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  1. Check out BARRY SMITH he said the NEW WORLD ORDER WOULD BEGIN IN Australia and New Zealand first!!! he said this over 20 years ago

  2. I rejected the NWO as soon as I found out about it. I remember 20 years ago to this very day that there were calls for the NWO to be brought in then.

  3. Parliamentlive tv 10/09/2021 14.06min in, adverse reactions compensation bill.A must watch🇬🇧

  4. Okay odd goings on as always got 2nd Unjabbed, that had been around Jabbed while they had the recently cold/Flu that went around, nearly dead in a coma.

    Numbers are 90% in USA unjabbed ( can’t trust ) in hospital, looking like Shedding, Jabs + Flu = Super Flu to the unjabbed, the increase in virus in the nose would point to this aswell.

    I was getting worse for 2weeks, before I upped my D3 then that reversed it, likely would of kept getting worse, jabbed GF Pfizer FFS!! Chest still crap at 3 weeks.

    So Tesco’s, £5 for 96 D3’s take 1 or 2 a day depending on your size, and FFS stay away from the Jabbed while they have Cold / Flu.

  5. Biden now says “no jab no job”…
    He is a disgrace to his country and a pathetic excuse for a president like the rest of these “leaders” who are bought and paid for by corruption behind the scenes of all this bullshit…
    They have no legal rights to do this and they are committing crimes against humanity all the time..
    People have to revolt against this now as the future will be very bad without this stopping…
    Them jabs are not vaccines and MRNA jabs that surpress the immune system and are killing people and severely harming them…

  6. I have heard the “New World Order” mentioned here in the UK fairly recently. When I leave work at 5pm, I sometimes put radio 4 on just to hear what rubbish they are spouting on about. Carolyn whatsherface, was standing in for Evan whatchamacallit, and she definitely said “so where does that leave us in the new world order”. I put it on a local group on Telegram but nobody responded. Hey ho.

  7. Gary Kah and Barry Smith were writing books about the NWO 30 years ago and focussed on it beginning in New Zealand and Australia. Get Gary Kah’s books, they spell it all out. And watch for the Pope signing a 7 year covenant of peace in October. “Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week…” ( a week is seven years in this case) (Daniel 9:27) I saw Ken Raggio talking of this the other day on Youtube. I don’t know if it will happen but if it does then we are looking at the start of the Tribulation at that point. The Jewish temple will be rebuilt and they are ready to go. They just need the say so. Please get right with God. Repent and believe the Gospel. Jesus died for your sins and is coming back to judge you for them. If you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour then you will pay for your sins yourself in hell for all eternity. Time is short. We are in the very last hours of God’s clock.

  8. To all Brothers and Sisters of NSW” RESIST “ DEFY” AND DO NOT COMPLY”
    This woman’s soul is as ugly as a hat full of “Arseholes”
    And needs to be named “ for the upcoming crimes against humanity “

  9. she was born in a stable the horrible looking horse!

    stay strong Australia
    I will Never comply !!

    cheers hugo
    have good day All

  10. This is quite an interesting article. All about the coming digital IDs that Hugo talks about. It mentions how New York’s Excelsior vaccine pass is being expanded into previously undisclosed areas.

    The new digital driver’s licenses from Apple sound slightly creepy

    Residents of Arizona and Georgia will be the first to try out a new kind of biometric ID system.

    Driver’s licenses stored on our phones are not too far down the road.

    Residents of Arizona and Georgia will soon be able to use their iPhones and Apple Watches as digital driver’s licenses or ID cards. People living in Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, Iowa, Utah, and Connecticut will get the feature next. Meanwhile, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is going to designate lanes at specific airports to start processing these new digital IDs in order to clear people to travel.

    When residents add their state ID to their Wallet, Apple explained in a Wednesday press release, they’ll have to send a picture of their card and a photo of their faces, and they’ll also have to “complete a series of facial and head movements during the setup process.” It’s then up to the states to verify the ID before people can use them. In effect, this system appears to be a new form of government-supported biometric ID verification that goes beyond a regular photo in a process that potentially provides new data to state governments as well as to Apple.

