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  1. I’m in Spain right now, snd everyone is wearing masks, outside in a car, families of 4 in a car all wearing masks… its going stupidbhow gullible people can be

    • I´m in Spain and I live in a small village where a lot of people don´t wear masks, but we still see them – walking down an empty street masked up, walking down a country lane…masked up and like you say, driving around inside their family car…masked up. The parents must be braindead or somehow oblivious to what damage they are doing to themselves and their kids. I just can´t understand people. We went through a year where we were told that we must wear masks anywhere in public (not that i did) and then since we have been “permitted” to go out with out them these numpties keep wearing them……..

      I´m sick to death of stupid people who do what they are told. Doesn´t anyone just say no and stick 2 fingers up anymore? We need global NON COMPLIANCE

      • Screw the lot of them…
        Gullible braindead spineless bastards…
        World be better without them

      • Ì live in Northern Ireland and we still have to wear masks everywhere. I don’t think we’re ever going to get rid of them to be honest. If you dare to not wear one in a shop or whatever, you get people giving you daggers and rows break out. I’ve found that older women in the 50/60 age group are by far the worst for this. They were all so nice and kind and caring up until a year and a half ago and now they’re like menopausal fire-breathing dragons. 🙄


  2. Interesting that only a few of the cages are occupied. A lousy group playing, or many people are finally refusing to submit to such humbling degradation?

    • I noticed that, I was a little disappointed Hugo didn’t point it out.

  3. Ridiculous. These people have no dignity or self respect. Why bother even going to something like this if this is what it looks like? (I notice that a lot of the place appears to be empty). Stupid people who are part of the problem.

  4. The Absolute Sheep, have been conditioned from day one.
    And I believe that it’s these people that will Never ever wake up.
    The Governments have played a very clever and very well orchestrated trick on the population of their country.
    Some have seen through it, others have awoken, part way into it and sadly many will never see what has been done to them, before it’s too late.
    And of course there are some who are just too embarrassed or too pig headed to admit that they’ve been duped.

    • Yep, especially those who have been vaxxed and have realised what a huge mistake they have made

  5. Where I live there are a lot more people without masks and not even bothering to the social distancing rules. Unlike 3 months ago it was spot the unmasked. I reckon these people think it’s all over and going back to normal. They are in for a shock.

  6. there proper canned up and masked up. jabbed up, smartphoned up;). they have got to watch there carbon footprint. needed that farm song on this a few videos back. they really look at us like cattle. glad i will never fall for it.

    • I had enough of this fucked up society….
      Rather be in a box than live like in it in the future..

  7. Looks to be a few empty ones there Hugo, which hopefully depicts some people have common sense and refusing to play the game.

  8. What sort of brainwashed idiot would allow themselves to be treated like this??? !! Wouldn’t mind but the music is awful 🤣

  9. are they allowed to chant and stomp. i think you need a app for that to book a minute to do it. 20 pound a minute.

  10. This is what happens when you comply. At least there were not many of them.

  11. I could never lower myself to go out in a bloody…rather not go out. Plentyof beauty in the countryside and woods.

  12. very few in those cages, just vaxxed up dumbed down Brits enjoying sausage and chips with an english beer

  13. Look how empty it is, fortunately there must be only a few who will accept this joke

  14. I can’t believe the depths to which people are prepared to degrade and demean themselves to follow the bs rules!!!

  15. Live in Northern Ireland have never put a mask on walk in and out of every were don’t care who looks at me these people have no sense so why should I care what they think actually I don’t think they know how to think for themselves any more just don’t listen to them clowns on TV do your own thing and be yourself don’t be a slave to these evil People keep you and your children save

  16. Thank goodness I don’t have any people like that in my life! Yes I have left a few friends behind but my family, best friends and NEW friends from Stand In the Park make my life sing with joy. If you don’t have people you can relate to in your life, get to Stand In the Park near you and make some friends, it is so easy and welcoming – don’t think you will be disappointed, you can’t make good friends with livestock really…

  17. F morons in animal pens.
    Hearing here in England this B is coming back plan B
    Masks Will become mandatory indoors and Bojo and co will probably including outside, idiots on LBC saying masks should be worn all times.

    Vaccine Passport’s not been scrapped a LIE he said not ruled out. My prediction by October in to November this B will come in.


    F you and your government and your rulles
    No Surrender fight to the end.

    • people need to start causing problems, not having happy clappy carnival “protests”. they need to completely not comply, stand their ground over these rules being illegal and cause mayhem more than the likes of these stupid extinction rebellion twats. Close down roads, block government employees into buildings as has been done in other countries and generally cause chaos. If everyone sits on their arses we are done for

  18. It literally says “cages to keep people in”…
    Surreal how brainless people are…

  19. I put a comment on your false idols clip about a live music event I was at the weekend. Nothing like this! No vaccine passports to gain entry, no testing and no face nappies. A few months ago I was at a live concert on the beach at the end of May. The same scenario. There were a couple of covid marshalls there so I made a point of saying how good it was to see live music with crowds and no facemasks. I am planning to go to another one this coming weekend. If someone tells me that I need to wear a facemask there, they will find themselves in intensive care

  20. How I wished I was there with a cattle prodder. The fun i would have had shocking these imbeciles 🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. I’m beginning to wonder which side of the wall I’m on. On one hand, I’m a conspiracy nut. But on the other? well, just as equally nuts to be honest.

  22. You know, there’s a lot to be said for this depop thing. Once all these mental cases are worm food the average IQ level world-wide will soar.

  23. Muzzle code:
    Black masks if your an important cnut.
    White masks if you are a brainwashed cnut.
    No masks for ordinary free thinking human beings.

  24. They have lost all dignity. I mean how scared can you be in order to let yourself be treated like a battery chicken?

  25. A-ha-ha!!! Can’t stop laughing of stupidity! They deserve it! Bravo!!!

  26. If it happens in the UK we will have to explain to the NHS that treating people like that is a fire risk. Hillsborough. I rest my case.

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