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      • Seen that a few days ago. It truly is the most accurate account of what’s happening and it’s frightening. If it is shared far and wide and fails to awaken the people then we have entered the end days!

    • Has anybody noticed all the propaganda articles popping up over the last few days? Regarding anti vaxers dieing from covid and regretting they didn’t get the vaccine. It’s pushing the line look if you don’t get the vaccine you will did like they did. It’s coercing people or the time, they’re just don’t give up do they?

      • People do not be distracted by all the propaganda and fake numbers.
        Covid fear is fake! I listened to a funeral director and tells it like it is all contrived fake nonsense. The only time they were busy was when they started pumping the poison into people the elderly first because they had no say!

        De population programme is happening before our very eyes hiding behind covid the perfect storm!
        , now they are after the children, before too many wake up to their diabolical plans, straight from hell!!
        Jesus is king! God bless!

      • Yes I have Stephen. But I think they have overplayed their hand with it. They have gone so OTT with it all that it may well cause some people , maybe those who are partially awake , to say this is getting ridiculous now and question it. At least I hope it will.

      • If anti vaxxers are dying. How are they regretting not getting the vaccines. This news report is nonsense.
        We just need to not listen to the news. Doom and gloom. Lies and more lies.
        Bless everyone here. We really don’t have anything to lose except our fear, so we need to speak up and out in faith.

  1. We need more than just voices now. They don’t listen, they can ignore you or cancel you so you don’t have a voice. They have a plan, they will fulfil that plan whatever we say, it needs a more robust form of message sending. I think we might see the kind of thing I’m thinking of in italy soon.

    • What’s going on in Italy? I must have missed it…

      What’s your suggestions to push back?

      Does anyone know why the jab is killing some but not all? Is it placebo? Or is it just affecting people in different ways?

      • Many have received a placebo, for I know of no one in my locality that has died or suffered negative effects so I can see no other explanation. In simple terms I have heard it explained by doctors as some jabs are “quick kill”, others are “slow kill” and with the remainder as placebos.

  2. What I am suggesting is that ‘Doris’ has reshuffled his pack of cabinet minister cards is because he had opposition from said Ministers and is looking to
    ‘Ramp up’ the Pressure for people to comply.Just a Thought 🙂

    • He can reshuffle all he wants. He will still be the joker in the pack. What we need now is The Dark Knight to take him out.

    • Agreed that scumbag evil Zahawi is now Education Minister for example its so he has his yes men and women around him. Gavin Williamson was useless bit maybe he didnt agree to kids being jabbed who knows? Yes the pressure is always going to ramp up cause more ppl are awakening two ppl at my boyfriends,work are not going for the booster for example. One lady her friend is disabled now owing to the jab and her daughters friend is having problems with her legs and period. We just need to keep pushing back in whatever way we can.

  3. I was part of a team of eleven yesterday, holding up message boards by a busy local road. I could not believe the venom and negativity from some members of the public. One of our team was spat at, one had an ambulance window wound down to hear ‘I hope you get covid’. There were many who blew horns in support, and thumbs-up. One old lady with a shopping trolley stopped by me and said ‘Good for you’. There is no hope for some people. They will probably get the shot and face the consequences. My daughter was talked into it, and is now ill. We have posters in our house window, and get the door kicked, but you have to make a stand, as Hugo says. Hiding indoors with your toilet paper (Brian Rose!) will do nothing.

    • I got attacked by a man when holding a placard a year ago.People have been corrupted years ago, they will defend their core belief and want to believe their world is as they believed.Any attack on their core belief will disturb them.
      We still have to try.The more we keep silent the worse it is.
      Good luck and grow a thick skin

      • You’re right about their core beliefs. I see people look at the posters on my bike when it’s parked, then they quickly turn away. It is just too much for them.

      • I hit a fella wearing a mask and face shield last year which i wasnt proud of as he was yelling at me “your spreading it and killing people”…
        Needless to say his face shield was broken after but not a common thing i would do

    • Good for you grouchoone you are doing more than most. It’s a shame that the ambulance person wasn’t filmed, that lot are also part of the problem. keep going!

      • It’s funny you should say that. There were ambulances up and down that piece of road all the time we were there. I know at the beginning of the hoax they were told to drive around to frighten people. Perhaps they were reacting to us telling the truth…..

      • Funny you say about the ambulances as last year the news said theres tons outside hospitals because of so many people coming in being ill…
        Well turns out them photos was just a photo from 2 years previous the news put on and a hospital staff member said it was not a unnatural occurrence to be busy..
        The news was putting this shit out to say the hospitals was rammed with “covid” patients…
        They didn the same with the beaches photos as well under the “spreader” myth

  4. Sadly the U.K. population do have a slave mentality as witnessed every day by those who wear the mask, a symbol of compliance and obedience

    • Went into Asda last night and maybe 90% without a mask.Same with Lidl last Sunday.It was crowded but vast majority without a mask.I think people just follow the herd.You get a small minority fanatically pro jab/mask but most blow with the wind

  5. Brilliant well put they all need going on trail all governments over world and the elite masters

  6. You make a great point Hugo. As I have also explained to some, there has never been a more important time to speak out. The World is descending into full state control, more can see it but remain silent, they are digging their own graves.
    I know whatever happens that I have done my bit on Facebook etc. There are some people that have a mindset that if you ignore it, it will go away, but the drive towards what the Cabal wants is going to have to be fought long and and hard.

