Justin Trudeau Puppet Tyrant Is ‘Unacceptable’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It is absolutely acceptable for anybody to throw anything at this corrupt piece of sh**. I favor house bricks pelted at a high speed at his head, stone the c*** to death, he deserves it.

    • Ace 👍 I don’t live in Canada or Oz so God knows how they feel , as I want all these evil C’s roasted alive , don’t understand why some people who have lost everything haven’t gone all scorched earth on these F,s

    • Hear Hear, what a shame he getting this abuse, normal people have had this from the beginning of this crap.
      Hope his lynch soon by the Canadians LOL

      • Thank you! Who’s surprised since Sadiq was re-elected? Isn’t is owned, at least in part, but George Soros?

    • I think he knows the election result is Already in! As did Sleepy Joe.
      With regard to his reference to Journalists out there, doing important work, telling it as it is. Then why is he trying to ban Rebel News, the only Journos’s that are hitting anywhere near the truth!
      This man, regardless of how much he is ‘polished’ he is still a Turdeau ! Canada deserves better.

    • No, Canada doesn’t use the machines. All ballots are hand counted.

  2. Anti fascist patriots will take back our planet from the clutch of these satanic pedophiles in the very near future. Then we can see how unacceptable it is when they are swinging by their necks.

      • The extreme right and the extreme left are the same sh*t.

      • “Dealing with The Jews requires a Jewish primer on how the Jews talk and how they use certain words:

        1) “Fascist.” Jews call someone a fascist when that person prevents the Jews from taking control of the politics of a particular nation.

        2) “Fascism.” The political status of a particular nation that keeps the Jews in their place and out of power.

        “There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors….We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we [Jews] are the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of men.”

        — Samuel Roth, Jewish writer, Jews Must Live (NY,NY: The Golden Hind Press Inc., 1934) pp. 64-65

      • Extreme left and extreme right are the same sh*t.

      • The question is, will they own nothing and be happy. I doubt that .

  3. His REAL biological father was Fidel Castro. Check it out on the web using Duck Duck Go, (not Google Censorship). His mother was a immoral Marxist groupie who missed no opportunity to give her body to powerful and famous people utilising contacts made possible by her marriage to Piere Trudeau. Rolling Stone Mick Jagger was another one who she layed under.

    • you forgot about his murdered brother who was going to speak out against his families pedophile empire. His entire family are pure evil

  4. Sorry Hugo your wrong this time his father is castro that other dictator

    • I was just trying to imagine him with a beard, then the photo appeared.

  5. Come on Canadians, you know what you have to do. We stand with you. Once one domino falls, the rest will surely follow.

  6. It’s incredible how these cnuts twist things to make it appear as if they’re the victims being bullied or suppressed, when in reality the responses are of a defensive nature lashing out at the people that are doing the bullying and suppression in the first place, to peddle a great reset agenda and censor alternative views and opinions with smears and lies. Open, honest discourse is not their desire, they just want your token vote to continue the illusion of democratic process and care nothing for the ordinary joe in reality.

    • You are right! It is NOT the vaxxed who are being fking bullied and called names, its the Thinkers who have decided to wait a while and see how this trial pans out that are being coerced and threatened for not wanting the vaxtermination jab! Typical BS from a politician who knows that the ‘great’ journalists will never ask him awkward questions.

  7. In a world where election results go to the highest bidder. This piece of shit will no doubt get re elected. Proving once and for all the none existence of democracy.

  8. What a piece of work he his!an absolute scumbags!lower than a snake!you only have too look at his face, too see what he his!like Hugo says he’s the one stirring up hate!

  9. You cannot talk reason with these psychopaths. They are the epitome of selfish and entitled. Unplug them.. remove them.. pull their empire down by not confirming.

  10. This IS a war not against covid but against poeple like Trudeau.
    I wonder who are the puppeteers.

  11. As they say, pride before the fall, he is so smug and proud of himself, just like Leo Vradkir here in Ireland, always fucking smiling and happy no matter the subject or the state of society. They have been coached, to such a degree that they have misplaced confidence.

    Trudeu is quite revealing really, so confident he doesn’t realise he is transparent, the Emporor has a great outfit, his little nodding head props in the background agree. They are a bunch of creeps, I would prefer to be sweeping the streets than to be one of these low life parasites, with titles and money and delusions of power. I wonder just how far back things got all fucked up, we went from tribal leaders and elders to psychos with a thirst for domination and delusions that the truth is that which falls from their silver tongues.

