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    • I would happily tie down these corrupt government workers and stick them needles in each of there eye sockets personally

    • These monsters that rule over us are pure evil!
      Seek Jesus whilst he still can be found! The evil one’s are running amok. Lies! Lies! Deception!
      Same as their father the devil!

      We see today God has been banished from all public life
      Illuminati Jews control the mass media and deceive and degrade the masses.
      Entertainment is an orgy of pornography, obscenity, social engineering predictive programming, violence and satanism.

      • Why do people have to seek Jesus? I’m a born again Christian and throwing statements like that around isn’t preaching the gospel! What would you say to someone who said – why should I bother seeking Jesus? What can He do to help me?

      • Iluminati Jews, what does the word Jew have to do with this? Careful how you use your words. Pray for Israel instead. Jesus The Messiah will return in Jerusalem. Return where He left. It won’t be long. He does care! And yes, I hope many believers in Jeshua will wake up and not take the jab. Bless you all, Ella from the Catlins, New Zealand.

  1. It’s like horror movie unfolding!how many more!before people wake up?

    • Until it happens to somebody close. I don’t think a lot of them will wake up

    • My Youngest grandchild is six months old, I’ve tried tirelessly to show my daughter the truth, she won’t listen to me she call me a crack pot! I’ve literally begged her not to take the jab, but she wont wake up! I’ve said they will come for your beautiful babies, but she won’t listen, god please help her, please!

      • I hope God is paying attention and will protect these children, because the truth is we either need divine intervention or we need to be prepared to die fighting this, because they will not stop no matter how many protests, videos, or anything else.

        It sickens me that no matter how much real, truthful data you throw at people. They are bedazzled by the lies and can not or will not think.

      • I don’t want to upset you, but i just seen on GB News babies of 6 months to be jabbed.
        Stop your daughter and your grandchildren getting yes poison.

        Government plan to target us unjab from next week Bring it on my 7 letter will be more abused they will get it big time

      • Mikayla. Point her to the claims coming from America about a number of breast feeding babies dying of blood clots and enlarged hearts after suckling on their jabbed mother’s breasts.

      • Unfortunately Satan has cast a spell over people.
        My Son thinks I am the crazy one.
        They will wake up when their Baby dies which will be horrendous for them.
        I feel your pain and Pray the Baby will not be injected with their poison.
        This is all getting to much to bear, Pray to God to help you.

      • This is a great article for understanding the mass psychosis that is going on now. It is worth the read and worth the save. There are 3 parts to this article, this is part one, if you go to the link, you will have access to the other 2 parts.
        I have grandchildren also, I am afraid to even inquire, as it would have me even more worried. When the bogus whopping cough epidemic was going around, I was told, I could not see my babies since I was not vaccinated. Shortly after that, it turns out there was no whopping cough epidemic after thousands had been vaccinated, many of them pregnant women. It is a hard challenge to beat the media. It’s like when you have a loved one with a serious drug addiction, the best you can do for them is pray and send them love and light.

  2. No one is jabing my 6 month old it’s not like a vaccine that protects them for 20 years all this vaccine does is cause mutations that are vaccine resistant

    • No vaccine is good for children do Ur research formaldehyde mercury African green monkey DNA chick dna aluminium etc can be found in all the vaccines they give to babies aswell as aborted fetal tissue and cells check out Dr Suzanna Humphrey’s on vaccines and babies and do proper research I wish I did sooner I havnt had my son vaxxed since he was 2mnths old hez now 3 I wish I’d known sooner I’d never have got any of them best thing for baby is breast milk and when older healthy food etc keep the immune system built up The Most High gave us it for a reason He didn’t give us vaccines they r given to us to kill and maim us to give us cancer autism etc it’s not jst this experimental gene editing therapy device thts a problem it’s all things injected into us! God bless you and Ur baby they r a blessing from The Most High we have duty to keep them safe He will take us all back one day soon we need to protect them at all costs from the enemy 🙏❤️

      • My understanding of the use of Vit-C for babies and children immediately after vaccination is supposedly incredible at helping to prevent the likes of Autism and Aspergers. Every parent should be made aware of this because not all parents can easily reject any vaccine for their kids.

