Is your Child Still Going To School?????

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  1. Children shouldn’t have to decide if they’d like to inject a bioweapon or not !

    • actually they are probably better qualified to make that decision than most adults based on what I have seen of queues outside the death camps. But they will not actually be allowed to make a decision for themselves. What will happen is that the school will go into lockdown with all contact between parents and kids banned and the vaccination of kids will take place with or without consent being given

      • I also mentioned this same kind of scenario as well on another one of Hugo`s videos just a couple of days ago Pete. The date I suggested it could be was on or about the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks this coming Saturday.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Just heard from a physio friend that one of his clients dropped dead two days after having the jab. She was in her thirties with no medical conditions. This is nothing to do with health, it is to do with control.

    • I heard of two people this week alone one a 45yr old man dead from massive blockage to heart and another elderly lady put on blood thinners because of blood cloths, both had double doses. These should be called the Russian roulette shots, no one knows if this is the shot that kills them!

  3. It’s been said on this forum many times that this would happen and I’ve told as many as will listen. I even said the locking down of schools would be the way they would finally get it done but no one believes me! Living in a sleepy somerset town full of face nappy wearing sheep it’s hardly surprising. Incidentally my older children returned to high school today after the summer holidays and were put into total lockdown after lunch as there was a “threat” nearby apparently. Thankfully my two were switched on enough to contact me immediately, I tried to contact the school but could not get through.
    After approximately 2 hrs my daughter let me know that she was out and that the teacher had told them that it was a false alarm!!
    First thing I thought was jibjab!! Guarantee this will happen more frequently to get parents used to it.
    I spoke to a colleague about it as her son was there also, I also made my feelings known about the fact that they can just cease communication and she instantly came back at me saying “well you’d be complaining if a nutter got into school”! 🙄Totally missed my point but I should have learnt by now.

    • Sadly the nutters are already in the school, they are running them.

    • I’m in sleepy Somerset too. What school was that? It’s terrifying what’s happening but thankfully our kids are switched on!

    • it is possible that there was a threat to children nearby. The BBC could have sent someone to the town to report on something that was happening. The BBC actively encourage child abuse. They employed Jimmy Savile. Or maybe Hancock was in the vicinity. He is a major threat to the entire population of the UK, being guilty of mass murder on a scale that not even Hitler thought possible.

  4. Seig heil. That man looks like a bald version of Joseph goebbels

  5. Obviously most 12-15 year olds are not sufficienly aware or confident to make such a big decision.

  6. Luckily My Grand Daughter of 12 Years old is well aware of
    ‘Gillick Competency ‘ after she stayed with me for a week and Her Parents are also aware of it and like me have said for her to say

    • The problem you will have is they will first use peer pressure, they will get all the children to do work on vax and how great they are etc etc. The Gillick nurse will come into assembly and explain how important vax are and how important it is to their health and wellbeing blah blah. then the show of hands how many think it is important to get a vax until everyone feels they have to join in to fit in.

      Interestingly my father who is in his 80’s has had a letter basically saying children of a certain age are a threat to health, so expect a lot of old people to start insisting their grandchildren are vaxed.

      • Old people are not stupid unless you are a politician. All the people who died in ww1 and two should turn in their graves with what’s happening now. This is a cull on people and not about covid it’s about the great reset . So just say no to any more firebrakes as they say. People must stand up and say no .

      • videoman159

        The letter was from
        Dr Salma Reehana
        Chair of the Governing Body
        Black Country and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Group

        Dear Household,

        12-15 year old household contacts of people who are severely immunosuppressed are now eligible to receive the covid-19 vaccination.

        We are writing to let you know the household contacts aged 12-15 of those who are severely immunosuppressed are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. You fall into that category of adults given your current health condition, and we therefore want to ensure any household contacts ages 12-15 are offered a COVID-19 vaccination.