  12. Emily burrows on bbc news claiming she was desperate after she tested positive and had low oxygen levels…
    So she tests positive for a pcr that does not test for sickness and infection and has something else wrong with her🧐….
    Oh and she is encouraging others to have them jabs…
    Nice work BBC with more bullshit propaganda and for the record she looked pretty well in the pictures…

  13. Most of the Jabbed, aren’t having Boosters of the Flu jab this year, they’ve got suss there is something odd going on, most are waking up.

    Some have also got scared and flipped to Jab’s and it’s all real from being a hoax for no reasons I can see, very strange.

    This guy is a POS, but he’s a PC POS, there using Pollitically Correct BS to brain wash the masses into what’s right even when there is no logic or reason.

    It’s like they told people George Floyd was a good guy and it’s a shame, he’s was an asshole and it’s not a shame, but with PC even a pregnant woman beating POS can become a good guy, SAD TIMES!!

    I hate PC!!! it’s the root of all evil!!

  14. I have been following you Hugo for over 1 year now , and I must say you have been spot on about every thing from the start , respect . Relentless to the fight 💪 let’s take these monsters down .

  15. The whole 🌍is fk’d up! Thanks Hugo for bringing light into these dark times👍

  16. He is coming out with the same bullshit that Priti Patel came out with when she referred to the protest marches and how the police are putting their lives at risk to protect people from ‘this insidious virus’ (her words not mine). Have they passed the script around?

    • They certainly are my friend. I think the script comes from the 2010 movie called ‘Contagion’. This BS Con-or-a-virus scam IS this film, right up to the ‘blue wrist band’ to get into shops and places after being vaxxed! They are all using the same phrases, all around the world, ‘6uild 6ack 6etter’ and ‘do the right thing’… whenever has that been the case????? What about in Afghanistan, are they getting HUGE amount of deaths and cases, because I havent seen ONE silly blue mask in any news coverage of the Taliban either! What a marvellous job these despots at WEF have done on the world, superb brainwashing and psycho-wars upon the stupid people in society, frightened to breathe fresh air and hug their children…. fking pathetic, the lot of them!!!

  17. If people do not like how their Country is being run in any election around the World…… (Well those with a demaocratic society )
    show their disgust for their Leader by booing and shouting perfectly normal in a DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, many eggs and ice-creams have been thrown at leaders in DEMOCRATIC SOCIETIES in the past.

    He is a little boy who thinks HE should be respected …He is a God …and you people will and should be bending the knee to me.

    Problem is he knows he WILL win like all the other elections that have taken place since this Virus hit the World …………….I wonder why he is so sure that he will win?

    • Justin’s security detail will shut down near-by ice-cream vans and egg vendors when he is going walkabout 😉

  18. Such a spoilt brat throwing away milk 🥛 because she isn’t getting his way to kill people

  19. 5 seconds in and I feel sick just looking at his face, he’s like a 3 year old whose granny has just taken a lolly off his sister and given it to him.

  20. They are killing their own people.
    Expect the rocks to get bigger.

  21. Anyone noticed how the worst governments in this global fiasco, France, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada all have fairly young presidents and prime ministers? It seems to me that none of this would work if these puppets weren’t put in place. Democracy died several years ago. The elections must have all been rigged in those countries to get these people ‘elected’. And in the US? Well, what can I say? There president is wheeled out and told what to say before he’s put back into his care home.

  22. I love how he keeps referring to these unacceptable acts being aimed at police, press, volunteers etc. No you d*** they’re aimed at YOU! JUST YOU. You are a poisonous, evil piece of sh**. Absolute scumbag puppet!

  23. The most plastic of all the politicians even without the makeup!
    If he is re-elected it will be by silicon valley interference.
    His plastic neck will feel cold steel some winter morning to the gleeful cheer of the crowd, of that I am sure!

  24. They all use the same terminology, no matter what country they’re from, what party they’re part of, the words are all the same.
    What’s unbelievable is people can’t see it!

  25. I have just watched the video posted by Captain Graham Hood. Two things: who came across more passionately, more sincere, more honest, Captain Hood or Justin Trudeau? Secondly, it would scare the life out of Trudeau to be confronted across a table by someone with the authority, sincerity of belief and the truth of Covid, as Captain Hood.

  26. Robot switched on, recharged and at the ready: “you’ve got to get the jab…you’ve got to get the jab…you’ve got to get the jab.” Looks like he’s doing a better job than those guys like Yul Brynner at Westworld. This guy knows absolutely nothing. Sad state of affairs.

  27. the people are acting in self defense. defending themselves from abuse by the people of the gov. they are trespassers of inalienable rights. a site called ‘in this together’ by iain davis has more information on this.

  28. I’m no expert but there is nothing lacking by thinking and saying this patient Justin Trudeau has rock’s in his head with a chip on his shoulder.

  29. Trudeau is not doing his job. He IS a robot. He does not care about Canadians. Just about himself.

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