Breaking News / Govt Advisors DON’T Recommend Jab For 12-15 Years / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Far too little and far too late. There was no need to approve the vaccine for use in the UK for anybody. No-one has ever died of covid or is ever likely to do so. Hence there was never a need to vaccinate people at all

    • Plans to go ahead next week – gov to ignore. This statement came out the same day as the refusal, what a shit show. JVCI should all leave if they have any conscience at all.

    • Your government works for Bill Gates and he wants you dead, so not too many of us will be left standing.

    • They are all in it together! Don’t be fooled. In these times of universal deceit.
      Every soul needs Jesus Christ the redeemer!!
      For he is the truth!! And he will show it to you, you will see the lies of those in power.
      God knows their plans and they will not come to fruition.
      We cannot do this alone, it’s never too late too “repent”
      Come to Jesus and be saved, your soul is eternal, put away the things of this world.
      Jew, Greek, Muslim black, brown it really doesn’t matter all that matters is what’s in your heart!! run to Jesus and be saved!!
      Prayer is a powerful weapon the demons don’t want you to pray! Hence the closing of churches or only open few hrs a day.
      They have never closed in 2000yrs shame on them!!
      This hoax is not real, it’s to keep us in perpetual lock down.
      Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.
      You must do this with all your mind, heart and soul.. And he will hear you! I promise you!!this life is a mere drop in the ocean, your soul is eternal! Think on that!!
      Glory be to God on high!! Peace to people of good will.” Jesus knows each and everyone of us”
      Just believe and be saved!!
      Christ is king!!

      • John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me drag him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That no MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

  1. Nice news but I do not trust this Corrupt UK Government one bit now, so you can expect a reversal, again they are playing mind games in my opinion. We will see .😷😷☠☠

    • Our government in SA is the same. They talking abt vaccines for 12+. There are so many people going to because they don’t want vaccine. Our unemployment rate is critical already

    • It just happened. Chief medical officer calling to overturn. Clown world. Resist this nonsense.

    • Shane, this is good news if it lasts….

      If I was betting… I would say that a paid expert will come out and promote its safety and there will be another push from the government and teachers union.

      This coupled with the news of the fake polio outbrake will cover most bases.

      Shame on the parents for not doing their own research!

      More and more double jabbed are getting colds and starting to panick.
      Panicking means more testing and with that come the false positives and numbers go up… Predictively!

      The level of brainwashing is unreal!!

  2. Glad to hear of the roll back for 12-15 years old. Hope its the end. So what about the 16years + ,adults carehome staff. Need to push on

  3. A good sign? If I was cynical, I’d say it could be a strategy to delay recommendation for additional checks thereby emphasizing its safety.

  4. These people have No conscience. They will Stop at nothing fir their Agenda. It’s all a game to them. Believers DONT be Fooled.

  5. Good news but will it last? Will probably all change next week. You would like to think after this decision parents would have their doubts about this jab and refuse it for their children, in fact everyone should wake up, all refuse but too late for most.

    • I still think that the parents who want their children to have the vaxtermination jab will STILL push their child forward to be jabbed. The government said that you dont have to wear a mask in supermarkets…..but just pop into any supermarket at 10am and see the masses of face-nappy wearers who have not seen the light. Once the fear and doubt has been infused into the sheep’s head it will not be forgotten.

    • Have you de-registered your children? that is, revoked their birth (berth) certificates. If not, then do so asap and serve notice to the registrar that you’re claiming back your property.

  6. They’ll be back. Soon as those flus go up in the winter and the jabbed start croakin. The teachers will be croakin and blaming the kids

  7. Pity the analisers didnt take a look at the Adult push of the experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy injection…yet the Gullible SHEEP Bastards will still roll up there sleeves for a booster and another and another and so on

    • Some people had not woken up in time
      Don’t look down on them
      They need reassuring
      If you know someone who has had it ask them not to anymore
      Show them why

  8. They will probably say that they need to have something else instead and God knows what that something else could contain.

