Passports Scrapped In UK! Do You Believe Them???? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It was only a few months ago that they said vaccine passports were unbritish and would never be brought in. They continuously and blatantly lie and deceive!! They insult our intelligence. We need rid of this corrupt political globalist cabal who are pushing toxic medical procedures on our kids!! They all need to be facing charges of Fraud and malfeasance in public office.

  2. anything they say is an utter lie and i wonder what there playing at ??? these lot will never give up on there stupid fake agenda and trying to fool the people yet again ?? fucking power hungry freaks

  3. This is all just hype so they can slip the vaccinations of 12-15 years olds in under the radar. I’m just waiting on that government stooge Whitty giving this the go ahead against the JCVI advice – so much for “follow the science” They are all such liars I wouldn’t believe them if they said water was wet!

  4. Yes this is great news for us unvaxxed we now have our freedom to go football and night clubs this Christmas is going the best ever families will be able to sit round the dinner table again unless your a NWO or conspiracy nutter who are clearly Gona sit round the table and bore the pants of there family and friends.

  5. That drone is a Shwab puppet. It’s another tiny carrot to add to all the others they’ve graciously given us before fukcing us over time after time. Do not comply. Live don’t rely on these imbeciles.

  6. Their testing the waters that’s all. Not the right time for them yet. They want to appear as if they don’t want it but only as a absolute last option. You watch this winter they create that last option with more lockdowns to come.

  7. there shit liars. he’s shot himself in the foot with this one. and let the cat out the bag to early, there agenda is seriously in trouble. which is good news for us. we need to win this or its good bye human. no way am i becoming a digital slave. will stay as human as possible. there slowly chipping away at us and disconnecting us. we need to win this. there just a hand full of people. and there’s billions of us. stop complying and start thinking for yourself. do what you want. you got nothing to lose..

  8. … & I have the original ‘James Bond DB5’ for sale for only £10. Buyer must pay me yesterday

  9. Thailand said only fully vaccinated can use restaurant. Soon change there minds?

  10. When they manipulate the cases they will say oh we tried not to introduce passports but with the number of cases and hospitals being overwhelmed we have to, so do not blame us.

  11. This shite is still going ahead in Scotland and maybe Wales, so it’s definitely too early to celebrate.

  12. I have a feeling about this, why would they back down. We’re not out protesting like France, they’ve not been bothered so far by the protests that has took place.

    Could it be possible they’re wait for the food crisis, they’d have us all over a barrel. If you’ve been growing your own food not so much but…….

    These people know what they’re doing, those steaming shits. We need an uprising not protests, they show us nothing but evil and lies. When is enough, enough??

  13. Keep up the pressure because you can’t trust these liars. Keep the protests going and get ride of all this mask wearing crap, absolutely no science behind that. And let’s stop the pretence that there was/is a pandemic. The average for deaths last year was the same as the previous 5 years. We need their agenda to seriously unravel and be exposed for the the lies that they are.

  14. If they can’t get this through now they won’t in the future. The resistance to this will always be there, it won’t happen if people continue to stand up.

  15. As in the USSR so in modern Britain: “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  16. – DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE – More lies lies lies In the smoke & mirrored political game of chess ~ Divide N Conquer is Allways thier endgame….

    As i put in the Matrix thread why are apple & android installing this in thier hardware ( Not an app – Build Into Hardware, unremovable ) CommonPass
    Taken From Infowars

    Victory: UK Health Minister Says Govt Will NOT Impose Covid Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns Over Christmas Unlikely —- UNLIKELY ??? Open for a renaging backtrack as per… &

    Javid also announced on Sunday that the government would be ditching its plan to introduce a domestic Covid-19 vaccine passport for the time being…….

    for the time being……. Hmmm,,, SOON Then Javid Eh

    Creation ~ Reaction ~ Solution………


  17. It’s all a lie. If they told the truth. They would be no politics. There job is to lie. He knows fair well they will bring them in a later date. Because that’s the global plan to control people with the smartphone. And cut peoples services off if they won’t comform or have the jab. We’re not as daft as u think….

  18. Have they consulted Bill Gates? Otherwise he is going to be very cross with Boris as all along he has said ‘we can only open-up the world when everyone has a Health Passport. According to one paper this morning the headline read ‘government to scrap vaccine passport for this winter’. So Bill Gates can breathe again. His plan for the world continues to take shape.

