MORRISONS Cut Sick Pay For UNJABBED #BOYCOTT / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. As a regular customer of Morrison’s, I will now boycott their stores permanently! I’ll never go back!

      • My own email to that address bounced. …

        Address not found
        Your message wasn’t delivered to because the domain couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

      • Thank you Suzy S I have emailed Mr Potts in a strongly worded letter about this policy. What a disgrace. Without the staff of Morrisons there wouldn’t be a Morrisons.
        Thanks Hugo for this, I have met hard working people at Morrisons. They/ we deserve better from our bosses/ leaders.

    • I used to work for morrisons fish factory, left a month ago, they were pushing tests, vaccinating staff in an office. I knew they would come down hard on the non compliant. So glad I got my old job back

      • I decided never to go into Morrisons again after seeing the life size copper stuck in the foyer of Brecon Morrisons. It is totally unnecessary intimidation They can feck right off (and I’m saying this as somebody who has had the jab )

    • I work for IKEA. They just introduced almost the same policy. Unbelievable. Company which promotes equality started discriminate unvaccinated. I’m not going to sit quietly.

  2. Here is one person, me, who will NEVER shop at Morrisons ever.

    • I think Morrisons’ “slump in profits” is about to get a whole lot bigger

  3. I’m going to boycott Morrisons now !! Its getting ridiculous

  4. okay so that would “spread” the virus more as they would be less likely to get tested. backward man

  5. Lots of protest letters to Morrison’s CEO might get them to change their crazy policy?!

  6. I regularly shop in Morrisons I will be avoiding them from now on

  7. Make money back off the scamdemic ,these places made a killing as everyone was stuck in stuffing thier faces , fucking cheeky bastards ,I did use morrisons ,now I wont be ,see ya.

  8. FFS !! Don’t make no difference if you have been Jabbed or not,the end result is still the same.😂😂😂😷😷😷☠☠☠☠
    If you have downladed the NHS TRAPP that is the problem.
    Can people not see that yet ? yesterday I sold a record and he wnted his money back because he had been pinged and had to Self Isolate, sorry Mate not my problem and what difference does it make anyway? .NONE !!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Are you enjoying the Mind Games??😂😂

    • Why are people still complying to this NHS total crap App delete it take it off the phone the more you comply the model carry on.

  9. They can fuck off then….so to be off sick with pay you need to have that shite stuck in your arm that nobody in there right mind wouldn’t even give to a dead rat…
    Now witty in the uk wants kids stuck with it…
    Poisonous society now let alone giving it out…
    Get me out of here🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Yep,I’m with you on this. Hate what has happened and it worries me what our future generations are going to go through with this NWO on horizon.😒

    • Totally agree I used to work for them and I hated it.
      They’re a fucking disgrace

  10. Absolutely disgusting! The 1%’ers unleash the virus on us, and some don’t want to take an experimental uncertified jab in case of future ramifications, and aren’t being offered other alternatives as a choice eg Ivermectin cocktail, but we’re penalised for that,because you have financial losses??! You should be looking to the ones that unleashed the virus on us for getting money back, rather than trying to force ppl to take something that is potentially harmful! Shame on you, and I for one will NOT be shopping with you anymore. Shame on you Morrisons!

  11. yes i have used them … Not now!! MORRISONS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!!!
    i do use my local shops, i try stay away from supermarkets as much as possible nowadays, i certainly save more money, the Robbing Gits!!!

    cheers hugo

  12. We need a co ordinated boycott list where we can search for it ie (on a website) circulate (amend when necessary) and share it. Then we have immense power.

  13. I have shopped at my local Morrissons since it opened in King’s Lynn.
    Tomorrow when I visit I will ask to speak to the manager, hand him my morrisons more card and tear up the £25 or so vouchers I have received from them over the past few months. I will then explain to him his company is a complete shower of shite and they will no longer be receiving the £100 odd I usually spend there every week.

    • Nooooo!! Spend your voucher and THEN speak to the manager…. Let him know that your LAST shopping trip was paid for by Him and His Company and you won’t be coming back 👍👍👍😁👍👍👍. Win Win !

  14. Businesses will be coerced next by the tyrannical government.

    Stand string, don’t comply..