  9. Does this mean they will want to inject those who they regard as ‘unhealthy’, mentally ill or with learning disability? 🤔

  10. They may not recommend it, but it is now considered by the four regional health chiefs, who might say in a weeks time that because of public demand (a lie) they will let the 12+ be jabbed.

  11. Trouble is now Sajid Javid is going to ignore “the science” and is appealing to the chief medical officer, Shitty Whitty, to ask if the school kids can be jabbed anyway by his say-so, under the guise of “avoiding disruptions to education”! We all know Whitty’s stance on covid, and he no doubt has conflicts of interest! It will go ahead regardless, I fear.

  12. This is a ruse – mark my words – they will falsify cases between now and December, close down schools and make the case for vaccinating kids. AND they will lower the age to 5 year olds. Watch this space

    • We all know mate….. but whatever you do , dont let the sheep herd know because they will turn on you for being a conspiracy theorist!

  13. Most doctors an nurses on front-line will likely have immunity from infection recovery or cross infection they should be tested for T cells and be exempt if they are because there are doctors and studies warning that taking a vaccine after recovery and with natural immunity could be counter productive and even risky! Military service members with natural immunity file lawsuit against DOD, FDA, HHS over COVID vaccine mandate find the report on lifesite news.

  14. Just wanting to give the public the elusion that some real thought has gone in to the decision making and that there was no deliberate attempt in planning to vaccinate the young from the begining when they do role it out anyway.

  15. Won’t make a halfpennyworth of difference. The Agenda says it must be done. This regime is faithful to the Agends

    • Don’t trust the government. The NHS was told to get prepared for mass vaccination of children. Jobs were advertised etc. Hope I’m wrong but there will be U-turn at some point.

  16. A ‘reprieve’ eh…or a ‘stay of execution’? remember the Nuremberg Code…IT’S ILLEGAL AND AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS anyway so don’t be glad of a postponement, FOFFUXACHE

  17. They are going to lock down all the schools on 11th Sep due to a terrorist incident and jab them then.
    Remember a few months ago when Hugo initially reported on the school lockdown news. Where all communication had to be cut off between the parents and the school and their children. And their mobile phones had to be switched off etc. And then only a few weeks ago He reported on several schools having sudden lockdowns due to really spurious claims by the police about some individual in the area or a hate comment on one of the social media sites against one of the children.
    This is plan B.

    They will never stop until every single man woman and child is jabbed. Mark my words.

    • September 11th this year is on a Saturday. But you’re right, that emergency drill/lockdown thing was very fishy.

      • Fishy is the right word alright. But you`re right Gina Sep 11th is on a Saturday. I hadn`t checked my calendar.

  18. The government has already advertised all the school jab officer jobs, and has presumably employed thousands of them to kill the children. We all know Twhitty will enforce the jab on schoolkids. The government has contracts to fulfill and wages to pay to the poison jab staff. Remember these school jab officer jobs pay £666 a week.

  19. It should really be don’t recommend the jab to anyone. I still remember being told the jabs were the way out of this pandemic. Yet another lie obviously.

    • They’ve probably seen the recent video on here about the expected deaths and maiming of children and how it’s all going to be explained away. So they’re playing it cautiously.

  20. I’d love to believe that this was the beginning of some kind of cease fire regarding the jab but sadly I think this may just be another case of pandering to the masses before making a complete u
    -turn within a couple of months. Guaranteed we’ll get another lockdown soon and then they’ll push childrens vaccines and we’ll see lots of child actors I hospital scenarios!

    • The kiddies go back to school next week and guess what….. case numbers of ( the cold! ) Convid will increase and these despots will say ” weeeeeeeeellllll, if you want little Jimmy to be really safe, then it would be best to have the jib jab ”. Dr Shillery Jones will be on GMTV telling parents that they should send their kids to school in a face mask and hazmat suit!

