• It’s not, it’s patently obvious even to a cretin like Zahawi that these things are going to kill and maim countless kids, but he’s going to order it anyway. The only conclusion you can draw is that they are indeed trying to kill people. I think this winter will be grim beyond belief.

      • The Covid ‘Vaccine’ rollout MUST be halted ASAP! It cannot be ignored any longer!

      • Only way to stop this madness is for the people to fight back and say NO MORE. Stop testing, stop taking the jab but most of all stop letting yourselves be brainwashed and scared of their fearmongering. Fight back for our freedom and lives.

    • I wonder if they would save this if it is one of their children or one member of the family.

      • They will deny this truth, ’til the end, even if it does end in their own kids’ deaths. These freaks are true believers.

  1. Get johnson in prison
    Get whitty in prison
    Get handcock in prison

    • Public Execution, the issue is the sheep still think there trying to save them!!

      GBNews, calling out Fauci for 1000s of deaths and wants him in prison.

      Purge Time!!!

      • I had two American clients arrive today. I mentioned Fauci and one of them said they quite liked him. I said are you aware of what he and Dazsek did with “gain of function” experiments? They said no. I told them to stop listening to the MSM and get some independent news/information. The probelm is most people don’t know where to start looking for or are aware of the real news.

      • Correct! You can nearly understand the elderly sheep still wearing a face nappy ( 😂😂😂) as they think that msm is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….. They do not know that these organisations are censoring the REAL news to push WEF/NWO onto the nation. And they would never believe what was really happening if you told them! Anything that is ‘ on the internet’ is treated with suspicion by the elderly, the youngsters deserve what’s coming!!!!!!!

  2. Can’t watch these video’s 🙁 too depressing, sheep can’t watch, don’t believe, ODD!!!!

    Zombies looking more likely, been some small scale tests, no eating yet, just brain switched off on buffer mode.

    These next few weeks are going to be interesting, Great Awakening Masses vs Elites, they’ve planned everything else, they’ve got to have a plan for this!

    • Sheep can fuck off in my opinion…there part of the problem not the solution

    • Simple. Martial Law all around the world in response to multiple terrorist incidents which escalates into full on WWIII. Now I am going to be honest here and state for the record that I am using the Illuminati playing cards as my guide. I know none of this could happen and it is purely just one possible scenario. But a lot of what has happened over the years is in them. Two planes are going to go down. One into the Pentagon ( another 9/11 ) and another in Turkey on one of the US airbases. A rogue Turkish boomer submarine will attack somewhere in Europe or the middle east and during all the confusion China will use this time to invade Taiwan. The US will respond by attacking China. The result will be a world wide state of emergency as WWIII will be declared.

      Of course , like I say. None of the above may happen. But if it does you heard it here first.

  3. WTF sorry when are people gone 2 wake up how many more young people have to die

      • World economic diagram outlines alot of what they want eventually and even states world governance

    • As a parent, my heart aches for these young people being murdered by these jabs.

      To any parent in the slightest who is aware of these death and side effects the world over and still allows their child to go ahead, fuck sake grow some balls and stop them!

      God bless

  4. Hey Boris, Hey Joe. No “Build Back Better” for these young people I guess!

    • Wish we should be protecting them against them causing any harm.

  5. 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏god help us against evil in the way of these governments this is the gender

  6. Its so hard to watch this unfolding before our very eyes,how can Bojo and his Ministers be doing this to people. Pure Evil

    • With what they are doing to our people bojo and co don’t want to be walking down any dark streets we will be waiting for them.☠️

  7. Yeah in the video there’s still people standing around watching a queuing up to take this poison we should be protecting them.

    • We are trying to protect them…. But they only believe msm. They are fckd, we are ALL fckd if we don’t stop this nonsense!!

    • No mention of the vaxtermination jab in this local newspaper. But we all know what the causes of death was. So, so sad…….. and it continues 😪

  8. Utterly heartbreaking and unnecessary. I’m at a loss at how we stop this. We need, the MSM to cooperate, grow a damn spine, ignore their overlords and tell the damn truth and fair report , for once in their crapot self centred egotistical lives! Stand up ffs

  9. Wasn’t that 17 year old clot girl a Welsh parliament wannabe urging her peers to get the poison? Whether fake or not, she’s one of those on the dark side. As for the others, they are more genuine.

