FALSE IDOL PARADE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Satanic.The UKColumn news at the end featured the USA Satanists complaining that abortion is part of their rituals and complaining that if the law changes in Texas with abortion earlier it will be difficult to get living foetus..

  2. Thing is they all think they are wonderful but it is based on nothing, nothing but subservience and getting money, at least a prostitute sells something of worth!

  3. Get your reservation on the Rapture flight 777 outta here!

    So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”
    Acts 16:31

    That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.
    Romans 10:9

    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
    1 Corinthians 1:18

  4. I was in the local garage today that has BBC permanently on the screen above the exit door. I was just shaking my head when it showed this bullshit… I could literally feel the dark energy seeping out of the screen!! Utterly disgusting!!

  5. Brilliant video Hugo! Yes, the false idols are vain and deluded, that’s for sure. I remember as a child in the 60s, that being a “show off” was considered to be a very negative attribute. Fast forward to today and realise how much the media and entertainment industries, (including glossy magazines), have dumbed society down to this sad and pathetic freak show. I agree 100% on your comments on art, Hugo.
    Everything that is naturally beautiful and full of wonder has slowly been eroded over my lifetime, so much so that I don’t recognise this world any more
    Thank God there are others who are aware and awake to this concentrated effort to ruin all that we hold dear. It’s time for the culture of weirdness to be cancelled.

    • W.J, you hit the nail on the head. Youth today are actually very insecure and overstated, they feel the only thing they have to give is sex the act, relationships are based on little else and few are happy, they all want more yet it is all pretence. Yesterday it was all understated, you were put in your place, makeup was for harlots and photographs were taken by your mother at Christmas. Now hours is spent applying thick makeup to take a selfie with a phone to put on Facebook and they judge themselves harshly if they don’t get more likes than yesterday. Manners has gone and any attraction to reserved sincerity, natural interaction , personality, intelligence has left the building it is discouraged. Quite sad, is it any wonder children are getting drunk, it’s to cope with the pressure and expectation of a plastic life of pretence, they can’t work out what the problem is or it’s cause.

      • Wow! Spot on. I attended a 16th birthday (step-family). I’m pushing 60. I whispered to someone that the make up is so thick now, it’s like watching drag queens. Then it was pointed out to me that some were boys. All drunk. All dancing with their phones up to film themselves. How was that fun? I don’t remember being that confident to make sexual manoeuvres whilst dancing, with different partners or wearing skirts shorter than shorts where boys were touchy feely with each other too. Like watching those horrid music videos. Girls nipping outside with different boys. Satan had a stronghold and it was the saddest thing to me that all, including parents were oblivious. Being awake has its drawbacks.

    • I fell the same! Beauty is one of the 3 qualities of God, along with Goodness and Truth, so the agents of the Adversary have to fill our culture with the opposite, with ugliness. Ugly “art”, ugly fashions, ugly architecture, ugly music and films. This is yet another example of their attempt to normalise ugliness in clothing.

  6. I sense brother Hugo is getting closer to the ultimate truth. God bless.

  7. God has given them over to reprobate minds they chase after false idols, creepy things sexual immorality do things that not ought to be done to one another.

    Sold their souls for fame and fortune the things of this world.
    I have known all this for along time
    The one eye sign in all the fashionable magazines
    pyramid sign they do with their hands together most leaders of the world do this., but God is in control.
    Viva christo rey! God is good!

  8. Its disgusting…. They are all adreonchromers and baby eaters…..Nuremberg for them soon. They are all sick and very very sad………

    • It’s all coming to an end 🙏 These sick Adrenachrome drinking child’s blood as they scream in agony has to stop.

  9. Kardashians have no talent , the whole Family is false and Dysfunctional.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩💩💩💩💩💩
    Those who cannot see what is going on are Deluded.
    Thank God I can see clearly and live in the real world.👍🥰

  10. Mind controlled to oblivion …. they gave away their souls for money and fame ….. devil spawn ….

  11. Ask most brain dead millenials why Kim Kadashian is ‘famous’ and they won’t be able to give you an answer her disgusting father was a lawyer who cleared OJ Simpson of murder when he quite clearly murdered his partner and her bit on the side. Oh and she used to be best buddies with Paris Hilton 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

    • Simpson murdered his ex-wife and her friend. A civil court found him responsible for both deaths despite the criminal court acquitting him.

  12. boris johnsons mother dies very quickly was she double jabbed ? .all of these people have to attend the rituals.some are made to have interacial children so to follow the kalergi plan.many have demons inside them joe biden has minaj has .lots as you know pretend to be females when they are males.females pretend to be males which is why a lot of them have wispy beards.it is all in honour of the bathomet .the whole world structure is completely corrupt and in the end it will eat its self

  13. Well said!

    Anything ‘Vogue’, ‘Ball’, ‘Ballroom’ or ‘Dance Hall’ will show you a glimpse of what a party in hell must look like. It incorporates all that you described.

  14. Talking of music I was at a live music event at the weekend which was great to see. No vaccine passports to gain entry, no testing, no facemasks and absolutely zero social distancing. And shock, horror people were singing and dancing. Bit of a pity that idiot Whitty wasn’t there to see it cos if he had been he would have had a heart attack which would have done everyone in the UK a favour.

  15. If there was an ejector handle for planet Earth I’d have pulled it by now, the moon looks rather inviting this time of year.

  16. Thank you Hugo for bringing more of this to people. The devil and his followers will be consumed by God.
    I want to go home this is no longer home for a lot of us.
    stay strong I know things look v dark but a day is coming for joy and peace not on this earth.

  17. It is not so much about dehumanizing, but about destroying everything good and natural which God created; most of these people, the elite, the celebrities are people heavely involved in the occult… to be more specific, into the jewish luciferian cabala, which is all about inverting the order of all things- the cabala’s main motto is: creation – destruction – generation, aka, they know God created the world, but they have planned to destroy it and generate a new one according to their ideologies… and since the jews control freemasonry, this mentality matches freemasonry’s main motto: order out of chaos!!!

    • FFS!! Will these puppets ever stop with the BS Propaganda?????? People can take a look at how overwhelmed the NHS was last year by visiting this website , https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/list/successful . It has over 750,000 Freedom of Information requests and responses. Have a search at ‘hospital admissions’ and then read the responses from each hospital for years 2015-2020. On average the admissions for the ‘overwhelmed’ year of 2020 was 20% LESS than ANY of the previous five years. Try telling the sheep this fact and they shrug their shoulders or give you abuse.

  18. Sorry Hugo, I can’t watch this one. Firstly full of far too irritatingly untalented, stupid looking c****, but really it’s just a symptom of everything that’s wrong in the world. To even spend 9 minutes feels like endorsing it. Let this soul-less garbage sink into the oblivion that is as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow.

  19. Yes I won’t watch this either stop giving them coverage Hugo good or bad that’s what they want. Just ignore their pathetic ways they want to sensationalise stop falling for it Hugo. You’re playing into their plan.

    • No your wrong, they get tons of positive coverage, I give it negative coverage, and get people to question why its there in the first place. If you want the majority to ignore this and question it, it has to be called out. and drawn attention to. Ignoring stuff that gets worldwide coverage won’t make it go away.

  20. If I had attended, I would have worn a Burka. I’m sure they would have applauded me for being so diverse and inclusive.

  21. Sluts and whores and their dickless hanger on boyfriends. Disgusting apologies for human beings. I hope it all comes crashing down around them. Who on earth actually subscribes to this shit?

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