        This is because the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JVCI) has recently advised that household contacts of young people aged 16 years and over and adults with severe immunosuppressed should be offered COVID-19 vaccination. This aims to reduce the risk of infection to you by vaccinating those most likely to transmit to you, as even though you may have received your COVID-19 vaccination, you may have lower protection from the vaccine given that you are immunosuppressed.

        The revised JVCI advice applies to household applies to households contacts who are 12 to 15 years old with whom you “expect to share living accommodation on most days… and therefore, for whom continuing close contact is unavoidable”. Household contacts aged 16 years and over are already eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination.

        Please let any household contacts in that age group know they can now book a vaccination appointment or walk into any GP led clinic in the city. For a list of your nearest available clinics, please visit:

        Your household contacts will need to use this letter, together with proof of address of the immunosuppressed contact which should match the address held by the practice. This evidence should be presented on arrival for their vaccination appointment.

        Members of ‘Bubbles’ that do not live with the immunosuppressed person for the majority of the week (frequent visitors and other non-carers who might visit the house often but not for the majority of the week, including overnight stays) are not included in the definition of ‘household contacts’ for the purpose of this vaccination programme, and should follow current advice on vaccination access, insofar as it refers to them.

        For more information about the coronavirus vaccine visit

        for resources for children and young people, please visit: http//

        Yours faithfully

        Notice it is addressed to ‘dear household’ but then goes on to imply they know he is ‘severely immunosuppressed’, which he is not. This is criminal, pressurising old people to become scared of their young relatives and force them to get jabbed or remove contact.

        ‘Old people are not stupid unless you are a politician.’

        This is not about being ‘stupid’ this is about conditioning people to follow orders using fear, old or young. I know of an elderly lady that did not go out to buy food for 7 months and lost 7 stones and died. I know of an elderly Chinese man who refused to go out to even get his hair cut, I heard his son telling the barber why he had not seen him in months. I witnessed an elderly couple terrified because I entered a shop without a mask to the point the woman shouted ‘I can’t stay here come on George let’s go, let’s go and ran out the shop. Fear is a very powerful weapon and they will use it until they get what they want.

      • My friend, they have played a fking good psycho-war on their own people. I bet they are surprised at how easy it has been to frighten these sheep into this terror-frenzy. They are STILL wearing Fking silly blue masks when they walk in the fresh air!! BUT! If they solely rely on Bullshit Broadcast Co. for their news etc, what can you expect? The elderly have no idea what Hugo Talks or Alex Belfield or Odysee or Bitchute are. The BBC is their Voice of God. Bless them all. They will need it!!

  7. Divide and rule! Upsetting the balance of things and interfering in family relationships. Marxist! I lived out in Berlin before the wall came down and had a bit to do with different stuff at that time. I came across this documentry on the Stasi. When one thinks of the tech and AI of today, it’s two thousand times more frightening than then. God help us!
    The documentry is here:

    • ‘The Lives of Others’ is an excellent movie. Highly recommended 🙂

      ‘In 1984 East Berlin, an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover, finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by their lives.’

  8. What if the parents are in favour and the child wants no part of it? Or does this competency only work one way?

    • I think I heard that it works both ways. If the parents want it and the child does not, the child can say no and not get it.

      • That’s crap. This whole point is about the child nor being old enough to come to a very serious decision alone. So your saying if the parents and the school said take the jab and the kid said no they would actually listen to that under age kid??? Crap

  9. Him and the rest of them need pulling through the streets behind a car while the public stone and kick them. We need to declare full scale War on these killers. Enough is Enough.

    • He a banker and millionaire. What a C what he said, do not get your kids jab, and what he said about some brainwashing tosspot to speak to the parents Fuck off threaten them with prosecution for attempted murder

    • Spot on. I thought the same thing while I watched him . The eyes say it all. Lier. X

  10. Well this video says it all, they plan to jab children without parents consent. Children who are not old enough to vote or drink but will probably be swayed by friends who have it and they don’t want to be the odd one out.
    Disgusting that this is allowed.
    A parent should be there to protect their children and that right should not be taken away. This just shows the control the government are planning.
    How upsetting for a parent who can’t protect their child. The only answer is for everyone to take their children out of school. Make people power work.