      • @videoman1959 I remember that happened last year. Schools went back cases (apparently) rose and we get into this year and turns out schools weren’t to blame. As for Dr Shillary well I question weather he is a genuine Dr.

  21. If the government agrees with this then they have lost all lawsuits

  22. No…

    This is what will happen…

    They say no to jabs for kids.
    Kids go back to school
    Cases rise
    General consensus from the corrupt elite via MSM is ‘we will never be free from this until we’re all vaccinated’
    Kids then vaccinated.

    Don’t forget, originally it was just the ‘at risk’ that were to get jabbed…
    Now look, even pregnant women getting it. For some reason, pregnant women can have an experimental jab with no long term safety data but shouldn’t eat too much eggs, meat or fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. There it is. Right on cue. Chief medical office calling to override the decision. Right as usual Hugo.

  24. Remember when they said they’ll be no jib jab passports because it would
    be discriminatory? Enough said.

  25. It will not make any difference to the frightened sheep, they will still push their kiddie for this experimental injection due to the fear that they have ingested over the past 18 months. I live in a knuckle-dragging area of the Midlands and the face-nappy compliance continues, DESPITE that particular rule being long disposed of. The psycho-wars are still on-going.

    • Thanks for the link, that’s a great argument for not getting jabbed.

  26. This is good, but it’s to good to believe, Minster’s have the decision at the end, we know what B****** will be said the conflu is going through schools children must be jabbed.

    Johnson is going to exist the conflu rules another 6 Months, Alex Belfield is doing a video tomorrow about it, we this is coming with the same old shit.
    We must resist and fight the C****

  27. Government might over ride to errr stip school spread working great in Isreal lol

    Talk lockdowns mid October straight through Id bet April/May those lawsuites better be good and soon, suicides in the millions!

  28. any parent who still insists on injecting their healthy kids after this , even if govt, backtracks, are insane ….

  29. I smell a rat! To give them time to get the 12-15 year olds back to school to do a proper brainwash…so they beg to have jab and resent parents that try to stop them.
    Divide them and then go in for the jab.

  30. I hear kid died in a festival today they had a jab tent there.

    Mu bs variant to cover jabs doing nothing claiming resistant to jabs so just another flu but jabs ruined everyones immunity to millions about to die!

  31. Stop listening to them going back and forward to many people have said no so there pretending it was there decision any one who is still listening to these clowns need to wake up keep your kids safe

  32. The best news I’ve heard for a while but I’m not confident that this will be the last we’ve heard of this, these evil bastards in the UK government and globally are not going to let this drop, its all smoke and mirrors to cause yet more confusion amidst the constant chaos.

  33. Pfizer ceo just said 3 shots per year, 4monthly required, most peoples blood will be rock hard by 6 shots, sheep all dead 18months.

    Mates daughter setup a commune in Devon nearly time!

  34. Jabbing kids is pure evil.
    Politicians ignoring medical advice and jabbing kids is a declaration of war.

    • Wee Jimmy Krankie is certainly not happy. It appears she intends to just igonore what the JCVI has said and steam ahead and jab our kids regardless.. It is pretty obvious she wants us all locked down again with mandatory watching of her daily covid briefings and a passport just to buy a loaf of bread or a pint of milk.

    • We Thinkers need to arm ourselves now…. it is beyond the ‘peaceful protest’ stage now. We need to get organised now and band together a ‘army’ of 1000’s so that we are ready for when the time comes……..and it WILL come.😔

      • Nothing WILL come. If the majority of people are going along with the agenda that is a democratic decision and there is nothing you can do about it. You won’t personally do anything yourself because you ‘don’t want to get in to trouble’ but want someone else to come out fighting for you but they won’t and why should they? Put your own head above the parpapet and end up in a cell – prison or padded.

      • I’m afraid you’re wrong my friend. I attended my first ever protest march in April, I’m 62 next month with good life etc, cruises, holidays, nice house… But!!! I’d fight to the death for all of our rights and freedoms. I will NOT let some despot take away my liberty as easily as the sheep are prepared to do!! Find me a Commander and an Army and tell me where to sign up!!!!

