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    • Jeez, you have to sign up with an account for guggle docs to read this urgent announcement and supermarket hack 😀 Like who in their right mind is going to sign up with the guggle guys? 😀 I give up! 🙁 I really do 🙁 😀

    • That is a link to your personal email account !! you need to publish it somewhere else and provide a link

  1. Sounds like stockbroker tactics to me.

    Also saw somewhere that the booster has side effects….

    We knew this months ago!!

    • It will cause the same problems as the others…
      Saw lots gagging for it today outside a surgery☠️…
      See you later i thought

  2. The only choice he has to make is between Bollinger and Dom Perignon as he made millions when he sold mse.

    • Yeah, a cool £80 million 😀 or was it £80 billion 😀 He can take his patronising ‘advice’ and shove it 😀

  3. Clearly he’s mind bender…..how much was he paid to lie to us

  4. The mainstream media have been doing this for the past 18 months. And its not just Martin Lewis. The worst offenders are the BBC. They are one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations. The BBC actively encourage child abuse most recently in their push to get children vaccinated. And the abuse of children by the BBC goes back decades – they employed Jimmy Savile. They should be stripped of their broadcasting licence as they have no place in modern society

  5. Hugo has his finger on the pulse, that’s for sure. It’s constant fear. The “we are the only ones who can save you” BS fed to us by MSM

  6. I would really like a response on shedding true or false would my partner get something horrible from me who had one jab and she neither regards frustrated…

    • The experts, that’s the ones on our side, are not sure, but apparently there was a ‘vaccine’ developed to sterilise mice which was designed to pass from the ‘vaccinated’ to those not.

      • Gates body language…twitching and nervous and corrupt bastard like he is…

    • Shedding:

      I’m understanding that jabbed folks will spread variants more.

      I’m not sure totally but Dr. Christiane Northrup a very experienced Obstetrician.
      Gynaecologist, 40 years + has her own website.

      She has recently stated that male or female receiving any jab must abstain from intercourse for 7 weeks.

      She didn’t give further details but stated that spontaneous abortions have increased 2.5 times in females.

      Menstrual cycles have changed for some women and I believe that some breast fed babies in USA have started bleeding after being fed from jabbed mothers.

      I also understand some babies have died.

      So whether or not this is due to actual shedding or other reasons seems complicated
      Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny is currently carrying out research and Dr. Carrie Majey said “Maday” is also following through on issues surrounding jabs.

      All I do know is that the 2012 animal trial using ferrets with Astra Zeneca all died using this nano technology.

      Graphene oxide is a hugely toxic substance, 90% which is wrapped around the messenger RNA = mRNA
      (The idea with boosters from what I gather is to slowly reduce a person’s immune system to nothing as in a sort of AIDS situation.)

      According to the inventor of MRNA Nobel prize winner Dr. Robert Malone it should not be delivered as an injectable treatment.

      Dr. Mike Yeadon ex CEO of Pfizer has stated on various platforms that nano technology has never delivered or developed a proper vaccine in 10 years of research.

      He’s an extremely experienced research doctor who has double degrees.

      Not a clear answer but plenty of research coming out..although folks I know are on a 3rd booster already.
      Death from weird cancers are supposed to be within 2-3 years according to some doctors predictions.
      The Great Reset is programmed for 2025/2030 UN published 1997 details I read last year.
      Klaus Schwab, WEF has published his book on Covid a few years before it all came into being.

    • A work colleague, who had been furloughed for a long time, and had always said he wouldn’t take the jab, was returning to work in May there, and l picked him up on his first morning back. On the way, in the car, he told me that he had changed his mind and went and got the jab a few days previously. I thought there was a strange smell in the car, sort of clinical. Anyway, a few days later at work l started to feel really unwell, weak to the point where l thought l was going to collapse, face burning, and a headache. Checked my temp on leaving at 2pm and it was high. Got home and had shivers like l never felt in my life. Couldn’t get heat into me. Got straight into bed. Next morning woke up absolutely soaking, hair stuck to head etc but felt great. Ive had the ‘flu three times in my 65 years and each time it nearly killed me. Last time, about 20 years ago, l lost 3 stone and it was 6 months before l was fully back to normal. Im convinced that this shedding is a thing, and that l have antibodies of some sort that fought back here.

