WATCH 👀 Croatia PRESIDENT Say No More Enough is Enough /Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • He’ll have to watch his back sudden death by heart attack or mystery cancer that’s their favourite methods

    • Amazing a Human Being talking.
      He is a very Brave Man I hope he has an Army around him.
      Africa Leaders I am sorry to say…. I cannot remember their names did not fair too well.
      He should Align himself with India…..They are using Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to treat
      The Virus, they want nothing to do with Mr.Globalist.

    • Thank you Zoran Milanović for being so brave and standing up. Please look after yourself. May you be divinely guided and protected.

    • I hope they don’t come after him with a mysterious death. Obviously not all government around the world are in it together like I thought

      • Yea, l thought that too. Unless there’s something else going on here. Hope the translation is correct. We need someone who can speak the lingo to verify.

    • I hope you’re wrong. I know there have been 5 heads of state died in this last year alone in Africa because they had the same questions.

      • I just watched the funeral director video and posted on here. He fears for his life as well.

    • No don’t say that! Wishing we should be wishing him well and just hope more people have got the guts to come out with what he has.

  1. Fantastic “ may now “ the rest of the Balkan countries follow suit “ this now needs momentum “ The Lie is getting ridged and stiff” and crumbling at the sides” and it cannot last “ more and more people worldwide are awaking out of Slumber “

  2. I pray this man is kept safe.. But it’s also good to know that not all gov officials are 🤪 God Bless him!!

  3. I guess croatia hasn’t borrowed money from imf or central bank so not being told what yo do.

  4. he knows they are losing so he is saving his skin while he can.

  5. He will dissapear soon, never was about a Virus, it was about world control from the start .

  6. Shame other government’s dont act like him…
    Least he is not bought and paid for and discriminating like the jabbed being aloud abroad when the unjabbed are not

  7. He will be found shot in the back six times and the police will say it is the worst case of suicide they have ever seen. Seriously though I hope this hero stays safe as can be.

  8. I give it 3 days before he gets shot with the heart attack gun.

  9. Funny how karry mullis died when a month earlier he said about them PCR tests being used for infections and sickness being fraudulent basically🤔

  10. This is one hell of a brave guy. But there is a flip side to this story. A news article from 6th Sep 2021 reports that Croatia and Austria set maximum jab validity time periods for visitors into their countries a few weeks ago. For Austria it is 270 days. Croatia is about 84 days. So are they really calling this whole genocide scam out or is it a smokescreen and diversion for their own people.

  11. Will Croatia take political refugees? People who want to live peacefully, lawfully, use their skills to contribute to their neighbourhood and community, and need to escape government persecution and endangerment?

  12. He’s right. Pharma funded CNN starts first thing in the morning and goes straight through to the bitter end of the day with their Coronaphobia crap. It never, ever stops. Plus they never mention lose weight, eat and sleep properly or exercise. They are trying to invade the psyche with fear while at the same time weakening your immune system because of the constant fear. Wish more people were wise to their tactics and thought more critically.

    • As some of us suspected, HUGO PLEASE view this extremely informative video from Max Igan funeral director, Someone in parliament needs to address this and stop the cover up of lies, the truth will out of this mass genocide.thank you so much for this video grouchoone1195

      • Sobering viewing. If this is true (all these things we have suspected about the midazolam cull, absence of a real virus, mislabelling deaths as covid, vaccines killing people of all ages, bribery to silence whistleblowers, the purpose of the new super prisons) then it’s terrifying. Although a part of me can’t help but be suspicious nowadays with everything I hear and see! He seems genuine. If this man has truly put his life on the line to help get the truth out then I apologise. I have taken it on board none the less.

  13. After a short illness the president of Croatia passed away………… I’ll be keeping my eye out for this.

  14. That`s very significant for everyone, let it be an example! In the meantime, I`m moving to Croatia!

  15. Don’t be fooled by this shill. He was featured on the vaxx live crap a few months ago promoting the vaccine.

  16. Off topic,
    Was in a taxi today, and the driver just doesn’t see the forest for the trees. Believes the crap had the jab.
    We also passed a church that had been closed for a year, (refurbish) the pews have been taken out.and have some gobble de gook,chatter playing in the background. On the tannoy or whatever. I went to see a couple weeks ago what destruction they had done. Ripped the heart out of the place.
    This is a spiritual war, it was a beautiful old church. Once!
    If you want quiet prayer where do you sit? On the floor, I guess, disgrace!
    Anyway this guy doesn’t believe in Jesus, but believes in man. LOL!

