AUSSIE TRUCKERS MAKE Govt BACK DOWN #PeoplePower #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. People power can only end all this….
    Refusing that poison they are stabbing people with and not following there “rules”…
    How about for once its the people that take charge of there own lives like before because otherwise there lives will be dictated to all the time

  2. Forget ‘Girl Power’ the future is ‘People Power’ 🙂

  3. The Austrailian Truck Drivers need to continue with there action to get total government back down. If they don’t do it now Government will quietly change there tactics so the Truckers will not have the ability to take action.

  4. Is this all really happening? I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I have lost so called friends over this shitshow. I am genuinely shocked how compliant and asleep the sheep are. I have a terrible sense of impending doom upon humanity. I am so f’ing pissed off!

    • Hang on in there bro, likewise my non brainwashed friends are now few but precious, its about quality not the quantity of friends.
      Be strong and believe your instinct in this crazy world, it doesn’t have to be doom if we rise to the challenge of saving humanity from the crazed arseholes running the show.

    • Well said, this nightmare not of concovid, but control eg the beginning masks, other crap now the final nail of our freedom passports we know it was coming and will be out in the cold because people agree to all this BS in the first place controlling there minds.

      What can we do a nation strike stop working for a couple of day would it work but these idiots would calling for us to be sacked and lock up I just don’t know 😕

  5. They want everyone to have health assports, that is the goal and it will evolve into passport for everything, identity, travel, education, health and eventually finance. Gr8 reeset using the fear to move on the agenda. Biometric ID coming for everyone with total control and surveillance unless people power says no!

  6. Thanks Hugo or making me aware of whats happening around the world.
    What do ou suppose about the strange news today of extending the embryo s and frozen eggs and sperm from 10 years to 55years .
    Do you think there is a problem with the vaccine stopping people getting pregnant in future years and there be a shortage of slaves?

    • Yep, Great Awaking is happening, despite there best interests, will they hit the Zombie 5G switch, obviously they’ll blame UFO’s, why they’ve been setting up fake UK invasion for months then dropped after the seed was planted.

      So yes got to protect there future slaves after a soon upcominng depopulation event ( hoping Zombies ) and also these elites like there kids a lot, got to keep a constant supply of kids.

  7. For Truckers ?? No, there protesting not for themselves, but for No JABS, keep protesting, this is not a win!!

    • Just what I was going to say – all fine and dandy for the truckies (for now anyway), but they need to force them to stop mandatory jabs for everyone. If they back down the govt will just ignore them for now, then come back and get them later. Plus what about the other poor feckers.

  8. It’s all very well to keep mentioning people power Hugo but people power needs solidarity and there is none in the UK.

  9. People in essential positions and highly skilled like truckers are the people that hold the cards. We need them on side. Plus these protests need to continue so no sector is coerced to take medical procedures they don’t want. This war is not a selfish one. We need to fight for everybody’s rights, no matter what job you have. There is a famous saying, they came for the … but I said nothing, then they came for me, and no one was left to fight for me. It is essential we do not get to that stage. This is ww3 people. Co ordinate in your local areas, get signs, ready your boycott lists, share information. Hold the Line. Do not back down. SAY NO

  10. Hugo, your videos give me hope. It’s getting to feel like an exciting time to be alive. Even in New York City businesses are refusing to go along with the MakeHumansGMOs mandate. I don’t know if this link will work, but will give it a shot :

    Two things it would be great to see more of: 1) shaming the police (whole groups chanting at them, “Who do you serve and protect… and why?” or something similar);
    and 2) when the unvaxxed are kept back from outdoors events by fences, they should be pointing out just who is imprisoned inside the cage, and who is outside and free. Or maybe they’re already doing so in some places.

  11. In the Netherlands yesterday one of the biggest protests in Dutch history more then 200.000 people, a line of 8 km with all kinds of people, military, police, doctors, artists, some celebrities, muslims, gay, working people, teachers, youth, children and also many vaccinated joined in. Everybody side by side, so the plan of the goverment to divide and conquer seems to fallen apart. Very proud on my people! Even the jabbed are starting to ask questions and sense they are fooled. I sense we are arriving in the last phase of this madness, but then things will become better and we can expect some legal fireworks and worldwide mass arrests in 2022.

    • That’s great, we need to see that everywhere. but it’s only going to take 1 country to erupt and the rest will fall like dominos.

      The thing that makes me laugh the most is the stupidity of people like Whitty, Van Tam, Vallance, etc. Are they too stupid to see that they are the fall guys? If it all goes wrong and people rebel, the lying politicians will simply turn around and say “we’re not scientists, it was them, they told us to do it”.

      I really hope people don’t fall for that and we hang them all.

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