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    • Scotland…..The Pope the Queen there is another Agenda here what could it possibly be one that most people could never ever imagine!

    • My electric cut out all day yesterday I didn’t have electric till 11pm last nite. I rang my electricity provider and there was a recording saying about power cuts ??? So couldn’t talk to anyone. I manged to get throw to some young girl who didn’t have a clue and sounded like she was working from home. Telling me there was no power cut and I had run out of credit as I use a top up card. I no it hadn’t but she kept insisting . She took my mobile number and I had 2 texts telling me they are sorry or the power cut and there working through the night to resume power ??? And if I need any help in how to cope in a power cut go on face book. Apparently face book are all geared up for power cuts. Then about an hour later I get a text saying they are sending an engineer round to check my supply? By this time I had no idear wtf was going on. The young guy turned up an hour late, saying I had run out of credit, I said that’s not the case I always top up. He said you can use emergency credit .so I topped up myself and my electricity was back on. I have the texts about power cuts I didn’t run out of credit at all I actually thought I was going round the twist. The water board have also been putting water meters in a couple of homes the last couple of weeks. Myself included. I asked what they were doing and this silly guy said putting water meters in ? Also said it will be safer to turn your water of if u have a major leak in your house ? I told him I no where to turn my water of I have lived in the house for 20 odd years and I can turn the water of from inside my house. He just gave me a blank look and carried in digging. . So not just gas and electricity probley be water as well , hopefully I’m wrong and just over thinking things ?

  1. You can bet your boots that when Boris comes back from his meeting with Sleepy Joe, he’ll announce that the double-jabbed will be allowed into the U.S. again. That will be his ‘good news’, to be followed by the ‘unfortunate news’, what he and the rest of the world must do to bring on the next phase of The Great Reset. He is not going to the U.S. for talks but to be told what his next assignment is. People will only be allowed to wake-up to what is going on when it is too late for them to do anything about it. ‘Everyone must be jabbed’, Johnson told the audience at whatever awards ceremony he was at over the weekend. ‘We will leave no one behind’ as it is written in The Great Reset.

    • Literally just flashed up on my phone, US and UK and Auss are Best mates again, yeah!!! won’t that be great!!

      • Matt, I’m not sure about Rose. He went a bit strange for a while when he was running for mayor.

      • Hi Matt,

        What do you think Rose represents? Whenever I used to tap onto his yTube channel I only saw a chap full of self interest serving only his own ego?

        He’s an interviewer, nothing more in my mind… Hugo on the other hand is more investigative and informative!

        Things are becoming more ridiculous now and at warp speed, it’s time for ‘Hugo Talks’ to become ‘Hugo Shouts!’

        Time is running out …

    • Talking of assignments for Boris, in Apr 2020 when everyone was told that he was in intensive care with covid, Boris was actually in the US having talks with Gates

  2. Will we have to wear the clothes of the 70s too lol. I can remember the black out. May homes had open fires and we cooked the toast on a fork over the fire. We had tealight for light and my parents would check the papers for the times of the power cuts. I remember our local park be full of rubbish as the adjustment were on strike so it was piled up in the park

  3. 3 day working weeks. Rolling energy cuts…
    Where’s THATCHER when you need her ?!?!?!?

    • hi


      they properly put her back on the ice she was made on!! to bring her back to life to hold Bojo s hand while he keeps pushing to abuse his people & kill shot their children!

  4. I predicted this last Christmas not that I’m some sort of seerrrrrrrrr but the bible predicts this so wake up people listen to Hugo we are entering
    Uncharted waters
    Don’t mock the Christians listen this is the time of trouble but if you read the word you will know the ending and spoiler alert they lose

  5. It is GOD that said 6 days you shall work & on the 7th day ye shall rest & keep the Sabbath of the Lord your God. They are just being as satan changing times and laws like the book of Daniel said would happen. If they keep trying to play GOD , He will come down here and show them how it’s done.