  15. David Potts ( He is the CEO of this disgraceful company. Let him know how you feel, I know I will

  16. Sue the pants off them. That is illegal by the definition of discrimination.

  17. No fukin problem for us it’s a problem for them as the only fuka’s working there will be the unjabbed when the Vaxholes end up in the hospitals

  18. This is typical of Morrisons, when I retired from working there a few years ago they decided that as I was retiring (on my official date) that they would not pay my annual bonus to me, even though it was due. In my case a £2000 loss.

  19. Yet the vaxxed still spread it, catch it, die from it, get sick from it and as they have been vaxxed they have less symptoms of knowing if they have it so they are more of a danger to people than the unvaxxed are. Why people don’t see this common sense, Less symptoms more knowing more of a spreader

    • spreader theory does not exist without showing symptons you cannot pass anything on…
      PCR tests for genetic material not for sickness or infection…
      Its all a scam

  20. I work at Tesco and have worked all the way through the pan(ic)demic. How long for them to catch up with Morrisons, I wonder? This whole idea perpetuated by the MSM that the unvaxed are somehow ‘dangerous’ is ridiculous. The world has gone mad.

  21. Supermarkets are full of shit food anyway.. 10% actually good food.. the rest is toxic garbage. The quicker they fall the better in my eyes. Plus it’s the vax that’s in for a storm anyway for getting ill again so good luck with the lot of them haha!

    • Yes, I would have to travel a good few miles to boycott my nearest Morrisons 😀

  22. I got banned from one of my local Morrison’s last year for not obeying to their muzzle nonsense. I’ve boycotted all of their stores since, They are pro nazis. Non compliance is the only way to tyranny

    • Not been to Morrison’s for years, there been greedy gits for years, cuts local shop out I use local shop, Them tosspots at the entrance bullying customers on face nappies treat there unjab staff like this there a disgrace Boycott let the sheep go there.

    • If you used the phrase “I’m exempt” and still got refused entry you could have sued. A lady got £7000 for being refused entry for not wearing a mask. A nice little middle finger to the business!

  23. This is a copy of email I fired off to David Potts. I use a link banner in my stationery – links to UKC, Hugo, D4CE etc and the DC4E online symposium hosted by UKC. Please feel free to use any of my phraseology.

    So Mr. Potts,

    You’ve announced you’re going to cut the sick pay of any employees who refuse to be subjected to an experimental gene therapy drug. This disgusting piece of discriminatory coercion will be punished. I too will no longer even visit Morrisons supermarket let alone buy anything from it or its petrol stations as a matter of principle from now on. For example only this afternoon I was planning to visit the Morrisons car wash … but definitely not now.

    This is how I discovered the extent of your supermarket’s depravity [hyper links to this video]

    What a vile business you’re turning Morrisons into..

    I look forward to the day corporate narcissists like yourself are banished from having any authority to practice over decent people. Even better, face eventual justice.

    In the meantime, good day and good riddance Morrisons


  24. So Morrisons have had employment law and human rights laws changed? I think the first time they try this, they might find themselves on a discrimination lawsuit. If I worked there I would get all the other unjabbed to get pinged at the same time and then go for a massive collective lawsuit. That would put some spice in the s**t show. I’m beginning to think this movie we’re watching is supposed to wake the sleepers up. It’s just too ridiculous to sleep through. 😆

    • The twist in the plot is the vaccinated will become severely ill if not dead eventually and be the people to avoid later on….
      Wont be so smug and ignorant then will they….
      There ruining there health wearing them face nappies anyway for a start and mental health being afraid of others…
      What comes around goes around…

      • Tom I too will boycott Morrisons.however, what some people you included seem to forget is that many people went for vaccination in good faith because they trusted the authorities. This is a massive betrayal so comments like yours are pretty abhorrent

      • Sheila, I’m afraid that the sheep must be pretty docile if they didn’t work out that this was a scam in the first few weeks. I could name 20 different positions for the goalposts that msm and Doris Johnson et al, have fooled the sheep with. It’s a shame, but they deserve what they get!

      • Sheila most people had the jab because they wanted to go for a holiday too.

