WATCH Kaiser Chiefs PROVOKE Division In Crowd / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • I usually go but refunded my 2020/1 tickets as Giddings pishing to use event staff to inject!

  1. Was at a U2 concert in Twickenham Stadium and Bono went on a 10 minute rant about Brexiters being fascists. It was completely unnecessary. I don’t care if you were for Brexit or against Brexit it was a pop concert, politics has no place there. I was there to be entertained. Paid about £100 to be preached to.

    • Bono is one of the worst hypocrites of all time. I was at Live Aid in 1985 when he was wanting to save the world and feed starving African babies ( or was that just a popularity stunt ? ) …. now he is one of the biggest supporters of Monsanto and their disgusting genetically modified food. Why would anyone listen to a complete moron like him ? …….. thank you for sharing this information Donald. Clowns like Paul Hewson should be laughed at, not lauded.

      • Bono, Geldorf et al heavily invested in African stuff, purely to rip them off, Live Aid was the foothold to get them into Africa

      • Doesn’t he have a seat on economic forum.

    • Bono hates the English as well despite the millions they have put in his pocket.

    • Well what did you expect from Bonehead? If he was playing in the backyard I would pull the curtains….

  2. WTF… If by any chance I would have been to such a concert, I would have immediately left that shit. Jab or no jab that is just BS. Also humiliating people that pay you? Really?

    • Absolute bellend! It’s sick idiots like this that are pushing our teenagers into getting the jab. I’ve heard so many say they want the jab so they can go to Glastonbury festival next year, WTF!!

    • Comedians humiliate people that pay them 😀 ‘So what’s your story? You look like a pair of poofters.’ 😀

  3. What a complete knob, Jesus.. . Give credit to Mr Dave mustaine from Megadeth,he told the real truth on stage last week…..

  4. The following is a quote from Bruce Adamson, an unelected weasel advising the Scottish government on jabs for kids:-

    “It should be a child’s individual choice to take the vaccine – it needs to be an informed choice, based on how they feel and their understanding. There shouldn’t be any pressure to take vaccination.”

    I’d like to ask how it can be an “informed choice” when it is an experimental jab, and when opposing opinion has been silenced and cancelled?

    This will indeed be the start of taking away parental rights over children; kids have already been muzzled and imprisoned and now with jabs going ahead for them will be the door opening for social services to interfere in normal family life should a child not consent. Where they take them and what they do with them,,, scary to imagine!

    • I saw that…. This is all beyond evil now….
      There is no way all this shit can be allowed to continue…
      Society is ruined for ever if it goes on

  5. What a complete and utter wanker. If he’s trying to whip up hatred, it’s working because I could smack the prat right in the mush.

    • I have hit 2 people that have got in my face with all this…
      Not proud of it but didnt knock any sense into them mind

  6. I notice a few were shaking their heads in disgust, good for them, what Martin did was purely divisive. I wish some had turned out and left.
    I am so sick of this sort of celebrity behaviour that we have seen repeatedly this year that cinema and concert going is out for me.

  7. That was scary seeing how many young people are walking around with Graphene Oxide invading every cell of their bodies and rendering them sterile.

    If you have seen how insidious it is the ….way it is joining up and surrounding the Blood cells forming crystals around it.

    Look at them all jumping up and down and giving the hand signals of the the Devil.

    Guess what young people the Devil is laughing at how gullible you all are.

    Some Gullible people lose there money to tricksters.

    Then there are those who lose their lives to them.

  8. So obviously Satanic manipulators playing to the morons – people cheering their demise and booing those with more sense. Those who have taken the Vax and even now don’t regret it are never going to wake up – let them sleep, lets get on with contacting the awake and develop our plan B

  9. More reinforcement of the fact that the majority of bands, “stars” , slabrities, and all the rest, are over for me and for many others. This guy has actually revealed his true colours, paid off to say what’s he said, no doubt, the idiot. The real heroes now are voices of opposition, brave enough to speak out, and to investigate the truly dire situation we are in right now. The ones that encourage us to educate ourselves and do research. The ones on the right side of history when the time comes.

  10. Could you imagine back in the heyday of pop Roger Daltry or Jimi Hendrix or joni Mitchell asking their audience ‘have you had the vaccine?
    They were free spirits, not agents of the ruling regime like these nonentities

  11. don’t even know who they are. but what a wanker. they wont be laughing soon. they will join us freedom fighters. he’s definitely creating division and hatred. now we know why these celebs don’t speak out against it. they are all for it. there the ones creating hate. what a shitty gig that was. there days are numbered…nasty selfish pricks…

  12. I’m as likely to be vaccinated as Boris Johnson and his Sage Gang are to tell the truth about what is going on. Did anyone hear Ricky Wilson say he’s had the clotshot?

    • He posted on twitter he had the “jab” turns out…self promoting like the rest of them bastards to get there fans to have them…
      Hope he chokes on it literally

  13. Face masks on babies now…
    These type of wankers are promoting them jabs which are full of poison and promoting this agenda…
    If this ever gets out being the truth people are getting to feel really stupid…

  14. How much pay is the pratt being paid or being from the poison companies to promote this shile Them brainwashed seal cheering there time will tell when they die and have blood clots or other health issues.
    I think us unclean unjab will be the first ones to say ‘ Told you so ‘

  15. I predict a riot…! What an absolute prick! Clearly in the Satan club with the “darkened eye” sh!t! I’ve lost any and all respect for famous stars – most of them have sold their souls!

  16. Assuming that this ‘mummy’s boy wanker’ band got a financial offer they couldn’t refuse from the pharmaceutical companies to promote the their poison?

  17. it’s got me thinking about those boys from muse singing “they will not control us”,blah blah blah,never seen them at protests,full of shite “pop stars”😂😂😂😂😂

    • Oh seen it really worth the watch and very brave man left his email and funeral shop details definitely a hero to stick his name out there like that 😇

  18. Will never wear a mask again. anyone I see wearing a mask now have summited to the new agenda and support it. There to far gone to see you truth. (hypnotised)

    • Compliance tools masks like the jabs…
      There bought and paid for…
      I dont talk to them and just ignore them now…

  19. The Kaiser Chiefs used to be good. Catchy songs. Didn’t take themselves too seriously. How times change. Despicable trouble makers and warmongers.

  20. I am old enough to remember when Rock n Roll was about fighting against the machine.

  21. Turn the clock back 80 years, and change the country to Germany instead, and this fascist would have been shouting another message to the audience: ‘Put your hands up if you’ve joined the Nazi Party?’ [cheering]. ‘Put your hands up if you’re thinking about it?’ [cheering]. ‘Put your hands up if you’re a Jew?’ [cheering]

  22. Hugo, the show is called I don’t give a …. what it’s called.

  23. This is turning into a cult these people need taking down soon as possible

  24. What an utter dick head little power freak
    How disturbing that soo many young people have been jabbed ! and even more so that a pop group would be so outspoken
    He is like a little hitler in the making 😳

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