  6. The Queen the pope ,??? They all work for satan . ! . Hallelujah praise God the Holy One of Israel. May God bless and protect all who read this. .
    The fema camps are ready for the people who can’t cope . Being built secretly by the government. .

    • Yep Bill Gates funded, HUGE and Incinerators on site, likely use bodies as a fuel source to power the place, how green is that.

      120miles away from me, plan to do some recon soon, see if I can burn it all down while there. 🙂

      They’ve got there massive bunker under london nuclear proof recently built aswell, urban explorers I know went there 12months back, it was being fixed up, they wondered why and what was coming, seems fully modernized and sealed up since.

    • We must face the fact that we are at war with a occult power that has seized the reins of government and economy. They’re coming for anyone and their children, who believes in.
      God, country, family, race.

      Mankind is a family of races. We are all brothers and sisters.
      So if you are among those who still
      Have measure of sanity you must make changes to your life you must refuse the vax even if you lose your job.
      It’s not about your body it’s about your “soul ”
      You cannot fight the beast if you are part of it.
      “You need to put on the full armour of God”
      They want to banish all who won’t accept the bar code from society.

      “You will be hated for my names sake” let that sink in! Prepare! Diabolical times are here!
      Face it!
      God bless! Viva christo rey!

  7. Crush the NHS
    Crush the economy
    Digital society

    Any virus involved?…Nope…
    Smokescreen to roll out there agenda behind it basically or the excuse..
    I think the doctors staying shut is to push and put more strain on the NHS as eventually all medical care they want to be private…

    Yet people still say “its the virus or a pandemic”….
    I think “go stick your head back up your arse and keep it there”

  8. They say this most years, but Gas Prices going through the roof is pretty new so maybe it’ll actually happen, rolling power cuts and all that fun freezing to death to finish off the elderly kinda plan.

    Big Winter Sleeping bag needed I guess!!

    Also ordering, to see if 5G output starts increasing and when I need to head to the forest as it’s cheapish, I like the cook us and make it look like Covid theory, not jabbed but still don’t want high radiation really, they put enough metals in water and food.

  9. Anything to screw up our lives even more. This regime will do anything at all to us so long as none of it happens to them. Time for regime change?

  10. If I recall correctly the last three day weeks and power cuts were a product of allowing the unions free rein. How trivial that seems compared to the shenanigans going on today

      • Yes, I believe this is revenge. The upper/ruling classes never really got over losing their control/power/wealth/land etc after WW1.
        They have harbored feelings of bitterness and destain towards the common man every since.
        They have played the long game, knowing full well as time progressed so to would technology and an opportunity to seize back control would present itself…

      • If by ‘Upper Ruling Classes’ you mean the aristocracy, then they are no more. The House of Lords is still stuffed with Tony’s cronies or similar Marxist dross to them. The grinding process I was referring to was that of Socialism, Bolshevism, Communism and now Cultural Marxism – the filthy vile cancer that has rotted once Great Britain.

  11. All going to their plan so far and ahead of time , and still the’normies’ carry on waiting for their normal to return, thery are all doomed sadly.

  12. I was a child in the seventies and there was a time of a shorter working week, TV went of at 10pm and I’ve seen candles in shops during power cuts. All totally possible again. I’ve got my candles, matches , torch and batteries at the ready…

  13. A plan like this would only work if they found a way to depopulate the planet, and
    most of us were dump enough to take the bait. I wonder what that could be? You can’t have potentially billions of people out of work and still maintain some kind of Law and Order to rule over us. An old saying goes The devil makes work for idle hands” they don’t call it the “great reset for nothing” remains me of the term “final solution”

    • There is a very chilling scene in the film `Deep Impact`. The president of the USA announces that everyone is going to be entered into a lottery. Only the lucky winners will be taken to safety. And then he says “obviously , anyone over the age of 50 will not be entered into it”.