    • Society is falling to pieces and all this will only push it further into a oblivion eventually…
      People are so ignorant now and blinded by news and media and compliance that i just refuse to even look at them with there face clamps on

    • Have a look at Toms Bitchute post, 6 posts back from yours. Then, is there anyway of you getting it out on to FB?
      I don’t do FB or any of the chitchat SM. Never even looked at one post!
      Must be my age!!

    • Start by deleting Facebook! I did 5 years ago and you soon realise how unneeded it is. Facebook is deleting our voices, therefor, people should fight back and delete Facebook! You might think it connects people when actually it does the opposite… delete it along with every other social media.

  7. Thank you Hugo, that was just what l needed to hear. I have been saying this myself for a long time. Stand up and be counted.
    I will not fear the battle if thou are by my side, nor wander from the pathway if thou will be my guide.

    • “They monitor social media”
      They ARE social media

      Social media & Google were created for the purpose of information gathering
      data mining to feed A.I and their quantum computers

  8. Nhs worker told me he is pro vaccine…
    I said “thats your problem then and probably not your actual choice”…
    I was called a anti vaxxer but i said “no i am not against actual vaccines and besides how can i be called a anti vaxxer with this as this is not a vaccine”..🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Kids will be hung out to dry then as most of them are social media slaves…its scary as i see them even in groups just staring at there phones oblivious to anything…

      • Tom, don’t underestimate the innate intelligence of kids, once the extent off the damage pharma is doing is realised the young males will have renewed interest and a vigour like never before.

        The medical industry have did themselves irreparable damage from what I can see but it has been going that way for years, this is the 6 inch nail that all can feel even if they are not sure about screaming at present give them time.

  9. Getting them to backing down is one thing, we have to remove government power and habit of ignoring the people and hold the media fully responsible for all they say. If we don’t they will keep trying one way or the other, one step at a time over generations. Life time career politicians must be removed and the practice abolished. The lobbyist industry has to be eradicated, the medical lobbyists first and foremost.
    Perhaps most important any form of government must be transparent and answerable to the people and penalty for corruption of those in the position to be very severe. All foundations must be ended and controls placed on all corporations with profits capped with expenditure closely watched and justified.
    Those at the top of the tree wealth wise must be taxed into oblivion on both property and savings.
    Public Private Partnerships (PPP) must be ended.
    OFFCOM must be abolished.

  10. Hi Hugo, I have seen your videos since last year and I really like your analysis etc. Your videos and message are brilliant ✊. You did a video about Mel Gibson the other day, and now I would like to bring your attention to this one with comedian Jim Breuer. It would be great if you can talk about that one too. Seems that some celebs are breaking ranks, true colours are showing.

    Thank you Hugo, for everything you do, bringing our attention to what’s going on.

    • I was impressed by that video of the Canadians. It takes guts.

  11. Nailed. Unfortunately, I feel the energy is waning even more are waking up.

  12. This is so true! I can post a picture on my Facebook of a nice beach on my holidays and I will get all my family and friends liking and commenting. I post about some evidence that contradicts the narrative and all I get is silence. People are just afraid little wet pussies cowering away with fear of what people may think. I walk out with my head held high hoping that someone who’s on my Facebook will maybe ask a question or start a conversation about the post. Again I’m met with a wall of silence.

    • Compliant and deluded brainwashed…
      I avoid them…
      Seeing there behavior is actually comical…
      They even have nodding gestures to each other as well when one lets the other walk around them😄…
      So sad it is….
      Actually even saw one guy mowing his lawn wearing a face mask😄..
      Amongst the drivers wearing them driving cars on there own with them on😄

    • Facebook have probably removed your comments. Fascist suckerburg

  13. Hugo is absolutely correct about social media. After the Morrisons supermarket sick pay news came out a few days ago the backlash on the net was horrendous for them. Within 24 hrs Yahoo for eg tried to scotch it by running a baloney story suggesting pro vaxxers were loving the fact that anti vaxxers as we are called were boycotting their stores and it was now a safer environment. So they certainly do monitor everything.

  14. I live in Barbados. The Caribbean has gone mad. Cases Cases Cases. We have had a march but people are being scaremongeried so much they are too scared to go out.

  15. Everyone should read this excellently researched book. It uncovers the truth about the very first vaccines created by Jenner and how they were falsely hailed as miracles. The Leicester Method back in the 1800’s is what we are reliving now. History repeating itself. Made me realise also how they came up with their clever ideas today. The reason is, it has all been tried before.
    Book – Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk.
    It’s a very easy read and brilliant.