      • Wish I’d know about the MMR as it contains Sodium L Glutamate – Monosodium Glutamate isn’t good for people with Autism, it exaggerates their symptoms, but I don’t know if Sodium L Glutamate is similar!
        Babies shouldn’t have jabs as young as they do, it’s ridiculous!

    • I think things are more sinister than any of us realise and the truth all along will prove to be that the “elites” and their mania regarding over population is behind everything.
      It is a 100 years of jabs that have brought about most illnesses….why do you think the Rockefeller family along with other elites have patents on stuff going back decades, why did Rockefeller get scientists to work on an injection in 1913 to “protect soldiers” that would end up fighting in a world war that hadn’t even allegedly been thought of never mind enacted 🤨 and what happened….Spanish flu happened, the soldiers later became ill and spread the “man made virus” throughout the lands they were fighting in and then took it back home and 50-80 million died…ever since there has been one illness after another and now practically every other person has something wrong with them (or will get something eventually) unless they had no jabs ever…..these evil monsters will soon get their just desserts. 🙏🏻

  3. Deeply moving accounts…young children….young adults…their future lies ahead….this madness HAS to stop!…l hear Ambulances daily…l say to myself…”how many have been jabbed? many heart attacks due to adverse reactions…we shall never know the whole truth….all l can say…scream…for God’s sake LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE…

    • Unless there is a monumental stand against this then this goes on for years….
      Everything they have done the last 18 months is not only not illegal but a crime against humanity….
      Theres more people than police and army and goverment and its our rights there supposed to look after and we pay there bloody wages as well so we should call the shots not them…
      Sod the sheep as they are not worth the bother anymore…
      I dont want one near me anymore as i am sick of the sight of them and there paranoia and face nappies and walking in roads and all that shit they do

      • I’m sick and tired of them behaviour, as if people are dropping in the streets! These are the sort that send their details to a Somalian Tribal Chief who has $3million to pass on to them! Sooooo gullible, it’s beyond stupidity!

      • I’ve got a lovely leg of lamb to cook for dinner later today, but I’m worried it contains sheep-like enhancements… might have fish instead but sourcing good ole line caught clean water fish and not from the Pacific is incredibly difficult. Maybe I’ll have steroid filled, antibiotic induced beef or chicken. Wash it down with poisoned tap water …

        Jeez, I have a terrible habit of wandering off subject. Sorry 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. So pleased Nicki Minaj hasj spoke up. She has a large following. Hopefully she will wake a few of her fans up. Poor people…. Bless them

  5. Christian Eriksen had a cardiac arrest due to a conduction problem, and nothing to do with myocarditis, inflammation of the myocardium, neither was it a myocardial infarction (heart attack) which is caused by blocked coronary arteries. The latter is treated either with stents or a cardiac artery bypass graft. Eriksen had an ICD inserted, which clearly shows it was an electrical conduction problem. He could have any number of conditions such as Brugada syndrome or Supra-ventricular tachycardia, unless an ECG is taken at the time of the attack these conditions are undetectable.
    I suggest that you read this blog entry and look at and
    For further information see
    Look under myocarditis for the symptoms.
    Correlation does not mean causation.
    Note, I do not support the vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in anyone under 60 years of age. Above that age then it is offered but not compulsory. Also the booster should not be had by anyone.
    I have seen a SADS in a paramedic colleague 24 hours after a long cycle ride, he needed one shock to reset his heart beat and had an ICD inserted, he was then barred from blue light driving.

  6. If the sheep can’t see this scam now, they never will. It’s there in plain sight… What more can we Thinkers do? You try to educate them and all you get us abuse and name-call. I believe part of the reason is that they KNOW that they’ve been fooled but aren’t honest enough to accept it and continue in the hope that it will be ok in the end, but they have real doubts…. And that’s why they don’t change their ways. Their body, their choice, their problem! 😷

    • I think it is simply quite unbelievable how the ‘propaganda’ machine is in full swing….lm sure many many people know but are unable to believe they have been fooled…l see/hear in my partener..”YOU ARE BEING IRRESPONSIBLE”!..”you will not be able to go anywhere”!….funny old thing we all have been in ‘lockdown’ for the past 18 months!!…

      • The kids have been brainwashed by social media around it….or by parents…see them queuing up yesterday for them jabs…

    • God has shown us who they are, for those that have eyes to see.
      The rest are blinded, God has not lifted the veil from their eyes.