    At the new TSA lanes, for example, Apple users will be able to tap their iPhones or Apple Watches to an identity reader. They will then be shown the information being requested by the TSA and authorize their devices to send that data to the TSA by using Face ID or Touch ID. This, Apple says, “ensures that just the required information is shared and only the person who added the driver’s license or state ID to the device can present it.” The company added, “Users do not need to unlock, show, or hand over their device to present their ID.”

    Apple is not not the only one rolling out digital driver’s licenses in the United States. New York State is working with IBM on the possibility of expanding its Excelsior Pass vaccine passport system to include driver’s licenses, according to a New York Times report. The federal government is also on board with the concept. In April, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it was looking for input on upcoming rules for mobile digital driver’s licenses.

    But are digital IDs a good thing? From a privacy and security perspective, it’s unclear — but they also seem to be inevitable.

    The pandemic has helped some people get more comfortable with storing personal information on their phones, which might explain why states and tech companies are forging ahead with the idea of digital driver’s licenses. These efforts are flanked by an ongoing and highly polarizing debate over digital vaccine passports, which provide people with an easy way to prove they’ve been inoculated so that they can do things like board a plane or go to a concert. Several states, including Florida and Texas, have banned or restricted vaccine passports, which suggests that some Americans still are not comfortable storing certain highly personal information on their phones.

    Though the technology that powers them is similar in many ways, digital driver’s licenses are not the same thing as vaccine passports, as health records aren’t necessarily involved. Many of the plans and proposals being considered — including Apple’s imminent digital driver’s license system — simply call for a secure, verifiable way to store all the information that’s currently on your physical driver’s license on your phone. Proponents of these digital state identification systems say this tech will make it more convenient to show your ID and will give people more control over their information. Privacy and civil liberties advocates warn that normalizing carrying identification cards on our phones could have very bad consequences, including endangering our digital privacy.

    Despite apparent support on the state and federal level, some have sounded the alarm on potential problems with digital IDs. In May, the American Civil Liberties Union released a detailed report raising issues about a digital state ID system, including concerns about police access to users’ phones, privacy, and surveillance risks, and the possibility that people will one day be coerced into downloading government apps. The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project also obtained a contract revealing that the state of New York has bigger plans for its Excelsior Pass than it initially disclosed, which could reveal the risks of similar digital ID programs.

    “It’s hard to trust the claim from officials that these apps are only going to do X or Y,” Albert Fox Cahn, an attorney at the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, warned in June, pointing to the potential expansion of the Excelsior Pass. “We see this clear pattern of them being installed for one purpose and then expanded for another.”

    Completely digital wallets are just around the corner 😀

    The arrival of digital IDs shows how tech companies increasingly want to be involved in all the things you do with your physical wallet. Both iPhone and Android users can already store credit cards, plane tickets, and event tickets in digital wallets. Now, with the impending introduction of digital driver’s licenses, Apple is getting closer to making your physical wallet completely obsolete.

    “To be fully free of your physical ID, there’s one more thing we need to bring to iPhone, and that’s your ID. So we’re bringing identity cards to Apple Wallet,” said Apple Vice President Jennifer Bailey at the company’s developer conference on June 7. “It’s that easy! Your ID information is now in Wallet.”

    The federal government appears to support the idea. While the DHS is establishing new standards for the technology that powers digital IDs, the TSA is already working with Apple to accept a version of an iPhone-based digital ID that can be used in airports. Several states had previously laid the groundwork and rolling out digital driver’s licenses that could work with Apple Wallet (states are generally responsible for issuing ID cards in the US). In a statement on Wednesday, Bailey said that Apple was in communication with other states and that the company was “working to offer this nationwide in the future.”
    Here’s what setting up a driver’s license on Apple Wallet will look like. Apple

    Apple isn’t the first or only major tech company trying to bring digital IDs to smartphones. Google has also been working on a system for a digital driver’s license, and last fall, the company detailed new privacy and security standards for developers to handle identity documents on mobile devices. IBM has also been researching digital driver’s licenses and expressed enthusiasm for how they might rely on blockchain technology.

