FIRST DAY BACK To SCHOOL QUEUES 🤦‍♀️ / Hugo Talks / #lockdown

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  1. Unbelievable! Really don’t understand why people are putting up with this B.S! And I heard today from a neighbour coz I don’t watch tv listen to any radio station or read any comics that potato in a wig said National insurance contributions will be going up £5 a month for lower income workers! WTF for can’t see a doctor can’t get to go to the hospital paying for a service we can’t use or get! I guess all these 1% nobs need to fleece some more money from the health service! WAKE UP FFS!

  2. Narrative Compliant Humans will become extinct,watch and see.

    • Yes! Human 2.0 will prevail with the synthetic dna & operating system intact in order to control the “transhuman” right down to their thoughts. Remember WEF has told us “you will own nothing & be will be happy”.

    • I have taken my youngest out of school. I got sent a pdf letter from the school office, an NHS leaflet saying why you should send your child to primary school. 😡😡😡

      • It’s your Rights to Home School your Child. Stand up for yr Rights and Check out yr RIGHTS them out so you are prepared for the bs
        God bless you.and yr Family , stay Strong 💗

  3. Reminds me of “Pied Piper of Hamelin” think about it… Look below and think of the situation we are in now, makes you think they are coming to indoctrinate our children.
    “There are many contradictory theories about the Pied Piper. Some suggest he was a symbol of hope to the people of Hamelin, which had been attacked by plague; he drove the rats from Hamelin, saving the people from the epidemic, When the citizens refuse to pay for this service as promised, he retaliates by using his instrument’s magical power on their children, leading them away as he had the rats.”

  4. My daughter nearly 17yrs has made her mind up to not go to college until next year waiting to see if things change, I am so fucking proud of her for this decision

  5. School beside me in N,Ireland has closed already, apparently a toddler had a positive test so the school had to close,, not one person sick, just a positive test, it is crazy that anyone buys this shit. Close the schools, the government, the police, the hospitals and for good we don’t need them and better of without them.

    • As long as they will mandate a PCR test to enter everyday places or do everyday things, they will manipulate PCR results to further drive fear and weaken more the gullible sheep, until “they” reach their end game.

      I’d say the larger majority of unjabbed understands what’s going on and what it’s all about. Those on my side are primarily standing up for our freedoms, to not be a test dummy and also not believing that a deadly virus exists. We “KNOW” it’s nothing to do with a virus … I’d also say the majority of the jabbed also know what’s going on; they believe there is a deadly virus and confident of the jab to protect themselves first and others second …

      We have two sides, two arguments with what seems like no middle ground.

      The struggle we have as unjabbed is this – how do we reconnect with that gap in no-mans land to bring safely back to reality, the jabbed?

      We only have censored science and legal fighting our corner whilst the jabbed have everything supporting them; MSM, science, government, police, army, medical etc etc.


      Here, we just keep going around in circles if not backwards, opining the same old same old.

      To fight back and to be listened to we need a new and better strategy to


      • Excellently explained. It is US and it is THEM, no middle ground at all. It must end with bloodshed and weaponry to finish this BS. The sheep will not come out and fight as they are too frightened of fresh air and being near the unvaxxed. It will be left to Storm-Trouper Police Farces and the Army to bring about this tyranny. We must be armed and we must be prepared!!!

      • In response to videoman – as much as we appreciate and respect Hugo for his content with the ability to chat, it has become tiresome and even stressful reading the comments in chat.

        Everyday conversation isn’t normal anymore because of the demonisation of people like us, simply because we didn’t buy the narrative of the “Plandemic”. I have to take a deep breath and then walk away everytime sheeptalk enters conversation because my opinion has been deemed madness to the brain dead.

        I have been expressing my opinion in picture form (because convo is stressful) by displaying ‘Convid’ memes as my profile pic on WhatsApp. Which is the only social media I have and use.

        My point is this: instead of repetitive opining we should be discussing ways to push back and how to reconnect with our fallen allies, the jabbed.

        For one I don’t want to be part of any bloodshed scenario, as you suggest, since democracy is there to be won back by non violent acts. However, it does help us raise the question that we all should focus on, and that is ways to win back our people and our freedoms?

      • My friend, you’re right, I’m sure. But! The sheep only see we Thinkers as morons, idiots, cretins, R Soles, and other names that I’ve been called. They are unmovable. We, so far as I can see, are just the same. I think of the sheep as morons, etc and I’m also unmovable. Two camps, unmoving with no middle ground. ‘Divide and conquer’ has been successfully created. It has gone in too long, people are entrenched now … We Thinkers need a war cabinet to defeat these despots who currently have the power. Sorry but it’s true 😢

      • You could argue that a million were on the streets of London, Paris and Rome in recent demo’s, though good to see, it has achieved absolutely nothing.

        The people are being ignored and these so called demonic entities in government are still calling the shots!

        It’s going to be interesting in Canada come Election Day, because if Trudeau gets back in (which would be going against what we feel is the true reality) then we know we are basically fecked. It would confirm that there is no true vote and these types are selected and not elected.

        Look at the despot president in the Philippines. He’s looking to become Vice President when his term ends as president, solely for the purpose of evading an international court for crimes against humanity. That, I believe, is proof that these leaders around the world are all in it together to set out the ‘4th industrial revolution!’ To understand this, everyone just has to pay attention to the narrative from Schwab and the WEF. All and every monster is a member…

        I don’t know how an alternative war cabinet would function or who would be it’s leaders, however, it would just be deemed a terrorist organisation.

