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    • As most of us that follow Hugo’s excellent work knows, “lockdowns” are both unlawful and unscientific. Carry on and live your lives, if you understand the difference between ‘lawful’ and ‘legal’, you can wipe your arse with any fines you should be issued!

  1. Thanks.
    Education minister has been sacked. Wonder if he disagreed with poisoning our children.

    They are using the vax and unvax situation as a weapon to cause division. Whilst we are concentrating and debating about that they are involved in DEEP evil in the shadows.

    • @cinderella1968 I think the believers and unbelievers in the injected technology have more in common with each other than with those dividing us.

    • That’s what I was thinking as well I know Gavin was useless but if he fought for kids not taking the poison that possibly why and look who he replaced him with. That lying scum Zahawi the 1 who was pushing the jab and passport! V convenient

  2. Watching Jeremy Vile & their “should we?” questions about the jabs, lockdowns & the rest, they are priming everyone to just take whatever that wanker at Number 10 waffles out of his ass!

    • You’ve got to remember Jeremy Vine is with the establishment and he does talk out his ass is one-sided only.

    • Yesterday Jeremy Vile said, “It’s no big deal” – his words, when talking about the CMOs going against JCVI advice not to vaccinate kids.

  3. you are waking up Hugo seeing it for what it is. demonic through and through.

    • Hes been awake from day 1 mate, wish i could say the same about myself. I swallowed bullshit for the first couple of months

      • Most people are still gleefully chowing down on those bullshit sandwiches. My best mate gets his news from The Daily Fail and believes everything on fake stream news. Have sent him countless videos including ones from Hugo snd he gets all pissed off like I’m a conspiracy theorist. Wife’s family are sadly all the same. Wish I could disown the lot of them and f off to a desert island and live off coconuts and fish.

      • At least you are man enough to admit it Rob and have come over from the dark side. Nobody I know has come round yet, some of them are highly educated people as well!

      • as nations rob i don’t think any of us thought theses HORRAS would actually go this far
        i had my moments to
        thank goodness we are awakening across the globe now
        as you say, Cheers Hugo

      • Big respect to you, Rob. Most of my friends and family still believe all the lies. Too lazy and thick to see what is obvious, with a bit of their own research

      • Don’t be hard on yourself, just about everybody has believed some lies somewhere, sometime. How do we know what lies we believe right now? As they say, false prophets are everywhere these days.

    • Yes. I would say Masonic. They are all in the same club (secret satanists)

  4. I never bought into that karma contract. So I will make sure they reap their rewards in hell,. Not that I’m Christian but dagnabbit i will drag them to hell. 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. MPs do not need to wear masks in Commons because they are not strangers – Javid

    Apparently Tory MPs don’t have to wear masks because they are not strangers according to Heath Secretary Sajid Javid!

    If you cannot see right through this BULLSHITE right now then you are way beyond help!

    • If it I indeed “Tin foil hat wearing nonsense” as they like to call it, why do they feel the need to censor it so heavily? It must be the truth or they wouldn’t be so defensive.

  6. anyone notice the same shit for plan C ie. the one they’ll implement because testing is totally FAKE – ” we will do everything to protect the NHS” which ultimately means destroying it along with the economy – FFS wake up and declare WAR on this illegitimate luciferian government

    • I think it will be Plan C too – sadly
      It seems the local hospital is in diarray with lots of C patients, many getting C whilst in hospital and mostly jabbed. Unless stitching or splinting needed stay clear of hospitals.

  7. Don’t let these bastards dictate your life do not comply, carry on and live. Do what you need to do to work, live, love, sleep and be free. They do not own you. The cannot control you in your everyday life. They can fuck off with their masks, experimental injections and brain washing media. I ain’t having any of it. Bring on the autumn, let build a few bonfires.

  8. The longer this goes on the more ludicrous their statements and claims become, and the more obvious it is that they are lying about everything, it’s totally transparent now. While the behavioural psychos have to be fair done an amazing job so far at brainwashing the public, we should thank our lucky stars that they are one trick ponies who can not think beyond fear or very poor “rewards”. People have gone off carrots and are utterly fed up of the stick. Eventually they’ll reject it all.