  16. hey guys,how many of you know that you have never been in possession of YOUR own I.D.?,we have all been trespassed since the day we were born through our birth certificate;check out A WARRIOR CALLS for information on how to obtain I.D. for your true self,and how the common law trumps the LEGAL system

    • Yep, when we are born we are MASTERS (of our $7 BILLION trust fun). But then we are called MISTER. If you ever appear in court and call yourself MASTER the judge will crap themselves and drop the case there and then 😉

      • I am master, I was given the name david and I do not understand though I do comprehend your view!

  17. hi hugo
    great post thank you

    i was vocal before this pooh hit the fan …
    it’s always been important to me personally, to be outspoken, i am to the point but as polite as i can be pending the situation i am dealing with,
    still to many people are afraid & that is a shame because … i feel Great when i said my bit 😉 trying help others.
    Why.. sit in ignorance & silence & watch your fellow man,woman & children be taken through this anymore.

    cheers again hugo
    have great afternoon everyone

  18. Pfizer states there jabs are losing effectiveness after 6 months…
    Well there only effective by messing up your immune system and making you severely ill or dead…
    And a booster makes you fully “vaccinated”…
    Yeah but what about the “virus” it was never tested on?…
    Oh silly me🤦🏻‍♂️…flu is off on holiday again like last year and its mate is taking its place again…
    Cant believe how stupid i am thinking otherwise really💁🏻‍♂️

    • NO ONE will ever be fully vaccinated for as long as there are booster shots made available!!! All those poor sods who got jabbed for freedom will soon realise that that very freedom they took the jab for will be taken away from them unless they take the boosters!!!

      Come on, stay awake and ahead of their game x

  19. Well said Hugo. Keep on keeping on. Lets hope the minority wins over some more of the population in the end and saves our youngsters from this tyranny. 🙃

  20. When the supporters at a game cheer a goal – the atmosphere becomes electric and invigorating and they feel unbeatable. We need to repeat this process by posting a positive comment to all videos like Hugo s (AND OTHERS ) that show the public having the upper hand. This will only boost the publics confidence while at the same time weaken the govts.

    • Well, Celtic cheered twice to go two up against Real Betis and still got fecked 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

      But you do make a good point and we should never stop shouting!

  21. I am amazed at the self-confidence in the impunity of all who participate in this circus-media, politicians, etc. all these ordinary people who follow the orders of their masters. when everything is over, they will be the first to be punished by their own masters. because no one needs traitors. and the owners themselves are already eating each other, like spiders in a jar. because they share a large piece, there cannot be many owners……….😁

  22. Turns out anybody that dies within 14 days of a jab or has severe side effects they are classified as “unvaccinated”…
    Bit like the death within 28 days of a useless toothpick diagnosing “covid19”…
    CDC stated about the 14 days thing

    • I’ve never been tested and never will because I refuse to add to their statistics. Everyone should try to avoid it also though I do know that it would be difficult for some to avoid due to work and schooling etc.

      Nevertheless, if you’re being tested by a toothpick you’re psychiatrist is taking the piss 🤭

  23. Hugo. We think the same way. I was the hamster in the wheel for many years. Then one day I woke up and realised I was being used.
    No longer…

  24. Great video Hugo and all the comments, I hope the spies in the government do read our comments as i will say

    Never and will REFUSE to wear a mask that includes London Transport.

    Stuff your poison never going in my arm.

    Stuff your vaccine passports where the sun don’t shine.

    Never had a test.
    The truth my last cold i had was in June 2019. So why am i bother about this crap.

    Take that

  25. Its all coming true now…

    Jab passports
    Digital society
    Crash the economy
    Crush the NHS

    Society reset…

    “Pandemic” the smokescreen to cover up all this

  26. Just got new picture uk one I have RF lines or dna lines on head of photo and the steering wheel picture has all seeing eye in it

  27. Yes we must make our voices be heard anyway we can before it is too late! This is a must watch video i have put in my comment, please watch. As it shows people are fighting for our freedoms, plus how maniacal these tyrants are and what lengths they will go to to get their way bunch of satanists the lot of them, we must not let them win. Stand up and let your selves be heard before they do EVEN more harm to humans. As the normies out there will just go along with it and not question it. Only when it is too late will they say “Why didnt anyone warn us this was going to happen?” We did and all you did was ridicule, say don’t want to hear it or know it. Well now it’s too late we are all robots, thanks a lot. So don’t let this happen people!!!

  28. I am mentally exhausted now with this shite and fighting it.

    I’ve disconnected with and been disconnected by a lot of friends due to my stance.

    They are all vaccinated and for the first time yesterday I heard of someone dying 5 days after being jabbed. That is the first death from it that I can say was someone I knew.

    All of you will have loved ones you want to save, so please convince them to start taking iodine, zinc and magnesium to detox the poison from their bodies NOW!

    Take care everyone x

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