Who’s That Knocking On My Door? Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. There are Dick heads out there who would do it but God help you if you call to my door.

    • Thought I might apply, would be some good irony.
      “Hi, have you have a covid jab?”

      “Oh, damn.”

      “Me neither, bye.”

  2. People should apply for the job and then go door to door telling people all the reasons why they shouldn’t take the jab.

  3. Crap Wages, woman I know getting £1000 per week just for doing ‘Covid’ testing, figure you’d be paid more to have piss poored on you when you knock.

    Hello I’m here to Jab you.
    2 Seconds toast is burning.
    Cup, Piss in and poor over from upstairs window!!

    They’ll be backed up by Army no doubt or Police, I’ll be asking the Police to do her for attempted murder,nice!!

    Track and Trace phone call, ” It’s a HOAX, Fuck off and take me to court so I can prove it ” worked well, they never rang back.

  4. Just wonder if you saw a moving headline last night – I keep tabs on BBC News Channel _ it was just as you predicted: the USA has tested and approved Pfizer “vaccines” for 5-11 year olds…..Her it goes!

    • Britain are jabbing 12-15 year olds now…
      Friend of mine has been to the school his son used to go i should say as they was emotionally blackmailing him into having it…they will be a common occurrence now and anybody having there kids and infants jabbed can stay well away from me forever

      • share this with friend…Almost Five Thousand Emails Sent to Headteachers about Covid Vaccination in Schools
        Lawyers for Liberty followers have requested almost five thousand emails to be sent to school heads, putting them on notice of their legal responsibilities and liabilities if they go ahead with Covid-19 vaccination on school premises.

        If you are concerned about your child and haven’t yet taken advantage of this service, you can do so here. https://lawyersforliberty.uk/2021/09/19/5000-emails/

  5. I knew this was coming. Hope it doesn’t come to Northern Ireland, God help us

  6. Keep a large heavy rolling pin behind your front door. If you get a knock on the door from one of these cretins, invite them in saying you’ve got a dog who’ll escape if you stand there with the door open. Either they’ll decline to come in, in which case you immediately shut the door in their face, or if they’re stupid enough to enter your house, use the rolling pin on the back of their head, especially if they’re female, slim, 25 years old and blonde.

  7. I would do it but I would have my own script starting ” Good on you, don’t have the Vax its full of shit.

  8. One day all of us who subscribe to Hugo Talks will get that knock on the door. It will be last knock we ever here from that door.

  9. On the same website they’re asking for testers as many hours as you want

  10. Milton Keynes Council has a Covid department. Received a call asking if ide had the ‘vaccine’. Told the guy no because I’m not a guinea pig and asked him to explain why MK had fewer burials/cremations during 2020 than in 2015. The proof is contained in a reply to FOI request I had made. When he couldn’t, I asked him to cease and desist from playing in a role in harming humanity and to cease and desist telephoning me, as I would consider it harassment and hold him personally responsible.

    • I had one of those calls and in the end told the caller that I had been “vaccinated” (I am not) and she seemed to accept that and I haven’t been bothered since.

      • Yep, it’s like those ‘chuggers’ (charity street muggers). I’m already signed up 😀 They have NO response to that 😀

  11. And this for a virus and health benefits then….🙁…give me a break i say to people who believe it still is….or fuck off…
    I will write a notice on my door actually now…

    ”fuck off to jab enforcement trolls and any brainwashed lemmings”

    That will help a little…

  12. You know when we were kids at bonfire night we’d get the most powerful bangers we could, cut a tennis ball in half and put a small hole in one half for the fuse, stick banger/gun powder in ball, glue back together, wrap in tape for more bang factor, add any “embellishments” to it, light, throw, it’s like a home made hand grenade. Of course it’s highly dangerous, if it goes off when you light it you’ll blow your hand off, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying it, even if it sounds like great fun. Just reminiscing of how things used to be, in the good old days.

  13. I don’t open my door to people I don’t know. So makes no difference to me they can sod off no amount of persuading will work.

  14. I wish £10 was minimum wage care workers get less and they are being coerst to have the jab

    • Care is suffering big time with them mandatory jabs…nobody wants the jobs and people are leaving because they don’t want that shit..
      In fact even some job adverts dont mention the mandatory jabs which is fraud in a way because they know people wont apply for them if they put it in the job ads

      • Yes just imagine what will happen this winter. Last time the oldies were sent to care homes – can’t happen this time because there’s a huge shortage of care home workers, so they’ll have to stay in hospital. But there’s going to be a shortage of hospital staff as well.

        Death will be huge this winter, almost like it’s been planned so the NHS will collapse.

      • Daughter just got told Jab’s or your sacked, so I said Sacked and I’ll support her till she finds a new job.

        You simply don’t take a jab for a virus that doesn’t exist, madness!!