  19. Oh yes! I do believe them Hugo! We’ve got them backpedaling my friend! They know there’s going to be a Nuremberg 2 trial and that we’re going to reinstate the death penalty! They’re trying to get out of it now! But when the jabbed start dropping like flies in the winter, Boris Johnson and his cabinet cronies must swing from the gallows!

  20. Howard stern wants all unjabbed people gone….bloke is a parasite and a narcissist…
    Hope them jabs kill him…
    Horrible bastard he is

  21. do i believe them? Over my dead body, they won’t be able to blame the unvaxxed for the vaxxed deaths this winter, nor would they be able to blame the unvaxxed for super spread events. Think about it

  22. I wonder if they know that we will not need convid passports in the winter because everywhere will be locked down once again and why should they give us a double-dose of authoritarianism when they can eke it out, one at a time. So! Lockdown in October and you will not go anywhere due to closures and when Xmas/new Year comes into shot, THEN bring in passport for ALL buildings.

    • That wouldn’t suprise me uk gov plc xmas present to the British people SLAVERY!

  23. I absolutely believe that the passports are NOT going away. Perhaps they are going to release the next and ‘‘ten times more deadly” (BG I think) plandemic sooner than any of us might have thought?

    That would be enough to push the sheep over the edge, further turning people against each other with even greater organised chaos.

    With that, they will have much less trouble implementing their digital ID and tracking system.

    I am more frightened now than I have ever been about anything in my life, but I am still willing to stand with others.

    Please can I ask that you sign Northern Ireland doctor Anne McCloskey’s petition to be reinstated, following her suspension for telling the truth about C19?

    I am not associated with her in any way but I know she is telling the truth and we should all know by now just how corrupt all media and politicians worldwide are.

    Thankyou Hugh for everything you do 🙂

    • This is what I think as well. They tested the waters and found that many of us weren’t willing to play along and go with the program (agenda) without force. Now they will make us pay for that and will release what Bill Gates had alluded to with an evil grin which will allow them the ability to force the agenda on whoever survives. God help us all.

  24. No I dont believe them. The UN mandated the Vaxpass and what it should look like. They need this ‘world ID’ and the verified face pics harvested by the NHS app for the coming China++ surveillance system including AI camera facial recognition systems. Along with integrating UBI and social credit, you wont need a passport and it will include a new digital money. Pair gates funded patent WO/2020/060606 with MIT ‘luciferase’ ‘storing vaccine information under the skin’ (world ID) and cloud base it for their new money system at the swipe of a finger.

  25. The numbers for compliance is minimal and they know they’re going down next election but who to vote for? Labour and conservative are off my list forever. I’d prefer assassinations lately rather than elections.

    • I feel like spoiling the ballot paper with human excrement to be honest! All liars, scumbags, controlled and compromised.

      • I always spoil my ballot, I just write in big black bold letter the word ‘NONE’. I’m forever tempted to add, ‘because they’re all corrupt’ but haven’t done so as they won’t count it.
        People foolishly say, “Well, I’ve got to vote for this party as the other ones are far worse.” It’s ridiculous since all parties work for and are paid by the same cabal.
        Political parties are selected not elected.
        The voting system has been corrupt since it’s inception.

  26. Even if it is true, the question still remains: ‘What will they replace them with?’ Lest we forget, these megalomaniacal degenerates aren’t planning on stopping any time soon.

    • SPARS 2025 they practised in 2017….
      Same shit as this scam…
      Possible next “pandemic”

  27. Yeah don’t believe it. They’ve been lying since the beginning , ” absolutely no intention of forcing etc. Etc. ” Then BOOM ” it’s now become Mandatory ” . Ease up a bit then come back in full force shortly after . Don’t be fooled

  28. They are Pathological Liars.. When it’s signed and sealed in the courts and can not be used period.. Then we will see if we can ever begin to trust these wolves.. Do not let yourselves be deceived!!!! They’ve bounced back and forth like yo-yo’s.. This is descriminative to humanity and pure insanity to All people, vaxxed or not ..


    This is why Sars-cov-2,that has never been proven in a science lab or isolated, purified and credited in any lab, world wide; BUT it was perfect timing and looks just like Covid…

    It’s pure insanity, and what is more insane is they believe their own lies.. Not everyone in this world are easily mocked, deceived, fooled, just because we don’t have billions of £££$$$ in our pockets…..

  29. See the latest Zachary Denman video for the answer to this question


  31. Signing petitions and protesting has felt like p!ssing in the wind, but it’s better than doing nothing! And maybe this is why they are back-tracking, at the very least we have not made it easy for them. We must keep our guard up and not take their word for it. We know they are lying toads.