      • Over 50s Boosters + Flu Jab’s so same in both arms most likely, finish those off, thin out the kids to or steralise the girls.

      • Exactly Turveyd. Instead of protecting the most vulnerable. Kill them off and get rid of all the dead wood.

      • Well, that’s me stocked up on 50 packets of Hobnobs 🙂 Sorted 🙂 I am now prepared for anything 🙂 Bring it on! 😀

    • We always were the subject matter for the “Final Solution”, and there never was another final solution:

      “The only way to a Final Solution to racial prejudice is to create a mélange of races so universal that no one can preen himself on his racial ‘purity’.

      Deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the White races to the coloured, we will never eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races.”

      – Rabbi Abraham Feinberg

      “The end goal of Cultural Marxism is none other than the extermination of the white race. Through mass non-white immigration, trans-racial adoption and miscegenation we hope to accomplish the complete annihilation of white people”

      — The Jewish Frankfurt School – Critical Theory Conference (2013)

      • If I burn in the sun do you think I’d get away with being camouflaged as red or brown and escape the cull?

        Jews are classified as Caucasian?

        Who are these people writing the narrative and their servants pushing it?

        Anyone going along with or agreeing and peddling the ‘Great Reset’ can not be human?

        I don’t believe in global warming, never have, but I do believe that there has to be population control to preserve planet earth. Too much consumption and waste is never a good thing and a system to tackle that is key. Nevertheless, culling populations isn’t the way, however, c

      • Oops …. control measures are desperately needed I feel?

    • Well said, Dan! The unbelievable thing though is it’s so feckin blatantly obvious what’s going on , yet people still refuse to believe this obvious…

      I’m in Spain and met a friend yesterday for a drink who’s just come from the UK for a fortnight. We got talking about this shite that’s happening at the moment, yet she still refused to accept that the jab was killing and maiming people after acknowledging she knows of a couple who died not long after receiving it and a few who’s health has deteriorated.

      I tried to bring her around to her senses by simply quoting the obvious:- people dying last year were labelled as Covid and people dying not long after receiving the jab is not the jab but Covid or something else?!

      “FFS” I said, “will you please waken the feck up,” I ended it with…

      Where the heck can I find like minded people to socialise with before I lose it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. You don’t need a PhD to understand that the devil is playing tricks and using them as toys….

  15. Oh no! What can we do to end this confusion and madness? I know, let’s bring in a one world government to sort it out. We may well own nothing but at least we’ll be happy again (lol).

  16. Hi Hugo
    Thank you for yet another enlightening but very worrying post.
    You mentioned that you didn’t know too much about the 3 day week in the early 70’s.
    I was in my early 20’s and remember very well having to work during that period.
    Ted Heath was the Prime Minister when the miners went on strike. Not knowing how long the strike was going to go on for, the government, who were not sure how long the coal stocks at the power stations would last decided to ration the supply of electricity everywhere, homes and businesses. This was done on a national rotor basis.
    I can’t remember exactly how long it lasted forbut it certainly had a big enough impact for Heath to call an election.
    He lost and Harold Wilson got in for the Labour Party immediately settled the union’s demands over ‘beer and sandwiches’ at No 10.
    I remember working through it because we used candles and paraffin laps for light.
    We had NO computers in the offices in those days so we’re able to carry on using pen and paper and old typewriters.
    If it happens this time around businesses will just not be able to function because of the almost total alliance on IT.

  17. I don’t believe a word they say.. it’s all just words an they have to just hope people go along with any of it. See how far they get when they start pissing people off who don’t believe in any of this, then youl see major protest. Most people aren’t even interested until the door gets kicked in. So none of us know what’s going to happen. I believe it’s all bullshit an smoke screens. They know the people can turn on them so quick so there’s just using words that’s all it is. Words. I’m gone past listen to them say this an that. I stay alert but continue my life until I’m forced into doing something.. an that’s what most of people will wait for.. for nows it’s all talk.

