Ticket Sales PLUMMET Due To PASSPORT Rebellion / Hugo Talks #lockdown

60 Comments on “Ticket Sales PLUMMET Due To PASSPORT Rebellion / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Well there’s a surprise – NOT! The globalist elite fools didn’t think it through.

      • Make us all lose our houses, buy them off us and rent it back for a good social credit score ie obedience!!

        Kill the Sheep first or go straight for the Elites ??

    • Oh the globalists thought it through all right, they want to destroy businesses.
      It’s the business owners that haven’t. By introducing the passports they very very quickly see their businesses crumble and fold.

    • Better off without there treatment anyway, visiting the place is pretty much a death setence.

    • We will set up our own practices and stop paying national insurance. These fools who come out with this stuff will soon see the error of their ways when them themselves are laying on hospital beds due to pharma induced immune collapse.

    • Prepare to die in your own arms. The healthcare system is corrupt.

  2. ‘The Great Reset’ has this in the plan , all these Venues are planned to go out of Business.,the so called ‘Elite’ do not want you to go and enjoy yourself.Remember the WEF Motto, and I quote from their Website …..

  3. I requested a refund for a recent show as I needed a vax pass or negative test. Even though you can fake the test, I refuse to do it. I do not consent. Bye bye, Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham!

    • They can stuff their fake pretends theatre stuff their night clubs stuff the poison jab

    • I think this is the result of the scaremongering… They have only got the MSM to thank for this!

      Even if they said go back to normal it will take the best part of a year for the sheep to un programme themselves enough to use large indoor venues.

      Plus remember what that Muppet Lloyd Webber said about people going to watch shows.

  4. Excelente! cinemas should also be boycotted as well until they go back to normal operations with no restrictions whatsoever. Where’s your support now Senior Andrew Lloyd-Webber? Viva la revolución! LOL

  5. So first they shut down everything and then they are opening up everyting under the condition of a jab pasport. Nobody got time for that, these WEF-maniacs and their puppets must be smoking. Even my jabbed up parents will refuse the vaccine pasport and allready hate the QR-code. I sense there is really light at the end of the tunnel. In order to win, the jabbed and unjabbed must stick together like a unity and all together to refuse this nonsense. We need each others backs.

  6. the jabbed are not happy …they are the cause of this by having the jab

  7. The only boycott should be the need to comply with the Boris Jonestown cult without question.
    Or protection.

  8. Serves them all right… they have all shit in their own scam bed… MP’s, Councillors, Dr’s, Nurses, Footballers, Entertainers, Media etc etc
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

  9. Well, aside from passports, celebrity is dead, Hollywood is dead, nearly all performers and actors are on board with this nonsense, or too scared to speak out. Not to mention all the wokery shoehorned into everything, and most culture cancelled. There’s hardly anything to entice me back anyway. I’ve lost total interest in all of it. They stopped us going for months on end and now I don’t want it. My life is moving on in other ways now. But if a venue treats me like human being, not a disease vector, and shows something reasonably decent, I’ll support them all the way.

  10. It won’t really matter we will all be dead soon!! I wish I never took those jabs. They don’t give a fuck about health anyway or they would be looking at the real sick people

  11. All it takes is a bit of bottle by the hospitality industry to stand up to the government and vaccine passports will “up and vanish like a fart in the wind”

  12. All the youth are creating there own outdoor entertainment where I live, it’s great to see, and I have yet to hear of a squabble, human nature in action is an amazing thing that will never be controlled.

  13. Hope the jabbed enjoy there “freedom” in half empty places in the future…
    Ignorant brainwashed idiots

  14. Good Hugo, I will NEVER support a venue or business that comply to these passports.
    Just see on GB News of a October lockdown surprise surprise. Boris, 77 Brigade you made me more Anti everything Fuck off and shove it all up your backside.

    World Economic Forum website on the Great Reset Initiative’ Has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honour the dignity of every Human Being’ well here my contract with them Fuck you bunch of C**** 😀

  15. Thanks Hugo, you’re amazing, you’re videos are helping immeasurable people get through this and hopefully we’ll get through the other side🙏

  16. ONLY The Strong Will Survive. IF night time economy go along with Covid BS and they die because they complicit in this Serves Them Right. NO TEARS will be shed by those of us on Right Side Of History. The Weak , Complicit , Stupid, Ignorant , Selfish etc can all take ‘ Extra Helpings ‘ of Clot Shots as we aren’t having them.