  11. No 12 year old should be coerced into participating in any experimental drugs trial either with or without parental consent.

  12. Hi, I’m calling to say I’ll allow Billy and Mary on that school trip to the museum, I know, lol, they’re only 12 so you need my permission ha ha ha.

    Hi, this is the school calling, just letting you know Billy and Mary got a trial mRNA gene therapy injection today, we don’t know if it’ll kill them, in fact we have no idea what it’ll do to them, lol, but our left wing looney teachers told them they didn’t need your permission ha ha ha……..

  13. I don’t have a partner or any children, but the last 18months has pretty much made my mind up. I don’t want to bring children into this world. I think the only thing that would change my mind is if I could live in a remote location away from civilisation.

    • I used to say that (from aged 16-49) and then I realized that knowing what I know, my boy might save civilisation, it comes down to what WE teach our children, not the state!..

      “The future belongs to those who show up”

      Find a GOOD woman and have loads of children, you won’t regret it, and we need thinkers to show up to the future.

  14. In other words!ask the parents if they say no!ceorse the child into saying yes! got it!

    • Need parental consent for an aspirin but not this poison.
      New low for politicians..

  15. I have shared this to every parent i know.
    they going share on top that 😉

    cheers hugo fella

    • Hey! Nearly all the fking knuckle dragging parents that I know will fight to ensure their little Britney/Alecks/Amie is front of the fking queue! I have been telling those that are interested that ‘ it’s coming….. ‘ They think that I am a conspiracy theorist…. Yeah of course I am. The theories aren’t theories any more!

  16. This is insanity.. A humans brain doesn’t even connect properly until your about 30yrs old.. So technically maturity isn’t complete until then..never mind the other stuff like children not drinking, sex, getting married etc., until certain ages.. But getting jabbed and making a huge decision like this, that has cost many children’s lives that isn’t being talked about by the bought out media … These people need putting away!

  17. Kids know what’s going on, they’ll say NO, it’ll be the parents trying to force them and the vaccine support worker yep that’s a thing trying to make them have it.

  18. The parents must inform themselves about the poison jab.and sit down with their kids and WARN them about this, so that parents and children are in UNITY with saying NO to jab.
    Take yr kids out off school.
    God bless

    • Hyacinth D’Souza, Their excuse is they are too busy. They don’t have enough time. No kidding. People should have figured out that school is not a safe place years ago when ‘shooter of the week’ terrorism appeared those school lockdown drills. If they haven’t rescued their kids out of the abbatoir yet, it is doubtful that they will find time for it.

  19. All I can say as a concerned citizen I’m not a mum, de register and pull your kids outta school. They are not safe are getting indoctrinated and brainwashed by all sorts of crap. Javid and the rest are pure evil.

  20. Javid doesnt say this obviously but what will actually happen is that the school will have a lockdown with kids banned from contacting parents and parents prevented from speaking to their kids and entering the school. Then all kids will be vaccinated with or without anyone’s consent. Anyone with any sense will take their kids out of school and teach them at home. They will receive a better education learning at home than they would do if they were in school as teachers nowadays are largely incompetent with little ability to read and write themselves

  21. I wonder what would happen f the adult consents but the child doesn’t? Will the child and the parent sit down together with the ‘expert’ to try and reach a concensus? Will, if an agreement cannot be reached, will the child be allowed not to have the injection if they are deemed competent to make that decision? I think we all know what the answer to that question will be don’t we?