        Words don’t help us, placards don’t help us and protests don’t help us. The jabbed, even though awakening are filled with fear and scared. When you’re filled with fear you follow an official narrative.

        For that reason I have on several occasions been pushing the potential anecdotes on this platform for the jabbed to get the shit out their systems. Only when their free from that will they come back over to us. (Zinc, iodine, magnesium and a couple of others)

        I really don’t know how to fight back anymore, as I’m sure many feel the same way, and that is why every single one of us should be putting our heads together to find a direction.

        I’m not religious but more spiritual and why I believe in people power.

      • I fully agree with you. There will have to be the taking-up of arms to beat these murdering bastards at their own game. We need military advice, ex-servicemen who want to fight back over this tyranny. Surely, if we are going to lose our Freedoms that were won in horrendous conditions by our forefathers, then we have a duty to fight to regain these Freedoms? Notice how our Army Boys have been brought back from the Middle East just as this BS Scam is heating up?? Must be ( another ) coincidence…..

  6. What a pair of media clown!and even rubbing it in about they’re school days!wake up kids ,they’re laughing at you!

  7. What a bunch of assholes. If i had school age children…I would have no problem taking my kids out of school

  8. The trouble is that Mr and Mrs Normie has given birth to too many enemies and now they have grandchildren and great grandchildren and they don’t know anything about birth control

  9. Trouble is, so many parents are both working jobs to pay for their media fed lifestyle, there is no one at home to school their children. I am a minority. I am the sole breadwinner. We’re not rich, but we survive.

  10. WHY are “parents”consenting to this.
    God bless.and help kids

  11. WHY do the “parents ” have NO BACKBONE.
    God bless.and help kids

  12. My daughter is due to start school next September, I don’t want to send her, would much prefer to keep her home and teach from home where I know she is safe! However I’m pretty sure I’ll have social services on my case? What am I suppose to say to them? I’m not sending my daughter to school where she could be jabbed without my consent? Where she’s just fed b.s? I doubt they will accept this as a reasonable answer

    • When you get the letter and form to apply for a school… Just pop a note back stating you will be home educating and a school place is not required. Join home education groups who have loads of advice from people who have been doing this and take their support. There is no law to say your child’s education has to be in a school nor that it has to follow their methods. Social care don’t take referrals without evidence of abuse.

  13. Lol, so things have come to this? It’s not even crap.And the commentators are laughing and joking about how wonderfully good it all is…and have a delicious bagel on me. Yeah, right, one that l can throw up.

  14. They should all rock up at school with no test results there bullshit if all the kids have no test results what are they going to do what maybe sent them all home better off home anyway teacher s are no good to anyone with no kids to teach so there jobs on the line they think twice about doing what there doing on these kids parents stand up for your kids there kids for god’s sake stop letting these weirdos treat them like this

  15. Them twats laughing are a disgrace, They think that’s normal the kids need to all play up and tell them NO and stupid parents need to wake up.

  16. I learned just this evening that a grandchild of a friend of mine had to have a pcr test today before going to school tomorrow. They had anther day-off to have this done and then the grandma took him to McD’s as a reward! He is 14. The grandma has suggested to him that he doesnt have the Vaxtermination Jab just yet as she doesnt think it will benefit him. WOW! Common sense from a Normie. I will ‘work on her’ as she is open minded, despite her being ‘nearly’ a sheep.

    • I am taking a letter round to the grandma tomorrow morning. In the letter it shows Freedom of Information requests regarding deaths in our town and also hospital admissions for years leading up to the Plandemic year and including the Plandemic year. Over the past 5 yrs, in the first-found hospitals, NONE of them admitted more than 85% ( in 2020 ) of the 2019 number of patients. In our town there was 51.3 deaths per week in 2020. In 2015 there was 48.1 and in 2018 49.3 people who died. Where is the ‘overwhelmed’ NHS ? Where are the ‘excess deaths’ ? SMH 😥

  17. Western people have never experienced totalitarianism. They think it’s a joke…or it will go away….The more time goes by the harder it will to get your freedom back

  18. Just a thought. Would it be worth gathering up all anti vax parents to declare EHE before Christmas stating that the guidelines were that schools will return to ‘normal’ from September and they didn’t, so your children won’t be coming. A big glut of children leaving effects the money when they state how many children are in school, usually in January ready for April tax year. Each child gets the school a minimum of 2500 each year. If 20 children leave it’s a huge loss financially. 50 children is a massive loss. There’s likely one or two on a waiting list, but unlikely schools can fill places. If those places aren’t filled at the point of receiving the yearly funds, the schools might have to rethink their measures or face a lack of funding. Those parents will have formed a bond to support each other and can maintain children’s friendships.

    • That is a great idea…. BUT!! Is there 50 sets of parents who are Thinkers and dont believe the BS Propaganda?? From what I witness in my town, that is mightily optimistic!

  19. looking at the video there absolutely stone cold asleep. queuing, masked up, glued to the smartphone. all conditioning that seems to be working by looks of it. looks robotic behaviour its very strange to see when your looking outside the box. there will be repercussions if this go’s on. i can think of better things to do with my day. would hate to be there knowing what i know, and what’s coming if we don’t stop it. hopefully its not to late. someone please wake them up……

  20. Standing in line outside building in close proximity won’t give them COVID-19?????????? If someone does have it the rest caught it while standing in line.

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