  25. I’ll never forget the time at Morrisons when all the workers were called into a meeting to be told they won’t be getting a Christmas bonus this year as the company had decided to pay Ant & Dec shed loads of money for a series of shit adverts instead.

    Nobody should be buying from them.

  26. I wouldn’t bother calling your lawyer, those worms are as dirty as the rest. And the Unions? You might as well call ghostbusters……
    Hold the line people, hold the line.

  27. Is there not one person in power who is in the know that has a conscience and warn us about what is really going on? Have they all been threatened?

    • Doesn’t seem to be, or they get silenced pretty quickly, who’d believe them anyway, well us.

      I’m still expecting The Kingsman Zombie’s, that was 5G ish via Sim chips, just turned them short term violent and murderous until the signal is stopped, the Graphene Oxide and a Patented part in the jabs via Qualcomm kinda hint massively towards this. Hollywood like to dangle carrots, been a few films / TV shows with similar.

      Hell at the stage where they could just tell the sheep to run around and kill people and they’d do it, without questioning!!

      1Hour and 80% population reduction, without damage like a nuke would do to the infrastructure.

      Going to miss there Doughnuts and Deserts, but alas Rules!!

  28. This comment when put on the page (you-tube) gets deleted. I wonder why?!!!

    A VERY brief summary of part of the SCAM so far!

    In the UK In the U.S.A
    Matt Hancock Anthony Fauci
    1st WAVE (deaths in CARE HOMES)
    Midazolam Remdesivir
    (bought 2 years worth of supply) (bought ALL Remdesivir supplies)
    This enabled FAKE covid deaths to be recorded (there was NO virus)
    Fraudulent use of the pcr test (45 cycles in uk)
    Rolling out of the “Experimental Concoction” Dec 2020 changed the situation.
    NOW, the injection of “EXPERIMENTAL CONCOCTION” – serious illness / deaths of ALL ages, not just the elderly. VARIANTS scam now being applied. (Flu to return!)

    • People have been well and truly had if it really is a giant hoax like most of us believe. Even all that news about it coming out of the Wuhan lab, had us squabbling over whether it was released deliberately/accidentally or was it occurring naturally in the wet market? Either way they win as it gets acknowledged as real and they get to justify measures and jabs…

  29. Ive never shopped at Morrisons. When I shop it’s either at Sainsbury’s (as I’m building up my nectar points) or Asda. This discrimination business is getting ridiculous. The Jabs clearly don’t appear to be working so what the hells the point in them.

  30. I don’t buy much from Morrisons but this is a total boycott now. I will be writing to them shortly to express my feelings.

    • Like Hugo go says they’re all in this together are all in with a governments great reset

  31. There are just about no small independent businesses left in our town now though. No fruit and veg shops, no bakeries, and one butcher.

  32. Applying this line of reasoning more broadly, if someone chooses to go on a skiing holiday and ends up having an accident that prevents them from working then that person should not be paid sick leave as they brought the accident upon their self.

  33. ALL supermarkets (not just Morrisons) were ordered by the government to remove certain items from their shelves in Mar 2020 to give the impression that people were panic buying. Obviously this is going to happen again around Christmas if not before as you said. People should stockpile before that happens

  34. Don’t worry, when I was a child supermarkets were just starting, where I lived there was just a co op a small grocer, fishmonger, greengrocer, butcher , hardware shop. All small shops. Never felt the need for a supermarket. When the first supermarket arrived all it did was increase traffic and yes conveniene, instead of walking from shop to shop and speeaking to all the people you knew who ran he small shops, you staying in one anonymous place and got everything from staff you didn’t know. Supermarkets are in no way indispensilbe. I get what I can from the local farm shops where I live now, who are all awake, thank God. There is a also a fruit and veg shop. i grow what I can, not much coz on clay soil, I forage a little, there is also a local bargain shop HOme bargains, lets hope they don’t get pressured to bring in these silly rules. I would say to Morrisons staff, there are plenty of jobs going right now, get a job somewhere else, then Morrisons will have to up their wages to attract staff who are willing to put up with the abuse they are deciding to heap on their staff. I believe this is to get rid of physical stores. The cabal want us all staying in and shopping online so they can throw advertising at us etc.

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