NICKI MINAJ – Genuine? Or ANOTHER MEDIA SET UP / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Can’t tell, might be real, might be a trap, lets wait and see, just at the bit where your not allowed to ask the question she’s 100% right there.

    First Booster given today in the UK, need to follow see how long she lives for.

    Mate Care Home Nurse, Flu jab in 1 arm, Booster in the other see how long she lives for, being forced into it to keep her job.

    1 Friend who knew DEAD PEOPLE unjabbed from ‘Covid’ I shouted at and she admitted, ZERO deaths not 2, reason being trying to scare me into have the Jab, CRAZY!!! For a Virus that’s killed ZERO people that I know of, Jab 1 mate and 13 Care Home deaths so hmmmm!!

    • I think she’s a singer, I remember a friend a few years back used to talk about her

  2. Got to the End Real GO GIRLIE!!!!!!

    Not saying they won’t flip her to Pro Jab, happens to a lot of people even the most it’s all a Hoax.

  3. If Nicki Minaj is serious she should talk to Robert Malone he is the Inventor of the m.r.n.a vaccine technology. I watched him on Jimmy Doré’s chat show the other day and what he has to say is very enlightening

  4. Fella i know works in the NHS…
    He said hes pro vaccine and wants the flu and booster jabs…
    I thought “is that because your lose your job otherwise?”…
    I didnt get into a row about and said good luck with that..
    NHS are bent anyway and part of the problem…

  5. She’s as fake as a 3 pound note, she’s being put out there with her “swollen testicles” BS story to make the rest of us who won’t take the jab look like nutters who need to be forced to take it “for our own good” or locked up in the covid concentration camps to “protect” us, no-one who goes in those places will ever come out again.

      • I think robalderson2 is talking about the vaccination centres. Otherwise known as death camps

      • They’re building a huge camp right now in Wellingborough Northamptonshire, it’s the largest prison/concentration camp in Europe.

    • It’s a ture story, my wife’s brother who lives overseas had the same issue.
      Spike proteins accumulate in the testes and ovaries

      • Fella i know is pro vaccine in the nhs and hope he gets his balls ruined by it which will serve him right

  6. I don’t give a Fuck who she is, but it gives hope a so called celebrity? Speaking out about the poison, we know it’s killing Men and Witty look angry and Johnson praising some witch.
    It’s some hope proud to be a anti vaxxer And there’s nothing they can do about it.

    • Dressed up in that red outfit , looks dodgy to me. I hope she is for real and not being used . I have never heard of her lol. I’m sick of being slatted by people I thought were my friends calling me no names and say I’m a conspiracy theorist. I’m no , had it all again last nite in a phone call with an ex. Full jabbed probley will have the booster. He basically called me a spreader. He was rising his voice at me. All because I said I had Ilook into it and decided at the start of jabbing not to have. He said that I haven’t seen someone die of covid He had. Turns out it was a friend of a friend that died. I didn’t want to go into tests and what’s in them. He wouldn’t let me get a word in anyway. The call didn’t end well it made me really nervous the angry towards me my stomach was doing turn overs. This is the guy that wants us to start again. Insult after Insult and I never bring this subject up. He nos my views has done from the start. He says I’m going against the government against the Royal family who do a hell of a lot for this country. Some how I belive hes losing it. I can’t see us now starting again. He’s attacking me like that has put me right of. He called me names saying I could be a spreader. OK I am what ever u say I’m am. It actually scared me to think if he’s like this now how many other people have this mindset. What does the future hold for people like us. I feel very alone. Let’s hope this women is not just fake and in it for the money. Also she e will never have the jab anyways or her baby . Let hope hope she sticks to her guns hey. After her visit with the devil’s advercate.

  7. If she accepts the White House offer, she should make it CONDITIONAL that the meeting should ALSO have Dr. Robert Malone or Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. Michael Yeadon in the meeting!

    • That is an Amazing idea… You should message her that if u can… Imagine!!!
      Air the whole meeting live so everyone can see n hear.