      “Many will perish for a lack of knowledge. ”
      we see it all around us everyday! It’s beyond me how people can believe these godless freaks.,

      Even my own brothers and sisters are blinded.
      God bless! Viva christo rey!!

      • The religious organised church is asleep, they listen to and obey the Government, not God. Please pray for their eyes and ears to be opened, as well as the rest of the compliant population. Thank you.

    • Their scared, videoman, hence their reactions, because they are becoming more cloaked in doubt.

      Whilst we must still have to convey our points with the jabbed, it’s best we step aside from peddling more fear into them in respect of what we believe to be the final outcome of the jab. We can’t build trust with them by installing fear, that only generates more division by nature. We know they can’t be awakened but they will slowly come around by our compassion!

      The future is in our hands …

      • Yes, you’re probably right, compassion and showing sensible reasoning. They are stuck with what they’ve allowed to have happen to them. Their body, their choice, their problem.

  7. Can’t Watch these too saddening !! 🙁 My 13 year old wants the Jab and his jabbed mom will do to! 🙁

    So in 18months of ‘Covid’ I’m friends of friends of friends aware of 2 deaths, standard Flu deaths numbers, in the last month I’m upto 6 new Claimed not Jabbed aged 35 – 65. Zero Jabbed deaths and we know the Jab don’t work, CONFUSED!!!

    Anyone else seeing a massive rise in unjabbed deaths??, or have I just got a statistical blip from hell ??

    Also a girl I know, claims she has 19days in Isolation and felt like death, which is odd, as I saw her every day she had ‘Covid’ and detected ZERO signs, double jabbed since obviously, not not seen her for more than 2 or 3 days, so how did she go for 19days ?? the CRAZY is taking over!!

    Maybe the above unjabbed deaths are also just the CRAZY talk, there making up unjabbed deaths to support there belief!!!

    Outside hospital today, 10 with big signs anti government, media and jab, went back later but missed them, I need a strike team to take out local 5G towers quickly when the internet goes down and this team to spread to the entire damn world. Quick Chat before the lights changed, Sheep are just ignoring them, there trying but pointless.

  8. No they are not forced to but they are coned into thinking it is for their own good they are the victims they are the ones we have to fight for use

  9. Answered my own question….

    Double Jabbed are going NUTS and making up claims of Unjabbed deaths to support there BELIEF that they’ve made the right choice, ZERO ‘Covid’ Deaths in my local area last 3 months just checked, so there is no way 6 unjabbed have died in the last 4 weeks.

    My Area is spot on average deaths last 18months aswell, strange that!! Poor areas up a bit ( suicides ) Rich Area’s down a bit.

  10. As a parent you should be there to protect your children. If this isn’t evidence of what’s happening then I don’t know what is.
    There used to be a saying “ if in doubt, do nought”.
    This is outrageous so many young people collapsing and dying. At the start of of this we were told young people didn’t get get covid, just the elderly and vulnerable needed protecting.
    Well I am older and vulnerable and am definitely not having the jab, neither is my husband,
    Thank you Hugo for all the time and trouble you give to keep us informed.

    • Hi Shirley my 88 yr old mum in law lives with us in Cornwall and she is an ex staff nurse, even she isn’t having it and she worked with serious infectious diseases, we believe that most viruses of the past 100 years are man made in labs.
      Well done to you and your hubby, we must all use our God given free will to stand our ground 🙏🏻😊

  11. There will be deaths from both jabed or unjabed because the vaccine is coursing mutations and people have no natural immunity as my old nan used to say a bit of deart is good for you

    • Elaine.

      There is more and more evidence of ‘natural immunity’ as in Sweden..
      they focused on ‘herd immunity’ very early on…yes’ l did read a Nursing Home did have many deaths after jabs.
      But many as would expect have u underlying health issues….children can adapt…
      This is the being coerced into jabbing children…their young bodies can adapt…the trials are still on going until 2022…FDA have not given a ‘licence’ until the trials/data is over….

      • Apparently some science based evidence suggests children’s bodies will no longer be able to adapt once vaccinated.