    A French security company called Idemia has already launched digital IDs in partnership with several US states, including Arizona and Oklahoma. The company argues that digital IDs make it easier to quickly authenticate someone’s identity, while also allowing a person to share less of their personal information. With an app, for instance, users can opt to just share their age with someone verifying that someone is old enough to buy alcohol without also sharing their address, Idemia explains on its website.

    The technology behind digital IDs is inevitably not dissimilar to the tech behind vaccine passports. Opponents to vaccine passports, however, have argued that requiring detailed health information to enter businesses and other public areas hurts people’s privacy and liberty. Nevertheless, some states that have banned vaccine passports are charging ahead with digital driver’s licenses.

    In Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has banned vaccine passports, the DMV is expected to launch its mobile state ID system soon, and in Texas, whose state legislature has restricted the use of vaccine passports, lawmakers are considering a pilot program for digital driver’s licenses. Iowa, which has also limited the use of vaccine passports, also plans to launch a mobile ID system later this year. In Nevada, where vaccine passports remain a contentious issue, Gov. Steve Sisolak in May formally signed off on digital licenses, and the DMV says they could arrive within just a few years.

    In any case, it’s clear that residents of several states will soon be able to store their driver’s license on their phone. What remains unclear is whether we’re headed for a country where there are 50 different digital driver’s licenses and 50 different opportunities for issues and problems.

    Update, September 1, 2021: This piece has been updated with new information about how Apple’s digital state ID would work, including which states would use the system first.

    • Digital ID is already with us.

      ‘EasyID is your secure digital ID

      The safe way to prove your identity and age – online and in person.

      Set it up in minutes and you’re verified for life.

      Download our free app today.’ 😀 Don’t think so 😀

      • I thought you couldn’t download apps on your aging smartphone 🤣

    • What can you do with your EasyID? 😀

      We’re launching EasyID with just a few functions. But look out for many more soon. You’ll be able to use it to prove your identity to thousands of retailers and organisations, for all this and more:

      Banking, Employment, Proving your age, Picking up a package

      We really need to get rid of those damned ‘smartphones’ pronto 😀


  12. Politicians saying NO to the Fire Break, yes, accept they aren’t saying NO, there saying NO unless you give me more power/money/space in the bunker, they all said No last year then got bought out 🙁

    5 weeks till the next lockdown, whoop whoop!!!

  13. I’d say 1 of us, stuck going along with, and slipped on purpose to try to alert / wake people up!!!

    Watched a Video, 1 of the parts of Pfizer is a Patented Part from Qualcomm ie 5G telecommunications, linked to remote control ie the person could be remote controlled ie turned zombie, made to sleep, the 5G link just got confirmed ( I wasn’t a believer although only work being down Lockdown 1 was 5G cabling ), scarey stuff.

    Graphene Oxide is being produced by a company in China, you just can’t make this shit up!! They banned the drug that would allow you to purge it this time last year, okay then, not suspicious at all.

    Guess we’ll know what Phase 2 of jabs are by Xmas!!!

    A lot of unconfirmed reports very sick people double jabbed, ICU, Coma’s not sure if Flu/ADE or Clot, but it’s a lot and it’s increasing.

    Pretty convincing brain dead people footage, mini test??, just stopped like someone had pressed the pause button, person walking around them freaked out filming.

    This is going to get ugly quickly, heads on swivels people have a safe place away from population to hide, 1 way or the other civilization is about to collapse.

  14. Talking of the new world order, it is only a couple of days to go now till 9/11. Any suggestions for the nutters like Whitty and Vallance to come up with next?

  15. People aren’t as stupid as the NWO would like to think we are & put across.

  16. More propaganda on itv about derek draper…
    Tested positive and had pneumonia…
    Presenter was crying and the whole thing was a sick scaremongering routine…
    I am sick to death of all this shit…
    They can shove it and there jabs and there rules and the idiots that have brains turned to jelly by media and news..

  17. Never mind her words – check out her freaking eyes!!!

  18. I think….Contact tracing will look like a Biometric ID linked to the internet of things with facial recognition and surveillance of every square inch of the Earth and every human being via satellites. That will evolve to be a implanted device which contains all records for Identity health education, passports ,criminal records etc etc and a new financial system linked to the man of sin number of his name 666.
    Transhumanism part human part AI, that is coming in the system following the new world order, the Beast kingdom , the mark of the beast, Won’t be able to buy or sell without it, Will face the wrath of God with it!