  9. Plan C! And I quote:
    ‘Vaccine Dodging Variant’. Unquote😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Maybe this is why the Taliban have dissapeared because they wer ‘Dodging’ each other on the ‘dodgems’ or maybe their
    Rubber Aircraft wouldn’t take off . WHAT A LOT OF COWS PAT!!💩
    Have you worked out this game yet ? if not then you never will.
    Bring on the ‘Invisible Man Variant .!!😄😄😄😄😄😄

  10. Its all SICK the Deep state are losing and they are trying their best to throw the last things out. i will never be locked down, masked or jabbed EVER…

  11. Talking about the future, iv not heard you talking about Peter teals company Palantir? Data analytics company that advises governments on the future, well they’re prediction is a “black swan” event, and also bought £50mil of actual gold bars. Not just your average conspiracy theorist

    • Foundational Software of Tomorrow. Delivered Today.™ We build software that empowers organizations to effectively integrate their data, decisions, and operations.
      Generating Alpha Amidst Continuous Disruption https://www.palantir.com/

      Palantir Buys Gold Bars as Hedge Against ‘Black Swan Event’ , WHAT Is a Black Swan Event ?

      (Bloomberg) — Palantir Technologies Inc. said it’s preparing for another “black swan event” by stockpiling gold bars.

      The company spent $50.7 million this month on gold, part of an unusual investment strategy that also includes startups, blank-check companies and possibly Bitcoin.

      Palantir had previously said it would accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. A spokeswoman for Palantir said no one has yet done so.

      Embracing nontraditional currencies “reflects more of a worldview,” Shyam Sankar, the chief operating officer, said in an interview. “You have to be prepared for a future with more black swan events.”

      The gold purchase was buried in a securities filing last week for its quarterly financial results and reported earlier this week by Barron’s. Palantir shares were up about 5% in intraday trading Wednesay.

      Palantir’s 100-ounce gold bars will be kept in a secure location in the northeastern U.S., according to the filing. “The company is able to take physical possession of the gold bars stored at the facility at any time with reasonable notice,” Palantir wrote.

      Palantir, co-founded by the technology billionaire Peter Thiel and Chief Executive Officer Alex Karp, makes software used by governments and businesses. It fashions itself as a company of free thinkers. Palantir relocated to Denver last year and mocked its peers in Silicon Valley on the way out. In the interview, Sankar compared Palantir’s culture with an “artist colony,” rather than a tech company churning out software on an assembly line.

      Governments have strongly embraced Palantir software to help them make sense of the coronavirus pandemic, the current so-called black swan, a random and unpredictable event.

      The company has some $2.3 billion in cash and is exploring creative uses for that money. Palantir said in May that it was considering investing in Bitcoin. And it’s taking stakes in startups that are customers of Palantir software, an approach that helped buoy sales results in the second quarter.


  12. Thus, they seduce a great many imprudent and weak persons with their( satanic illusions).
    Their fortune telling, their charms, and magic tricks and witcheries, and make them believe that the future can be foretold.
    “And of course they were always the doctors of unbelief”
    Inciting heresies everywhere, the church and the people discern the diabolical hand of the Jews turning
    Simple Christians aside from the true faith.

    (Pope pius v )explained his expulsion of the Jews from papal States in 1569

  13. they can believe all the want but karma is not like that. not that that helps us now unless we stop complying, and by we i mean those who do.

  14. How long will it talk for the sheople to realise this demonic mouth piece Boris the clown is telling fibs all the time his lips move. The first round of jabs is to take out the old, infirm and mentally ill. The next round was to seriously damage the middle aged, this next lot of jabs are to sterilise the whole planet. Just say no and it can’t carry on.