    • My 91 yr old mum in law told me the same phrase 3 weeks ago, ” you have to eat a bit of dirt” ! todays society is sooooo sanitised that it isn’t any wonder that illnesses will continue, we are not being able to get immunity, naturally, from anything! Stay strong people !!

  12. Tests for infants now….
    Pfizer document 2027 clinical trials on new borns…
    This is twisted and vile agenda that now has to be stopped….

    • what sort of Monster puts their New born in clinical trials ? Surly risking your child’s heath is child abuse.

  13. They’ve been testing New Borns to see if born with ‘Covid’, well viral matter that will create a positive test madness.

    Mates Mate, had a PCR Test, head aches after, turns out they’d rammed it up his nose so hard, they caused a brain bleed

    • Born with “covid”….that stupid “virus” can only be detected by a pcr test that dont test for infections…

    • Agreed, but sadly, brain washing with Fear and school closures over a few positive tests for a cold, make the sheep think it’s needed 🙁

  14. Little off piste but that treasonous bitch Shemina Begum looks like an odds on fav to be a Contestant on
    Love island or That stupid Get me out of the Jungle thing , Maybe even BBC shit Personality of The
    Year Awards or The next Defence
    Secretary in shit for brains reshuffle .
    Literally nothing would surprise me
    Oh dear 🙄

    • Totally agree Tommy, great comment, That lying bitch short top on arms showing and keep putting her hand up to show her nails, is no normal western woman, she would be shot or stoned by IS, for dressing like this.

      This lying government will probably bring the terrorist back make her a hero sell her story to the press go on a crap tv show.

      Let the bitch rot hope she get killed.

      • Nice one Darren , but as I’ve said she will end up loose women .

  15. UK Government knows about these side effects yet still pushes ahead with jabs. It wont stop at 12.

    When are people going to wake up.

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  17. Wow never heard that song before, powerful emotional stuff, tow drawer Hugo lad, keep fighting this war, inspirational. Immense xx

    • It’s an example of why so many of us loved Bob Dylan, back in the day. “Masters of War” was certainly prophetic!

  18. Many are waking up and need to…..
    Year after year this will go on…
    Basically people are experiments and this so called “covid” crap is the centre of literally everything including laws etc…
    Sometimes you get think your getting through to people but a friend then said yesterday “a person coughing is a sign of covid”…
    I thought “ so what theres nothing else that exists that can do that then?”…
    Just brainwashed basically

  19. cheers hugo

    very sad to watch,,
    as still to many want keep to getting this Lethal poison !!

    i do share lots & i feel i can say its not going unnoticed as i have a sibling 24 & they help pass on
    to people that age as i don’t do social media myself.

    have a good day to you All

  20. All these deaths and paralyses, yet Whitty casually announces in this video that anyone choosing NOT to be vaccinated should feel ashamed of themselves. No mention anywhere that the vaccines are deadly dangerous and it makes perfect logical sense NOT to want to be vaccinated. Whitty is scum!!!

    • Even the reporter’s tone of voice speaks with utter contempt when he says “And as for the anti-vaxxers, he had this to say.” I think Whitty’s body language shows he’s uncomfortable and being devious, especially at 1:04 when he hesitates before saying that the vaccines could prevent anti-vaxxers from having life changing injuries to themselves. No mention of the multiple life changing injuries directly FROM the vaccines. And then he has the audacity to say that many anti-vaxxers KNOW they’re peddling untruths, but they still do it. It’s actually him who’s peddling untruths and he KNOWS he’s doing it and it shows in his face, POS that he is!!!

      • Yes Pete, he’s displaying a classic narcissist trait, he’s projecting.

      • I’ve just watched this ‘news’ ( ??) clip. It is enough to make you vomit, isnt it? From the lying toe-rag saying the anti-vaxxers are peddling untruths(!) to the 3 zombies who were interviewed who said ‘I dont mind having Convid Passports, I’d feel safer’ (!) … sickening!! Obviously the zombies will say it’s ok because they are on their way to a football match where they HAVE to show their paperz! A real journalist would have attempted to contact the one of the 1000’s who could not go because they didnt have the correct paperz! FFS! We all know where we are heading, don’t we? 😫

      • As above as below. It’s actually quite easy. Everything ‘they’ do they accuse truthers of doing.