  18. My local Iceland is short on staff, they blame pingdemic, more likely they are running the store with as few staff as possible but there is no food shortage.

  19. I am waiting for………

    All street lights are to be turned off at 9pm. A nationwide curfew will be imposed from 9pm – 5am.
    Obviously all outside wall and security lights must also be switched off during this time. No-one will be out and about anyway.
    Local marshals will be on foot patrol with long dark capes and a torch.
    All odd numbered houses must do their housework on the 1st , 3rd , 5th and 7th days of the week.
    All even numbered houses must do their housework on the 2nd , 4th and 6th days of the week.
    A special snitch line will be set up and If anyone is caught you will receive a £10k fine. The snitcher will get a £100 reward. Double if it is a family member.

    And staying with the wartime theme. Finally , to conserve petrol and diesel all home deliveries are hereby suspended except for Saturdays. Families are encouraged to change their shopping habits to monthly. If you really must go to a supermarket they will all be streamlined automated checkoutless and staffless very shortly `for your convenience and safety`.

    • Armed police are already out and about with submachine guns in all the underground stations in London. And there is no terrorist threat at the moment. Apart from the BBC of course!

    • Permission to speak Captain Mainwaring. I’d like to volunteer to be a local marshal on foot patrol with a torch. They don’t like it up em!

      • Oh very well. You can team up with Private Godfrey. I am afraid we are still waiting for our supply of torches though so you`ll have to share his and take it in turns.

  20. The French have worked a 3 day week for years. They are not productive. Trying to get something done takes months rather than weeks. Most people over there do not actually seem to want to work. So, sorry 3 day week does not do what they say it does. More bullshit!

  21. What happened to freedom day on 23rd June and the road map out. They are good a buying time. Whens the next freedom date. No one know so its all bull… Its actually worst if they give us dates I rather they didn’t. Only to be canceled the next day. Like they did last Christmas eve. Never comply ever for what they have done to the human race…

    • The sheep think this is freedom😄…
      Vax passes and masks in shops…
      Hope there immune system is up to the job come winter🤢

    • What about 2 weeks to flatten the curve…
      Only the elderly and vulnerable to be jabbed…
      They lied in December when they said 2 weeks xmas as a friend of mine knew a guy thats does them pathetic signs they have on there podiums and he said they never intended letting people have xmas together for that long and was always going to be just 2-3 days…

  22. Communism tactics. Make people poor, raise taxes, make people dependant on the state, have people live in fear.
    Still there’s more of us then there are them.

    • Also part of the plan is debt and then debt relief but you must agree no more assets ever again, just like when bankrupt. How will they do it, house price increases , stamp duty holidays, many people buying property, then inflation and then housing crash many in negative equity, many losing jobs,that robots/AI can do, so then signing everything over to gov debt relief schemes. Hey presto you are bought!

  23. 3 day week an original idea by Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath. a Satanic pedophile and prolific murderer loved by the royals – funny how history repeats itself isn’t it !

    • A Tory in name only, in truth he was a Trotskyist.

      “Democrats (Labourites and Liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Tories and NeoCons) are Trotskyists”

      — Eustace Mullins

  24. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m working 10… The intelligent retard has been working very hard though for many years as this interactive page explaining all their crime partners at the WEF explains..
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

  25. I’ve been stocking up on 7 day blessed candles from m my local Latin Mass Catholic Church. They cost €5 and burn for 7 days. In a very safe container. Will give them to family, friends, neighbours if needed.

    This powerful prayer was given by Our Lady to a lady in Amsterdam from 1945-1959.

    “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father. send now your Spirit over the earth.
    Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all Nations, that they may be preserved from Degeneration, Disaster and War.

    May the Lady of ALL Nations, who once was Mary, be our advocate. Amen.

    • Susan, just buy ordinary candles and bless them yourself, why give money and more essentially “your power” to the Jesuit banker who is doing the bidding of the Rothschild banking cartel, also known as the Pope
      By their actions shall you know them!

