    • They want the police to go on strike so they can bring in the army but I suspect most will just get the jab because they don’t want to loose their jobs

    • Actually I wonder if police rebellion is exactly what they want so that they can bring in the armed forces and implement martial law

  35. The Blueprint for what is to come.Whatever happens down under will happen here. I think this is a Ploy to bring the Military out on the streets.

    • Exactly, we’re the last country on the list as to whats happening, Good thing is we can see what’s coming bad thing is no one’s taking the shit out thier eyes to see what’s coming because they are selfish and it hasn’t personally affected them yet

      • Think you’re wrong there tbh. They’re jabbed, therefor, are affected or afflicted, however you wanna put it. That’s why they’re doing nothing. Basically still waiting on their freedom to return because they’re jabbed with a ‘im alright Jack mentality!’

      • Too many generalizations and contradictions – ” we can see what’s coming” – “no one’s taking the shit out of their eyes to see what’s coming”. Which one is it ? It can’t be both ! ” because they are selfish – hasn’t affected them yet ” REALLY? The majority of folk have been effected to some greater or lesser degree, over the past 18 months, due to imposed ‘rules and lockdowns’.

        Can’t quite make my mind up as to whether you are a part of the division brigade.

  36. Wonder if they’ll stand with the 79 years old women they battered then, and all the others?!

  37. Part of me feels like the Aussies should not stand with them, especially those oppose it but we should all band together, its the only way anger and resentment won’t work. Time for the police to turn their weapons to where they should be!

      • Time for everyone to stand together down under, that means the police and army too, because everyone’s a target. The global dystopian club is for a select few members only. Even political leaders will be thrown under the bus at some point if the elite think things are getting out of control

      • Maybe this action would be sufficient for it to call into question what the hell is going on. If the army and police should stand with johnny public, Then sensibility and Order can be worked towards, through the courts with CORRECT application of the Laws and constitutions!

  38. Fantastic news! Double jab those pigs and their families to fuck! 😂😂😂

    • The way that the police have behaved towards ordinary Aussies, these pigs SHOULD be held down and fking jabbed!! Have you seen the Gestapo/Nazi policing that Australia has had to endure on Rebel News???? And all for ONE CASE per million population ( or something equally as small! )! Just total BS Control, that is all it has been about!!! I’m livid!! 🤬

      • I would much prefer to see D A held down and double jabbed, before the police:- making sure that the jabs are NOT placebo’s.

      • Perhaps I should have said ‘ acting like ‘ Gestapo etc. I’m sure the majority of like minded souls knee what I was alluding to.

      • Acting like? What do you mean by “acting like”? Why do you think the Gestapo came into being? What makes you think they were any different from the KGB, MI5/MI6 and the CIA and/or Mossad? Have you even considered that KGB, MI5/MI6, the CIA and Mossad were/are a 1,000 times worse than the Gestapo?

      • At Truthnotdoctrine – the Aussie policing actions are indeed Gestapo in nature. I use this reference since it is (like Gestapo) a uniformed regime, in plain sight, enforcing tyrannical and brutal behaviour upon their fellows, whereas the KGB etc are invisible to us.

        Historically and currently, ethnic cleansing has killed hundreds of millions, and just maybe,,, what’s happening now is the new form of genocide?

        We are not and can not be sure, but when people are dying from something supposedly meant to protect them, and police are protecting such crimes, then we question the agenda befalling before us.

        Likening today’s policing to Gestapo is purely a simple reference to awaken humanity.

        Maybe if we achieve this then maybe our argument will be get permission to be heard.

      • The Gestapo never beat up on their own people, like the Commie brainwashed shits in our western police. What ‘history’ books have you been reading? You sound totally indoctrinated (holocausted) to me.

    • Hopefully this will wake more people up. No jab No job. Being Blackmailed, look what world we will looking at if they win. try it here and that’s the final straw for me. Will be definitely going of grid. Keep cutting my services off, do your worst ill survive. As for the earthquake, I bet harrp had something to do with it. Just to intensify the fear. Boycott the city’s Australia. The powers that be are killing the planet and blaming us, who do they think they are. They have got blood on there hands. There days are numbered.

      • Earthquakes are caused by a shift in the tectonic plates of the Earth. Somehow I don’t think HAARP would be able to pull that off 😀

      • World jewry, literally think they are God. Illuminati judaic, rothschilds banking dynasty.

        That own government, media, and their leftist useful idiots.

        “Jesus ” said they will bend the knee before me. They shall know I am the Lord!

        The evidence is all around us they control the left and right.
        This is a spiritual war!
        Never lose faith in “Christ the king”
        The poison jab is evil and will sever the spiritual connection to the transcendent (God).

        All they have is fear! We have “hope in Christ “do not be afraid.

        Look to Jesus and don’t be tricked. My brothers and sisters have had the poison. I warned them at the very beginning, I pray for their souls. Because nothing is impossible with God.
        Hallelujah! Viva christo rey!!

      • Police should be able to bring country to standstill–After all they were pretty good at bashing and arresting their own citizens for protesting lockdowns and mandatory jabs. Police in every country should quit for what is right. Forget about your 30 pieces of silver—do what is right.

    • Theyll be stupid to start taking it even if they consider it semi safe. The army here in the uk have been warned when ‘it’ starts theyre down for a booster EVERY 3 MONTHS!!! You think theyll stand for that!

    • EXACTLY…people stand strong…..more ‘little people’ than authority!..

      • Do what the Truckies did, bri g the country to a standstill. The police have the power to do this and this. The Truckies achieved their demands within 1 day!

    • Well that has put the Cat amongst the Pigeons!
      Now will be realise there jobs are not safe.
      New World Order will only need for a fraction of the Police Force, that Jab takes them out too.

      I didn’t stand up against the Tyranny……now they come for me.

      Good Police Officer
      Good Nurse
      Good members of the Military Forces

      They are coming for your Babies

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