  15. Just ignore these evil scumbags!! I will refuse to answer the door if they come round here!!!

  16. I’ll take the job on filling in the paperwork for doors I knocked on from my arm chair lol 😂

    • Wow that so important so what if he said £10 was minimum wage. You seem to be missing the point

      • No you miss the point some one doing a much more worthwhile job gets paid less sorry if my spelling is in correct

  17. MONEY helps focus the mind(and behaviour)……so why waste an opportunity to make money?
    Them- `Take this State Injectible`
    You- `YES, CERTAINLY (this eliminates the controversy because there is now agreement to accommodate them) it`s just that we charge you £999,999 to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you administrating OUR Trust (the Trust is collapsed) payment must be wth us immediately, thank you`
    This way, you are moving the process into the negotiation stage and so matters cannot progress further (no court nor dismissal) until negotiations are complete.
    How long do negotiations take?…….how long is a piece of string?
    Please think(and act) like the BUSINESS-man……NOT the victim

    • Great idea Eoghan,make the conditional acceptance terms impossible to meet ,without refusing.

  18. At this point, kind of smacks of desperation and the NO people are determined to be NO people. They are wasting time and resources on this and a new variant will not change minds either.

  19. I wish one of these people would knock on my door (unlikely as I am not in the UK). I would invite them in and redpill them with some facts, I have plenty of those. Or at minimum show them a couple of Hugo videos, like young hearts.

  20. Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Jab police.
    Yea, that’s a good idea! Fill your boots. Just stay away from me.

  21. someone knocks on my door and asks if i have been vaccinated and i’ll politely tell them to sling their hook.

  22. Next it’ll be prison camps they are being built world wide with incinerators as well. Once you go in never come out apparently. Turn to Lord God Jesus Christ and pray. Ask for forgiveness for all your sins.

  23. I don’t answer the door to anyone I’m not expecting (and definitely not to anyone with a clipboard)! Same with phone calls, if it’s someone important they will leave a message on the answering machine and I will respond as appropriate.
    I think you can just put up a “No cold callers. Don’t knock. Please leave and don’t return. Failure to do so is a criminal offence”.
    Must be some deadly pandemic when they can have people knocking on every door to talk to people! I hope they provide hazmat suits!

    • What’s the saying’ Go get a proper job ‘ these Engagement officer’s BS job titles are nothing but Grasses if they come to my home they will be verbally abuse and that is a threat and there protection police bullies

  24. I will tell them we in my house do not need jab as already had virus and recovered we have natural immunity.

    • Only way to diagnose this virus is the PCR test or lateral flow test and neither diagnoses infection or sickness so very likely you never had it in the first place….

  25. Im sure plenty of medicated jobsworths will apply! Apparently this is the first time in history where the ineffectiveness of this medication has been blamed on the people NOT taking it.. it’s just mental !

    • Haha! Good one. Or go one better and open the door just to cough in their face! THEN tell them you’re self isolating and slam the door.

  26. Anyone knocking on my door regarding that will either lose his teeth or virginity 😁

  27. And yet I thought they’d got almost 90% of the ipopulation vaccinated…….. 🤔
    I KNEW their figures.were fake!

    • We apparently reached herd immunity back in April too (although it wasn’t headline news). They’ve gone awfully quiet about that, and all the natural immunity kicking around…?

  28. Interesting as i read tonight a WHO document that was tilted influenza Pandemic..2019 september..

    All the guidelines was set out and match exactly to these now since 2020…
    Even stated masks have no evidence helping people as well as other things..
    All this is a Casesemic basically based on a PCR test….
    Or should i say global reset 2019..
    Long covid replaced viral fatigue and covid replaced influenza…

  29. there probably gathering information. so they can put you on a data base as for it or against it. don’t say anything. don’t answer the door. is harassment in my eyes. I’m getting harassed as it is with texts every two week for the pfizer shot. thanks to everyone that’s going along with it taking my freedoms away. if everyone stopped complying it wouldn’t be happening and i wouldn’t be getting harassed

  30. Hugo I need you look at this what’s going on in Melbourne Australia where there be protesting every day so far this week and it’s getting out of hand

    Check this out Hugo make video I wanna know your thoughts on the situation in Melbourne Australia because it seems like the people are at breaking point

  31. We had one come round a few months ago. Employed by the council. Had a list of all those in the area not vaccinated – so they have released our data to the council?!
    I wasn’t there but my husband was and gave the man more information than he could ever have wanted … think he was thoroughly scare about what he had injected himself with!! Not heard anything since but more on guard re people knocking on the door!

  32. Do you need the jab to apply for the job? What if people on this website applied and knocked on people’s doors with no intention of persuading people to have the jab. Could we muck up their systems !!

  33. “Im sorry you are a total stranger with a lanyard and my medical status is none of your feckin business”

  34. Shouldn’t vaccines be prescribed by a medical doctor after having studied each individual’s health?
    Is it legal that somebody comes to knock your door to convince you to get vaccinated?
    If it is illegal, do these people know that they are doing something illegal and someone can initiate a trial against them?
    We must write down details of people who knock our doors, their name, worker number, and initiate legal proceedings because they are not doctors, and in case they were I think it is not legal to knock people’s door to have them injected a drug.
    Could you pass the number of law that they breach on to us?

  35. I did have someone fro Greenwich council knocking on my door back in June. They were kindly invited to fuck of.

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