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  1. 5-11 year olds are up next, then the 6 months+
    This is copied from an article on BioNTech from a few days ago:

    “We will be presenting the results from our study on five- to 11-year-olds to authorities around the world in the coming weeks,” Dr Tureci told German newspaper Der Spiegel, according to the New York Times.
    Dr Tuerci’s husband Ugur Sahin, who also founded BioNTech and serves as its chief executive, said the company also planned to trial the use of the vaccine in children aged six months and above.
    “Things are looking good, everything is going according to plan,” he said.

    The last statement really gives me the creeps…

    • Saw on a pifzer document that infants are being clinically trialled until 2027…new born babies basically..

    • I have ‘liked’ your comment but I really need a 😡 emoji for Dr Tuerci’s comment!

  2. Anyone who allows to have their children jabbed are seriously deranged, please wake up people before it’s too late !

  3. Hang on a minute stablish if you think the vaccinated will be saved go get the vaccine wtf

  4. Omg I got a bit scared there listening to the one person who said the jabed will live and the unjabed will die but thinking on it now I know you are full of shit and if you are so convinced the Javed will live Go get the jab

    • Elaine. I wouldn’t worry!it’s all about control and depopulation!so if they’re statistics are correct!it would make more sense, for the majority too be done away with! Which according too Government statistics is the jabbed👍

  5. I’m appalled to read, not just in this thread but in all Hugo’s posts, of what is supposedly aimed at awakening people, instead i read comments of what seems like people falling asleep. Wtf is going on here?

    How the F can anyone who is part of this platform and in agreement of Hugo’s findings even contemplate getting the jab 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m fecking gobsmacked at the idiocrasy at times.

    I want to see beside the ‘Like’ prompt an ‘Idiot’ prompt, to call out some comments for what they are. Give it a try Hugo, because it might also root out the shills on here!

    • I think Elaine didnt punctuate her comment too well. She said ” …..if you are so convinced the Javed will live Go get the jab ”. I THINK that she meant ” if you are so convinced THAT Javed will live ( because Javed has had the jab), ( then YOU can ) Go get the jab ( yourself ).” I think….. 🙂

  6. A new owner for humanity
    Evil appears in every generation, often camouflaged as doing good..

  7. I was wondering when shitty was going to rear his head again. At first I thought he was keeping a low profile after being (thankfully) wrong about being back in Lockdown 5 weeks after the final set of restrictions got lifted. When I see/hear what the government plan to do I think why can’t you just get a life and let us get on with ours. I’ve noticed recently the word flu has crept back in. Lol I thought flu had vanished.

  8. The myth of face masks and social distancing has no science facts behind it…
    There is nothing to say at all that people can pass anything on without showing symptons…
    Both are used as a compliance measure basically…
    Because there is no fact based science on it and i find it amusing people wear them stupid things and avoid others😄…
    There like robots basically…

    • I make an involuntary ‘laugh’ now, like Tourette’s without the swear words! I cant stop myself when I see these morons wearing face-nappies in the most inappropriate place. Idiots! 🤣

    • Terry I agree with you. I find it amusing that people are still wearing masks. Thing is I bet alot of the mask wearer’s caught covid earlier this year or last so why can’t they see that clearly the mask didn’t protect them so why wear it.

      • Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, last evening. 400 people in the warm, enclosed auditorium with very few wearing face nappies during the show despite sitting shoulder to shoulder with an unmasked person. Then, when the interval comes along, about 200 get up and put ON their face-nappy to go OUT of the stuffy auditorium and into the less-populated foyer for the loo, buy ice cream, smoke (!), buy a drink etc! What makes them think that they are ‘more at risk of the Killer Virus’ when they are in a more airy space with less people than in the auditorium??? Why has their common sense deserted them????

  9. It’s time to gather names of the death squads going into schools. These people are knowing/unknowIngly complicate and need to be dealt with. They should be made aware of their crimes and never be allowed to settle anywhere without being called out for what they are. These are the concentration camp guards. Collect names. The act of just asking them their names might be enough for them to wake up but if not they will need more pressure. When they come for your children the gloves must come off.

    • You are so right!!! Hold the bar -stewards to account!! Taking their names and putting them on a list MAY just make them think a little…. before continuing with the Vaxtermination jabs. 😡

  10. Wanted:
    3 million children to particpate in an invasive medical treatment.
    This will require administration of an injection containing an experimental sequenced mRNA gene therapy.
    There are certain ingredients which are secret due to commercial sensitivity.
    The trial will be ongoing for several years. The long term effects on health, especially fertility and mortality are as yet unknown.

    So, kids the governments around the world say its perfectly safe and really cool to shoot this stuff up…go on, just say yes, you dont need your parents permission which is really awesome….yes do it, it will make you feel free again. Dont miss out on this opportunity of a life time, dont be selfish or irresponsible, just say yes.

    …..or have I misinterpreted something?

  11. Chris Whitty has the head of an adult that was given a dodgy vaccine as a kid.

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