  35. They said the same in january that they would leave people alone except essential workers and the vulnerable…
    Besides pfizer has clinical trials for new born babies for till 2027…

  36. Already happening in Leeds today. Shakespeare Primary School in Harehills giving the jab to 15 year old children. Eye witness account. We have lost.

  37. Some good news but like you Hugo I don’t expect it to last. Give it a week or two and I will bet they do an about face.

    Here’s another ‘unknown cause of death but oh no definitely not vaccine related’ sudden passing, of a perfectly healthy 25 year old woman last month:

    Quote from the article: ‘No doubt some people will speculate that her sudden death was a rare side effect of the Covid vaccine, but she had her second jab in March, some four months earlier, so on the face of it that seems unlikely’.

    One of the most interesting aspects of this story is that the above quote was from the woman’s half-brother, prominent anti-lockdown campaigner Toby Young.

    A sad but fascinating story for several different reasons I think you’d agree.

    • Blood clots increasing with time, they claim the effect is for ever (can’t back this up yet), so increasing till dead, add in more jabs as there about to and expect clots to get worse and worse, so 4 months no issue.

      I expect a 10 fold increase in jab deaths over the next 6months and likely 10 fold every 6months until there all dead.

      Everyone in my town is track at traced, spoke to a few, it’s a cold, there is no covid it’s obvious it’s a hoax so ignoring, getting there.

      • You don’t know anything, you are just making crap up to scare people. You reckon, you expect…. You are only helping our enemies by making up crap.

      • Are you attempting to deny that we are witnessing the beginnings of a worldwide cull (a genocide) of people? Especially when low life scum like Kissinger refer to us as “useless eaters”.

    • The problem is now is that I dont believe anything that anyone says at face value. I find myself analysing the message to see what is behind the quote. It makes my brain hurt! ( Not vaccine related! 😃 )

    • That’s the second one in news yesterday a mother of two unexplained brain hemorrhage died in bed
      I’ve heard jab has 2 -5 years to take effect to kill
      The msm hide the truth in the lies

      • ‘I’ve heard jab has 2 -5 years to take effect to kill’ – that is just scaremongering. Not long ago it was ‘I’ve heard jab has six months to take effect to kill, all the jabbed will be dead by Christmas’, but since that doesn’t suit your fear-mongering agenda you have extended the timeline. You are WORSE than fakestream media with you scaremongering. I reckon you are government agent, either that or you are crazy to post, such a statement.

      • And by the way I’ve heard that you are full of crap.

      • And you are poorly researched. Doctors have made it plain that some jabs are designed to be quick kill, some are slow kill and the remainder are saline placebos.

      • The jab is, after all a bio weapon. Genome sequencing shows it has been modified by gain of function to cause immune deficiency, displaying similar qualities to AIDs. Therefore it is reasonable to expect similar symptoms and life expectancy projections! The patents for the ‘vaccine’ were registered before there was ever covid-19. Obviously it would be far to obvious if every recipient suffered the same adverse reactions within the same timescale, so it again is reasonable to expect that in any one batch there will be full/half/quarter strength vials and undoubtedly placebos too.

    • The use of the word ‘rare’ in her half brother’s quote is a bot suspicious. That’s how the media always describe them when there’s no way of escaping from it.

    • The use of the word ‘rare’ by her half brother looks a bit suspicious. That’s a word the media like to use when forced to acknowledge that the vaccines have ‘occasionally’ caused harm.

    • The use of the word ‘rare’ by her half brother looks a bit suspicious to me. That’s a word the media like to use when forced to acknowledge that the vaccines have ‘occasionally’ caused harm.

    • The word ‘rare’ used by her half brother looks a bit suspicious. This is a word the media like to use when forced to admit that the vaccine isn’t always as perfect as we’re led to believe.

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