  7. There’s something about Martin Lewis that I do not trust. Anyone else get this vibe from him?

    • Its a smokescreen for the society reset…
      Its never been tested for a vaccine and whats more NOBODY has died from it as every death is marked with a PCR genetic material tool….

    • It’s Obviously Cold and Flu’s renamed, no increase of deaths prove this, which is why they won’t do the test ever and prove there lying.

      Deaths start creeping up about 30days ago mind, the report was 20days old, so might of peaked might be still heading up.

  8. He won’t lead me to any deals, I have got my own Generator and ready.

    • Me neither 😀 I am fully stocked up with 50 packets of hobnobs 😀 Bullet-proof 😀

      • Get you went expensive not fake hobnobs!!

        I can live on biscuits for ever 🙂

  9. They are trying to monopolize Nature, Air, Water, Sun, Movement, Free Will, Thinking, Science and everything that is currently free.


    You’re not allowed to do it unless we say so, and pay us well.
    – Mask on all the time – fresh air only for us.
    – Don’t travel – the world is ours.
    – Sun will be blocked due to Global Warming, but are villas are strategically located
    – We are the only science and you’re not allowed to practice science independently or you go to jail.
    – You cannot think independently because we’ll invent a word and concept to categorize you as a criminal if you fall out of line.
    – You cannot express yourself publically – that’s propaganda, incitement, and disinformation for which we’ll charge you.
    – You cannot have children at will. But we can.
    – ….

    Communism is a Ponzi Scheme

  10. A disgusting Character…this is the tool that got us all having to swap our gas supply, insurance etc to companies that don’t even provide the product or commodity.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

    • Yep, and he also heavily encouraged his followers to put their money into Icelandic banks which subsequently collapsed 😀 Plus a few other ‘victories’ for his followers that the non-followers ended up paying for 😀 Martin Lewis is a very unsavoury character indeed 😀

  11. Maybe they need something else to blame for the masses getting sick this winter.

  12. This dude is so clever with money then why doesn’t he tell people what a corrupt system we live in! Fuck him pardon my French.

  13. Barbecue will sort that issue out….
    But to be honest this is gone to far….
    Peoples mental health is down the drain as it is…
    I was in a church friday and never seen so many food bags from the food bank out…
    Even had flowers in a couple…
    This goverment has fucked this country for good now….theres no going back if it carries on now

  14. Made this point the other week ,when they were going on about the end of landlines for the phones ,for some elderly people seeing either of this and it will be enough to finish them off , pure evil bastards with not an ounce of empathy for the older generation , hang them all .

    • I think power cuts and high gas prices will finish of the elderly this winter, before land lines are gone 🙁

      * lost my land line radio handset about 5years ago, can’t say I’ve bothered to look for it or use it.

  15. Fear-mongering is a crucial part of the hypnotic induction process, to gain control of the mind and directed to the desired place: Credulity and Ease of Control.

    The MSM platforms are the cool-aid. Turn them off.

  16. FEAR has made 80% of the UK take an experimental jab, with no legal come back if they get injured / die for a virus that doesn’t exist and pretty much nobody knows of any deaths and there just really Flu deaths or even car crash.

    FEAR works, don’t mock FEAR!!!

    That’s why Convid got labelled PROJECT FEAR right from the start from those not controlled and manipulated by fear.

    • yes it all started with Goebbels or should I say Hancock in 2020 when he told people ‘stay at home if you go out and come within 2 metres of anyone you will die’ Fear factor meant that even if people didn’t think that would happen they didn’t want to take any chances. And so it went on. I saw lots of people waiting outside the death camps in the summer queueing up to be shot.

    • Rubbish! Gas prices ‘soaring’ by £100 a year (£2 a week) is not going to finish anyone off. Who lives on such a tight budget. Certainly not pensioners who have a couple of hundred a week in their pocket to pay for food and heating 😀 The only people who will have to choose between heating and eating are those who spend the princely sum of £2 a week on food 😀 Now, that can’t be many, if any at all 😀 Lewis is fear-mongering, but he is not the only one, but I won’t single you out Turveyd 😀

    • yes, a virus that has never been singled out , separated, proofed. as never been shown when many have asked the governments, to proof the sars 2 convid virus in its pure form. , the answer was they don’t have that proof. only computer images, that was taken in 2002. or around about that date. unable to proof the virus means this virus convid is a complete deception.