    • Robert Peston in the picture….DOUBLE JABBED…Covid pos just recently….sceptical indeed!…

  21. Natural immunity is the way to go, not these risky experimental vaccines against what is for most a very mild infection. The death figures for 2020 indicate that the so called pandemic is a fake, so the Government and SAGE are telling lies which unfortunately are not being challenged by the MSM. To get independent up to date information I recommend the website

    • I did a FOI request for our town. Average death rate in 2015… 48.3 per week. In 2018… 49.1. In 2020 ( the year of the Killer Virus) ..51.3 pw. So, in a town, formally coalmining and elderly population, of 130,000 people we had just 2 extra deaths per week. The local hospital admissions for 2020 at George Eliot Hospital was the lowest since 2015 and was 2000 people less than 2019. Overwhelmed? Pandemic? My ar#e !!!

  22. The deaths will continue at a much higher rate once the impact of child Covid “vaccinations” are realised. These global Satanic government forces know most people will never wake up to the truth. Those of us that are awake must take action to protect our selves and our children. Arm yourself

  23. The horror continues. In the basket case that is Spain where I live young teenage footballers and sports people in general are having to get jabbed to stay in their clubs. Not only that but they must mask up too. So before it was just masks now its masks + vaccine as the insanity is turned up a notch.

  24. real life horror story is playing out right now. no other words can describe what is going on right now. it’s disturbing and it needs to be grinded to a holt now.

  25. Get the younger generations jabbedup now because they know they won’t be able to after winter when everyone realizes their loved ones are still dying or suffering life changing adverse reactions even though they have complied and taken the so called protection.

  26. 1% rule the world and it seems that as little as 4% – 6% are awake so that means huge population reductions without natural causes. Ironic the current English PM and his dad have loads of children (sure won’t be needled with these substances) and said in books/videos wanted the UK population reduced to a maximum 20 Million! Canada/Australia/NewZealand/GB are going to see the worse deaths soon and this all started with leave the EU and TAKE BACK CONTROL. BUPA won’t provide insurance to those with medical reactions.

    • I have heard the same…
      This government i detest…i never hated a group of (people) so much or a person as i do them for this tyranny…

  27. They should send these pictures to that goverment…but they would say “oh its to do with (covid19) of course…”
    Theres no doubt in my mind if there is a hell?..there all going down the shit pipe too it one day…
    Hopefully sooner than later

  28. Our soldiers blood is running through the mud in the battle of the somme on both sides.

    ww1.Christian v christian,
    xmas truce both sides realized they were the same loved( Jesus) sang” silent night”broke bread together.
    Millions were slaughtered, these were the cream of our youth in 1914. Who would have married become fathers, etc
    “Truth cannot be hidden forever, all is being revealed before our very eyes”
    (Illuminati jew bankers) wiped our future out and we have never recovered from it.
    God bless!

  29. And they want to give this to children??!!
    Murdering bastards.
    Stupid idiot parents going along with this.

    • The zombie, only-watch-BBC news, wear-a-mask-in-my-car brigade will have no idea of what is really happening in the world…… They deserve what is coming, but the children certainly do not!

  30. Hi Hugo – have any intel on why there’s a shortage of microchips? Are they being made? It so, where are they going? What types are they making, etc.

    I have a sinister (left) feeling about this one.

  31. This is so messed up, how can this continue with so many deaths and adverse effects happening, I simply don’t understand.

  32. Will the sheeple ever wake up? If they do it will be hell – millions of vaxxed conned people aware they are going to die turning on their beloved leaders. Would they turn on us first before they lynch Johnson and his cronies? I don’t want to come across as being grim but wouldn’t we need to go to ground if the Vaxxed start rampaging?

  33. Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich) underwent heart surgery! Not sure if he was vaxxed though, but what are the chances?

  34. Footballers dropping like flies; this is just recent ones from September by the looks. Of course though, no mention in the media that their beloved vaccines are most likely (very very likely) to be the cause. Has anything like this ever happened before? Answer: NO. So what might be causing it? Not rocket science is it? Things like this are a rarity. Common denominator anyone? I would suggest the top profile players are given a placebo, because it would create too much negativity publicity for the vaccines.

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