    • Yes she was telling teenagers to have the jabs…. as she apparently lay in a hospital bed just a few days after having the clot-shot! You couldnt make it up! ALSO, the BBC Leeds lady who died aged 44yrs. Her husband was interviewed ( on TV ) after he death and said that patients should be given a choice of which Vaxtermination Jab they wanted! He didn’t say ”FCUK all jabs, MY WIFE DIED unnecessarily! ” You couldnt make it up, sadly.

      • They got to him, I wonder what the ultimatum was? If there was one. If anything happens to my family, I’ll be yelling from the rooftops. Well, already have been yapping and nobody comments, they just turn a blind eye – what more can you do apart from take care of number one and reach out to like minded people for support! Take care, my new friends near and far.

      • You echo my thoughts precisely. We Thinkers are all facing the same anguish of trying to enlighten the sheep , probably to the detriment of our own life and health. I’ve lost friends ( not died of Convid!!) who see me as a simpleton and we don’t go out to celebrate birthdays etc together now. Me and the ‘fully Vaxxed wife’ ( so we/she can go on holiday!) Have had blazing rows because she doesn’t want to hear the truth from me, just wants to hear what she’s been told by msm. ‘Divide and Conquer’, that strategy has worked well and so has the constant propaganda BS from msm. See what’s happened in New Zealand and Ireland….. 😩 be prepared. Be strong 💪. We Thinkers need to show love to each other because the other 80% would ‘report you to the stazi police’ and have you on the next train out…..!!

      • Your wife, my husband – both doubled for holidays! Yet originally mine said he wouldn’t. Only when they mentioned travel was he up for it. My plane trips are done, I hate flying. He has family abroad though. The only thing I’ve managed to do is stop him wearing a mask – but I bet he puts it on when the next lockdown happens, although I’m guessing he read the report on hypoxia etc that I sent him, otherwise he’d still be masked. I’m guessing the LD will be sooner rather than later and it’ll be until next May! We’ve done the arguing, we are OK, but underneath there is still that wariness on my part. I’ve no idea what he’s told his jabbed up family, but I don’t care, well, maybe a bit.
        Now looming up is the winter of our discontent! Prep, prep and more prepping!

      • Oh Kelly! We of kindred spirit!!! Come and live with me!!!! 😂😂😂. Your adventure is exactly like mine, exactly!! Of course, the sheep must be scared now. They have not believed a word we Thinkers have said…. But now they see we have been talking sense, but it’s too late for them, they’ve been fooled and jabbed. They are annoyed that they’ve been fooled, they are annoyed that they have been jabbed for no good reason AND they are annoyed that WE were right. They have to vent their spleen at someone, and that’s us. Sad and sorry times ahead, definitely with no holidays! 😢

      • A lot of denial going on methinks too. Just try not to think what damage they have done. Although he told our son that he has fantastic antibodies. Well, depleted by two thirds so I just kept quiet. Son has tests twice a week for working in a care home, double pzd and says they are always negative. Insert whatever emoji here – eyes rolling is good!
        What a nice offer! Better the devil you know than a formerly nice person, now crabby, cranky, naggy old girl! Hahahaha!
        I feel I’m always on holiday – smallholding in the middle of nowhere. And a navy jet has just flown over. Rolls eyes again!

  10. Hugo, i wish you were wrong and i was laughing at you, embarassed that i ever believed you. Being proved correct is heartbreaking.

  11. I know 4 friends who are refusing to have boosters and jabs for there kids….
    Social media is getting at kids as well and probably pier pressure in some cases or inside school…
    I seen the diagram from the world economic forum with the plan for this and alot of stuff going on now is in the diagram…
    Digital currency and surveillance for starters and even 5G….
    This “virus” was implemented to start all this under a created “pandemic” and to roll out eventual passports and control…
    Also alot of people are refusing the booster jabs and if more say no then this plan of theres will start to crumble away…

  12. Government scientists have advised the Johnson Gang there is no benefit to vaccinating children. They will, of course, follow the science. And damn them to Hell if they don’t!