  17. Yep another attack on us.. another excuse to go of grid.Tick. Weakening the people. Until we start thinking for our selfs and doing what we want from now on and not following the herd. I have never followed the herd, I was born a original. I will not die a copy. Will make my own fires if the shit hits the fan. I’ve got my fire steels

  18. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil! For the lord is with me!

  19. Spot on Hugo. Cant stand this guy hes a right knob. How many people especially older folk will be scared and anxious now. Hes loaded upto his eyeballs. Just another scare story as were coming into Autumn and Winter. Feck off Martin

    • hi

      great comment
      i have a elderly father i already having to give him counselling 🙁 bless him to not panic ;(

      your spot on it’s scary for theses elderly
      & people with mental health issues.

      have nice day

  20. The mans another c*@#, and I don’t care if Google’s watching what I say, I won’t live in fear and I won’t self censor, the more these parasites are exposed the more chance we have in getting ahead of their MSM propaganda, I’m gonna live my life on my feet looking them all in their eyes, why? because the alternative is to die on my knees cowering, and I’m not prepared to betray myself……unite the working class and resist this tyranny💙

    • ‘It is better to die on your feet, than live for ever on your knees’

      — Dolores Ibårruri, “La Pasionaria”

  21. Fear and the subsequent stress is know to seriously damage your immune system, these msm c*nts are doing what they’re paid to do – manipulate the feeble minded. Don’t be fooled, is all a big IQ test – and so far you are winning !

  22. Hugo have you heard what’s going on in Australia with the protest I think you should look I love to here your thoughts

  23. Martial Law in Sydney, army in to help elsewhere.

    US kicking unjabbed military out and tests to check there not free thinkers ie us, out if so.

    They really really want this jab into everyone and there not taking no for an answer which just makes everyone more suspicious.

    They’ll be going door to door and jabbing us by force soon, for a jab that doesn’t work, madness and end of times is near!

  24. J*ws (Martin Lewis) and crypto-J*ws unfolding Weimar Republic in the UK.
    Fuel prices have risen 15% already but when the hyperinflation hits?
    Communism is a J*wish bankster baby they want to implement over and over again to hide their crimes.
    But still Martin could be very right.
    Already for long time experts recommend taking the longest fixed rate mortgages to manage through difficult times.
    MoneySavingsExpert is good source of financial information.
    It’s not my fault that centuries ago J*wish bankers/merchants from Netherlands wanted to have another go at English nation (Oliver Cromwell) and turn them into debt slaves the result of that today is Martin Lewis and financial reality he talks about unless you expel them like king Edward the I and live in a different financial paradigm.

  25. Prediction. Co2 crisis coming= cutting the food supply off= Co2 carbon footprint card coming or app this winter. I. e. Social credit system. Getting us ready to cut us of with a click of a button if we don’t conform. So obvious. All planned. Ditch the smartphones people. Or it will be mandatory to have a smartphone like in China.

  26. Speaking as an 101-year-old on a state pension what this Martin bloke is saying has put me in a right tizz 🙁 Heat or eat, why can’t I have both? 🙁

  27. One of my neighbours, an elderly woman who lives on her own keeps all her windows open – ‘to keep the bloody covid out’ 🙂 I wonder if she would survive a really cold winter. 🙂

    • Never have been ,but glad you have woken up ,keep the faith ,no surrender ever .

  28. I always thought the bloke was a prat. Constantly telling people to switch utility companies when we all know within a few months they will put their prices up to the same or higher than your existing supplier. Will always switch off now if he is ever on TV and News

  29. There’s no doubt that the price of many things are extremely likely to increase sharply. And make no mistake, this is the result of inflation. Any classical economist will tell you hyper-inflation caused by reckless money printing since the 2009 crash was inevitable, irrespective of this scamdemic. I suspect the elites finally realised they wouldn’t be able to save their currencies let alone their economies, once the inevitable hyper-inflation attacks in response to their reckless money printing.

    Many of you are already aware of the 2025-2028 Spars pandemic blueprint sourced from the John Hopkins centre. So why bring it forward 5 years? Answer – so that the swine’ish masses (as they view us) will blame a flu virus for the ensuing chaos, rather than where the blame firmly lays – at the door of globalist elites and their crazy short term neo-liberal economic model, ultimately designed to keep enriching them. This motivation does not preclude any decision also made to consolidate this with a de-population programme coupled with digitised slavery for the survivors.

    So what’s the best way for ordinary folk to look forward? As Hugo often talks, anything to increase your self sufficiency and localised co-operation and trade.

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