  22. This guy is a total evil psyhco and I would love to see a axe in his sweed.
    Child murder😈

  23. I would think there are more people wanting to jab these creeps every day! Jabid looks like one of those things off Dr WHO more and more every day!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

  24. Looking at an NSPCC website a definition of a child in England is defined as anyone who has not reached their 18th birthday. Child protection guidelines points out that even if a child has reached 16 years of age they are still legally children and should be given the same protection as any other child ( dept. for education).
    This might be useful for parents who want to protect their children.
    The problem will be the parents who want to give their child an experimental jab.

  25. Who does this loser think he is kept saying the child over and over again does he no what a child is don’t think the child he is talking about have parents do the right thing and keep your kids away from these scum

  26. So he intends to have the childrens minds manipulated by adults in a position of power, likely psychologists,,,,, sounds like cohesion to me.
    He did not look confidant when saying it, in fact he looked like under his words he was shitting his self, look at his eyes!
    Filthy bit of shit !

  27. Media said “children are super spreaders”….
    Theres actually no evidence scientifically supporting that claim at all or the asymptomatic spreader theory either….
    Chinese did tests last year and said also there was little to no evidence of it amongst other scientists saying the same.

  28. If there parents have taken it themselves they probably wont be around to discuss or argue with the school board anyway. sheep

  29. Whatever about the Schools and the Government.
    I’d like to know,Who the hell is protecting the Children from the Moronic parents that are willing to risk a childs Life / Fertility ?

  30. Does anybody know of a General with a social conscience that objects to this Madness.
    A General who his held in high esteem by his men that could be lobbied to but a force together to take control of
    (1) the media
    (2) parliament ?

    • I do hope so…. Boy! Do WE, the Thinkers, need a military leader now? Oh yes we do! Peaceful protests have got us to where we are now. We need to up the tempo and be threatening to those who threaten us! The sheep will close their eyes and hide under their comfort blanket, so they will be no obstacle at all.

  31. British Culture is going down the toilet! I don’t recognise this country anymore! The family unit is being destroyed. Resist this destruction of bodily and family sovereignty!

  32. Create a “pandemic”…
    Roll out “vaccines”…
    Implement control and rules…
    Use “vaccines” as a control measure…
    Wreck peoples lives and livelihoods under the excuse thats its for the health benefit…

    Theres more too come:

    John hopkins: SPARS Pandemic 2025..
    They rehearsed the scenario 2017

  33. You need to write to the school , saying that you FORBID the injection of whatever it is. Saying that you will take physical and legal action against the principle personally. You will need to get a reply in writing or it will be claimed it never arrived.

  34. My child is dropping normal schooling and taking up online schooling as we speak.

    So entrepreneurs out there, please get lots of online schools going, State accredited and providing normal graduate certificates after the final exams. I reckon this will be an extremely profitable industry very soon.

    • Brilliant idea my friend!! Hopefully there is lots of right minded teachers who can supply the education that un- brainwashed children need 👍

  35. So what’s it going to be if the child doesn’t want it but adult does what will happen in the case I’m sure I know it will be the adult that will prevail disgusting piece of shit needs to be hung drawn and quartered

  36. Time to mobilise, it’s long overdue. There is only one way to finish this.

    • I fully agree with you! Peaceful protests are laughed at. We Thinkers need to take up arms and let them know that WE hold the power!!

  37. They won’t bother sitting down with the parents and child together, if the parent says no they’ll bribe the child and go ahead with giving them the jab!

  38. If you send your child to school under these circumstances YOU ARE A RUBBISH PARENT

    Just because it has not been on the News or any other Propaganda Machine does not mean it is not happening ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

    2 Deaths that have been etched into my memory are

    1. A Mother took the Vaccine, the next day she picked up her baby and began to fed it THE BABY DIED IN HER ARMS the Vaccine was passed through the milk to the baby.

    2. A young boy aged about 16 Sat casually on the Chair with his shirt sleeve rolled up watching the Needle go into his ARM almost immediately Coughed up Blood down his white shirt and Died.
    This is not fake news you can Find the VAERS reporting site for Vaccine injuries on

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