  32. The whole vaccine passport is just a bluff to get as many vaccinated as possible. There will never have one working properly even if it’s a digital one.

    Israel allegedly had a green pass and then it was withdrawn. Why? Because logistically it can not be made to work. Take a good size stadium, for example. Capacity 76,000 plus. When do you start queuing for a Saturday game? On Thursday morning? If it can not work for large venues then it would make a zero sense for a small cafe for example because the larger the crowd the more chances for transmission.

    Now the UK backs off. Why? It has jabbed a significant number and now the normies will believe that the jab is INDEED the key for freedom. So now this government will use this situation as a trump card. “Let us jab the kids or the vaccine passport and lockdown are coming”. “Take this booster or the vaccine passport and lockdown are coming.” When the British MI6 aka the British government makes a move you better not let your guard down as these people are foxy.

    Australia and USA are now bluffing too as the jabbed percentage in those places is low. European Union was saying that their pass will take effect form July 2021. Where is it? It’s September.

    Scotland has plans for October to introduce theirs. I bet it will be in words only. It won’t work in practice but surely it will get more people getting jabbed. Then they will say: Hooray we no longer need it! Praise this wise government!

    It’s just a bluff, folks! But the trouble is they will have to resort to another shock therapy when the bluff no longer works as every little trick eventually wears out.

    • Figures are a bluff and false…
      PCR is false as well…
      Actually the whole thing is a scam

    • I think you may be right. We’ve witnessed no end of coercion and threats to our freedoms to get these jabs. Every trick in the manipulator handbook.

    • It will be setup and work soon the God’s word predicts it revelation 13.


  34. Yep, just a military-style pull-back to re-group and ‘reframe the argument, but the agenda continues on…

  35. I believe them as much as I believe this week I will definitely win the euromillions. What I can believe is something I read earlier about the stupid (in effective) masks possibly becoming mandatory again in the winter. Well not for us lot obviously lol.

    • They’re mandatory in my small country coastal town in NSW.
      Sea air and sunshine abound for a healthy immune system.
      I am totally on my own with no face nappy, $500 fine apparently.
      I only go into town about every 14 days now, too many zombies
      So sad how much stupidity has surfaced from the fear of a lie.

  36. The protests word wide are having an effect. Government’s aren’t completely stupid, especially when it comes to their own survivability. The pressure valve on the pressure cooker has to be eased, and this is a pointer if not to the sunny uplands, then at least a green shoot!

    • Indeed. It couldn’t have escaped their notice either that the number of dissenters is increasing.

      I think we’re all waiting for the next stage of their evil agenda to play out whatever that may be. I’m just recalling what Schwab said not long ago about the cyber attacks being far worse than Covid.
      This will of course prevent information being spread, which would present a major problem for us for sure.
      Then again, if a cyber attack were to occur, how would they be able to continue propagandising the public?
      Either way I doubt they’re going to give up on their long planned for agenda any time soon.

  37. They are liars. They will implement them at some time. The UK regime is possibly the most loyal globalist regime on the planet. They only do what they are told by the men in the shadows as they have no other ideological option. Watch them slip the passports in through the back door in the coming months. Hats off to all those who signed this petition. Next petition please…

  38. This is Hokey Pokey politics..
    Right leg in, left leg out, in, out shake it all about!

  39. I have heard they were just about to go into court about this and they know they will lose so they backed down for now but your right Hugo in saying for now they will try again at a later date let them try all they want people power will always win

    • Was that the retired army officer now lawyer? She’s brilliant, forget her name for the minute.

    • “people power will always win”

      Even if this is true, is it really what you want? People power would have the unvaxxed denied healthcare, access to supermarkets, fired from work and denied benefits etc. Hell, they’d want the unvaxxed to be denied access to their own fkin funerals.

      • You are quite right. The dirty, unwashed, Unvaxxed ( who have not had the vaxtermination jabs) are being classed as 2nd class citizens and being discriminated against. It has happened before throughout history…. The Jews, The Blacks, The Unvaxxed…..

      • Sorry mate, but we, the unvaxxed, will be treated like these two groups and others…. good or bad, they were victims of oppressors and so will the Great Unvaxxed.

  40. No chance….
    They lied about this early this year…
    Kids would not be jabbed…
    Only the vulnerable and elderly need jabbing…
    Besides the would not chuck a multi million pound project down the toilet…
    There all liars since day 1 and would not screw there own nations for nothing…
    They have to keep the emergency rules in to keep jabbing people..
    If the jabs go its game over…

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