    • Hi Alan a lot of the brainwashed wont wake up and its pointless wasting our energy. It’s been 19 months they are 2 far gone unfortunately. We can only help those who are on there way think something is iffy or who are on the fence. I fell for the crap too I’ll admit but I woke up. My boyfriend has lots of patience I apologised to him cause I called him a nutter at 1st. Since I’ve awakened, i tried to wake lots up. To no avail and lost friends along the way. We just carry on saying NO and not follow any if the bs.

  15. I don’t get this ‘Gillick competency’, is this not a kind of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest/Catch 22 situation? Why would anyone in their right mind, an individual who is fully compsos mentis undergo a medical procedure that offers them absolutely no benefit whatsoever but could potentially place them in danger of serious harm or death? Wouldn’t you have to be nuts to agree to that and by definition be unable to consent?

    ‘Healthcare staff can decide whether children get a Covid vaccine against the wishes of their parents, according to government guidelines published on Wednesday that left some headteachers fearing protests at the school gates.

    The guidelines say vaccinations for children aged 12 to 15 will be administered by School Age Immunisation Service (SAIS) teams that already carry out flu and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations in England. The role of schools will be limited to providing a site and distributing information and consent forms to pupils and parents.

    In cases where parents withhold consent but the child wants to go ahead, the guidelines say the vaccination teams will determine if the child is able to make an informed decision – known as Gillick competence – and “make every effort to contact a parent to check before they proceed”.’

    • Most people resisted until they want to go on holiday abroad!

  16. hey guys,check out CHRISTOPHER JAMES great Canadian;his website A WARRIOR CALLS;he explains very simply the biggest fraud in the history of civilization,aka the strawman/woman that is your birth certificate LEGAL PERSON in CAPITAL LETTERS,he also explains the difference between LEGAL/lawful as well as lots of other information

  17. Trouble is Hugo ,the public are that brainwashed with it all and I really think they have got to the point where they will put up with anything. As you have pointed out previously they are spellbound its like a cult people just cannot leave.

  18. They’ve basically dropped all measures, then thrown lots of vague estimates like 2k to 7k hospital admissions per day of flu i mean covid, to scare the sheep, mask wearing is increasing again so it’s working then the sheep will demand passports and lockdowns, not the governments fault then, clever.

    Spent Trillions all over the world to push a jab for a virus that doesn’t exist via fear and the media, 75% dead over 3 years or 5G eaters 1 or the other, if not it’s all been for what 60k jab deaths, that’s nothing, I’m betting on eaters like the Mice!

    Soon as that internet goes down, disapear until it’s back into the country, food shortages first get us starving edge there bets.

  19. I’m praying these prayers to the Holy Face (Jesus), daily; to break up all their plans….

    1/ “May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face”

    2/ “May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans”

    3/ May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements!”

    4/ May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness”

    5/ Lord, I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live.’Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’.

    • People must understand the tribe rules over us, including the (house of Windsor) formerly (saxe coburg)

      They are not our people and never have been. No different from the time of “Jesus” pharisees who hate God’s natural order.

      “As long as there remains among th e gentiles (Anglo saxons) any conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism and dignity are uprooted (destroyed)
      Their lackeys constantly attack (nation, religion, race, family)
      ” Promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism”
      So the goyim can’t reproduce!

      Our reign over the world shall. not come.” Illuminati Jewish leaders
      Said in 1936″
      This goal is partial explanation of war. Our people died not for freedom, but for the jewish(Illuminati) bankers.
      Churchill was a zionist puppet!
      The essence of the NWO.
      Is that cabala Jews and their masonic lackeys will overturn the natural and spiritual order and enslave mankind mentally if not physically.
      They wear you down with constant media propaganda to shame you into the poison jab.
      Keep the faith!!! God bless!
      Christ is king!! Prayers are powerful well done sister!

      • Truth ::: its all cabala masons . communism one world everything. well they can poke it this isnt home any more..

