INSECT DONUTS In Scotland / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. We forgave em the battered Mars bar but now Scotland can actually eff off with this s h I t e!! 😆

      • I think Nicola Sturgeon should go buy a load of them for herself and the rest of the SNP, also the Green Party seeing as how they are besties these days. It’s the least she can do considering she wants to impose passports on football fans.

  2. Cricket donuts. Whatever next ant pies or beetle pasties??? GET FUCKED!!!!

    • Rib eye steak if perfectly sustainable thank you virtual signalling twats

    • I think you’re referring to the greggs steak bake. That is a beetle pasty

      • Spot on a few years back my daughter and me bought 2 hot sausage rolls on the go from Greg’s. There was half a dead beetle in my daughters . She complained and they sent her luncheon vouchers ffs.

  3. It could only happen in Scotland – home of the Deep-Fried Mars Bar 🙂

    • Songs
      That’s the posh bit they’re at. Don’t fuckin blame me or other scots just cause We live here ya muppet

  4. Let me know when there’s a cricket which looks, smells and tastes like bacon.

  5. If we eat all the insects, I believe the plant will just become a great big dessert as flora needs insectsfor germination, or am I wrong

    • Your correct, but we won’t be eating the wild insects. There are insect farm being developed. These farms have been featured on various program’s like Country File over the last number of years…

      • I’d rather be vegetarian or go and shoot rabbits. Given the filth that they pump into farmed fish and a lot of farmed animals, farmed insects are definitely a no-no. These people are demented

  6. I would not worry about it Hugo ,ots a non story and I don’t know why you even wasting your time on it , nobody in thier right minds is gonna eat that shit .

    • We didn’t think people would be queuing up to stick an experiment poison up their arms. Never underestimate the foolishness of human!

    • You will be grateful to eat those bugs,when this set of bastard’s cut the food supply, because that’s their plan for us.

    • Agree what a load of shite, makes me want to throw up and that includes Sturgeon face

    • People are queuing up to eat lab grown “meat” and synthetic “chicken” so nothing would surprise me. There’s too many eejits

  7. It’s enough to make you want to throw up, these people need an asylum not a bakery…

  8. They can fek the fek off. I can remember being at a fayre, bit like a flower show come new innovations thingummy, and they had chocolate covered bugs, it was when my kids were little, they were trying to persuade you to have a taste. My kids are now 30 and 26. We didn’t eat them then and we won’t be eating them now.

  9. Genetically modified ‘vaccine’ delivering crunchy crickets I presume.

  10. A few years ago a restaurant or food outlet that sold donuts that were infested with insects would be closed down. What is going on?? Maybe the BBC can stage a speed eating contest with Hancock, Patel and Sturgeon as the competitors. About the only use that they have to the community. Christmas Day programming would be appropriate.

  11. Just shows how stupid they think people are they want you to eat insects don’t think so come on people wake up

  12. Never ever speak to me again is what I would say, if ANYONE I knew would even DARE eat such a monstrosity lol

  13. This is like the film Snowpiercer. The perpetual train carrying the last humans on earth. With the poorest in the caboose living off dubious blocks of black protein jelly. That is , until they realise what they are made of.

    • Just wait and see, give it a year and all the face nappy wearing idiots will be telling everyone how they’ve switched to insectism to save the planet and how the rest of us are selfish..etc etc.

      • I can imagine the tv ad for it now. Picture a quaint dreamy little village in summer with the birds twittering in the background and a cricket match going on. Suddenly someone comes onto the pitch with a plate of steak and chips on a silver platter. The batsman shakes his head and the game continues. Moments later the silver platter arrives again. This time with a plate of insect steak and chips on it. Everyone stops playing and tries to grab it. Cue the announcer “Steak and chips ? pffff , it`s just not cricket is it”. Then everyone shouts “hows that” at the end.

  14. All part of the WEF/UN plan to ban meat. Note the EU made Mealworm safe to be used for food a couple of months ago.

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  16. Never under estimate how stupid humans are, they’ll be queuing up for it. They’ve gone along with everything else so far.

  17. Disgusting. If they want to be “sustainable” then no one needs a do-nut at all. People need to realise that “sustainability” means half a billion people on the planet not 7 billion.

  18. It’s very clear, they want us to follow China…not only in the mass control , social credit etc etc…but adopt the same policy “if it moves eat it” China have been eating insects for centuries…let alone dogs , cats…rats….bats…they are only one step away to eat humans!!!

  19. Sick the way they think insects don’t matter. They’re all living creatures. So they’ll all be wiped our next, along with the bees they kept killing.

  20. As novel as a novel virus, more for the drunk and feeble of mind!
    With or without the insects they look disgusting.
    Speaking as a life long vegan Bill Gates head roasted whole on a plate would look more appetising

  21. How can donuts ever be considered as “sustainable”!! Surely a nice healthy curry with critters would be a more sustainable option. LoL

  22. The pressures on till 2023 and beyone. Voices in your head? how they are telling you subliminally to get the jab. They want you to crack so you get the jab. Feel a food crises coming feel it in the air. No jab no food they will go about it this way. Theres plenty of natural food about this year that’s free. Blackberry. Rosehip. Plantain. Milk thistle. Nettle. Hawthorn Berry. Dandelion, Apples. Clover etc etc. Learn what’s edible. I eat what’s in season. I’m actully picking some of my own food. Great time of year for foriging. Them donuts in this video is duscusting its the devil’s food. Protect your energy people. Think for yourself do what you want from now on. There’s nothing to fear theres plenty of food on the land nothing to worry about. What will come is a manufactured food crisis. Scarcity =dependency =control. Don’t fall for it. Prepare. Get out in nature as much as possible

  23. Once again the thin end of a very nasty wedge ! It’s all a massive scam ! This absurd nonsense about cattle affecting climate change falls apart when you consider there were in excess of SIXTY MILLION bison wandering about the USA not so very long ago ! It IS about control and power, and it in NOT about us the people. It is about an elete making a power grab unlike any previous tyrany in history. If they succeed then we are completely lost and that will be the end of any discussion.

  24. Two weeks ago I saw some tinned dog food promoting the fact it had insects in it. It seems they are pushing that agenda everywhere.

  25. A bugs life Hugo

    Can you report on the breaking Novant Health caught discussing the falsification of stats for jib jab uptake.

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