    Read the book of Revelation.

    All who call on the name of The Lord shall be saved!

  19. Never attribute to mendacity that can easily be attributed to stupidity,

  20. Book of revelation really playing out Jesus will be coming soon for his church it’s time to accept him as Lord and saviour time is now really short

    • No one can ‘accept’ a ‘Jesus’ as their saviour. Here is the only way to Jesus:

      John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

      John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That no MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

  21. First things first she is one ugly mother.

    Secondly any leader that did go against it all of sudden are now dead convenient much

  22. Innocent choice of words my arse. more like a slip of the tongue more like

  23. Well there it is, all out in the open. Now we’ll see even more brazen behaviour. They must be pissing themselves laughing, we’re making it just SO easy for them. Quite what they’ll do when there are just 500 people in the world who own everything I do not know. Oh, yes of course, the toppermost powerful freaks will begin to dispose of the worker freaks until there’s just the one superfreak. But will he be happy with just the one planet? 🤔

  24. hey guys,check out a guy called CHRISTOPHER JAMES,his website is called A WARRIOR CALLS

  25. Ms, Chant, is quite right there will be a New World Order, but to her surprise there will not be a place for the likes of her or her banker controlled puppet friends in it!

  26. The only true conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theories are fabricated lies. Also if your into body language look at the expression on this twats face when it is being asked a question

  27. UK residents crossbows are still legal to buy, may I suggest the ‘cobra rx adder, thank me when the SHTF and you’ve survived

      • From the Amazon comments:

        Pros: beautiful, top of the line, self loading crossbow
        Cons: impossible to find more arrows in the US 😀 Kind of like bullets then 😀 Stock up on ammo while you can 😀 Well, if you are in the US 😀

  28. So bulld back better which has been repeated many times over by all Elite must also be a Cospiracy theory then 🙂

  29. The Australian government is a prime example why you should resist a cashless society because once these tyrants have contol over your finances can you imagine? They cant cope with the power they have now. Be warned!!

  30. just look how she looks, like a Zombie, reminds me of some specific women in Nazi concentration camps…

      • QUOTE: What were these ‘specific women’ in German labour camps?……….

        The Same Ones THAT ARE In The COVID Testing Camps & COVID Jab Centers.

      • But they’re Cultural Marxist Communists, the ‘specific women’ were German National Socialists and would never have harmed their own people. The only people in the labour camps deserved to be there.


    • Not necessary, and The Nuremberg shit show was a satanic kangaroo court. All you need is a REAL COURT – A COMMON LAW court of JUSTICE and a gallows at Tyburn when they are found guilty.

    • Lynch and hang the bitch and others behind there evil plan. I wouldn’t care if they leave this earth

  32. Innocently my arse. More like a criminal being question in a police interview accidentally being caught out.

    • I think her puppet masters instructed her to drop that comment in. You will hear it being used by all the compromised shits around the globe as the agenda ploughs on. They don’t give a fuck any more.

      • What I heard was someone deliberately using a term so that people will slowly get used to it. She almost said New – World – Order.

  33. “One World Order” has been spoken about for many years, and now name change “New World Order” 🤦‍♂️

    They are purposely by accident lol pushing the new term as diversion and to normalize it to the stupid mass sheeple, these people have no idea what is coming and the ones that do now it is they’re stubborn pride that stands in the way now to admit that they were wrong and what we said is coming are facts.

    Swallow your pride and stand with us.

    • Absolutely spot on. The sheep ( who know they’ve been fooled) can’t undo their vaxtermination jabs or undo their fall out with Unvaxxed friends. They can’t grieve at the funeral of grandma who died alone and without love and they can’t take off their silly blue face nappy ‘just in case ‘. They are as angry as we Thinkers, but they can’t show us that they’ve been wrong all along, they must carry on and HOPE that it all works out ok…. Yeah, of course it will – NOT! We will ALL be wearing striped pyjamas before long, sadly.

  34. Take your new world order and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    You will one day see how we the public will show you what a new world order looks like.
    We are not all stupid and cowering to your needs.
    We are organised and just waiting for the right moment to show you what your up against .