    • They will like all the other things they said they would not do and did them anyway like this October lockdown crap…
      Its not for peoples health and benefit all this and just economic gain for them control…

  13. This sort of culling of young men and women used to be done through the use of war … now it’s more high tech … it’s pharmaceuticals.
    The people involved in big pharma are not demons in the figurative sense, but are literally the demons warned about in ancient holy books.

    • And they will blame it on “covid 19” of course like any other bloody thing that can kill or make somebody unwell..
      This is so stupid people cannot see through this…
      I often would just want to punch one of them face nappie wearers in frustration…
      Its boiling today and yet there wearing them…

  14. And still you have parents who cannot wait to have their kids vaccinated. God help them!

  15. Thank you hugo

    its upsetting because i am a parent myself

    but i have ZERO sympathy for the people responsible to encourage this upon such young innocent lives.

    great video hugo thank you again.

    • Media and social media brainwashing….
      Coercion…bribery…emotional blackmail…list is endless what these government’s are doing to people

  16. While not disagreeing with the overall point of this video, it should be pointed out that it appears the New Zealand cyclist Olivia Podmore’s (see at 2.49) death was a suicide, so not related to the jab at all.

  17. This is just heartbreaking! I listen to the Mums in my kids Primary School and it scares me how many of them would consider giving them this poison. They are all walking about petrified of dying from the Lierus! I pray to God they start to wake up. I will be making my feelings known if the time comes and I don’t care who I offend, they are getting the Truth. I”m unpopular now anyway from this whole fiasco started so I’ve nothing to lose.

  18. CHILD SACRIFICE! God hates it Satan loves it…say no more…we know who is behind all this!

  19. All people truly need to pray together that our Maker opens the “blinded” eyes. A huge part of our world has obviously been deceived by the carefully planned, generated fear tactics, foisted upon us by big money owned media, companies interlinked with Big Pharma’s immoral profits. Trusting in media and government has taken the place of trusting in God.

    God help us!! This was actually predicted in the bible, ..that the world would be deceived by “sorcery” or drugs, in modern day language. It’s in Revelation Ch 18:23.

    Truth can seem stranger than fiction. If we don’t trust God, we will trust in anything.

  20. I must say however that not all articles say they’ve had vaccines, but I’m sure alot have, and it’s still clear these sports people deaths are becoming more common now. Also some media are covering the stories in the vids, although I assume they are small TV stations

  21. Can we do a video montage for the lambs who will be slaughtered for our plate this year as well? I have as much empathy for them as I have for the children of the sheeple.

    They are all being farmed and they have no idea that’s what’s happening.

    Just like the poor lambs only realise the truth as they are taken to be slaughtered, the sheeple will be faced with the truth at the end too.

    • Remember the saying ” Sheep spend their entire lives being scared of wolves only to be eaten by the shepherd”.

  22. Our children were ALWAYS the targets of this genocide!!!! Look at that “photo Gallery of Grief” and imagine how many families those young people might have spawned in the future. Culling the old and the chronically ill was merely the opening skirmish in this battle for human hearts and minds.

    But try suggesting to people they get rid of their smart TVs, smart “phones”, smart electricity metres or other technological “conveniences” and they look at you as if you’re insane; they simply don’t believe you. They happily pay a fortune for the instruments of their own destruction.

    Most people living ordinary lives have never encountered pure evil, and they can’t imagine such outright bastardry actually exists, but give them enough funerals and memorial services and the truth might eventually penetrate their foggy manipulated brains. We always live in hope, but Human Nature says Truth is unlikely to prevail.

    The end-game for the UN’s Climate Change Agenda is the rationing of Resources among the survivors – Energy, Food, Fuel, Labour. This was NEVER about a “virus” – we just didn’t take the Climate Change Hoax and Geo-engineering seriously enough. It was taking far too long anyway. Old Men are impatient to see the fruits of their scheming come to pass.

    Time to circle the wagons Folks – those wandering around outside the perimeter can’t be saved … from themselves.