  17. They plan to bring in the vaccine passport for nightclubs from the end of September, But actually saying people need to show a vaccine passport to gain entry a little irrelevant as by the end of September the UK will be back in another lockdown and the nightclubs and theatres will be closed down again as everyone should know by now.

    • Agreed. When the flu season kicks in they’ll call it another variant outbreak, put us into another lockdown and blame it on refuseniks (god I hate that fking word)

  18. Here’s a thought who will the double jabbed blame when they get sick? because we won’t be there.

    • Hancock with any luck and sue the pants of him. He is guilty of mass murder on a scale that not even Hitler can compare with

      • Very true and this one people volunteered because of propaganda yet with Hitler they were forced

  19. Happy to see that the jabbed and unjabbed working together, and refusing to except the vax passports. Well done everyone. Thank Hugo, as always. x

  20. They haven’t seen anything yet. People are waking up to the truth

  21. Boycott is the ONLY solution, all businesses requiring papers should suffer.

  22. Is there a site that publishes all the companies/venues that require vaccine passports?
    Would be handy to know. As well as their email in order to let them know what we think.
    Maybe one for Hugo?

  23. They got lots of people jabbed then sent them out with their damaged immune systems to infect and kill each other with vaccine induced variants. When the Clintons laughed at the pandemic sneering “this isn’t a real pandemic” they knew what was coming. Just look around you. I’m seeing lots of double jabbed people getting sick with Covid the jabs did nothing but facilitate their illness. A third jab as in Israel will put the icing on the cake regards the Genocide. Anyone who has been fooled into taking the jab needs to medicate now with white pine needle tea and pineapple juice. Read up on it.

  24. Time to start our own local theatres, cafes, clubs again etc.

  25. Hi Hugo. Just want to say a huge thank you to you for your courage during this madness

  26. Most of these venues operate on a low profit margin especially night clubs and theatres.
    The 25% that will refuse the vaccine means these places will now go bust.
    All part of the plan to destroy businesses and impoverish people

  27. I’m a season ticket holder at Old Trafford. For the game on Saturday against Newcastle we’ve been told random checks are being made on your vaccination status. I’ve been going to United since 1968, a season ticket for over 25 years. This will be my last season as a season ticket holder and I won’t be going this season if I have to prove I’ve been vaccinated. Can someone explain to me the reasoning around the “green pass”? You can still get the virus and pass it on from what I understand. How on earth does that make any sense.

    • It doesn’t make any sense. It is not supposed to make any sense. It is meant to drive you nuts trying to make sense of it 😀 😀


    Old woman, sits outside watches the world go by chatting to for months, hoax no way on the jab, started going crazy because I’m anti jab, which she used to be and hoax, going NUTS Zombie like on repeat, figured just dementia kicking in quickly.

    Then I bumped into a old lad, 74 hoax, nobodies died, all BS and he was exactly the same with me.

    WTF is going on!!!

    They’ve agree a mini fire break mid October, haven’t got the details but guess it’ll just be 6months, that should make us all poor and 100% under control.

    Mates Mate builder so big lad, 15 seconds after the jab collapsed heart attack, in ICU Birmingham 50/50. Coincidence obviously FFS!!

    The Zombies will be walking around saying ” Get your Jab ” FFS!!

  29. It doesn’t make any sense. It is not supposed to make any sense. It is meant to drive you nuts trying to make sense of it 😀

  30. Yearly jabs yearly lockdowns businesses going bust…
    Jab passes for everything…
    People dying but labelled as “covid 19”…
    Will society be better for a reset?
    Nah i dont think so..

  31. Not just that they don’t want to go with the stupid covid pass rules in place, but also come September onwards will events be cancelled due to “surges” and restrictions returning? There is already talk of an October “firebreak”. People are sick of occasions they have booked, paid for, looked forward to etc getting cancelled! What’s the point anyway?!

  32. So what about the passports for the Dingy divers who are invading Britain everyday .
    A thousand in one day. ????????????

  33. Strange that Joseph was the first person to do all of this…… For Pharaoh

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