  35. These daft cunts are that emboldend now they just don’t’s happening and I’m ready to kick off..I’ll nail sturgeon, she needs a good nailing, someone else get Boris and starmer 👍

    • The little cow Sturgeon has bought in Vaccine Passport s in Scotland, it proves us right about all this BS.
      LIAR Nadhim Zahawi refused to RULE OUT them for pubs clubs and restaurants it’s coming big time next week for 1 October

      • And when ‘cases increase’ over the coming winter Wee Jimmy Krankie will be ‘forced’ to ‘make the difficult decision’ to extend these ‘passport’ to shops, travel etc. and then you will need one just to leave the house.

  36. So they put in restrictions to how much alcohol you’re allowed to order at your home so to encourage people to get the vax and go out and drink as much as they want? How is this not immediately obvious to some people is beyond me…

    • Beats me why people (the vast majority of my stupid, docile fellow citizens of Australia, aka compliant and complicit collaborators, or simply, ‘muzzled morons’), cannot see through the entire HOAX. As you suggested, it couldn’t be more obvious!
      Yet their TV’s have told them:
      You MUST believe there is a deadly pandemic spreading across the world, which is 1000 times worse than the bubonic plague, even though it hasn’t actually killed anyone.
      You MUST obey.
      You MUST close your business and sack all of your employees, if you are an employee:
      You MUST resign from your job.
      You MUST stay in your home until your state’s HELL Minister says you are allowed to go outside.
      You MUST not talk to your friends or neighbours or visit anyone, nor allow anyone to visit you at your home.
      You MUST not browse for items in food stores, if the HELL Minister authorizes you to enter such a store for 1 hour per week.
      You MUST wear a hideous, dehumanizing shame-muzzle everywhere, at all times.
      You MUST accept your servitude to unelected bureaucrats and tyrants, such as your state’s HELL minister and always gleefully obey their orders. Trust them, they know what they’re doing and have your health and welfare at heart.

      Remember: You are no longer human. You are not entitled to freedom and you have no human rights.
      You are now a SLAVE… Get used to it.

      And the vast majority appear to accept this lunacy without question. They are the true enemy that walks among us and we need to either work on getting them to see what’s really happening to all of us and to join us in our fight to topple these lunatics, who have no right to tell us how to live and never did; or, just kill them. Seriously.
      Their gleeful compliance to the humanity loathing state oligarchies that clearly HATE them is eventually going to result in all of us being killed, or at the very least: subjected to a lifetime of a nightmare existence, of total enslavement in the centrally governed technocratic system, which is a strict, dehumanizing totalitarian NWO, and they’re no longer denying that it was always their ‘grand plan’. Those obedient and stupid, muzzled sheep need to understand that the core of their diabolical agenda is a massive reduction in global human population, which includes THEM! They need to understand that proudly wearing a shame muzzle everywhere, dobbing in your neighbour for having visitors over and generally obeying the tyrant’s ludicrous mandates and edicts, won’t save them from what’s coming.

      THERE IS NO PANDEMIC</b< and there never was, apart from the pandemic of constant LIES these treasonous governments and their unelected bureaucrats tell us, via the complicit MSM they also totally control, and all of what they’re doing is due to the contempt and obvious HATRED they have for us ordinary hardworking, kind and caring people.

  37. Look at this freak she would have been ignored at school
    So why listen to her now?

      • This is fax this is what its lead in up to all we have to do is to open our eyes, what that lady said about the new word order is realty its coming its all in the book of revelation, it will have to happen, we have to prepare for it, and dont get caught on aware,

    • Disso garbage. Viruses as contagious infections do not exist. Viruses are POISONS that must be administered e.g. via jabs, they cannot be caught and they cannot spread.

      • I disagree with one part. The jabbed can shed their poison to others. That means this can spread to the unjabbed.

    • Yes as I recall the other NSW health idiot (Mr Hazzard)used that expression as well!! “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”

    • Lies, to make us think the virus is real and BAD, there is no Virus at all, just Flu Renamed Covid and a billion $ advertising campaign, so simple, got to admire the scam.

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