  8. Highly unlikely to be genuine. For a start why would she be invited to the white house anyway. She’s not a major pop star. And in any case when have pop stars had an audience with a president previously. And why would they invite anyone to the white house who they think would speak out against the vaccinations. Their whole aim for the past 18 months has been to prevent anyone from talking out about the covid scam. The White House actually is the last place anyone with any IQ would want to go as its where that nutter called Biden lives

    • ‘And why would they invite anyone to the white house?’ Sleepy Joe wants to sniff her hair 😀

    • She has got an IQ. Who is she anway ? Never heard of her. It would be e nice to think this wasn’t fucker .she won’t be having any jabs anyways. No matter what. Will she have to wear a mask and take a covid test before she’s allowed in ffs

    • Remember what happened to Kanya West not to long ago. Was speaking so e truths on stage. Police came and took him away. Nxt time u saw him, he was with Trump and was behaving very differently…

      She should not Go there… They will hypnotize her using MK Ultra. She will come back different… One of there puppets is waking up and they need to give her another Blue Pill to sit her up.

  9. Hmmm, undecided. Even if she is genuine, she is a media whore and is probably easy to buy. So I fully expect what Hugo suggested, she will come out of this ‘enlightened’ and start selling the clot shot to her fans. People like her seldom possess morals, she’ll go for the money. Watch this space

  10. Another strutting peacock. I pay very little attention to those these days (some of them are even on You Tube presuming to preach Christ).
    With the greatest respect to Candace Owens (who I quite admire and have regarded as one of the smartest young women on the planet — besides being a drop-dead looking Budju without all the pins and paint) I say to Candace, take heed, do not be deceived.
    This painted hoyden needs to clean her mouth out a little as well. Would you really take it home to meet mum and dad?

  11. Dont like “celebrity’s” anyway….
    No interest in them and they think there above everybody else although not all of them….
    They just do a job like anybody else but i remember swazenegger or whatever his name is promoting all this restrictions crap on a video…
    Nothing surprises me anymore with this horrible society

    • me too – the only ones fighting for human rights seem to be my fellw Serb Novax Djokovic, Roger waters of Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton…the clowns like BOno and others are nowhere to be found

  12. Whether a person with a following is genuine or not, and whether they like it, or not, they are quickly employed as trawler nets to catch the shoals which gravitate around them.

  13. She may be genuine, but also clearly a Freemasonic puppet, let’s see where this goes, my guess is her handlers will remind her where her loyalty lies and she gets “reassured” by Fauci..

  14. I suspect this is exactly what Hugo has said. Nicki Minaj has previous form for being involved in a suspected false flag. Westminster Bridge was closed for her pop video the day before the Westminster Bridge terror attack which looks very much like a staged event

  15. Great news – I am in Serbia at the moment – I moved here from the transgender gulag of Canadistan recently.
    Most people I know here don’t beleive the CONVID BS – the exact opposite to what I saw in Canada where most people got jabbed, I know many who had heart attacks, whose aunts died after first Sheizer, or whose cousins died from brain clot a day or 2 after their first Astra Satanica etc…people whose parents died after Sheizer, even my mother’s old friend had a heart attack a week after her first Sheizer etc etc…
    The main difference here is that Serbs are naturally braver than dumb Canadian sheep, they stick together and feel a strong sense of belonging, social cohesion, unity of predominant culture etc …the things all of us humans had and that is how we evolved. there is a huge power in that and for that reason the pedos of Hollywood, fake BS news like NYT, CNN, and most others are doing their hardest to isolate us and to make us fear each other (by importing a huge amount of foreigners with a culture so different they will never integrate so you get a situlation like in Canada or London where everyone fears everyone and sheeple are deeply disoriented, depressed and their humanity has been destroyed enough to submit to suicide via vax, sex-change, and other forms of self-mutilation….all the while outsourcing their economy and turning them into debt salves who can’t even afford to buy a place (like Kakanada again)….
    I am so happy I am here – Poland was similar – I went there recently, and probably most of Eastern Europe – that’s why EU hates Orban, Putin and anyone who tries to protect their coutnries/cultures from pedos and transgender promoters and other psychopaths the Anglozionist empire is full of…

  16. This reminds me of the pieces in Spars Pandemic 2025-2028. Maybe she is the equivalent of BZee the fictionary hip hop star?