  20. Is this this guff about your birth certificate number linking to a bank account owned by the government, in effect a trust fund containing 7 billion dollars for every man, woman and child that you can draw upon. A Warrior Calls will fill you in on how to make a claim 😀

  21. I’m shocked at how many idiots there are on earth.I can no longer look at their muzzled faces🙄🥺and what is more surprising how such ppl make money?!?!

  22. Never been for anybody’s benefit…
    These “leaders” are sell outs and scumbags…
    All this is economic gain and control for them…
    Whilst people suffer the mental and physical damage they are inflicting on them day after day

  23. Hugo same as Miles Mathis in his article about The Occult I would consider Lucis Trust / Karma and other crap to be a new generation of distractions after Medieval, Renaissance magic, occult, alchemy, cabal etc.
    Back in the days occult, magic and such was used by English Intelligence as a cover up, on the other hand J*ws used the cabal.
    Don’t get deceived. These people are just filthy rich crooks to use these “satanic” meetings to exchange information and recruit new agents for various Intelligence cliques.

  24. Jabs= weakened immune systems, long time adverse reactions and deaths..

    Covid 19= never tested for a vaccine, replaced with every known natural cause of death or illness..

    PCR= never invented for infection or sickness diagnoses…

    Masks= compliance tool and ineffective..

    Spreading= not science based and cannot pass anything to anybody without showing symptoms..

    Social Distancing= related to the spreader myth and no science behind it…

    Lockdowns= no science behind it at all and not needed…

    Agenda= society reset and economic gain and control…

  25. Didn’t see video YT taking it down again, what they scare of The Truth.

  26. Well the Tories are not called the Nasty Party for nothing! They’re showing their true colours now, evil bastards! So glad I never voted for them!!! Every day this evil scam gets even worse. I absolutely live in fear and dread every day now of what this evil government will do next. They should all be executed by electric chair, and I would gladly press the button!!

    • Just have to try and carry on with your life as best you can and bear in mind they WANT us to be scared, confused, living in anticipation, primed for their next move, clutching at any old rope they dangle, ending up grateful for “only” having half of our lives cancelled when in fact none of it should be! That is their whole psy-op. The lockdowns and measures are unlawful. Have a break from all the updates (even from Hugo) now and then. Stay strong!

  27. Foreshadowing, Gaslighting call it what you want, but the Press are telling us exactly what is going to happen!
    How do they know?
    The British Press, and MSM is no different to those so called Communist Countries, they’re owned, and funded by the Government!
    They only print what they’re told to, with a bit of nonsense in between to fill out the pages!
    We know by now what’s happening, we know we can’t trust the words of Politicians, but we can trust our own instincts, and common sense.
    Let’s face it, we knew July 19 wasn’t a Freedom Day, it’s was the beginning of a short mental, and physical break from everything, ready to go toe to toe with it all again in the Autumn and Winter!
    We’ve been given the heads up, it’s now upto us to prepare ourselves.

  28. When asked by labour yesterday if the mental health and universal credit cuts that has effected people matters to johnson he said “no”…
    They was stunned by his reaction…
    His marriage of convenience to a ex WHO and Rockefeller employee is a bit suspect as well and she has a influence behind the scenes turns out

  29. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so serious! Actually that pouting pic did. He’s not getting it all his own way and he sulks and has hissy fits. They really don’t get Karma do they! Too late for them anyway – every single action, deed done is mounting up and just giving a warning of more bad deeds is just adding to their comeuppance. Sooner rather than later I hope. Whether you believe in gods or not, good, honest, decent people must prevail over the bad. Those sucked in to the game aren’t bad – they are victims and we must not forget that.

  30. The cult of Boris Jonestown only uses behavioural scientists or twistics as they are known now.

  31. In my experience, the more ‘educated’ (brainwashed) someone is…the more complicit they seem to be. Being ‘educated’ certainly does not mean they have common sense or ‘understand’ better. This whole concept of the further down the education line you go…the more smart you are is a complete myth.

  32. Bloke gets on the train wearing his face nappie and walks over a mile still wearing it when he gets off😄…
    I see him most days and only young but a right little shithead and he adjusts in it shop windows😄

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