    I observed the people on the streets and most young women are full of make up and tight fitting leggings or shorts. Sigh!!
    Lovers of self, I guess! Shame!
    They don’t know the
    “Glory of Jesus” but they will eventually, but will it be too late?

    God bless! Christ is lord!!

    • Mosques don’t have pews. The attendees sit on the floor 😀 Maybe the church is being converted to a mosque… or like all the churches around here flats or a pub 😀

  17. Woner if Boris will acknowledge this, or is an elected leaders thoughts not as important as Nicki Minaj’s Bristols ?

  18. Let’s all move to Croatia and help protect this man. At least we now know where democracy and common-sense lives.

  19. Hugo, I have just watched this interview with the Milton Keynes funeral director. You need to highlight what he has to say so more people view it.

    • End of last month or more recent??, 10days increasing deaths ?? that’ll be the jabbed there keeping quite then.

      Trinidad ( no idea on spelling) there Scientist just said Jab’s are a death sentence basically aswell, trying to get the jabs stopped there.

      Australia Martial Law, there looking DESPERATE aren’t they, very very Desperate and it’s not a good look, waking many up 🙂

      Army will be going door to door soon and jabbing everyone at this crazy rate, all that refuse will be off to the FEMA Camp!! ( off to hide in the forest when that shit starts )

      He likely knows, if he doesn’t back down on the Jab’s, they’ll have a civil war on there hands, most of the world will head that way soon.

      • Yep, and more fear-mongering from the fake stream media to boot 😀 Turveyd doesn’t do fear-mongering 😀

  20. The UN General Assembly is on this week. If this brave soul goes there, the elites will go up one side and down the other on him. Hope he makes it out of there in one piece.

  21. What a brave president. A real leader, but he should watch his back now and increase his personal security. Pray for that man. The davos ghouls don’t like leaders like him.

  22. German Special Forces Unit, got disbanded as they’d learnt about the Elite and who they where really working for and didn’t like it.

    US Army, screening for Free Thinkers and kicking them out LOL

    MADNESS!!! and more MADNESS!!

  23. So have the presidents of Mexico and Brazil. Totally called out big pharma, but they’re still alive lol.

  24. The truth resonates and he calls
    it correct, a “frenzy” and a “nonsense”

  25. Good luck to the Croatian President, great he has spoken out.
    I hope he keeps safe, brave man.
    Love from the UK.
    Also just watched the video recommended by viewers here of the Milton Keynes funeral director. Great guy for speaking out too. A bit long but well worth watching.

  26. It’s looks like the presidents of poor countries were given a little bribe. They were played these games in the beginning,and now they want additional payments….I don’t trust anyone…in his brave kind heart…🥺🧐😳😢

  27. At least one politician with some commonsense. Thanks Hugo for digging up all this information for us, I can imagine how time consuming this must be.

  28. Brave, honourable man! Croatia is lovely….. I could live there!

  29. One day after watching this video i saw another one on croatia wanting to introduce the euro as currency to it´s country in january 2023, but so far they don´t fulfil all the four necessary requirements. The thought crossed my mind if he migh be just creating something he could bargain with, like: If you let me have the euro then I will order vaccine passports in my country, something like thät. Perhaps I`m too suspicious, but at the moment I find it hard to believe anything, especially if it comes from a politician.

  30. Maybe it was just a showtime to get ticket to NWO. Week later he went to NY, meet with someone that he didnt wanna reveal who it is. Must have been important since he had canceled meeting with UN’s chief secretary. Next day he gave speech in UN (link below) praising agenda 2030, climate change, build back better, etc.. almost like mr.schwab writen it himself.

  31. Yeah, but at the same time, Croatia has many covid rules. I think he’s just creating division under countries.

  32. We must destroy him. We must destroy him. We must destroy. We must destroy him. ….

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