    • Did you think I was exaggerating about “rationing”? Check out this thin edge of a very broad wedge ….

      ///”Residents in apartment blocks locked-down by NSW Health are having their alcohol deliveries policed as part of a policy to limit the number of drinks being consumed each day.

      NSW Health has imposed rules limiting people in “NSW Health controlled buildings” to a certain amount of alcohol each day in a bid to “ensure the safety of health staff and residents”.

      Mission Australia’s Common Ground building in Camperdown is the latest building where occupants are subjected to the harsh rules.

      Residents of the social housing estate have complained that care packages sent by friends and relatives have been searched before they are delivered.”///

      NSW Police Stasi are confiscating (stealing) very expensive bottles of spirits/beer being sent/delivered to private citizens forcibly locked in their apartment buildings. Notice the Police delivery men are all armed with live-fire weapons. No mention of where the alcohol is being stored, if it’s being labelled with names of rightful owners, or if it will ever be returned to them. Outright theft …. “for the Public’s own good – AND the protection of healthcare workers”. Yeah, right.

      How long before other policies of Beijing’s CCP are adopted, such as welding shut the doors of apartment blocks?

      There simply ARE no limits, no boundaries, no “checks & balances”, no ethics, no morals, NO principles.

      The Rubicon is now just another dried-up river bed.

      • And before you ask … No, that dry river bed is NOT the result of “Climate Change”. The water was dammed upstream by the self-appointed “owners”.

  23. How long do we have to see people dieing for? When everyone is dead? The kids? Blood on their hands arrest all involved in this genocide

  24. Friends of 35 years, a Prof in Health Sciences and Dean of two health faculties and his wife (PhD in Psychology) have told me that I am not welcome in their house anymore until I am fully vaxxed. They also cannot wait for their children and 2-year old twin grandchildren to get vaxxed.
    Poor, poor blind fools!

  25. Freemasons (secret satanists) have infiltrated over the centuries and are in positions of power, influence and authority. Presidents, school principles, hospital managers, MPs, Celebrities and Pop stars, Prime Ministers etc…working towards their New World Order. I believe they offer human sacrifices in their rituals and their preferred sacrifice is a young, vibrant, pure male. These young healthy sporty males seem to be disproportionately affected by the jabs in the way of deadly cardiac arrests? Just saying…
    Altiyan Childs has broken his oath and exposed the freemasons and what they are really all about – search for his video, very interesting. The world is RIFE with them right under our noses. Many of you already know this.

  26. The brief shot of the two Olympians that died is a bit dodgy because they both commited suicide. Now that may have been because they were unable to compete any more and depression set in but we’ll never know that…

  27. While they know that it can, and will cause multiply deaths!But they only see the gentiles as colataral damage,while our people are the target, which the enemy is focused on ! If you want to know the truth, there original plan (if you read and understand, within the Free Masons’s global plan of eliminating a large potion of the population, that Bill Gates spoke on, in his speech of the Great Reset, in 2012)

  28. COVID = CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION IDENTIFICATION >>>>>> ALL PLANNED! It will evolve to become an implantable device linked to internet of things, man will become man+AI no longer fully human but trans-human.

    • Thank you! Terrible how people are being treated – but then we knew that, but still shocking to have it confirmed. A must watch for people!

  29. Hugo, An acquaintance of mine jobbed in a quite big record store from the beginning of the year 2000 to the end of 2001. His employers by the way, were terrible people, so he pretty soon lost his motivation to work there. Right after 9/11, one by one, customers began to walk into the record store asking for the “song to 9/11” by Enya. Our of frustration by these requests trivializing a serious terror attack, he decided put up a sign next to the Enya singles stand reading. “The song to 9/11”. No one from the management had a problem with it. Just shows you how stupid they were. I totally understood my friend.
    Is the song that you added to this video going to be the original soundtrack to “The Jabs of 2020/21? The music is trivializing the message that you are trying to get across. No offense, but it sounds beyond silly.


    Authoritarian Pop

  30. Cameron Burnell and Olivia Pedmore both committed suicide, I was going to use your video to prove s point now all confidence in your sight has gone sort it out!

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