  26. anyone heard anything about jesus 2nd coming?;I thought he would have turned up before they started jabbing people…..

    • Jesus returns physically to Earth again at the battle of Armageddon but there is an event called the Hapazzo (commonly called The Rapture) that will occur before the second coming of Jesus to rule and reign on Earth.

      Turn to Christ now calling upon His name with a sincere heart and pray that you and your household will be saved and accounted worthy to escape the trials coming upon this world during the tribulation and great tribulation or time of Jacob’s trouble. When the right number of gentiles have come to faith and into the fold the Rapture will happen.

    • He was coming in 2012 but I missed that visit.

      I think we’ve better chance of spacemen coming to save us but then my mind went into overdrive and started thinking our culling is for them to inhabit our planet. Just a crazy idea in these crazy times 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Here is when He is coming, when very few people are left alive: Matthew 24:21-22 (KJV) For then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved (alive): but for The Elect’s (The Saint’s) sake those days shall be shortened.

  27. Wonder why Bojo gone over to see 😪 Biden, more announcement’s when he comes back eg compulsory jabs for people jobs, threat with the sacked, 3 day working jobs cut unemployment looks like we in for a bumpy next couple of months i wasn’t born when the last one happens looks like it’s going to happen😕

  28. Matt Hancock would be horrified if he found out he had to work 3 days a week. He didn’t do a single day of useful work in the whole of 2020. The most useful thing he did in 2021 was resign which was followed by a massive party in Downing Street.

    • Funny as there was footage of him walking into downing street one day and he literally yanked his face nappie off before going into a big cabinet meeting there…
      That was when they said where them stupid things in pubs and shops etc…
      There just virtual signally tools…

  29. The Financial / Economic Systems could all be run by AI. Supply Chains, Buying, Selling. All intelligently controlled and manipulated by a small few.

  30. I’m starting to think this is not about a VIRUS.
    So many coincidences, so may mouths, so much shit falling from them!

  31. cheers hugo

    i had my gas bill increases yesterday i not impressed to say the least,
    but i won’t change provider because i feel that’s another scam to try encourage theses meters when you do, with promise of saving money… load ballcrap!
    theses people have no intention of Helping Us anymore,
    stay as you are don’t rock the boat more i say !!

    have good day All

  32. At 3min there is this clever socialist prick who was at Davos WEF meeting.

  33. When anyone quotes the nazi Henry Ford I always nearly vomit in my mouth 🤮

  34. I’m panicking. I can’t tell anyone this information because it takes too long to script a video, nobody’s going to believe us, and I’m being forced to rapidly go into work because my mum’s had her work cut short and thus her benefit from the government cut short (she hasn’t worked in 17 years), she’s not allowed to work more hours to a) get paid more and b) get more benefit for already earning more money, and now all of a sudden the WEF bastards want people to work even less and get paid less in order to SOMEHOW create more jobs. Where do you get this information? I’m always late to this. It would help if you gave us some fucking links to what you read. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”? If I had time, I’d find the 201st event and watch it, followed by watching the entirety of cybernetic shape

    I went to to find what you added here only to find they’d already hidden it. For fuck’s sake Hugo, you need to give us the specific links to everything you include. They’ve moved on to telling people to add red seaweed to cows’ diets, claiming it stops them producing methane. Here it is: “The next challenge is to find enough of it.” They say that as they show people pulling it off the seabed or something. Saving the planet? I think not. “How else can we reduce food emissions from our food? Like, comment, share.” There are no likes or comments on, and [insert empowerment of the bastards monologue here]. I don’t have the time for this.

    Here are the links to the WEF’s garbage that Hugo didn’t add himself.
    Strangely, most of this seems to be from 2016. I can’t even find that Mail Online article, or the WEF video with the Swedish guy. They’ve probably been deleted. There needs to be archived versions of all this, and it shouldn’t be me doing it.

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