    “In late May, three messages were approved by the cross-agency committee established to produce the
    messaging campaign: one addressing the nature and risks of SPARS, one regarding the effectiveness of
    Kalocivir, and one about the anticipated release of Corovax. These messages were broadly shared via
    all relevant government agencies’ internet and social media accounts. In an effort to further reach
    certain population subgroups, agency officials enlisted the help of well-known scientists, celebrities,
    and government officials to make short videos and Zap clips and, in a few cases, give interviews to
    major media outlets. Among those chosen were former President Jaclyn Bennett; BZee, a popular hip-
    hop star; and Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health and a renowned global health expert.”

    But if she is genuine, it also reminds me of “Epi-Girl” from Spars Pandemic 2025-2028.

    “science blogger EpiGirl, for example, began posting interactive maps of the incidence of Corovax side
    effects in April 2027. To create the maps, EpiGirl collected anecdotes of adverse Corovax side effects
    using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and combined them with data downloaded from the HHS
    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a national vaccine safety surveillance program
    maintained by the CDC and FDA. EpiGirl also encouraged those among her subscribers who were
    Apple product users to share health data with her via Apple’s ResearchKit and HealthKit applications.
    EpiGirl’s maps were consequently shared widely in social media circles and even included in local and
    national news reports.

    The federal government became concerned about the validity of EpiGirl’s anecdotal data and the
    widespread sharing of patient information via the internet. EpiGirl’s data showed a significantly higher
    incidence rate of nearly every reported side effect; however, federal officials believed that this was
    largely due to duplicate entries resulting from compiling data from multiple sources. Additionally,
    EpiGirl’s data did not seek to address the cause of the reported side effects, only the incidence rate.
    Publication of similar results from organizations such as Patients-Like-Me, a group closely associated
    with the natural medicine movement, further legitimized these independent reports. The government
    attempted to respond to these claims through formal press releases, but these were neither as visually
    appealing nor as interactive as EpiGirl’s maps and were, therefore, largely ignored.”

    So I don’t know if she is genuine or not but hope that she is and hope that this is what the scum trying to pull this stunt off, were worried about.

  17. We all know that these celebrities will do almost anything to get into the public eye, so its 50/50 whether or not she’s genuine in these complaints, she looks so plastic that I wouldn’t trust her in the slightest.

  18. If she happens to turn out to be sincere and genuine
    We can all sing…..123, GO!

    Oh Nicki you’re so fine, you blow my mind
    hey Nicki, hey Nicki.
    Oh Nicki, you’re so fine, you blow our mind
    hey Nicki, hey Nicki 🙂

  19. I do not believe her. She is a puppet. She is giving false hope to people . You will find she will have a change of heart at a later stage….Why did she not speak up before now. Why at this point in time??

  20. Yep. She’s trying to get into the heads of people who refuse to vaccinate, in order to turn the narrative around at some point. She is WICKED. We shouldn’t t even listen to anything the peekaboo club people say. They are compromised to begin with.

  21. Getting a politician or celebrity that is not part of the Cabal is like getting a camel through the eye of a needle

  22. Just watched the podcast of the lotus and Sean in more detail what Nicki actually said I believe she is genuine she has just said her concerns and shown she is giving thought as to whether or not have the jab and people are cussing her when she has done nothing wrong stay strong Nicki

  23. I mentioned here yesterday how I’d noticed the phrase “peddling lies” being used by politicians and various media outlets a lot this past week; well here it is once again, uttered by this tyrannical POS who is ordering people to get jabbed or lose all their freedoms. He conveniently forgets to add that people are dying and becoming paralysed right after these jabs, and actually states that they are “safe and effective”. How he’s allowed to get away with such blatant lies angers me. He also states that covid is here to stay along with booster jabs.

  24. I beware of anyone from the celebrity world. They are often connected with dark forces, usually willingly, so anything they say or do cannot be trusted

    • Exactly, she is another psyops and what will happen is that the CDC will talk to her (all part of the plan) about the vaccine and then she’ll tell her followers of all the information she had is correct then more will fall for getting vaccinated 🤦‍♂️

  25. ALL PSYOPS, Be aware because she’s getting all the hype over this and they’ll “CDC” talk to her about the vaccine and then she’ll tell her millions of followers it’s all fine I’ve been informed about everything, meaning getting more to vaccinate. ALL PSYOPS

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